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7682HOLLYWOODISM: JEWS, MOVIES AND THE AMERICAN DREAMHOLLYWOODISM: JEWS, MOVIES AND THE AMERICAN DREAM1997color96 minvhs (Written and directed by Simcha Jacobovici) Based on Neal Gabler's best-selling book, An Empire of Their Own, this documentary tells the story of the men who founded Hollywood. Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount; Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal; the Warner brothers; Louis B. Mayer, founder of MGM; William Fox of 20th Century Fox; and Harry Cohn, head of Columbia--all were immigrants, or children of immigrants, who wanted to reinvent themselves as Americans. Hollywood was a dream dreamt by Jews fleeing a nightmare of pogroms. In the process, they reinvented America. First hand accounts of the movie moguls' lives are told through a series of original interviews with their children and grandchildren, and with comments by film historians, critics, actors and producers.