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7687FACE TO FACE/HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU*FACE TO FACE/HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU*2001color98 minvhs (Human Face series, Part 1) Anthropology, psychology, cultural history and biology provide key filters in this exploration of the human face by John Cleese and his own particular blend of erudition, enthusiasm and wit. Presents information on the evolution of human facial features, the face's role in sexuality, communication through facial expression and the face's essential role in defining identity.
  • "Face to Face" (49 min) Examines the power of the facial expression. Several case studies are presented including a young girl born with Mobius syndrome or the inability to show any facial expressions, a young English couple who flies all the way to the Marital Research Institute at the University of Washington to discover that their non-verbal facial gestures are destroying their marriage, and a study of facial musculature.
  • Here's Looking at You" (49 min) Studies the brain and its relation to the face through visual recognition. Case studies include a young child viewing photos of her Mother, a Father who has lost his ability to recognize anybody and a young man who was legitimately convinced that his parents were replaced by look-alikes. Also included is a young woman who feels a need to change her normal face by surgery and a young woman who sees no need to change her extremely unique face [Closed-Captioned]. (Produced by the BBC) (Restricted to classroom use only)