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7691MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE*MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE*1974color150 mindvd (Directed by Anthony Page, screenplay by Stanley R. Greenberg; with Ralph Bellamy, Howard Da Silva, John Dehner, William Devane, Andrew Duggan, Dana Elcar, Larry Gates, James Olson, Nehemiah Persoff, William Prince, John Randolph and Martin Sheen) For thirteen days in October, 1962, the world stood still as one of the most dangerous situations in history unfolded. Chairman Khrushchev and the soviets were pushing President Kennedy and his best and brightest to the brink of nuclear war. Kennedy is shown evidence depicting the construction of a nuclear missile base just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, on the island of Cuba. This compelling docu-drama recreates the hysteria in the oval office and the Kremlin as the two countries compete in the most serious of political chess matches. An accurate and historical recreation, it delves deep into the behind-the-scenes actions and decision-making quandaries of both countries. Negotiations and communiqués between the two leaders, the naval quarantine around Cuba and the power politics are all portrayed. (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)