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7693DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEADARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA2001color116 minvhs (Evolution series, Part 1) For 21 years, Charles Darwin kept his theory of evolution secret from all but a few friends. He confided to one: "It is like confessing to a murder." His torment resonates in society today--in the challenge his incredibly powerful idea poses to our understanding of our world and ourselves. Interweaves the drama in key moments of Darwin's life with documentary sequences of current research, linking past to present and introducing major concepts of evolutionary theory. Explores why Darwin's "dangerous idea" might matter even more today than it did in his own time, and reveals how science might be used to explain the past and predict the future of life on earth. (Chief scientific advisors include: William H. Calvin and Mary-Claire King, University of Washington) (Closed-Captioned) [Letterboxed]