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7706CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY EDITION (6--9)*CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY EDITION (6--9)*2000color93 minvhs (Canada, A People's History series, Part 14) Building on the themes and human dramas presented in Canada: A People's History Series 2, this special edition contains additional CBC produced contemporary documentary footage that provides further background and perspective to several of the historical events chronicled.
Segments include: The Pathfinders: 1. Excavating Edmonton, 2. History of Science in Canada: David Thompson-- Mapmaker, and 3. History of Science in Canada: Riches Beneath the Surface; Rebellion and Reform: 1. 1837 Rebellion: Peter Matthews;
The Great Enterprise--Confederation: 1. The Way It Was 1867, 2. The British North American Act, 3. "Whereas the provinces": Restructuring the constitution;
The Great Enterprise--Underground Railroad Remembered: 1. Retracing the routes, 2. Preserving the Legacy, 3. Buxton Homecoming, 4. Quilting;
The Great Enterprise--History of Science in Canada: 1. The Birth of Modern Medicine;
From Sea to Sea: 1. Manitoba's Birthday, and 2. Recognizing Louis Riel.
(Closed-Captioned). [Letterboxed] (Donated by W. A. Douglas Jackson, Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)