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7718ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP*ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP*2001color56 minvhs (Produced by KCSM--San Mateo) Max Drimmer and Herman Shine have been friends for years--ever since they were boys together in the '30s--in Berlin! These two seemingly ordinary men have had anything but ordinary lives. In their teens they were both arrested by the Nazis and sent to Sachsenhausen and later tranferred to Auschwitz--the end for most Jews. But, miraculously, the two boys escaped--thanks to a sympathic Polish civilian and two young girls. As they sit at the kitchen table, some sixty years later, sharing their story, we see actual still photos and film footage of those times. The combination of their words and the visuals provide a poignant and shattering immediacy to their history. How could they have survived? With so many coincidences? But they did, and married those two young girls who helped them escape, and moved to California. It is the history of a friendship--a remarkable history--an extraordinary friendship. (Donated by the producer/director, Josh Springer, UW-1999) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)