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7720OCEAN WORLD/FROZEN SEASOCEAN WORLD/FROZEN SEAS2001color97 minvhs (Blue Planet: Seas of Life series, Part 1) Join Sir David Attenborough on a definitive exploration into the vast habitats that cover two-thirds of the planet. From the coasts to the poles, from the reefs to the deep, travel with behemoths like the blue whale and microscopic animals like coral polyps to experience the oceans as never before.
  • Ocean World (49 min) The blue whale is a perfect symbol for the oceans: the vast blue expanse that dominates our planet while still remaining largely unexplored and mysterious. Our oceans' influence dominates the world's weather systems. They support an enormous range of life, from the largest whales to the smallest plankton, from hordes of sea birds to lonely deep-sea fish. Explore the sheer scale, power and complexity of these mysterious oceans that govern this blue planet.
  • Frozen Seas (48 min) Investigate the remarkable habitat of the frozen seas, where pack-ice at both poles is constantly on the move, and in winter freezes solid with air temperatures 70-degrees Celsius below freezing. Only in spring, with the retreating ice and light reaching the water, does life begin again. Plankton blooms and feeds vast hordes of migrating fish, birds, whales, seals and polar bears. Walruses rake the seabed for clams. Minke and humpback whales gorge themselves on gigantic swarms of krill. But it is a brief indulgence, for the ice soon returns and pushes life back into the ocean (Closed-Captioned).