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7721OPEN OCEAN/THE DEEPOPEN OCEAN/THE DEEP2001color97 minvhs (Blue Planet: Seas of Life series, Part 2) Open Ocean (48 min) Explore the largest section of open ocean in the world, where endless blue stretches in every direction, the seabed is a staggering eight kilometers down and the nearest island is 500 kilometers away. There is nothing, save the burning sun above and the blackened abyss below. How, the, does life exits? Meet the creatures that live here and see how they have learned to survive together, including the half-moon fish, the bizarre three-meter-long sun-fish, loggerhead turtles, trigger-fish and more.
  • The Deep (49 min) Go into the deepest recesses of the ocean, a place of mountain ranges, perpetual night, pressure extremes and cold, and the weirdest life forms on our planet. See fish with grotesquely cavernous mouths and cruel teeth that lurk one kilometer below the surface. Investigate the strange role light plays, as a glow in the dark may be meant to attract the opposite sex. Then drop to the floor of the ocean deep, where all manner of primitive creatures crawl across the ooze (Closed-Captioned).