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7722C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/09CBC-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: SEPTEMBER 2001*2001color56 minvhs Segments: 1. Stockwell Day's Misalliance (13 min) Examines the turbulent year in the political life of Stockwell Day following his emergence as Leader of the Canadian Alliance in the summer of 2000. 2. The Walkerton Legacy: Ongoing Vigil (15 min) In the wake of Walkerton, other questionable and dangerous water supplies in Canadian municipalities have been discovered, heightening concern and awareness of water resources everywhere. Investigates Canadians' continuing vigilance of the safety of the water they drink. 3. Beijing 2008: A Momentous Decision (13 min) Examines the complex international competition to host the 2008 Summer Olympics: the political, economic, and diplomatic considerations in particular that led to the IOC's granting the Games to China, and the implications and ramifications for the city that won--Beijing--and the Canadian city that lost--Toronto. 4. Bullies in Schools (14 min) Examines why children become bullies, the impact that this anti-social behaviour has on their victims, and the ways in which families, schools, and communities attempt to deal with the problem (Closed-Captioned). (Extensive study guide available upon request) (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)