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7744TAMING OF THE SHREW, THE*TAMING OF THE SHREW, THE*1976color120 minvhs (From the Broadway Theatre Archives) (Directed by William Ball and Kirk Browning; with Fredi Olster, Marc Singer, Stephen St. Paul, Sandra Shotwell, William Paterson and members of the American Conservatory Theater) Long unavailable legally, this rowdy commedia dell 'arte production incorporates slapstick, pratfall and earthy humor into William Shakespeare's comedy about the two unmarried daughters of wealthy merchant, Baptista Minola. While daughter Bianca is genteel and popular, daughter Katherine is foul-tempered and strong-willed. No one dares to marry her until Petruchio arrives in Padua (Yeah!) and tries his hand at courtship. This live production gives all and more to the promises so long unkept by others that Shakespeare can be madly enjoyable and actually funny! [A selection from The Donald Bartholomew Archive]. (Restricted to classroom use only)