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7766WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES*WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES*1943color210 mindvd During the World War II years, Walt Disney studios produced several animated films to aid in the war effort, including animated shorts--some starring such well-known Disney characters as Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse & Pluto--aimed at entertaining the populace as well as boosting morale, promoting healthy living in the Americas, and providing some training for specific tasks. In addition, the Disney studios worked with the Canadian government to produce animated shorts designed to advertise various war programs (such as war savings certificates protecting the three little pigs from the big bad wolf). Leonard Maltin is the host, making introductions and providing background information on certain titles and the times in which they were made.

Disk one
Animated shorts: 1. Donald Gets Drafted (9 min) Donald Duck joins the army but it's not what he expected. The Army Mascot (6 min) Pluto schemes to become an army mascot. The Vanishing Private (7 min) Donald has fun painting. Sky Trooper (8 min) Private Duck wants to fly. Private Pluto (7 min) Pluto draws guard duty but runs into trouble with some squirrels. Fall Out; Fall In (7 min) Private Duck marches to camp--it takes longer than he expected. Victory Vehicles (8 min) Goofy demonstrates alternatives to using a car during the gas shortage. The Old Army Game (7 min) Donald gets caught breaking curfew. Home Defense (8 min) Gun crew Huey, Dewey and Louie have a little fun with 'Front Admiral' Duck during a slow watch. How to be A Sailor (7 min) The history of the sailor (starring Goofy). Commando Duck (7 min) Donald Duck's mission doesn't go quite as planned. Thrifty Pig (4 min) A retelling of the 'Three Little Pigs' tale. Seven Wise Dwarfs (4 min) After a hard day's work in the mines, the seven dwarfs go into town. Food Will Win the War (5.5 min) A tribute to the American farmer and the products from that farm. Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Firing Line (3 min) Minnie Mouse & Pluto learn how saving their waste kitchen fats help the war effort. Donald's Decision (3.5 min) How should Donald spend his money? All Together (3 min) A marching band of Disney characters. The New Spirit (7.5 min) A radio broadcast tells Donald why he should pay his income tax in a timely fashion. The Spirit of '43 (6 min) How should Donald spend his tax money? The Winged Scourge (9.5 min) The seven dwarfs help show how to protect yourself from the mosquito. Defense Against Invasion (12.5 min) Presents the importance of immunization of children against infectious diseases. The Grain That Built A Hemisphere (10.5 min) The history and many uses of corn. Cleanliness Brings Health (8.5 min) How cleanliness brings health & happiness. The Unseen Enemy [or What Is Disease?] (10.5 min) How to protect yourself against disease. Planning For Good Eating (8.5 min) Eating healthy. Der Fuehrer's Face (8 min) Donald Duck dreams he's in a country under Nazi rule. Education For Death (10 min) The life & times of Hans. Reason and Emotion (8 min) The differences between reason & emotion and why we need both, and Chicken Little (9 min) A retelling of the Chicken Little story.

Disk two
Segments: 1. Four Methods of Flush Riveting (9.5 min). 2.Stop That Tank (21.5 min). 3. A Training Film Montage (5 min). 4. Victory Through Air Power (65 min), a full-length feature, released theatrically in 1943,that had not rereleased until now.
Plus bonus material: 1. On the Set of Victory Through Air Power (silent), 2. Victory Through Air Power Trailer, 3. Production Art Galleries, 4. Victory Through Air Power Art Galleries, 5. A Conversation with Roy Disney, 6. A Conversation with Joe Grant, and 7. A Conversation with John Hench.
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