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7774CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-6CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-61970color155 minvhs (Civilisation [VHS] series, Part 2) The Civilisation series is a 13-part tale of the history of Western civilization. Filmed on location in 11 countries and 118 museums in Europe and America, this unique series explores 16 centuries of humankind's most glorious achievements in architecture, art, philosophy, literature, and music. Included on this tape are three episodes:

Program Four--Man--The Measure of All Things:
The dramatic emergence of the modern world in fourteenth-century Florence, the city of the Medici--among the world's greatest patrons of art--of Donatello and Masaccio, Alberti and Brunelleschi, of Ghiberti and Botticelli, of Lorenzo the Magnificent; in the courts of Urbino and Mantua and in the proud Republic of Venice. It was a period when man felt that through the power of his rediscovered individuality he could accomplish wonders (52 minutes).

Program Five--The Hero As Artist:
The High Renaissance flowered in Rome under the great humanist pope, Julius II, patron of Michelangelo--architect, painter, sculptor and poet--of Raphael, of Bramante and his grand concept for new St. Peter's, and of Leonardo da Vinci, whose vision looked beyond his period and on into worlds yet to come (51 minutes).

Program Six--Protest and Communication:
The troubled world of the rise of Protestantism and the division of Christianity; of the invention of printing; of vicious religious wars and the humane spirits of Erasmus and Sir Thomas More; the art of Holbein and Durer; the skepticism of Montaigne and the heroic pessimism of Shakespeare (52 minutes).