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7775CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 7-9CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 7-91970color155 minvhs (Civilisation [VHS] series, Part 3) The Civilisation series is a 13-part tale of the history of Western civilization. Filmed on location in 11 countries and 118 museums in Europe and America, this unique series explores 16 centuries of humankind's most glorious achievements in architecture, art, philosophy, literature, and music. Included on this tape are three episodes:

Program Seven--Grandeur and Obedience:
The splendors of Rome in the 17th century, the center of the Counter Reformation and the drama of the Baroque style, which, through the genius of Bernini and Borromini, and the pride and ambition of the papacy, re-established their city as the world's capital, and as a Baroque masterpiece (51 minutes).

Program Eight--The Light of Experience:
The arts of seventeenth century Holland, of Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer; the philosophy of Descartes, "I think, therefore I am"; Sir Issac Newton and his mathematical exposition of the laws which govern the universe; Sir Christopher Wren, scientist and architect; scientific discoveries and their implications for the age to come (52 minutes).

Program Nine--The Pursuit of Happiness:
The age of the Rococo, an age of music, carefree life and of great art; the music of Bach, Mozart and Handel; the painting of Fragonard and Watteau; the spectacular architecture of Balthasar Neumann and the brothers Zimmerman; a period of intimacy and of flirtation; a happy, fleeting moment between Baroque grandeur and the Age of Reason (52 minutes).