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7781NORMAN MC LAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION*NORMAN MCLAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION*2002color231 mindvd Over the course of fifty years, Norman McLaren produced more than 60 films (mostly for the National Film Board of Canada [NFB]) in a variety of styles and techniques. His creations have won over 200 international awards including an Oscar and a Palme d'Or. Featured on this two [2] disk set are 14 of his best films:
  • Boogie-Doodle (4 min);
  • A Phantasy (8 min);
  • Neighbours (8 min);
  • Lines Horizontal (6 min);
  • Mosaic (6 min);
  • New York Lightboard excerpt (4 min);
  • Begone Dull Care (8 min);
  • Pas de Deux (14 min);
  • Blinkity-Blank (6 min);
  • Synchromy (8 min);
  • Animated Motion No. 5 (8 min);
  • Narcissus (22 min).
  • Plus Creative Process: Norman McLaren (117 min) An award-winning documentary directed by Donald McWilliams that explores McLaren's unique approach to animation and features previously unseen works and outtakes.

  • The filmson this disk are available in the English and French language. (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)