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7805QUEST FOR THE BAY, EPISODES THREE AND FOUR*QUEST FOR THE BAY, EPISODES THREE AND FOUR*2001color94 minvhs (Quest for the Bay series, Part 2) Quest for the Bay asks (and answers) the question: what would happen if you took 8 people from the 21st cebtury, put them on a period boat (a York boat), and had them travel from Winnipeg, Manitoba to the Hudson Bay (The York Factory of Hudson Bay) in the manner of the old fur traders of the 1840s? The rules were that they had to stay "period-appropriate," which meant rowing the boats themselves (the oars weighed roughly 50 lbs each), living in close quarters with seven other people for an indefinite period of time, and eating only what they brought with them (mostly pemmican).

There are two episodes on this tape:

  • Episode Three--The Great Portage (47 min)
    Three weeks in the crew reaches Norway House, which is a nice respite from the rigors of the voyage, then continues on to the Robinson Falls/Robinson Portage. We witness what portaging entails.
  • Episode Four--Beyond Hell's Gate (47 min)
    We continue watching as the crew travels the Hayes River up to Trout Falls. They visit Oxford House and battle homesickness as well as rapids, fatigue, waning spirits, and damage to BOB ("Beautiful Old Boat"). (Donated to the EMC by W. A. Douglas Jackson). (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)