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7813MASTERS OF WAR/SHADOWS OF THE GREAT WAR*MASTERS OF WAR/SHADOWS OF THE GREAT WAR*2001color94 minvhs (For King and Empire: Canada's Soldiers In the Great War series, Part 3)
From 1914 to 1918 Canada sent 400,000 soldiers overseas to fight during the first world war? 60,000 of them died. For King and Empire: Canada's Soldiers In the Great War is the story of those soldiers. Host Norm Christie uses photos and film footage from the war, excerpts from letters sent by soldiers to loved ones, and visits to old battle sites and war memorials to show us the heroism and horror of the war and how it affected Canada.

  • Episode 5 -- Masters of the War: Canadians in the Last 100 Days (47 min)
    Details of the last battles the Canadian soldiers went through before the armistice.

  • Episode 6 -- Shadows of the Great War (47 min) The armistice and how it affected the soldiers. Also talks a bit about the Spanish flu, the diffiulty in recovering the bodies of fallen soldiers, and the attempt to clean up bomb shells from various fields. (Donated to the EMC by W. A. Douglas Jackson) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)