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7818PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 4*PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 4*2000color94 minvhs (Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West series, Part 4) Imagine what it was like to be a pioneer in the old days. Living and working without the conveniences of the 21st century ? no running water, no car? no tractor, telephone or air conditioning. Could you live that way? Would you want to try? Auditions for Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West took place during June 2000 and eventually brought together two couples to live on the prairies of Manitoba for one year as a pioneer would have back in the 1870s. There are two episodes on this tape:

  • Episode 7--The Long Haul (47 min) Living on the stead in the winter months finds the two couples dealing with dental problems, cabin fever, and horse concerns as well as what to do for Valentine's Day.

  • Episode 8--Going Home (47 min) The last days on the homestead and the two couples' thoughts on the year that has passed. Included are scenes of them saying goodbye to everything and leaving, the press conference, and the their first day and night away from stead. (Donated to the EMC by W. A. Douglas Jackson) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)