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7819PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 5*PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 5*2000color47 minvhs (Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West series, Part 5) Imagine what it was like to be a pioneer in the old days. Living and working without the conveniences of the 21st century ? no running water, no car? no tractor, telephone or air conditioning. Could you live that way? Would you want to try? Auditions for Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West took place during June 2000 and eventually brought together two couples to live on the prairies of Manitoba for one year as a pioneer would have back in the 1870s.

  • Episode 9--Survivors of the Real West (47 min) It's been three months since the Logies and Treadways have left the homestead. We take a look at how both couples are doing -- and how they're coping with 21st century living -- and are given an update on the homestead in Manitoba.
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