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7837ART OF WAR, THE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT*ART OF WAR, THE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT*2004color51 mindvd At Gaugamela, Alexander and fewer than 50,000 men defeated Darius III and a Persian army nearly five times larger. This program uses maps, 3-D computer animation, and a colossal in-depth re-creation of the battle to vividly illustrate how Alexander earned the epithet "The Great." Barry Strauss, Stephen Pressfield, Dale Dye, Columbia University?s Richard Billows, and other experts on military history discuss the leaders? strategies and tactics, evaluate the soldiers and their weapons, and painstakingly analyze each stage of that pivotal clash of arms?and empires. Concise information on Alexander?s early years is also provided -- description on the back of DVD case (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)