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87ALEXANDER NEVSKYALEXANDER NEVSKY1938b & w107 min16mm (Directed by Sergei Eisenstein and D. I. Vassiliev, photography by Eduard Tisse, music by Sergei Prokofiev; with Nikolai Cherkassov, N. P. Okhlopkov, A. L. Abrikossov, V. O. Massalitinova, V. S. Ivasheva) Portrays the Teutonic knights who invaded Russia in 1241 and swept across the Baltic Provinces. Their campaign of violence met with no set-backs until Alexander, Prince of Novgorod, boldly challenged and defeated the Teutons at Lake Peipus. The film reaches its climax in the famous depiction of Nevsky's brilliant victory at the battle on the ice. (In Russian with English subtitles)