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927END OF ST. PETERSBURG, THE (KONETS SANKT-PETERBURGA) (silent)END OF ST. PETERSBURG, THE (KONETS SANKT-PETERBURGA) (SILENT)1927b & w105 min (Directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin; with Vera Baranovskaya and Ivan Chuvelev) Both Pudovkin and Eisenstein made films for the Tenth Anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. While Eisenstein concentrated on the epic sweep of mass ideology realized by his technique of "ideological montage," Pudovkin singled out individuals to tell the story of the Revolution. For Pudovkin the individual became the symbol of the mass struggle. A peasant, living in St. Petersburg in 1914 with an uncle, realizes, after being a "scab" in a factory, the wrongs of his ways. Under the guidance of his uncle's beliefs, the peasant and those around him are swept into the October Revolution. (NOTE: Film should be projected at silent speed, ie. 18 frames/second.) (withdrawn)