Fallacies of Hope, The

  • 1970 ----- color ----- 52 min ----- withdrawn -----
  • (Civilisation series, Part 12) The Age of Reason gives way to the age of revolution, of violence and anarchy, succeeded in turn by the Napoleonic Empire; both the hopes and the despair were expressed in the music of Beethoven and the painting of Goya, first and greatest of the artists committed to be mankind's conscience; the paintings of protest by Gericault and Delacroix, given force by the feelings let loose by Romanticism; Daumier and his compassion for man and Rodin as the last great Romantic artist who gave final expression to Romantic man's tragic destiny.
    [ Note: this title is now available on video--look for it under the title Civilisation, Programs 12 & 13 ]
  • Topics: (Art: History, Artists, Europe)