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10A IS FOR ATOM A Is for Atom
11A LA RECHERCHE DE HENRI MATISSE A la Recherche de Henri Matisse
13A PROPOS DE NICE (SILENT) A Propos de Nice (Silent)
5359A.A. and the Alcoholic AA and the Alcoholic
15A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Education ABC's of Behavioral Education, The
6083A.I.D.S. in Africa AIDS in Africa
6483A.I.D.S., Teens, and Latinos AIDS, Teens, and Latinos
6600ABORTION: STORIES FROM NORTH AND SOUTH* Abortion: Stories from North and South*
18ABOUT SEX About Sex
19ABOUT TIME About Time
22ABUSIVE PARENT, THE Abusive Parent, The
7117ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS (NEIL JACOBSON) Abusive Relationships (Neil Jacobson)
23ABYSS, THE (AFGRUNDEN)* Abyss, The (Afgrunden)*
6621ACADIE LIBERTE* Acadie Liberte*
24ACHIEVING SEXUAL MATURITY Achieving Sexual Maturity
25ACID BASE INDICATORS Acid Base Indicators
5411ACID RAIN Acid Rain
26ACID RAIN: REQUIEM OR RECOVERY Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery
6379ACORN WOODPECKER (MELANERPES FORMICIVORUS), THE Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus), The
27ACROSS THE FRONTIERS Across the Frontiers
7259ACROSS THE HINDU KUSH* Across the Hindu Kush*
28ACROSS THE SILENCE BARRIER Across the Silence Barrier
7020ACROSS THE TAKLAMAKAN DESERT* Across the Taklamakan Desert*
29ACT OF CONGRESS, AN Act of Congress, An
6895ACTING: LOOKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS (SARA SCHNEIDER) Acting: Looking beyond the Obvious (Sara Schneider)
30ACTION AT ANGUAR Action at Anguar
31ACYANOTIC CONGENITAL HEART DISEASES Acyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases
7131ADAM'S RIB* (1992) Adam's Rib* (1992)
5630ADAPTATIONS OF THE AMERICAN CACTI Adaptations of the American Cacti
6545ADDICTED BRAIN, THE* Addicted Brain, The
5612ADDICTIONS Addictions
4592ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR--CAN WE LEARN TO BREAK BAD HABITS? (ALAN MARLATT) Addictive Behavior--Can We Learn to Break Bad Habits? (Alan Marlatt)
34ADELIE PENGUINS OF THE ANTARCTIC (2ND EDITION) Adelie Penguins of the Antarctic (2nd Edition)
7587ADIRONDACK CAMPS Adirondack Camps
6702ADJUSTER, THE* Adjuster, The*
5022ADOLESCENCE: A CASE STUDY Adolescence: A Case Study
36ADOLESCENCE: THE WINDS OF CHANGE Adolescence: The Winds of Change
6535ADOLF HITLER* Adolf Hitler*
43ADOPTIVE CHILDREN: ADAPTIVE FEELINGS Adoptive Children: Adaptive Feelings
46ADVANCES IN THE UNDERSTANDING OF WEATHER SYSTEMS, A SATELLITE SUMMARY (SMS-1 AND SMS-2 1975) Advances in the Understanding of Weather Systems, a Satellite Summary (SMS-1 and SMS-2 1975)
7820ADVANTAGE CANADA* Advantage Canada*
7246ADVANTAGES OF TRADE, THE (A CONVERSATION BETWEEN JAGDISH BHAGWATI AND ARJO KLAMER) Advantages of Trade, The (A Conversation between Jagdish Bhagwati and Arjo Klamer)
7611ADVENTURE, THE (1956-1960) Adventure, The (1956-1960)
47ADVENTURER, THE Adventurer, The
7675ADVENTURERS AND MYSTICS* Adventurers and Mystics*
48ADVENTURES IN PERCEPTION Adventures in Perception
49ADVENTURES OF AN *, THE Adventures of an *, The
6810AELITA, QUEEN OF MARS* Aelita, Queen of Mars*
7089Affluenza Affluenza
6049AFGHAN NOMADS: THE MALDAR Afghan Nomads: The Maldar
6050AFGHAN WOMEN Afghan Women
7584AFRICA: THE GRAND SAFARI/MIAMI: THE AMERICAN RIVIERA Africa: The Grand Safari/Miami: The American Riviera
7619AFRICAN LION, THE* African Lion, The*
50AFRICAN VILLAGE African Village
51AFRO-AMERICAN THING, AN Afro-American Thing, An
7487AFTER STONEWALL: AFTER THE RIOTS TO THE MILLENNIUM* After Stonewall: After the Riots to the Millennium*
52AFTER THE GAME* After the Game*
6002AFTER THE WARMING, PART 1: THE FATAL FLOWER After the Warming, Part One: The Fatal Flower
6003AFTER THE WARMING, PART 2: SECRET OF THE DEEP After the Warming, Part Two: Secret of the Deep
6037AGAIN FROM MEASURE 55 (GERARD SCHWARZ) Again--from Measure 55 (Gerard Schwarz)
53AGAIN, A WHOLE PERSON I HAVE BECOME Again, a Whole Person I Have Become
S1001Against All Odds: Inside Statistics Against All Odds: Inside Statistics (series)
7575AGE OF ANXIETY, THE Age of Anxiety, The
57AGE OF EXPLORATION AND EXPANSION, THE Age of Exploration and Expansion, The
6527AGE OF GOLD, THE Age of Gold, The
58AGE OF MUHAMMAD Age of Muhammad
59AGE OF THE ABBASIDS, THE Age of the Abbasids, The
6169AGEING (FH) Ageing (FH)
61AGGRESSION--OR LOVE? Aggression--Or Love?
63AGING Aging
5611AGING (PBS) Aging (PBS)
5877AGING IN SOVIET GEORGIA: A TOAST TO SWEET OLD AGE Aging in Soviet Georgia: A Toast to Sweet Old Age
65AGING OF LAKES, THE Aging of Lakes, The
5633AHMEDABAD Ahmedabad
67AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN, PART 1 Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Part 1
69AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN, PART 2 Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Part 2
68AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN, PART 3 Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Part 3
66AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN, PART 4 Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Part 4
70AIDES ARE PEOPLE TOO Aides Are People Too
5777AIN'T GONNA SHUFFLE NO MORE (1964-72) Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-72)
4927AIN'T SCARED OF YOUR JAILS (1960-1961) Ain't Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961)
71AIR WE BREATHE, THE Air We Breathe, The
6781Alaska The Last Frontier? Alaska: The Last Frontier?
72ALASKA EARTHQUAKE Alaska Earthquake
73ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE, 1964 Alaskan Earthquake, 1964
6354ALBERT BANDURA, PART 1 Albert Bandura, Part 1
6355ALBERT BANDURA, PART 2 Albert Bandura, Part 2
74ALBERT ELLIS, A DEMONSTRATION: A WOMAN FEARFUL OF EXPRESSING EMOTION Albert Ellis, a Demonstration: A Woman Fearful of Expressing Emotion
75ALBERT ELLIS, A DEMONSTRATION: AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGE CHILD Albert Ellis, a Demonstration: An Elementary School Age Child
6622ALBERTA: PORTRAIT OF A PROVINCE* Alberta: Portrait of a Province*
6652ALBERTA: YOUR LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY AT WORK* Alberta: Your Legislative Assembly at Work*
76ALCHEMIST IN HOLLYWOOD Alchemist in Hollywood
80ALCOHOLIC WITHIN US, THE Alcoholic within Us, The
82ALCOHOLISM: A MODEL OF DRUG DEPENDENCY Alcoholism: A Model of Drug Dependency
83ALCOHOLISM: INDUSTRY'S COSTLY HANGOVER Alcoholism: Industry's Costly Hangover
85ALCOHOLISM: THE BOTTOM LINE Alcoholism: The Bottom Line
86ALEXANDER CALDER: SCULPTURE AND CONSTRUCTION Alexander Calder: Sculpture and Construction
87ALEXANDER NEVSKY Alexander Nevsky
7122ALEXANDER NEVSKY (Restored Edition)* Alexander Nevsky (Restored Edition)*
88ALGAE Algae
4950ALIENS FROM INNER SPACE Aliens from Inner Space
5992ALL ABOUT A HOLE IN THE WORLD (RICHARD RHODES) All about a Hole in the World (Richard Rhodes)
7770ALL ABOUT US: THE HUMAN GENOME All About Us: The Human Genome
92ALL MY BABIES All My Babies
5878ALL OF OUR LIVES All of Our Lives
7633ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN* All the President's Men*
4969ALL UNDER HEAVEN: LIFE IN A CHINESE VILLAGE* All Under Heaven: Life in a Chinese Village*
5580ALLAN HOUSER Allan Houser
7634ALMOST FAMOUS* Almost Famous*
94Alphabet Mark of Man Alphabet: Mark of Man
93ALPHABET CONSPIRACY Alphabet Conspiracy
95ALTAR MASTERPIECE Altar Masterpiece
96ALTAR OF FIRE Altar of Fire
5315ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE* Always for Pleasure*
6048ALZHEIMER'S--THE MYTHS AND THE FACTS (DR. BURTON REIFLER) Alzheimer's--The Myths and the Facts (Dr. Burton Reifler)
4970AMARCORD* Amarcord*
6203AMAZONIA: THE ROAD TO THE END OF THE FOREST Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
6694America Constructing a Country Through Its Cities (Witold Rybczynski) America: Constructing a Country Through Its Cities (Witold Rybczynski)
102America On the Edge of Abundance? America: On the Edge of Abundance?
98AMERICA DE LOS INDIOS America de los Indios
99AMERICA IN SPACE: THE FIRST FIVE YEARS America in Space: The First Five Years
4763AMERICA ON THE ROAD America on the Road
5595AMERICA TAKES CHARGE (1965-1967) America Takes Charge (1965-1967)
101AMERICA WORKS WHEN AMERICA WORKS America Works When America Works
103AMERICAN ALCOHOLIC, THE American Alcoholic, The
6791AMERICAN ART FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART American Art from the National Gallery of Art
7314AMERICAN CANADIAN RELATIONS* American Canadian Relations*
7598AMERICAN DREAM* American Dream*
5287AMERICAN FRIEND, THE* (DER AMERIKANISCHE FREUND) American Friend, The* (Der Amerikanische Freund)
5345AMERICAN GAME, JAPANESE RULES American Game, Japanese Rules
S1002American Indian Artists American Indian Artists (series)
104AMERICAN MIRACLE American Miracle
107AMERICAN SAMOA: PARADISE LOST? American Samoa: Paradise Lost?
5098AMERICAN TONGUES American Tongues
4939AMERICAN URBAN EXPERIENCE, THE American Urban Experience, The
S1103American Visions American Visions (series)
108AMERICAN WOMAN: PORTRAITS OF COURAGE American Woman: Portraits of Courage
5184AMERICAN WORLD INFLUENCE (ROBERT GILPIN) American World Influence (Robert Gilpin)
6563AMERICANS, THE (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, MIAMI, NEW YORK CITY) Americans, The (Southern California, Miami, New York City)
S1003Americas Americas (series)
6067Americas Family Doctor (C. Everett Koop, M.D.) America's Family Doctor (C. Everett Koop, M.D.)
109AMERICAS IN TRANSITION Americas in Transition
5593Americas Mandarin (1954-1963) America's Mandarin (1954-1963)
4594Americas Public Schools--Who's in Charge? (John Goodlad) America's Public Schools--Who's in Charge? (John Goodlad)
110AMISH: A PEOPLE OF PRESERVATION Amish: A People of Preservation
7196AMISTAD* Amistad*
111AMITIE NOIRE Amitie Noire
7335AMNESIA* Amnesia*
6264AMONG EQUALS Among Equals
6515AMONG THE NON-BELIEVERS Among the Non-Believers
112AMPHIBIANS, THE Amphibians, The
113ANACOSTIA: MUSEUM IN THE GHETTO Anacostia: Museum in the Ghetto
114ANATOMY OF A GRIEVANCE Anatomy of a Grievance
116ANATOMY OF A VOLCANO Anatomy of a Volcano
117ANATOMY OF CRISIS Anatomy of Crisis
5879ANATOMY OF ELOQUENCE Anatomy of Eloquence
S1108Ancestors in the Americas Ancestors in the Americas (series)
119ANCIENT EGYPT Ancient Egypt
5631ANCIENT FORESTS: VANISHING LEGACY OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Ancient Forests: Vanishing Legacy of the Pacific Northwest
120ANCIENT GAMES, THE Ancient Games, The
122ANCIENT MARINERS, THE Ancient Mariners, The
123ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA Ancient Mesopotamia
124ANCIENT MODERNS: GREEK ISLAND ART AND CULTURE 3000-2000 B.C. Ancient Moderns: Greek Island Art and Culture 3000-2000 B.C.
127ANCIENT WORLD: EGYPT Ancient World: Egypt
128ANCIENT WORLD: GREECE Ancient World: Greece
5107AND IF ELECTED And If Elected
129AND THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
4971AND THE SHIP SAILS ON* (E LA NAVE VA) And the Ship Sails On* (E La Nave Va)
130AND WHO SHALL FEED THIS WORLD? And Who Shall Feed This World?
5634ANDREI RUBLEV* Andrei Rublev*
6811ANDRZEJ WAJDA: A PORTRAIT* Andrzej Wajda: A Portrait*
131ANGEL Angel
5360ANGEL DEATH Angel Death
132ANGELA'S ISLAND Angela's Island
5972ANGI VERA* Angi Vera*
135ANIMAL ALTRUISM Animal Altruism
136ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Animal Communication
137ANIMAL FARM Animal Farm
138ANIMAL IMPOSTERS Animal Imposters
S1098Animal Intelligence Animal Intelligence (series)
5470ANIMAL MOVIE, THE Animal Movie, The
139ANIMATED CARTOONS: THE TOY THAT GREW UP Animated Cartoons: The Toy that Grew Up
6703ANNE OF GREEN GABLES* Anne of Green Gables*
6704ANNE OF GREEN GABLES--THE SEQUEL* Anne of Green Gables--The Sequel*
141ANNELIDS Annelids
6678ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY Another Side to the Story
5316ANOTHER WIND IS MOVING Another Wind Is Moving
142ANSEL ADAMS: PHOTOGRAPHER Ansel Adams: Photographer
5150ANTHROPOLOGY: AN ATTITUDE AND A LIFE (FREDERICA DE LAGUNA) Anthropology: An Attitude and a Life (Frederica De Laguna)
143ANTONI GAUDI (IFB) Antoni Gaudi (IFB)
144ANTONIO GAUDI (NYU) Antonio Gaudi (NYU)
7200ANTONIO GAUDI* Antonio Gaudi*
6227ANXIETY: COGNITIVE THERAPY WITH DR. AARON T. BECK* Anxiety: Cognitive Therapy with Dr. Aaron T. Beck*
145ANYTHING THEY WANT TO BE Anything They Want to Be
146ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE* Anything You Want to Be*
147APE AND CHILD, PART 1: SOME BEHAVIOR CHARACTERISTICS OF A HUMAN AND A CHIMPANZEE INFANT IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 1: Some Behavior Characteristics of a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant in the Same Environment*
148APE AND CHILD, PART 2: DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN AND CHIMPANZEE INFANTS-COMPARATIVE TESTS AFTER SIX MONTHS IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 2: Development of Human and Chimpanzee Infants--Comparative Tests after Six Months in the Same Environment*
5212APE LANGUAGE: FROM CONDITIONED RESPONSE TO SYMBOL Ape Language: From Conditioned Response to Symbol
6343APES OF AN UNUSUAL KIND (RICHARD LEAKEY) Apes of an Unusual Kind (Richard Leakey)
149APES OF BARBARY, THE Apes of Barbary, The
150APLYSIA AND ITS GIANT NERVE CELLS: A GLIMPSE INTO THE CELLULAR BASIS OF BEHAVIOR Aplysia and Its Giant Nerve Cells: A Glimpse into the Cellular Basis of Behavior
6947APOCALYPSE NOW* Apocalypse Now*
151APPALACHIA: RICH LAND, POOR PEOPLE Appalachia: Rich Land, Poor People
152APPEALS TO SANTIAGO Appeals to Santiago
154APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS RESEARCH DESIGNS Applied Behavior Analysis Research Designs
5635APPOINTMENT WITH THE ASTROLOGER, AN Appointment with the Astrologer, An
6705APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ, THE* Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The*
5213APPROACHES TO HAMLET (SHAKESPEARE AND HIS STAGE) Approaches to Hamlet (Shakespeare and His Stage)
156AQUACULTURE FARMING UNDER WATER Aquaculture: Farming under Water
155AQUACULTURE AND FOLLOW-UP DISCUSSION Aquaculture and Follow-Up Discussion
5581ARAB AND JEW: WOUNDED SPIRITS IN A PROMISED LAND Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land
158ARAB IDENTITY: WHO ARE THE ARABS? Arab Identity: Who Are the Arabs?
159ARBITRATION IN ACTION Arbitration in Action
160ARCHAEOLOGIST AND HOW HE WORKS, THE Archaeologist and How He Works, The
6380ARCHAEOLOGY: QUESTIONING THE PAST Archaeology: Questioning the Past
161ARCHEOLOGICAL DATING: RETRACING TIME Archeological Dating: Retracing Time
162ARCHITECT OF THE NEW AMERICAN SUBURB: H. H. RICHARDSON Architect of the New American Suburb: H. H. Richardson
4866ARCHITECTURE A MOVE FROM MODERNISM (DOUGLAS KELBAUGH) Architecture: A Move from Modernism (Douglas Kelbaugh)
164ARCHITECTURE WEST Architecture West
5734ARCTIC ECOSYSTEM, THE (ORIN YOUNG) Arctic Ecosystem, The (Orin Young)
7315ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, THE (AMERICA'S LAST GREAT REFUGE)* Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, The (America's Last Great Refuge)*
6118ARE WE MAKING A GOOD PEACE?* Are We Making a Good Peace?*
7329ARE WE SCARING OURSELVES TO DEATH?, PART 1: RISK AND PERSONAL SAFETY* Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?, Part 1: Risk and Personal Safety*
7330ARE WE SCARING OURSELVES TO DEATH?, PART 2: WHY THE INCREASED FEAR OF RISK* Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?, Part 2: Why the Increased Fear of Risk*
7331ARE WE SCARING OURSELVES TO DEATH?, PART 3: ENVIRONMENTAL AND OTHER RISKS* Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?, Part 3: Environmental and Other Risks*
166ARE YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE? Are You Ready for Marriage?
5079ARE YOU SWIMMING IN A SEWER? Are You Swimming in a Sewer?
6593ARGENT* (MONEY) L'Argent* (Money)
4793ARGUMENT AM I RIGHT? Argument: Am I Right?
168ARGUMENT ABOUT A MARRIAGE, AN Argument about a Marriage, An
4755ARMING OF THE EARTH, THE Arming of the Earth, The
169ARMY AIR FORCES--PACIFIC Army Air Forces--Pacific
170ARNOLD TOYNBEE Arnold Toynbee
6212ARRIVING Arriving
7727ARROW, THE* Arrow, The*
7543ARSENAL (RESTORED EDITION)* Arsenal (Restored Edition)*
5703ART AND DEATH IN AFRICA Art and Death in Africa
172ART AND PERCEPTION: LEARNING TO SEE Art and Perception: Learning to See
4813ART AND SCIENCE OF ECONOMIC FORECASTING, THE (LAWRENCE KLEIN) Art and Science of Economic Forecasting, The (Lawrence Klein)
5167ART AND THE CRAFT OF INSPIRED WRITING, THE (CHARLES JOHNSON) Art and the Craft of Inspired Writing, The (Charles Johnson)
7017ART GALLERY IN THE DESERT, THE* Art Gallery in the Desert, The*
174ART HERITAGE Art Heritage
176ART IN REVOLUTION Art in Revolution
5541ART OF APPRECIATION: GAUGUIN (RICHARD ANDREWS/MARLA PRATHER) Art of Appreciation: Gauguin (Richard Andrews/Marla Prather)
6848ART OF BUSTER KEATON, THE (VOL. I)* Art of Buster Keaton, The (Vol. I)*
6356ART OF PUPPETRY, THE (AURORA VALENTINETTI) Art of Puppetry, The (Aurora Valentinetti)
178ART OF THE CELTIC HIGH CROSS, THE Art of the Celtic High Cross, The
179ART OF THE CONSERVATOR, THE Art of the Conservator, The
180ART OF THE TURKS, PART 1 Art of the Turks, Part 1
181ART OF THE TURKS, PART 2 Art of the Turks, Part 2
7837ART OF WAR, THE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT* Art of War, The: Alexander the Great*
182ART SOURCES IN NATURE Art Sources in Nature
183ART SURVIVES THE TIMES Art Survives the Times
185ARTHROPODS Arthropods
186ARTICULATION DISORDERS Articulation Disorders
187ARTICULATORY MOVEMENTS IN THE PRODUCTION OF ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS, PART 1: CONSONANTS Articulatory Movements in the Production of English Speech Sounds, Part 1: Consonants
188ARTICULATORY MOVEMENTS IN THE PRODUCTION OF ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS, PART 2: VOWELS Articulatory Movements in the Production of English Speech Sounds, Part 2: Vowels and Glides
6517ARTISTIC JOURNEY OF NORTHWEST ASIAN-AMERICANS, THE (MAYUMI TSUTAKAWA) Artistic Journey of Northwest Asian-Americans, The (Mayumi Tsutakawa)
192ARTISTRY OF SHAKESPEARE--THE DRAMA AND LANGUAGE OF MACBETH, PART 1: SOUND Artistry of Shakespeare--The Drama and Language of Macbeth, Part 1: Sound
194ARTISTRY OF SHAKESPEARE--THE DRAMA AND LANGUAGE OF MACBETH, PART 2: IMAGERY Artistry of Shakespeare--The Drama and Language of Macbeth, Part 2: Imagery
193ARTISTRY OF SHAKESPEARE--THE DRAMA AND LANGUAGE OF MACBETH, PART 3: CHARACTER Artistry of Shakespeare--The Drama and Language of Macbeth, Part 3: Character
191ARTISTRY OF SHAKESPEARE--THE DRAMA AND LANGUAGE OF MACBETH, PART 4: TURNING POINTS Artistry of Shakespeare--The Drama and Language of Macbeth, Part 4: Turning Points
190ARTISTRY OF SHAKESPEARE--THE DRAMA AND LANGUAGE OF MACBETH, PART 5: SENSE OF TRADEGY Artistry of Shakespeare--The Drama and Language of Macbeth, Part 5: Sense of Tragedy
189ARTIST'S PROOF Artist's Proof
7227ARTLINK: A MUSEUM-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP Artlink: A Museum-School Partnership
196ARTS OF JAPAN Arts of Japan
5880ARUSI YA MARIAMU (THE MARRIAGE OF MARIAMU)* Arusi Ya Mariamu (The Marriage of Mariamu)*
4962ARVIT LESHABAT (SABBATH EVENING SERVICE) Arvit Leshabat (Sabbath Evening Service)
5636ASANTE MARKET WOMEN Asante Market Women
S1004Ascent of Man, The Ascent of Man, The (series)
198ASCIDIAN METAMORPHOSIS: THE ROLE OF CONTRACTILE EPIDERMIS IN TAIL RESORPTION Ascidian Metamorphosis: The Role of Contractile Epidermis in Tail Resorption
199ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN THE DIATOM STEPHANOPYXIS (CENTRALES) Asexual Reproduction in the Diatom Stephanopyxis (Centrales)
5317ASHES AND DIAMONDS* (POPIOL I DIAMENT) Ashes and Diamonds* (Popiol I Diament)
200ASHES OF DOOM Ashes of Doom
7132ASHIK KERIB* Ashik Kerib*
6623ASIA PACIFIC: OF PILGRIMS AND PROFITEERS* Asia Pacific: Of Pilgrims and Profiteers*
6624ASIAN IMPACT ON VANCOUVER* Asian Impact on Vancouver*
201ASIAN STEREOTYPES IN FILM AND TV Asian Stereotypes in Film and TV
202ASMAT: CANNIBAL CRAFTSMEN OF NEW GUINEA Asmat: Cannibal Craftsmen of New Guinea
S1005Aspects of Animal Behavior Aspects of Animal Behavior (series)
204ASPECTS OF BEHAVIOR Aspects of Behavior
205ASPECTS OF THE BEHAVIOR OF THE SIFAKA Aspects of the Behavior of the Sifaka
206ASPIRATION ABORTION WITHOUT CERVICAL DILATATION Aspiration Abortion without Cervical Dilatation
7491ASSAULT ON GAY AMERICA* Assault on Gay America*
6283ASSAULT ON TIME Assault on Time
207ASSERTIVE TRAINING FOR WOMEN, PART 2 Assertive Training for Women, Part 2
5108ASSESSMENT OF CONGRESS, AN Assessment of Congress, An
4907ASTRONAUT LOOKS AT THE SPACE PROGRAM, AN (GEORGE "PINKY" NELSON) Astronaut Looks at the Space Program, An (George "Pinky" Nelson)
S1006Astronomers Astronomers (series)
5375AT THE CROSSROADS (NFBC) At the Crossroads (NFBC)
211AT THE CROSSROADS--THE STORY OF AMERICA'S ENDANGERED SPECIES* At the Crossroads--The Story of America's Endangered Species*
6460AT THE RIVER I STAND At the River I Stand
1621ATALANTE L'Atalante
212ATATURK: FATHER OF MODERN TURKEY Ataturk: Father of Modern Turkey
4555ATLAS: A SKETCH OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Atlas: A Sketch of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
213ATMOSPHERE: ENVELOPE OF LIFE Atmosphere: Envelope of Life
5227ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: GLOBAL WINDS Atmospheric Science: Global Winds
214ATOM STRIKES Atom Strikes
6119ATTENTION: WOMEN AT WORK* Attention: Women at Work*
215ATTICA: THE OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE NEW YORK STATE SPECIAL COMMISSION ON ATTICA Attica: The Official Report of the New York State Special Commission on Attica
6896ATTITUDES AGGRESSIVELY CHANGING DISCRIMINATION (ANDREW SULLIVAN) Attitudes: Aggressively Changing Discrimination (Andrew Sullivan)
6498ATTITUDES TODAY: DISSECTING GENERATION X (PAUL LOEB/AL BLACK) Attitudes Today: Dissecting Generation X (Paul Loeb/Al Black)
216ATUMPAN Atumpan
219AUDITORY ASSESSMENT Auditory Assessment
5809AUSTRALIA'S ART OF THE DREAMTIME: QUINKIN COUNTRY Australia's Art of the Dreamtime: Quinkin Country
4440AUTISTIC CHILD: A BEHAVIORAL APPROACH Autistic Child: A Behavioral Approach
220AUTOMANIA 2000 Automania 2000
222AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, THE Autonomic Nervous System, The
223AUTOPSY: THE FINAL CLINICAL EVENT* Autopsy: The Final Clinical Event*
225AVALANCHE Avalanche
226AVALANCHE DYNAMICS: CHARACTERISTICS OF SNOW AVALANCHES IN MOTION Avalanche Dynamics: Characteristics of Snow Avalanches in Motion
7010AVANT-GARDE IN RUSSIA, THE (1910-1930): NEW PERSPECTIVES* Avant-Garde in Russia, The (1910-1930): New Perspectives*
227AVOIDING COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN Avoiding Communication Breakdown
6695AWAKENING, AN: REALIZING THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF WOMEN (SUZANNE LEBSOCK) Awakening, An: Realizing the Social History of Women (Suzanne Lebsock)
4925AWAKENINGS (1954-1956) Awakenings (1954-1956)
228AWKWARD CUSTOMERS Awkward Customers
229AX FIGHT, THE Ax Fight, The
230B. F. SKINNER AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE: RESEARCH, PRACTICE AND PROMISE B. F. Skinner and Behavior Change: Research, Practice and Promise
232BABOON BEHAVIOR Baboon Behavior
233BABOON ECOLOGY Baboon Ecology
7685BABOON TALES* Baboon Tales*
234BABY MAKERS, THE Baby Makers, The
7796BACK TO THE BASICS/HOW SAFE ARE WE?* Back to the Basics/How Safe Are We?*
5778BACK TO THE MOVEMENT (1979-MID-1980S) Back to the Movement (1979-Mid-1980s)
7154BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE* Bad and the Beautiful, The*
235BAGS Bags
236BAHAMAS: WHERE LIMESTONES GROW TODAY Bahamas: Where Limestones Grow Today
6625BAJA CALIFORNIA: LIMITLESS LAND* Baja California: Limitless Land*
5637BAKA: PEOPLE OF THE FOREST Baka: People of the Forest
237BAKHTIARI MIGRATION, THE Bakhtiari Migration, The
238BAKUBA: PEOPLE OF THE CONGO Bakuba: People of the Congo
239BALANCE SHEET BARRIER, THE (BUSINESS FINANCE FOR NON-SPECIALISTS) Balance Sheet Barrier, The (Business Finance for Non-Specialists)
241BALINESE TRANCE SEANCE, A Balinese Trance Seance, A
5352BALLAD OF AN UNSUNG HERO Ballad of an Unsung Hero
242BALLAD OF CROWFOOT Ballad of Crowfoot
5109BALLAD OF NARAYAMA, THE (NARAYAMA-BUSHI KO) Ballad of Narayama, The (Narayama-Bushi Ko)
6679BALLADE URBAINE (URBAN STROLL) (QUEBEC)* Ballade Urbaine (Urban Stroll) (Quebec)*
5537BALLET LIVING THE PART (CLARK TIBBET) Ballet: Living the Part (Clark Tibbet)
243BALLET MECHANIQUE* Ballet Mechanique*
244BALLET WITH EDWARD VILLELLA Ballet with Edward Villella
245BALZAC Balzac
246BAND CONCERT, THE Band Concert, The
7189BAND WAGON, THE* Band Wagon, The*
247BANGLADESH NATIONHOOD: SYMBOLS AND SHADOWS Bangladesh Nationhood: Symbols and Shadows
248BANKRUPT Bankrupt
4474BANZAI!--JAPAN, 1931-1942 Banzai!--Japan, 1931-1942
250BAOBAB: PORTRAIT OF A TREE Baobab: Portrait of a Tree
7811BAPTISM OF FIRE--YPRES/SLAUGHTER AND SACRIFICE--SOMME* Baptism of Fire--Ypres/Slaughter and Sacrifice--Somme*
251BARB: BREAKING THE CYCLE OF ABUSE Barb: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
252BARBER SHOP, THE Barber Shop, The
253BARNET (THE CHILD) Barnet (The Child)
254BARNETT NEWMAN Barnett Newman
255BAROQUE DANCE 1675-1725 Baroque Dance 1675-1725
256BARTLEBY Bartleby
258BASIC PRINCIPLES OF FILM EDITING Basic Principles of Film Editing
259BATAAN--THE FORGOTTEN HELL Bataan--The Forgotten Hell
5485BATE'S CAR: SWEET AS A NUT Bate's Car: Sweet as a Nut
261BATTERED CHILD, THE Battered Child, The
262BATTERED WOMEN: VIOLENCE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Battered Women: Violence behind Closed Doors
265BATTLE AT ELDERBUSH GULCH* Battle at Elderbush Gulch*
7677BATTLE FOR A CONTINENT* Battle for a Continent*
6680BATTLE FOR THE TREES* Battle for the Trees*
263BATTLE OF ALGIERS, THE* Battle of Algiers, The*
5288BATTLE OF RUSSIA Battle of Russia
266BATTLE OF SAN PIETRO Battle of San Pietro
4999BATTLE OF STALINGRAD, THE Battle of Stalingrad, The
7164BATTLE OF THE TITANS, THE (PROBLEMS OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY) Battle of the Titans, The (Problems of the Global Economy)
7824BATTLE OF VIMY RIDGE, THE* Battle of Vimy Ridge, The*
7576BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, THE (BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN) Battleship Potemkin, The (Bronenosets Potyokin)
6706BAY BOY, THE* Bay Boy, The*
269BE WELL: HEALTH IN THE LATER YEARS Be Well: Health in the Later Years
271BEACH: A RIVER OF SAND Beach: A River of Sand
6407BEACHCOMBER ON THE SHORES OF OTHER PEOPLES' KNOWLEDGE, A (BILL MOYERS) Beachcomber on the Shores of Other Peoples' Knowledge, A (Bill Moyers)
272BEAMS AND FRAMES Beams and Frames
273BEAST OF MONSIEUR RACINE, THE Beast of Monsieur Racine, The
6707BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS* Beautiful Dreamers*
7688BEAUTY/FAME* Beauty/Fame*
275BECAUSE THAT'S MY WAY Because That's My Way
4318BECOMING AMERICAN* Becoming American*
5318BED AND SOFA* (TRETYA MESHCHANSKAYA) Bed and Sofa* (Tretya Meshchanskaya)
6268BEER DRINKER IN A CHAMPAGNE WORLD, A (EDWARD VILLELLA) Beer Drinker in a Champagne World, A (Edward Villella)
7486BEFORE STONEWALL: THE MAKING OF A GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY* Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community*
276BEGINNING OF HISTORY Beginning of History
277BEGINNING OF LIFE, THE Beginning of Life, The
278BEGINNING OF LIFE, THE (PENN) Beginning of Life, The (Penn)
280BEHAVIOR AND ECOLOGY OF CORAL REEF FISHES, THE Behavior and Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes, The
281BEHAVIOR AND ECOLOGY OF VERVET MONKEYS (CARCOPITHECUS AETHIOPS) IN THE MASAI-AMBOSELI GAME RESERVE, KENYA Behavior and Ecology of Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) in the Masai-Amboseli Game Reserve, Kenya
284BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TEACHING LANGUAGE TO PSYCHOTIC CHILDREN Behavior Modification: Teaching Language to Psychotic Children
283BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION OF AN AUTISTIC CHILD Behavior Modification of an Autistic Child
7782BEHAVIOR THEORY IN PRACTICE, PARTS 1 & 2 Behavior Theory In Practice, Parts 1 & 2
7783BEHAVIOR THEORY IN PRACTICE, PARTS 3 & 4 Behavior Theory In Practice, Parts 3 & 4
290BEHAVIORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RHESUS MONKEY Behavioral Characteristics of the Rhesus Monkey
5924BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children
291BEHIND THE MASK Behind the Mask
4951BEING MUSLIM IN INDIA Being Muslim in India
4532BELIEVING Believing
292BEND IN THE NIGER, THE Bend in the Niger, The
4496BENEATH ALASKA TIDES Beneath Alaska Tides
293BENIN KINGSHIP RITUALS Benin Kingship Rituals
7065Benya Krik* Benya Krik*
5356BEOWULF AND OLD ENGLISH LITERATURE Beowulf and Old English Literature
294BERFUNKLE Berfunkle
6461BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES Berkeley in the Sixties
5000BERLIN--SYMPHONY OF A GREAT CITY (BERLIN: DIE SINFONIE DER GROSSTADT) Berlin--Symphony of a Great City (Berlin: Die Sinfonie Der Grosstadt)
6170BERTOLT BRECHT: HE MADE SUGGESTIONS Bertolt Brecht: He Made Suggestions
296BERTRAND RUSSELL Bertrand Russell
6897BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, THE (BILL BRADLEY) Best Job in the World, The (Bill Bradley)
5881BEST TIME OF MY LIFE: PORTRAITS OF WOMEN IN MID-LIFE Best Time of My Life: Portraits of Women in Mid-Life
5496BETHUNE Bethune
6518BETTER ATHLETES ALL AROUND (RON SMITH/FRANK SMOLL) Better Atheletes All Around (Ron Smith/Frank Smoll)
300BETWEEN THE TIDES Between the Tides
5017BETWEEN TIME: A TIBETAN VILLAGE IN NEPAL* Between Time: A Tibetan Village in Nepal*
301BETWEEN TWO RIVERS Between Two Rivers
4574BEYOND CULTURE SHOCK* Beyond Culture Shock*
7495BEYOND KILLING US SOFTLY: THE STRENGTH TO RESIST* Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist*
7083Beyond the Ring of Fire Beyond the Ring of Fire
303BHARAT NATYAM Bharat Natyam
5814BIBLE AND DISTANT TIME, THE Bible and Distant Time, The
6284BIG BANG AND BEYOND, THE Big Bang and Beyond, The
304BIG BEAR SOLAR OBSERVATORY 1978 SHOW FILM Big Bear Solar Observatory 1978 Show Film
7107BIG SKY ABOVE, BAD LAND BELOW (JONATHAN RABAN) Big Sky Above, Bad Land Below (Jonathan Raban)
6397BIG STRANGERS: SPENDING A WEEK WITH THE BUSHMEN (JOHN PERROTT) Big Strangers: Spending a Week with the Bushmen (John Perrott)
307BIG TRAINS ROLLING Big Trains Rolling
308BIKINI: RADIO-BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY Bikini: Radio-Biological Laboratory
5443BILL LOOSELY'S HEAT PUMP Bill Loosely's Heat Pump
4958BILLION DOLLAR DAY* Billion Dollar Day*
310BINARY BIT PATTERNS Binary Bit Patterns
311BING! BANG! BOOM! Bing! Bang! Boom!
5882BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTIONS Binomial Distributions
312BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Biochemistry and Molecular Structure
5849BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity
313BIOGRAPHY OF A FISH Biography of a Fish
314BIOGRAPHY OF THE MOTION PICTURE CAMERA Biography of the Motion Picture Camera
315BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS: STUDIES IN CHRONOBIOLOGY Biological Rhythms: Studies in Chronobiology
317BIRD BRAIN Bird Brain
6850BIRDS OF PREY: THEIR BIOLOGY & ECOLOGY* Birds of Prey: Their Biology & Ecology*
318BIRTH AND DEATH OF A STAR, THE Birth and Death of a Star, The
4441BIRTH OF A BRAIN: TEN MILLION GALAXIES Birth of a Brain: Ten Million Galaxies
7155BIRTH OF A NATION, THE* (tinted) Birth of a Nation, The* (tinted)
320BIRTH OF EUROPE, THE Birth of Europe, The
321BIRTH OF SOVIET CINEMA, THE Birth of Soviet Cinema, The
322BIRTH OF THE RED KANGAROO, THE Birth of the Red Kangaroo, The
323BISMILLAH KHAN Bismillah Khan
324BITTER MELONS Bitter Melons
325BITTER WIND Bitter Wind
326BLACK AND WHITE--UPTIGHT Black and White--Uptight
5759BLACK CANNON INCIDENT, THE* Black Cannon Incident, The*
327BLACK HISTORY: LOST, STOLEN OR STRAYED Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed
4945BLACK ON WHITE Black on White
6708BLACK ROBE* Black Robe*
328BLACK TIDE Black Tide
7032Blackfly* Blackfly*
7094Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)* Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)*
329BLADES AND PRESSURE FLAKING Blades and Pressure Flaking
5883BLOCKING AND SAMPLING: EXPERIMENTS AND SAMPLES Blocking and Sampling: Experiments and Samples
7190BLONDE VENUS/SHANGHAI EXPRESS* Blonde Venus/Shanghai Express*
S1007Blood and Brotherhood Blood and Brotherhood (series)
332BLOOD GROUPS, SKIN COLOR AND GENE POOLS Blood Groups, Skin Color and Gene Pools
5739BLOOD OF THE CONDOR* Blood of the Condor*
4964BLOOD WEDDING* (BODAS DE SANGRE) Blood Wedding* (Bodas De Sangre)
333BLUE ANGEL, THE (DER BLAUE ENGEL) Blue Angel, The (Der Blaue Engel)
5582BLUE COLLAR AND BUDDHA Blue Collar and Buddha
334BLUE COLLAR TRAP, THE Blue Collar Trap, The
7643BLUE END Blue End
7069Blue Eyed Blue Eyed
S1113Blue Planet: Seas of Life Blue Planet: Seas of Life (series)
7173BLUE VELVET* Blue Velvet*
335BLUEPRINTS IN THE BLOODSTREAM Blueprints in the Bloodstream
5290BOAT, THE* (DAS BOOT) Boat, The* (Das Boot)
S1092Body Atlas, The Body Atlas, The (series)
338BODY DEFENSES AGAINST DISEASE (2ND EDITION) Body Defenses against Disease (2nd Edition)
341BOEING VS. THE WORLD (THE JET SET) Boeing vs. the World (The Jet Set)
343BOHEMIAN GIRL, THE Bohemian Girl, The
344BOLDT DECISION: IMPACTS AND IMPLEMENTATION Boldt Decision: Impacts and Implementation
346BOLERO, THE Bolero, The
347BOMBER Bomber
6788BONNIE AND CLYDE* Bonnie and Clyde*
348BONO MEDICINES Bono Medicines
349BONY FISHES, THE Bony Fishes, The
7123BOOGIE NIGHTS* Boogie Nights*
350BOOK BANNING Book Banning
351BOOZERS AND USERS Boozers and Users
6015BORDER BRUJO Border Brujo
5206BORDER CONFIRMED: THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON (1867-1871) Border Confirmed: The Treaty of Washington (1867-1871)
6536BORDER STREET* (ULICA GRANICZNA) Border Street* (Ulica Graniczna)
6204BORDERLINE MEDICINE Borderline Medicine
6489BORDERLINE RELATIONS WITH MEXICO (WILLIAM LANGENWEISCHE) Borderline Relations with Mexico (William Langenweische)
6286BORDERLINE SYNDROME: "A PERSONALITY DISORDER OF OUR TIME" Borderline Syndrome: A Personality Disorder of Our Time
5284BORGES PARA MILLIONES Borges Para Milliones
6038BORN IN A TRUNK (STEVE ALLEN) Born in a Trunk (Steve Allen)
355BORN WITH A HABIT Born with a Habit
6122BORROWED FACES* Borrowed Faces*
356BOTTLE BABIES Bottle Babies
357BOUNDARY LAYER CONTROL Boundary Layer Control
5869BOX OF TREASURES Box of Treasures
7557BOYHOOD OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., THE* Boyhood of Martin Luther King, Jr., The*
359BOY'S GAME Boy's Game
7082Brain The (AMB) Brain, The (AMB)
5192BRAIN THE BODY AND EPILEPSY, THE (GEORGE OJEMANN) Brain, the Body and Epilepsy, The (George Ojemann)
6108BRAIN WITH A MIND OF ITS OWN, A (RICHARD RESTAK) Brain with a Mind of Its Own, A (Richard Restak)
S1008Brain, The Brain, The (series)
361BRATS Brats
7842BRAZIL IN BLACK AND WHITE: SKIN COLOR AND HIGHER EDUCATION* Brazil In Black and White: Skin Color and Higher Education*
362BRAZIL: A GATHERING OF MILLIONS Brazil: A Gathering of Millions
363BRAZIL: THE TAKE-OFF POINT Brazil: The Take-Off Point
6942BRAZILIAN IMAGES: THE 1940'S PHOTOGRAPHS OF GENEVIEVE NAYLOR* Brazilian Images: The 1940's Photographs of Genevieve Naylor*
364BREAD Bread
6016BREAKING BOUNDARIES, TESTING LIMITS Breaking Boundaries, Testing Limits
6964BREAST CANCER AND POLITICS (MARY-CLAIRE KING) Breast Cancer and Politics (Mary-Claire King)
368BREASTFEEDING: A SPECIAL CLOSENESS Breastfeeding: A Special Closeness
7073Breath of Life Breath of Life
7156BREATHLESS* (A BOUT DE SOUFFLE) Breathless* (A Bout de Souffle)
369BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE Bride of Frankenstein, The
4930BRIDGE TO FREEDOM (1965) Bridge to Freedom (1965)
370BRIDGES AND BARRIERS: AMERICANS IN JAPAN Bridges and Barriers: Americans in Japan
7742BRIDGES* Bridges*
4572BRIDGING THE CULTURE GAP* Bridging the Culture Gap*
5427BRIGHT DAYS OF TOMORROW (1945-1956) Bright Days of Tomorrow (1945-1956)
7194BRINGING UP BABY* Bringing Up Baby*
7635BROADCAST NEWS* Broadcast News*
6797BROADWAY DANNY ROSE/THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO* Broadway Danny Rose/The Purple Rose of Cairo*
7545BROKEN BLOSSOMS (RESTORED EDITION)* Broken Blossoms (Restored Edition)*
376BRONSWIK AFFAIR, THE Bronswik Affair, The
377BRONZE AGE Bronze Age
378BROTHERHOOD OF MAN Brotherhood of Man
379BRUSH TECHNIQUES: THE LANGUAGE OF WATERCOLOR Brush Techniques: The Language of Watercolor
380BUCK STOPS IN BRAZIL, THE Buck Stops in Brazil, The
383BUDDHISM FOOTPRINT OF THE BUDDHA--INDIA Buddhism: Footprint of the Buddha--India
381BUDDHISM IN CHINA Buddhism in China
382BUDDHISM, MAN AND NATURE Buddhism, Man and Nature
7513BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB* Buena Vista Social Club*
6560BUILDERS OF IMAGES (PUERTO RICO, BRAZIL, MEXICO, ARGENTINA) Builders of Images (Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)
386BUILDING A BRIDGE Building a Bridge
5638BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY Building a Sustainable Economy
387BUILDING AN ORGANIZATION Building an Organization
388BUILDING BELIEF, PART 1 Building Belief, Part 1
389BUILDING BELIEF, PART 2 Building Belief, Part 2
390BUILDING BODIES Building Bodies
7754BUILDING BODIES [VHS]* Building Bodies [VHS]*
392BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, SERIES 1: WOOD FRAME Building Construction, Series 1: Wood Frame
393BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, SERIES 2: REINFORCED CONCRETE Building Construction, Series 2: Reinforced Concrete
394BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, SERIES 3: STRUCTURAL STEEL Building Construction, Series 3: Structural Steel
395BUILDING OF THE BOMB Building of the Bomb
396BUILDING SOCIAL SKILLS IN THE PRESCHOOL CHILD Building Social Skills in the Preschool Child
7834BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM: LEVITTOWN, NY* Building the American Dream: Levittown, NY*
6994BUILDING THE MOSAIC OF EMOTION AND HUMAN EXPERIENCE (DIANE ACKERMAN) Building the Mosaic of Emotion and Human Experience (Diane Ackerman)
4491BULIMIA Bulimia
397BULLDOZED AMERICA Bulldozed America
399BUMA: AFRICAN SCULPTURE SPEAKS Buma: African Sculpture Speaks
400BUNRAKU Bunraku
401BURIED CITIES (POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM) Buried Cities (Pompeii and Herculaneum)
S1009Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World (series)
7802BURNING TIMES, THE* Burning Times, The*
402BURNOUT Burnout
6626BURNS BOG* Burns Bog*
403BUSHMEN OF THE KALAHARI Bushmen of the Kalahari
5640BUSINESS AND THE MEDIA: ALLIES OR ADVERSARIES Business and the Media: Allies or Adversaries
404BUSINESS BEHAVIORISM AND THE BOTTOM LINE Business, Behaviorism and the Bottom Line
6017BUSINESS OF MEDICINE, THE (THOMAS PRESTON) Business of Medicine, The (Thomas Preston)
6068BUSINESS REVOLUTION, THE--QUALITY OR ELSE (CLARE CRAWFORD-MASON/LLOYD DOBYNS) Business Revolution, The--Quality or Else (Clare Crawford-Mason/Lloyd Dobyns)
5266BUSINESSMAN AND THE GEISHA* Businessman and the Geisha*
405BUSTER KEATON RIDES AGAIN Buster Keaton Rides Again
406BUZKASHI Buzkashi
5973BYE BYE BRAZIL* Bye Bye Brazil*
407BYZANTINE EMPIRE, THE Byzantine Empire, The
6582BYZANTIUM: FROM SPLENDOR TO RUIN* Byzantium: From Splendor to Ruin*
6736C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1990/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1990*
6737C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1990/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1990*
6738C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1990/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1990*
6739C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1990/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1990*
6740C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1991*
6741C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1991*
6742C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1991*
6743C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1991*
6744C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1991*
6745C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1991*
6746C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1991*
6747C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1991*
6748C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1992*
6749C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1992*
6750C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1992*
6751C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1992*
6752C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1992*
6753C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1992*
6754C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1992*
6755C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1992*
6756C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1993*
6757C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1993*
6758C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1993*
6759C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1993*
6760C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1993*
6761C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1993*
6762C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1993*
6763C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1993*
6764C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1994*
6765C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1994*
6766C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1994*
6767C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1994*
6768C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1994*
6769C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1994*
6770C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1994*
6771C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1994/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1994*
6886C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1995*
6887C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1995*
6888C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1995*
6889C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1995*
6891C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1995*
6892C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1995*
6893C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1995*
6943C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1996*
6944C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1996*
6945C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1996*
6946C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1996*
7033C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1996*
7034C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1996*
7035C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1996*
7036C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1996*
7037C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1997*
7038C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1997*
7039C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1997*
7040C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1997*
7445C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1997*
7446C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1997*
7447C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1997*
7448C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1997*
7549C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 2000*
7550C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 2000*
7701C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 2000*
7658C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 2001*
7659C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 2001*
7660C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 2001*
7722C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 2001*
7723C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 2001*
7724C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/11* CBC-TV News in Review: November 2001*
7725C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/12* CBC-TV News in Review: December 2001*
7726C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2002/02* CBC-TV News in Review: February 2002*
7735C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2002/03* CBC-TV News in Review: March 2002*
7741C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2002/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 2002*
7736C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 2002/05* CBC-TV News in Review: May 2002*
6772C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: CANADA AND THE MONARCHY* CBC-TV News in Review: Canada and the Monarchy*
6773C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: CANADA NOW: A DIVERSE LANDSCAPE* CBC-TV News in Review: Canada Now: A Diverse Landscape*
6774C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: COVERING WARS: JOURNALISTS AT THE FRONT* CBC-TV News in Review: Covering Wars: Journalists At the Front*
6894C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: MEECH LAKE* CBC-TV News in Review: Meech Lake*
408CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, THE (DAS KABINETT DES DR. CALIGARI) Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The (Das Kabinett Des Dr. Caligari)
5641CAL* Cal*
4873CALCIUM: A RESEARCH UPDATE ON OSTEOPOROSIS AND HYPERTENSION Calcium: A Research Update on Osteoporosis and Hypertension
410CALCUTTA Calcutta
411CALLING ALL GIRLS Calling All Girls
6350CAN WE COMPETE? (MARC TUCKER) Can We Compete? (Marc Tucker)
414CAN YOU HEAR ME? Can You Hear Me?
5209CAN YOU SPARE A MOMENT? (THE COUNSELLING INTERVIEW) Can You Spare a Moment? (The Counselling Interview)
7316CANADA (A PASSPORT TRAVEL GUIDE)* Canada (A Passport Travel Guide)*
5214Canada A Holiday in Pictures Canada . . . a Holiday in Pictures
5704CANADA TRUE NORTH, PART 1: THE RELATIONSHIP Canada: True North, Part 1: The Relationship
5705CANADA TRUE NORTH, PART 2: WHERE IS HERE? Canada: True North, Part 2: Where Is Here?
5706CANADA TRUE NORTH, PART 3: A SONG FOR QUEBEC Canada: True North, Part 3: A Song for Quebec
5707CANADA TRUE NORTH, PART 4: THE IMMIGRANTS Canada: True North, Part 4: The Immigrants
4807CANADA TWO CULTURES IN SEARCH OF ONE IDENTITY (DOUGLAS JACKSON) Canada: Two Cultures in Search of One Identity (Douglas Jackson)
5200CANADA AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (1763-1783) Canada and the American Revolution (1763-1783)
5463CANADA D'AUJOURD'HUI Canada d'Aujour d'Hui
6681CANADA EH!* Canada Eh!*
7041Canada on "The Firing Line", Part 1 Canada on The Firing Line, Part 1*
7042Canada on "The Firing Line", Part 2 Canada on The Firing Line, Part 2*
7043Canada the World Next Door* Canada, the World Next Door*
5333CANADA TODAY Canada Today
7751CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY EDITION (10--13)* Canada, A People's History: Special Documentary Edition (10--13)*
S1110Canada, A People's History Canada, A People's History (series)
7679CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: MAKING HISTORY* Canada, A People's History: Making History*
7706CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY EDITION (6--9)* Canada, A People's History: Special Documentary Edition (6--9)*
7044Canadian Brass: On Stage at Wolf Trap* Canadian Brass, The: On Stage at Wolf Trap*
7411CANADIAN CONNECTION/JOEY'S SPADE* Canadian Connection/Joey's Spade*
5487CANADIAN FEDERATION, THE Canadian Federation, The
6608CANADIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM* Canadian Health Care System*
6874CANADIAN LANDSCAPE WITH A. Y. JACKSON* Canadian Landscape with A. Y. Jackson*
6627CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARY VIDEO, THE* Canadian Parliamentary Video, The*
7337CANADIAN POLITICS HIGHLIGHT COMPILATION* Canadian Politics Highlight Compilation*
7583CANADIAN ROCKIES, THE/ST. MORITZ: PLAYGROUND IN THE ALPS Canadian Rockies, The/St. Moritz: Playground in the Alps
415CANCER DETECTIVES OF LIN XIAN, THE Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian, The
6653CANDID EYE?, THE* Candid Eye?, The*
5140CANDLE IN THE WIND Candle in the Wind
7686CANE TOADS: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY* Cane Toads: An Unnatural History*
6009CANNIBAL TOURS Cannibal Tours
416CANNIBALS ONCE Cannibals Once
417CANON Canon
7614CANTERBURY TALES, THE* (RACCONTI DI CANTERBURY, I) Canterbury Tales, The* (Racconti di Canterbury, I)
6555CAPITAL SINS (BRAZIL) Capital Sins (Brazil)
418CARAVAGGIO AND THE BAROQUE Caravaggio and the Baroque
423CAREER DEVELOPMENT: A PLAN FOR ALL SEASONS Career Development: A Plan for All Seasons
424CAREER ESCALATOR, THE Career Escalator, The
4530CARING Caring
425CARNIVOROUS PLANTS Carnivorous Plants
5451CARROUSEL Carrousel
5334CARTOONISTS--SEATTLE'S FAVORITES (DAVID HORSEY/BRIAN BASSET) Cartoonists--Seattle's Favorites (David Horsey/Brian Basset)
7481CARTOONS GO TO WAR Cartoons Go to War
6793CASABLANCA* Casablanca*
428CASE OF BARBARA PARSONS, THE Case of Barbara Parsons, The
429CASE OF SUICIDE, A Case of Suicide, A
430CASE OF THE MISSING PERSON, THE Case of the Missing Person, The
431CASE OF THE SNARLED PARKING LOT, THE Case of the Snarled Parking Lot, The
432CASE OF WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER, A Case of Working Smarter Not Harder, A
426Case Seventy-Two Case 7201
5884CASE STUDY Case Study
7007CASHING IN TO SAVE THE RAINFORESTS (JASON CLAY) Cashing In to Save the Rainforests (Jason Clay)
435CASTING IN BRONZE Casting in Bronze
5642CASTLES IN THE SAND Castles in the Sand
437CASTLES OF CLAY Castles of Clay
4546CATHEDRAL ENGINEERS Cathedral Engineers
7651CATHEDRAL IN THE SEA/SURVIVAL IN THE SEA Cathedral in the Sea/Survival in the Sea
6824CATHERINE THE GREAT: A LUST FOR ART* Catherine the Great: A Lust for Art*
439CATHERINE THE GREAT: A PROFILE IN POWER Catherine the Great: A Profile in Power
440CAUSE THE EFFECT--AFFECT THE CAUSE Cause the Effect--Affect the Cause
441CAVE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, THE Cave People of the Philippines, The
S1126CBC News: The National CBC News: The National (series)
S1123CBC NEWSWORLD CBC Newsworld (series)
6328CELEBRATION Celebration!
444CELL A FUNCTIONING STRUCTURE, PART 1 Cell: A Functioning Structure, Part 1
445CELL A FUNCTIONING STRUCTURE, PART 2 Cell: A Functioning Structure, Part 2
6287CELL BIOLOGY Cell Biology
6288CELL BIOLOGY: THE PLASMA MEMBRANE Cell Biology: The Plasma Membrane
6313CELL DIFFERENTIATION: THE SEARCH FOR THE ORGANIZER Cell Differentiation: The Search for the Organizer
443CELL DIVISION: MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis
5452CENTAUR Centaur
6836CENTER COLLAPSES, THE* Center Collapses, The*
5502Cest Pas Chinoise (A Piece of Cake) C'est Pas Chinoise (A Piece of Cake)
450CHACHAJI: MY POOR RELATION Chachaji: My Poor Relation
451CHACMA BABOONS: ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR Chacma Baboons: Ecology and Behavior
453CHALK TALK ON ALCOHOLISM Chalk Talk on Alcoholism
456CHALLENGE (A DRAMATIZATION OF THE REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT'S COMMITTEE ON CIVIL RIGHTS) Challenge, The (A Dramatization of the Report of the President's Committee on Civil Rights)
4428CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY Challenge and Opportunity
5845CHALLENGE FROM ASIA: KOREA Challenge from Asia: Korea
455CHALLENGE OF THE OCEAN Challenge of the Ocean
6512CHALLENGE OF THE PAST, THE Challenge of the Past, The
S1010Challenge of the Unknown, The Challenge of the Unknown, The (series)
S1011Challenge to America, The Challenge to America, The (series)
5861CHALLENGES AND CHOICES: PROTECTING OUR AIR QUALITY* Challenges and Choices: Protecting Our Air Quality*
6492CHALLENGING THE STATUS OF ARABIC WOMEN (NAWAL EL SAADAWI) Challenging the Status of Arabic Women (Nawal el Saadawi)
458CHAMPION Champion
5488CHAMPIONS, PART 1: UNLIKELY WARRIORS Champions, Part 1: Unlikely Warriors
5489CHAMPIONS, PART 2: THE TRAPPINGS OF POWER Champions, Part 2: The Trappings of Power
5643CHAMPIONS, PART 3: THE FINAL BATTLE Champions, Part 3: The Final Battle
6413CHANG: A DRAMA OF THE WILDERNESS* Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness*
4771CHANGE, CHANGE Change, Change
460CHANGES Changes
6785CHANGING BERLIN: CHANGING EUROPE Changing Berlin: Changing Europe
4743CHANGING CHARACTER OF EFFECTIVE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, THE (HUNTER SIMPSON) Changing Character of Effective Business Management, The (Hunter Simpson)
7836CHANGING FACE OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD, THE* Changing Face of America and the World, The*
465CHANGING FOODS IN CHANGING TIMES Changing Foods in Changing Times
467CHANGING MIDDLE EAST, THE Changing Middle East, The
6357CHANGING THE JAPANESE STEREOTYPE: A NAIL STICKING UP (DAVE BARRY) Changing the Japanese Stereotype: A Nail Sticking Up (Dave Barry)
469CHANNEL FLOW OF A COMPRESSIBLE FLUID Channel Flow of a Compressible Fluid
470CHANTES POPULAIRE #4 Chantes Populaire #4
471CHANTES POPULAIRE #5 Chantes Populaire #5
S1012Character of Physical Law, The Character of Physical Law, The (series)
474CHARACTERISTICS OF GIBBON BEHAVIOR Characteristics of Gibbon Behavior
475CHARACTERISTICS OF LAMINAR AND TURBULENT FLOW Characteristics of Laminar and Turbulent Flow
476CHARGE AND COUNTERCHARGE (A FILM OF THE ERA OF SEN. JOSEPH R. MCCARTHY) Charge and Countercharge (A Film of the Era of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy)
477CHARLES DARWIN Charles Darwin
4582CHARLES IVES: AMERICAN PIONEER Charles Ives: American Pioneer
7099Charles Stewart Parnell: The Uncrowned King Charles Stewart Parnell: The Uncrowned King
478CHARLEY SQUASH GOES TO TOWN Charley Squash Goes to Town
479CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS, THE Charter of the United Nations, The
480CHARTRES CATHEDRAL Chartres Cathedral
481CHAUCER'S ENGLAND Chaucer's England
7294CHEAT, THE/A GIRL'S FOLLY* Cheat, The/A Girl's Folly*
482CHECKING UP Checking Up
7011CHEKHOV* Chekhov*
5215CHEKHOV: UNCLE VANYA (THE BIRTH OF MODERN THEATRE) Chekhov: Uncle Vanya (The Birth of Modern Theatre)
S1013CHEM Chemistry Study CHEM Chemistry Study (series)
485CHEMICAL BONDING Chemical Bonding
487CHEMICAL FAMILIES Chemical Families
488CHEMISTRY OF WATER Chemistry of Water
7404CHESAPEAKE: THE TWILIGHT ESTUARY Chesapeake: The Twilight Estuary
489CHICANO Chicano
490CHICK EMBRYO: LIFE IS BORN Chick Embryo: Life Is Born
491CHICKAMAUGA Chickamauga
492CHIEN ANDALOU, UN Chien Andalou, Un
7405CHIHULY OVER VENICE Chihuly Over Venice
505CHILD PART 1: JAMIE, ETHAN, MARLON; THE FIRST TWO MONTHS Child, Part 1: Jamie, Ethan, Marlon; the First Two Months
507CHILD PART 2: JAMIE, ETHAN, KEIR; 2--14 MONTHS Child, Part 2: Jamie, Ethan, Keir; 2--14 Months
506CHILD PART 3: DEBBIE AND ROBERT; 12--24 MONTHS Child, Part 3: Debbie and Robert; 12--24 Months
504CHILD PART 4: KATHY AND IAN; THREE YEAR OLDS Child, Part 4: Kathy and Ian; Three Year Olds
503CHILD PART 5: 4 TO 6 YEARS Child, Part 5: 4 to 6 Years
495CHILD ABUSE Child Abuse
496CHILD ABUSE: A PERSPECTIVE ON PARENT AIDES Child Abuse: A Perspective on Parent Aides
497CHILD ABUSE: CRADLE OF VIOLENCE Child Abuse: Cradle of Violence
5503CHILD IN HIS COUNTRY, A Child in His Country, A
500CHILD OF THE FUTURE: HOW HE MIGHT LEARN Child of the Future: How He Might Learn
6035CHILD THE FAMILY AND LEARNING, THE (BRUNO BETTELHEIM) Child, the Family and Learning, The (Bruno Bettelheim)
S1014Childhood Childhood (series)
508CHILDHOOD AGGRESSION (A SOCIAL LEARNING APPROACH TO FAMILY THERAPY) Childhood Aggression (A Social Learning Approach to Family Therapy)
509CHILDHOOD OF THE CHIMPANZEE Childhood of the Chimpanzee
510CHILDHOOD RIVALRY IN BALI AND NEW GUINEA Childhood Rivalry in Bali and New Guinea
512CHILDREN IN PERIL Children in Peril
6051CHILDREN KNOW, THE Children Know, The
513CHILDREN OF CHANGE Children of Change
5216CHILDREN OF EVE Children of Eve
7595CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE, THE* Children of Noisy Village, The*
515CHILDREN OF OUR PEOPLE: NATIVE ADOPTION HOMES Children of Our People: Native Adoption Homes
516CHILDREN OF THE EAGLE: A TRIBUTE TO AMERICAN INDIAN CHILDREN Children of the Eagle: A Tribute to American Indian Children
5872CHILDREN OF THE FIELDS Children of the Fields
4556CHILDREN OF THE FOREST Children of the Forest
518CHILDREN OF THE SILENT NIGHT Children of the Silent Night
5023CHILDREN, ENFANTS, NINOS Children, Enfants, Ninos
5180CHILDREN'S BOOKS: THE WRITING AND THE READING (MARGARET MAHY) Children's Books: The Writing and the Reading (Margaret Mahy)
521CHILDREN'S GROUP: PREPARING A CHILD FOR ADOPTION Children's Group: Preparing a Child for Adoption
522CHILDREN'S PLAY Children's Play
502CHILDS PLAY: WINDOW ON DEVELOPMENT Child's Play: Window on Development
5644CHILE: HASTA CUANDO? Chile: Hasta Cuando?
7831CHIMPANZEES: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY* Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History*
526CHINA COMING OF THE WEST China: Coming of the West
527CHINA HUNDRED SCHOOLS TO ONE China: Hundred Schools to One
528CHINA ROOTS OF MADNESS China: Roots of Madness
529CHINA THE AGE OF MATURITY China: The Age of Maturity
530CHINA THE BEGINNINGS China: The Beginnings
5381CHINA THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION AND THE FUTURE (FREDERIC WAKEMAN) China: The Cultural Revolution and the Future (Frederic Wakeman)
531CHINA THE ENDURING HERITAGE China: The Enduring Heritage
532CHINA THE FIRST EMPIRES China: The First Empires
533CHINA THE GOLDEN AGE China: The Golden Age
534CHINA THE GREAT CULTURAL MIX China: The Great Cultural Mix
535CHINA THE HEAVENLY KHAN China: The Heavenly Khan
536CHINA THE MAKING OF A CIVILIZATION China: The Making of a Civilization
537CHINA THE MANCHU RULE China: The Manchu Rule
538CHINA THE RESTORATION China: The Restoration
6500CHINA THE RETURN TO REAL ART (JEROME SILBERGELD) China: The Return to Real Art (Jerome Silbergeld)
539CHINA UNDER THE MONGOLS China: Under the Mongols
523CHINA AND THE WORLD China and the World
3350CHINA COMMUNE China Commune
4327CHINA: JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF CHINA China (Journey to the Heart of China)
7779CHINAMPAS Chinampas
525CHINAS VILLAGES IN CHANGE China's Villages in Change
7061Chinatown* Chinatown*
4461CHINESE ART AFTER MAO Chinese Art after Mao
540CHINESE BRUSH STROKES Chinese Brush Strokes
6875CHINESE CAFES IN RURAL SASKATCHEWAN* Chinese Cafes in Rural Saskatchewan*
5273CHINESE GOLD: THE CHINESE OF THE MONTEREY BAY Chinese Gold: The Chinese of the Monterey Bay
S1015Chinese History Chinese History (series)
7642CHINESE IN THE FRONTIER WEST: AN AMERICAN STORY Chinese in the Frontier West: An American Story
544CHINESE MAGIC AND SUPERSTITION Chinese Magic and Supersitition
6526CHOCOLAT* Chocolat*
545CHOOSING FOR HAPPINESS Choosing for Happiness
546CHRISTIAN EMPIRE, THE Christian Empire, The
547CHRISTIANS AT WAR Christians at War
6599CHRISTIANS, JEWS, AND MOSLEMS IN MEDIEVAL SPAIN Christians, Jews, and Moslems in Medieval Spain
S1016Christians, The Christians, The (series)
7045Christmas Gift, A* Christmas Gift, A*
549CHRISTO'S VALLEY CURTAIN* Christo's Valley Curtain*
550CHULAS FRONTERAS Chulas Fronteras
7814CHULAS FRONTERAS/DEL MERO CORAZON* Chulas Fronteras/Del Mero Corazon*
7729CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 1* Chung Kuo Cina, Parte I*
7730CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 2* Chung Kuo Cina, Parte II*
7731CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 3 Chung Kuo Cina, Parte III*
6929CHURCHILL: VOICE OF A PROPHET* Churchill: Voice of a Prophet*
7181CHUSHINGURA* (THE LOYAL 47 RETAINERS) Chushingura* (The Loyal 47 Retainers)
5158CIAO FEDERICO! Ciao Federico!
553CIPHER IN THE SNOW Cipher in the Snow
554CIRCLE OF THE SUN Circle of the Sun
7046Cirque du Soleil: "We Reinvent the Circus"* Cirque du Soleil: "We Reinvent the Circus"*
558CITIES THE RISE OF NEW TOWNS Cities: The Rise of New Towns
556CITIES FOR PEOPLE Cities for People
559CITIZEN HAROLD Citizen Harold
7656CITIZEN KANE (COLLECTOR'S EDITION)* Citizen Kane (Collector's Edition)*
6794CITIZEN KANE* Citizen Kane*
6225CITY City, The
570CITY CARS OR PEOPLE? City: Cars or People?
571CITY HEAVEN AND HELL City: Heaven and Hell
563CITY AND ITS REGION City and Its Region
564CITY AND THE FUTURE City and the Future
565CITY AS MAN'S HOME City as Man's Home
7654CITY IN THE SEA/STAR GARDENS City in the Sea/Star Gardens
566CITY OF CATHAY, A City of Cathay, A
4918CITY OF CORAL City of Coral
567CITY OF GOLD City of Gold
6801CITY OF GOLD* (NFBC) City of Gold* (NFBC)
4940CITY OF THE FUTURE, THE City of the Future, The
5885CITY OUT OF WILDERNESS: WASHINGTON City Out of Wilderness: Washington
569CITY THAT WAITS TO DIE, THE City that Waits to Die, The
S1017Civilisation Civilisation (series)
S1115Civilisation [VHS] Civilisation [VHS] (series)
7776CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 10 & 11 Civilisation, Programs 10 & 11
7777CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 12 & 13 Civilisation, Programs 12 & 13
7773CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 1-3 Civilisation, Programs 1-3
7774CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-6 Civilisation, Programs 4-6
7775CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 7-9 Civilisation, Programs 7-9
573CLAES OLDENBERG Claes Oldenberg
7676CLAIMING THE WILDERNESS* Claiming the Wilderness*
6975CLASH OF HISTORIES* Clash of Histories*
5579CLASS DIVIDED, A Class Divided, A
574CLASS THAT WENT TO WAR, THE Class that Went to War, The
7157CLASSICAL AGE, THE Classical Age, The
576CLASSICAL BALLET Classical Ballet
577CLASSICAL MUSIC OF INDIA Classical Music of India
578CLASSICAL MUSIC OF NORTH INDIA Classical Music of North India
579CLASSIFICATION Classification
6925CLAY Clay*
581CLAY (THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES) Clay (The Origin of the Species)
6926CLAYMATION* Claymation*
6709CLEARCUT* Clearcut*
583CLIMB Climb
585CLORAE AND ALBIE Clorae and Albie
586CLOSED MONDAYS Closed Mondays
5319CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS* (OSTRE SLEDOVANE VLAKY) Closely Watched Trains* (Ostre Sledovane Vlaky)
6696CLOSER INSPECTION OF THE FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION, A (HERBERT ELLISON) Closer Inspection of the Fall of the Soviet Union, A (Herbert Ellison)
6000CLOSER TO THE LIGHT (MELVIN MORSE) Closer to the Light (Melvin Morse)
4972CLOWNS, THE* Clowns, The*
5843COACHING AND DISCIPLINE (LYNN NANCE) Coaching and Discipline (Lynn Nance)
5217COALBROOKDALE: THE ORIGINS OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Coalbrookdale: The Origins of the Industrial Revolution
588COALMINING WOMEN Coalmining Women
589COAST TO COAST IN 48 HOURS Coast to Coast in 48 Hours
5873COAT OF MANY COLORS, A Coat of Many Colors, A
590COBALT BLUES, THE Cobalt Blues, The
591COELENTERATES Coelenterates
7165COFFEE BREAK Coffee Break
592COGNITION Cognition
4560COGNITION, CREATIVITY AND BEHAVIOR: THE COLUMBAN SIMULATIONS Cognition, Creativity and Behavior: The Columban Simulations
7394COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Cognitive Development
7028COLD COMFORT FARM* Cold Comfort Farm*
7492COLD COMFORT FARM, PART 1: FOLK* Cold Comfort Farm, Part 1: Folk*
7493COLD COMFORT FARM, PART 2: THE WOODSHED* Cold Comfort Farm, Part 2: The Woodshed*
7494COLD COMFORT FARM, PART 3: DOOM* Cold Comfort Farm, Part 3: Doom*
593COLD FRONT, THE Cold Front, The
595COLLAGRAPH, THE Collagraph, The
7151COLLAPSE Collapse
5850COLLECTIVE FARM Collective Farm
596COLLISION WITH JAPAN Collision with Japan
597COLONEL COMES TO JAPAN, THE Colonel Comes to Japan, The
5291COLONEL REDL* (OBERST REDL) Colonel Redl* (Oberst Redl)
5561COLONIAL DAYS Colonial Days
598COLONIALISM HAS FALLEN (A WILE MUKOLONHI) Colonialism Has Fallen (A Wile Mukolonhi)
599COLOR Color
6341COLOR ADJUSTMENT Color Adjustment
601COLOR LITHOGRAPHY, AN ART MEDIUM Color Lithography, an Art Medium
5645COLORFUL NOTIONS Colorful Notions
605COMBAT IN THE CLASSROOM Combat in the Classroom
6898COMBATING VERBAL NOISE (HEATHER MCHUGH) Combating Verbal Noise (Heather McHugh)
4758COME TO THE FAIRS Come to the Fairs
606COME WORK WITH US Come Work with Us
7168COMEDY, SPECTACLE AND NEW HORIZONS* Comedy, Spectacle and New Horizons*
607COMETS: TIME CAPSULES OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM Comets: Time Capsules of the Solar System
5926COMFORTABLE LIES, BITTER TRUTHS Comfortable Lies, Bitter Truths
5928COMING APART Coming Apart
6899COMING OF AGE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (STUDS TERKEL) Coming of Age in the Twentieth Century (Studs Terkel)
608COMING OF THE INSECTS, THE Coming of the Insects, The
7669COMMISSAR, THE* (KOMISSAR) Commissar, The* (Komissar)
611COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES Committee on Un-American Activities
5471COMMUNAUTE URBAINE DE MONTREAL Communaute Urbaine de Montreal
5566COMMUNICATION THE NON-VERBAL AGENDA (SECOND EDITION) Communication: The Non-Verbal Agenda (Second Edition)
615COMMUNICATION PRIMER Communication Primer
617COMMUNISM Communism
618COMMUNITY RESOURCES FOR THE ELDERLY Community Resources for the Elderly
7130COMPANIONS: TALES FROM THE CLOSET (VANINNOR--BERATTELSER FRAN GARBEROBEN) Companions: Tales from the Closet (Vaninnor--Berattelser fran Garberoben)
6411COMPANY OF STRANGERS, A* Company of Strangers, A*
619COMPARATIVE PLASMODIAL TYPES AND SPORULATION IN THE MYXOMYCETES Comparative Plasmodial Types and Sporulation in the Myxomycetes
5735COMPARING CULTURES: JAPAN AND AMERICA (JAMES FALLOWS) Comparing Cultures: Japan and America (James Fallows)
5886COMPARING TWO MEANS Comparing Two Means
621COMPLEX WAVES I: PROPAGATION, EVANESCENCE AND INSTABILITY Complex Waves I: Propagation, Evanescence and Instability
5110COMPROMISE IN CONGRESS Compromise in Congress
7765COMPULSIVE COMMUNICATORS, THE [VHS]* Compulsive Communicators, The [VHS]*
622COMPULSIVE COMMUNICATORS, THE Compulsive Communicators, The
623COMPUTER COMES TO MARKETING Computer Comes to Marketing
624COMPUTER GLOSSARY, A Computer Glossary, A
6255COMPUTER SCIENCE: COUNTING BY TWOS Computer Science: Counting by Twos
6256COMPUTER SCIENCE: CREATING A CODE Computer Science: Creating a Code
6257COMPUTER SCIENCE: MOVING PICTURE SHOW Computer Science: Moving Picture Show
6253COMPUTER SCIENCE: OVERVIEW Computer Science: Overview
6254COMPUTER SCIENCE: RULES OF THE GAME Computer Science: Rules of the Game
627COMPUTERS: TOOLS FOR PEOPLE Computers: Tools for People
5535CONCEPT OF LANGUAGE, THE (NOAM CHOMSKY) Concept of Language, The (Noam Chomsky)
629CONCEPTS OF DISLOCATIONS Concepts of Dislocations
630CONCERT, THE Concert, The
631CONDITIONING THE YOUNG ATHLETE Conditioning the Young Athlete
6851CONFESSIONAL, LE* Confessional, Le*
632CONFESSIONS OF A TRAIN SPOTTER Confessions of a Train Spotter
5887CONFIDENCE INTERVALS Confidence Intervals
6528CONFLICT OF THE GODS Conflict of the Gods
634CONFLICT ON THE LINE Conflict on the Line
6128CONFLICTS, CONFLICTS!* Conflicts, Conflicts!*
6962CONFORMIST, THE* Conformist, The*
636CONFORMITY AND INDEPENDENCE Conformity and Independence
4923CONFRONTATION: CREATION/EVOLUTION, PART 1: DR. DUANE GISH Confrontation: Creation/Evolution, Part 1: Dr. Duane Gish
637CONFRONTING CONFLICT Confronting Conflict
S1018Congenital Malformations of the Heart Congenital Malformations of the Heart (series)
5111CONGRESS AND THE BUREAUCRACY Congress and the Bureaucracy
5112CONGRESS AND THE COURT Congress and the Court
5113CONGRESS AND THE MEDIA Congress and the Media
5114CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT Congress and the President
5115CONGRESS IN COMMITTEE Congress in Committee
5116CONGRESS OF COMMUNITIES, A Congress of Communities, A
S1019Congress: We the People Congress: We the People (series)
5117CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS Congressional Elections
5118CONGRESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENT, THE Congressional Establishment, The
5122CONGRESSIONAL HOME STYLE Congressional Home Style
6490CONQUERING A STEREOTYPE (MEL WHITE) Conquering a Stereotype (Mel White)
638CONQUERING THE SEA Conquering the Sea
640CONQUEST OF SOULS, THE Conquest of Souls, The
7757CONQUEST OF THE WATERS, THE [VHS]* Conquest of the Waters, The [VHS]*
641CONQUEST OF THE WATERS, THE Conquest of the Waters, The
6587CONSCIOUSNESS Consciousness
643CONSEQUENCES: SPINAL CORD INJURY Consequences: Spinal Cord Injury
644CONSERVATION Conservation
6344CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: MENOPAUSE (GAIL SHEEHY) Conspiracy of Silence: Menopause (Gail Sheehy)
S1020Constructing Reality: Exploring Media Issues in Documentary Constructing Reality: Exploring Media Issues in Documentary (series)
5753CONSUMING IMAGES Consuming Images
7626CONTACT Contact*
6324CONTACT: THE YANOMAMI INDIANS OF BRAZIL Contact: The Yanomami Indians of Brazil
7112CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY: THROUGH THE LENS DARKLY (ELLEN GARVENS) Contemporary Photography: Through the Lens Darkly (Ellen Garvens)
6556CONTINENT ON THE MOVE (MEXICO) Continent on the Move (Mexico)
647CONTINENTAL DRIFT Continental Drift
648CONTINENTS ADRIFT Continents Adrift
6223CONTINUING THE LINE Continuing the Line
6039CONTINUING THE MOMENTUM (DALE CHIHULY) Continuing the Momentum (Dale Chihuly)
6040CONTINUITY OF TRADITION, THE (SONI VENTORUM) Continuity of Tradition, The (Soni Ventorum)
649CONTINUOUS FLOW ANALYSIS Continuous Flow Analysis
6429CONTRIBUTIONS FROM VIETNAM VETS (AL SANTOLI) Contributions from Vietnam Vets (Al Santoli)
650CONTROL OF WORKING CAPITAL, THE Control of Working Capital, The
652CONTROLLING INTEREST: THE WORLD OF THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION Controlling Interest: The World of the Multinational Corporation
5646CONTROLLING THE BEHAVIORAL SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMOTHERAPHY Controlling the Behavioral Side Effects of Chemotheraphy
6976CONVERSATION Conversation, The*
654CONVERSATION AT THE WHITE HOUSE, A Conversation at the White House, A
4476CONVERSATION WITH AN ARCHITECT, A Conversation with an Architect, A
655CONVERSATION WITH B. F. SKINNER Conversation with B. F. Skinner
5867CONVERSATIONS WITH THE ARCHITECT PIETRO BELLUSCHI Conversations with the Architect Pietro Belluschi
7641COOLIES, SAILORS, SETTLERS Coolies, Sailors, Settlers
656COOPER'S CRAFT Cooper's Craft
658COPING WITH CHANGE Coping with Change
659CORN AND THE ORIGINS OF SETTLED LIFE IN MESO-AMERICA Corn and the Origins of Settled Life in Meso-America
5320CORN IS LIFE Corn Is Life
660CORNER IN WHEAT, A* Corner in Wheat, A*
661CORNISH ORDINALIA, THE Cornish Ordinalia, The
5647CORPORATE TAKEOVERS: CONFLICT AND CONSENSUS Corporate Takeovers: Conflict and Consensus
662CORPORATION, THE Corporation, The
5626CORRAL Corral
4533CORRECTING Correcting
5888CORRELATION Correlation
5472CORRELIEU Correlieu
6430CORRESPONDENT CAUGHT IN A PACK OF LIONS, A (TERRY ANDERSON) Correspondent Caught in a Pack of Lions, A (Terry Anderson)
4550CORRIDORS OF TIME Corridors of Time
5024COSMIC ZOOM Cosmic Zoom
664COULOMB'S LAW Coulomb's Law
665COUNSELING SKILLS EVALUATION, PART 1: MEASURING COUNSELOR COMMUNICATION Counseling Skills Evaluation, Part 1: Measuring Counselor Communication
666COUNSELING SKILLS EVALUATION, PART 2: RATING COUNSELOR RESPONSE Counseling Skills Evaluation, Part 2: Rating Counselor Response
6403COUNTRY WITH NO BICYCLES, A (LE LY HAYSLIP) Country with No Bicycles, A (Le Ly Hayslip)
5889COUPLES ARGUING Couples Arguing
6222COURTING Courting
5648COURTS AND COUNCILS: DISPUTE SETTLEMENT IN INDIA Courts and Councils: Dispute Settlement in India
669COURTSHIP BEHAVIOR OF THE QUEEN BUTTERFLY Courtship Behavior of the Queen Butterfly
5731COWBOY POETS Cowboy Poets
670COWS OF DOLO KEN PAYE: RESOLVING CONFLICT AMONG THE KPELLE Cows of Dolo Ken Paye: Resolving Conflict among the Kpelle
671CRAB NEBULA, THE Crab Nebula, The
672CRACKING THE STONE AGE CODE Cracking the Stone Age Code
5268CRAFT OF HISTORY, THE (CONVERSATIONS WITH THREE HISTORIANS) Craft of History, The (Conversations with Three Historians)
674CREATED EQUAL Created Equal
4539CREATING Creating
675CREATIVE ATTITUDE Creative Attitude
678CREATIVE DRAMA: THE FIRST STEPS Creative Drama: The First Steps
679CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: HOW TO GET BETTER IDEAS Creative Problem Solving: How to Get Better Ideas
680CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI Cree Hunters of Mistassini
6802CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI* (NFBC) Cree Hunters of Mistassini* (NFBC)
6445CRIME ANOTHER POLITICAL ISSUE (STUART SCHEINGOLD) Crime: Another Political Issue (Stuart Scheingold)
682CRIME OF KOREA, THE Crime of Korea, The
4599CRIME OF SILENCE, THE--SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN (LUCY BERLINER) Crime of Silence, The--Sexually Abused Children (Lucy Berliner)
5218CRIME, PUNISHMENT . . . AND KIDS Crime, Punishment . . . and Kids
683CRISIS BARGAINING Crisis Bargaining
688CRITICAL TIME, THE Critical Time, The
689CROOKED BEAK OF HEAVEN, THE Crooked Beak of Heaven, The
690CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH TO COGNITION, A Cross-Cultural Approach to Cognition, A
691CROSS-CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN NEWBORN BEHAVIOR Cross-Cultural Differences in Newborn Behavior
6358CROSSING AMERICAN CULTURES (PETER NABOKOV) Crossing American Cultures (Peter Nabokov)
5453CROWDED WILDERNESS, A Crowded Wilderness, A
7436CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE: THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR* Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War*
692CRUEL DIAGONALS Cruel Diagonals
693CRUSADERS AND MAMLUKS Crusaders and Mamluks
694CRY HELP Cry Help
696CRYSTALS AN INTRODUCTION Crystals: An Introduction
695CRYSTALS AND THEIR STRUCTURES Crystals and Their Structures
5649CUBA IN THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT Cuba: In the Shadow of a Doubt
697CUBA AND FIDEL Cuba and Fidel
698CUBE, THE Cube, The
699CUCARACHA, LA Cucaracha, La
7512CULLODEN/THE WAR GAME Culloden/The War Game
6629CULTURAL DILEMMA, THE* Cultural Dilemma, The*
6481CULTURE OF COMMERCE, THE Culture of Commerce, The
703CUTS Cuts
704CYANOTIC CONGENITAL HEART DISEASES Cyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases
5138CYCLE OF GROWTH Cycle of Growth
6493CYNIC LOOKS AT CHILDHOOD, A (FRAN LEBOWITZ) Cynic Looks at Childhood, A (Fran Lebowitz)
709CZECHOSLOVAKIA Czechoslovakia
710D FOR DESIGN D for Design
713D.N.A. BLUEPRINT OF LIFE D.N.A.: Blueprint of Life
712D.N.A. STORY, THE D.N.A. Story, The
6370DADA Dada
715DADI'S FAMILY Dadi's Family
716DAGUERRE: THE BIRTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY Daguerre: The Birth of Photography
717DAISY, THE Daisy, The
718DAM AT NAGARJUNASAGER, THE Dam at Nagarjunasager, The
6697DANCE EXPRESSING THE INNER SELF (BILL T. JONES) Dance: Expressing the Inner Self (Bill T. Jones)
6289DANCE FOUR PIONEERS Dance: Four Pioneers
719DANCE AND HUMAN HISTORY Dance and Human History
5622DANCE OF THE WARRIORS Dance of the Warriors
5454DANCE SQUARED Dance Squared
723DANCING BIVALVES Dancing Bivalves
7197DANCING FIRE: BRONZE CASTING IN SOUTH INDIA Dancing Fire: Bronze Casting in South India
5202DANGEROUS DECADES (1818-1846) Dangerous Decades (1818-1846)
7338DANNY GROSSMAN DANCE COMPANY* Danny Grossman Dance Company*
724DANTE'S INFERNO (THE LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI) Dante's Inferno (The Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
4973DANTON* Danton*
725DARE TO DISCIPLINE Dare to Discipline
7016DARK CASTLE, THE* Dark Castle, The*
5650DARK SECRETS, BRIGHT VICTORY: ONE WOMAN'S RECOVERY FROM BULIMIA Dark Secrets, Bright Victory: One Woman's Recovery from Bulimia
6332DARWIN AND DIVERSITY Darwin and Diversity
726DARWIN AND THE THEORY OF NATURAL SELECTION Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection
7693DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA Darwin's Dangerous Idea
727DATE ETIQUETTE Date Etiquette
6597DATE RAPE* Date Rape*
728DAUGHTER OF CHANGING JAPAN Daughter of Changing Japan
6529DAUGHTERS OF IXCHEL: MAYA THREAD OF CHANGE Daughters of Ixchel: Maya Thread of Change
729DAWN OF THE SOLAR AGE, PART 1: SOLAR ENERGY Dawn of the Solar Age, Part 1: Solar Energy
730DAWN OF THE SOLAR AGE, PART 2: WIND AND WATER ENERGY Dawn of the Solar Age, Part 2: Wind and Water Energy
731DAY AFTER TRINITY: J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER AND THE ATOMIC BOMB Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb
732DAY GRANDPA DIED, THE Day Grandpa Died, The
5119DAY IN THE HOUSE, A Day in the House, A
7822DAY IN THE LIFE OF CANADA, A* Day In the Life of Canada, A*
6470DAY IN THE WARSAW CHETTO, A (A BIRTHDAY TRIP IN HELL) Day in the Warsaw Ghetto, A (A Birthday Trip in Hell)
733DAY OF THE DEAD Day of the Dead
6575DAY OF WRATH* (VREDEN'S DAG) Day of Wrath* (Vreden's Dag)
6290DAY ON THE GRAND CANAL WITH THE EMPEROR OF CHINA OR SURFACE IS ILLUSION BUT SO IS DEPTH, A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China or Surface Is Illusion But So Is Depth, A
734DAYBREAK EXPRESS Daybreak Express
6569DAYS OF CONTEMPT* Days of Contempt*
735DAYS OF DYLAN THOMAS, THE Days of Dylan Thomas, The
6630DAYS OF MAJESTY* Days of Majesty*
736DAYS THE WORLD WENT MAD, THE Days the World Went Mad, The
737DEAD BIRDS Dead Birds
7199DEAD MAN WALKING* Dead Man Walking*
6371DEAD MEN TALK Dead Men Talk
6710DEAD RINGERS* Dead Ringers*
6987DEADLY DECEPTION: GENERAL ELECTRIC, NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR ENVIRONMENT Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment
4436DEAL ME IN (WOMEN IN MALE-DOMINATED JOBS) Deal Me in (Women in Male-Dominated Jobs)
6327DEALING WITH CONFLICT Dealing with Conflict
7395DEALING WITH DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS Dealing with Difficult Customers
5390DEALING WITH FACT AND FICTION (JIM LEHRER) Dealing with Fact and Fiction (Jim Lehrer)
738DEATH Death
6610DEATH BY MOONLIGHT: BOMBER COMMAND* Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command*
6130DEATH OF A DISEASE* Death of a Disease, The*
740DEATH OF A LEGEND, THE Death of a Legend, The
7426DEATH ON REQUEST Death on Request
741DECCAN Deccan
743DECISION ALCOHOL Decision: Alcohol
742DECISION FOR TOMORROW Decision for Tomorrow
744DECISIONS Decisions
6711DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, THE* (LE DECLIN DE L'EMPIRE AMERICAIN) Decline of the American Empire, The* (Declin de l'Empire Americain, Le)
6232DECODING THE BOOK OF LIFE Decoding the Book of Life
7609DEDICATED TO CHAOS (1940-1945) Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945)
745DEEP HEARTS Deep Hearts
746DEEP SEA DRILLING PROJECT Deep Sea Drilling Project
6398DEEP SUSPICIONS: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT (LANCE BENNETT) Deep Suspicions: The American People And Government (Lance Bennett)
6977DEERHUNTER, THE* Deer Hunter, The*
7078Defend and Repair Defend and Repair
747DEFENSE AGAINST INVASION Defense Against Invasion
5543DEFINING REALITY (LEE BEACH) Defining Reality (Lee Beach)
750DEFORMATION OF CONTINUOUS MEDIA Deformation of Continuous Media
752DELACROIX Delacroix
753DELEGATING Delegating
754DELHI WAY, THE Delhi Way, The
7795DELIVERING THE GOODS/DEADLY MESSENGERS* Delivering the Goods/Deadly Messengers*
6570DEMISE OF THE PROPHETS, THE* Demise of the Prophets, The*
7428DEMOCRACY AND THE MEDIA Democracy and the Media
4757DEMOCRAT AND THE DICTATOR, THE Democrat and the Dictator, The
6612DENIAL, HEALING AND HOPE: THE NISHNAWBE-ASKI NATION YOUTH FORUM ON SUICIDE* Denial, Healing and Hope: The Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Youth Forum on Suicide*
756DEPOSIT FEEDING Deposit Feeding
5614DEPRESSION (PBS) Depression (PBS)
758DEPRESSION: A STUDY IN ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR Depression: A Study in Abnormal Behavior
5504DESCENT (LA DESCENTE) Descent (La Descente)
5890DESCRIBING DISTRIBUTIONS: NUMERICAL DESCRIPTION OF DISTRIBUTIONS Describing Distributions: Numerical Description of Distributions
5891DESCRIBING RELATIONSHIPS Describing Relationships
760DESERT PEOPLE Desert People
761DESERT PLACE, A Desert Place, A
762DESERT VICTORY Desert Victory
765DESIGN WITH THE SUN: PASSIVE SOLAR ARCHITECTURE Design with the Sun: Passive Solar Architecture
7116DESIGNER BABIES AND OTHER ETHICAL DILEMMAS OF GENETIC ENGINEERING (ALBERT JONSEN) Designer Babies and Other Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Engineering (Albert Jonsen)
6631DESPERATE DAYS, THE* Desperate Days, The*
7317DESTINATION ONTARIO* Destination Ontario*
7318DESTINATION TORONTO* Destination Toronto*
7841DESTINATION: TOURISM* Destination: Tourism*
768DETACHED AMERICANS, THE Detached Americans, The
769DETOUR, THE Detour, The
770DETROIT MODEL, THE Detroit Model, The
5292DEUTSCHE WOCHENSCHAU, DIE Deutsche Wochenschau, Die
771DEVELOPMENT Development
5610DEVELOPMENT (PBS) Development (PBS)
772DEVELOPMENT AND METAMORPHOSIS OF THE LEOPARD FROG: RANA PIPIENS Development and Metamorphosis of the Leopard Frog: Rana pipiens
774DEVELOPMENT OF DICTYOSTELIUM (CELLULAR SLIME MOLDS) Development of Dictyostelium (Cellular Slime Molds)
775DEVELOPMENT OF DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER Development of Drosophila Melanogaster
776DEVELOPMENT OF NOCTILUCA MILIARIS Development of Noctiluca Miliaris
777DEVELOPMENT OF THE ADULT Development of the Adult
778DEVELOPMENT OF THE NORMAL HEART Development of the Normal Heart
779DEVELOPMENT OF THE SMILE AND FEAR OF STRANGERS IN THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE Development of the Smile and Fear of Strangers in the First Year of Life
780DEVELOPMENTAL EVALUATION IN INFANCY Developmental Evaluation in Infancy
5842DEVICES AND DESIRES OF AN AUTHOR (P. D. JAMES) Devices and Desires of an Author (P. D. James)
7224DEVIL IS A WOMAN, THE* Devil Is a Woman, The*
784DIARY OF A STUDENT REVOLUTION Diary of a Student Revolution
785DIDYMIUM NIGRIPES (MYXOMYCETES)--AMOEBA PHASE Didymium Nigripes (Myxomycetes)--Amoeba Phase
786DIDYMIUM NIGRIPES (MYXOMYCETES)--PLASMODIUM PHASE Didymium Nigripes (Myxomycetes)--Plasmodium Phase
787DIETS FOR ALL REASONS Diets for All Reasons
788DIFFERENT APPROACH, A Different Approach, A
5424DIFFERENT WORLD, A (1919-1943) Different World, A (1919-1939)
789DIFFERENTIATION AND GROWTH OF MICRASTERIAS DENTICULATA (CONJUGATAE) Differentiation and Growth of Micrasterias Denticulata (Conjugatae)
790DIFFUSION AND OSMOSIS (2ND EDITION) Diffusion and Osmosis (2nd Edition)
6551DIGGING FOR SLAVES Digging for Slaves
792DIGNIFIED EXIT, A Dignified Exit, A
793DIHEDRAL KALEIDESCOPES Dihedral Kaleidescopes
5371DINOSAURS AND THE CALL OF PALEONTOLOGY (ROBERT BAKKER) Dinosaurs and the Call of Paleontology (Robert Bakker)
794DINOSAURS AND THEIR DESCENDENTS, THE Dinosaurs and Their Descendents, The
6564DINOSAURS OF THE GOBI Dinosaurs of the Gobi
S1021Disappearing World Disappearing World (series)
S1127Disappearing World [DVD] Disappearing World [DVD] (series)
795DISCOVERING AMERICAN INDIAN MUSIC Discovering American Indian Music
6682DISCOVERING CANADA* Discovering Canada*
796DISCOVERING COLOR (REVISED) Discovering Color (Revised)
797DISCOVERING COMPOSITION IN ART (REVISED) Discovering Composition in Art (Revised)
798DISCOVERING CREATIVE PATTERN (REVISED) Discovering Creative Pattern (Revised)
799DISCOVERING DARK AND LIGHT Discovering Dark and Light
801DISCOVERING FORM IN ART (REVISED) Discovering Form in Art (Revised)
802DISCOVERING IDEAS FOR ART (REVISED) Discovering Ideas for Art (Revised)
803DISCOVERING JAZZ Discovering Jazz
804DISCOVERING LINE (REVISED) Discovering Line (Revised)
805DISCOVERING PERSPECTIVE (REVISED) Discovering Perspective (Revised)
806DISCOVERING RUSSIAN FOLK MUSIC Discovering Russian Folk Music
807DISCOVERING TEXTURE (REVISED) Discovering Texture (Revised)
6171DISCOVERING THE FUTURE: THE BUSINESS OF PARADIGMS (SECOND EDITION)* Discovering the Future: The Business of Paradigms (Second Edition)*
808DISCOVERING THE MUSIC OF THE MIDDLE AGES Discovering the Music of the Middle Ages
809DISCOVERING THE MUSIC OF THE MIDDLE EAST Discovering the Music of the Middle East
810DISCOVERY AND EXPERIENCE: MOVEMENT IN TIME AND SPACE Discovery and Experience: Movement in Time and Space
7794DISEASE WARRIORS/RISE OF THE SUPERBUGS* Disease Warriors/Rise of the Superbugs*
6045DISPELLING THE MYTHS ABOUT THE YANOMAMO (KENNETH GOOD) Dispelling the Myths about the Yanomamo (Kenneth Good)
6603DISPUTATION, THE: A THEOLOGICAL DEBATE BETWEEN CHRISTIANS AND JEWS Disputation, The: A Theological Debate between Christians and Jews
6654DISTANT VOICES: A RETURN TO THE QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS* Distant Voices: A Return to the Queen Charlotte Islands*
811DISTINCTION OF PAST AND FUTURE, THE Distinction of Past and Future, The
814DIVE TO THE EDGE OF CREATION Dive to the Edge of Creation
6446DIVERSITY WITHIN EDUCATION (SHAWN WONG) Diversity within Education (Shawn Wong)
815DIVIDED BRAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS Divided Brain and Consciousness
816DIVINE HORSEMEN: THE LIVING GODS OF HAITI* Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti*
5106DIVINE MADNESS: TRANCE, DANCE AND HEALING IN GUYANA Divine Madness: Trance, Dance and Healing in Guyana
817DIVORCE: FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE Divorce: For Better or for Worse
7158DO THE RIGHT THING* Do the Right Thing*
5941DO WE REALLY WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY? Do We Really Want to Live This Way?
818DOCTOR AND THE DYING PATIENT, THE Doctor and the Dying Patient, The
5465DOCTOR WOMAN: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ELIZABETH BAGSHAW Doctor Woman: The Life and Times of Elizabeth Bagshaw
820DOCTORS OF NIGERIA Doctors of Nigeria
822DOING BUSINESS IN JAPAN: NEGOTIATING A CONTRACT Doing Business in Japan: Negotiating a Contract
6005DOING TIME: TEN YEARS LATER* Doing Time: Ten Years Later*
4974DOLCE VITA, LA* Dolce Vita, La*
823DOLPHINS AND MEN Dolphins and Men
7648DOLPHINS: THE WILD SIDE Dolphins: The Wild Side
826DON'T CONDEMN ME 'TIL YOU KNOW ME Don't Condemn Me 'Til You Know Me
828DON'T GIVE UP ON ME Don't Give Up on Me
829DON'T SHOVE* Don't Shove*
5289DOOMED CITY--BERLIN Doomed City--Berlin
831DOSTOEVSKY (1821--1881) Dostoevsky (1821--1881)
832DOT AND THE LINE, THE* Dot and the Line, The*
833DOUBLE DAY, THE Double Day, The
834DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, THE Double Edged Sword, The
6803DOUBLE HAPPINESS* Double Happiness*
6978DOUBLE INDEMNITY* Double Indemnity*
835DOUBLE JEOPARDY Double Jeopardy
7707DOUBLE SUICIDE* (SHINJU TEN NO AMIJIMA) Double Suicide* (Shinju ten no Amijima)
5651DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA* Down and Out in America*
4919DOWN ON THE FARM Down on the Farm
5497DOWNHILL Downhill
4904DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT AND THE FUTURE (JUDY RUNSTAD) Downtown Development and the Future (Judy Runstad)
836DOWNTOWNS FOR PEOPLE Downtowns for People
7159DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE* Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde*
840DR. LEAKEY AND THE DAWN OF MAN Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man
7737DR. STRANGELOVE OR, HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB* Dr. Strangelove or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb*
5456DRAG, THE Drag, The
6968DRAMA BY DESIGN (SARAH NASH GATES) Drama by Design (Sarah Nash Gates)
6995DRAWN INTO A COMMENTARY (DAVID HORSEY) Drawn into a Commentary (David Horsey)
845DREAM ABOUT A HOUSE, A Dream about a House, A
4437DREAM COME TRUE, A Dream Come True, A
7275DREAM IS ALIVE, THE* Dream Is Alive, The*
846DREAM OF A RAREBIT FIEND, THE Dream of a Rarebit Fiend, The
847DREAM OF WILD HORSES, A Dream of Wild Horses, A
848DREAM ON MONKEY MOUNTAIN Dream on Monkey Mountain
5624DREAM WANDERERS OF BORNEO Dream Wanderers of Borneo
7797DREAMERS OF ARNHEM LAND Dreamers of Arnhem Land
6474DREAMING A NATION (THE KURDS) Dreaming a Nation (The Kurds)
849DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Dreams and Nightmares
5779DREAMS OF FREEDOM Dreams of Freedom
850DRIFTERS Drifters
851DRIFTING OF CONTINENTS, THE Drifting of Continents, The
4975DRIFTING WEEDS* (UKIGUSA) Drifting Weeds* (Ukigusa)
852DRINK! DRANK! DRUNK! Drink! Drank! Drunk!
855DRIVE FOR POWER, THE Drive for Power, The
856DROTTNINGHOLM COURT THEATRE Drottningholm Court Theatre
863DRUMMER HOFF, THE Drummer Hoff, The
864DRY WEATHER CHRONICLE: THE TXICAO PEOPLE OF BRAZIL'S MATO GRASSO Dry Weather Chronicle: The Txicao People of Brazil's Mato Grasso
865DRYDEN FILE, THE* Dryden File, The*
7664DUCK SOUP* Duck Soup*
867DUMINEA, A FESTIVAL FOR WATER SPIRITS Duminea, a Festival for Water Spirits
868DURER AND THE RENAISSANCE Durer and the Renaissance
869DURO LADIPO Duro Ladipo
7670DYBBUK, THE* Dybbuk, The*
6172DYING TO BE THIN Dying to Be Thin
4459DYSPHAGIA: EVALUATION AND TREATMENT TECHNIQUES FOR ADULT DYSPHAGIC PATIENTS Dysphagia: Evaluation and Treatment Techniques for Adult Dysphagic Patients
7057E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial* E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial*
5673EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA Early English Drama
6812EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 01: BEGINNINGS* Early Russian Cinema, Part 1: Beginnings*
6813EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 02: FOLKLORE AND LEGEND* Early Russian Cinema, Part 2: Folklore and Legend*
6814EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 03: STAREWICZ'S FANTASIES* Early Russian Cinema, Part 3: Starewicz's Fantasies*
6815EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 04: PROVINCIAL VARIATIONS* Early Russian Cinema, Part 4: Provincial Variations*
6816EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 05: CHARDYNIN'S PUSHKIN* Early Russian Cinema, Part 5: Chardynin's Pushkin*
6817EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 06: CLASS DISTINCTIONS* Early Russian Cinema, Part 6: Class Distinctions*
6818EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 07: EVGENII BAUER* Early Russian Cinema, Part 7: Evgenii Bauer*
6819EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 08: IAKOV PROTAZANOV* Early Russian Cinema, Part 8: Iakov Protazanov*
6820EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 09: HIGH SOCIETY* Early Russian Cinema, Part 9: High Society*
6821EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 10: THE END OF AN ERA* Early Russian Cinema, Part 10: The End of an Era*
874EARLY SEAS, THE Early Seas, The
875EARLY STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT OF CELLULAR SLIME MOLDS Early Stages of Development of Cellular Slime Molds
876EARLY STONE TOOLS Early Stone Tools
7102EARLY WARNING SIGNS (JOHN GOTTMAN) Early Warning Signs (John Gottman)
877EARTH IN MOTION Earth in Motion
5892EARTHQUAKE CONNECTION, THE Earthquake Connection, The
4791EARTHQUAKES AND ERUPTIONS (STEPHEN MALONE) Earthquakes and Eruptions (Stephen Malone)
S1022Earth-Science Earth-Science (series)
880EAST AFRICA: ENDS AND BEGINNINGS East Africa: Ends and Beginnings
6834EAST IS RED, THE* East Is Red, The*
S1099East of Canada: The Story of Newfoundland East of Canada: The Story of Newfoundland (series)
5623EAST OF KRAKATOA East of Krakatoa
7738EASY RIDER* Easy Rider*
881EASY STREET Easy Street
882EAT, DRINK AND BE WARY Eat, Drink and Be Wary
4531EATING Eating
883ECHINODERM DEVELOPMENT: GASTRULATION Echinoderm Development: Gastrulation
884ECHINOSTELIUM MINUTUM (MYXOMYCETES) AMOEBAL PHASE Echinostelium Minutum (Myxomycetes) Amoebal Phase
885ECHINOSTELIUM MINUTUM (MYXOMYCETES) PLASMODIAL PHASE (PROTOPLASMODIUM) Echinostelium Minutum (Myxomycetes) Plasmodial Phase (Protoplasmodium)
7340ECHOES IN THE RINK: THE WILLIE O'REE STORY* Echoes in the Rink: The Willie O'Ree Story*
6457ECHOES OF MY SELF STILL TRAVELING (COLLEEN MCELROY) Echoes of My Self Still Traveling (Colleen McElroy)
887ECOLOGY OF A TIDAL SLOUGH Ecology of a Tidal Slough
888ECOLOGY PROBE: PLANET EARTH Ecology Probe: Planet Earth
889EDGE OF SURVIVAL, THE Edge of Survival, The
5438EDGE OF THE BARRENS, THE Edge of the Barrens, The
5512EDMONTON: CITY AT THE CENTRE Edmonton: City at the Centre
5219EDUARDO THE HEALER Eduardo the Healer
893EDUCATION IN AMERICA: 17th AND 18th CENTURIES Education in America: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
892EDUCATION IN AMERICA: 19th CENTURY Education in America: Nineteenth Century
894EDUCATION IN AMERICA: 20th CENTURY DEVELOPMENTS Education in America: Twentieth Century Developments
6589EDVARD MUNCH* Edvard Munch*
895EDWARD STEICHEN Edward Steichen
896EERO SAARINEN, ARCHITECT Eero Saarinen, Architect
6270EFE/GELEDE CEREMONIES AMONG THE WESTERN YORUBA Efe/Gelede Ceremonies among the Western Yoruba
898EFFECTIVE LISTENING Effective Listening
4602EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT IN AMERICAN INDUSTRY (EDWARD CARLSON) Effective Management in American Industry (Edward Carlson)
899EFFECTIVE USES OF POWER AND AUTHORITY, THE Effective Uses of Power and Authority, The
902EGYPT: THE QUEST FOR ETERNITY Egypt: The Quest for Eternity
903EGYPT: THE STRUGGLE FOR STABILITY Egypt: The Struggle for Stability
4976Eight and One Half 8-1/2*
8Eight or Nine in the Morning 8 or 9 in the Morning
904EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 1: HOME LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 1: Home Life
906EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 2: CABINETMAKING Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 2: Cabinetmaking
905EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 3: COMMUNITY LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 3: Community Life
3Eighteen-Twelve Overture 1812 Overture
7708EIJANAIKA* (WHAT THE HELL?!) Eijanaika* (What the hell?!)
6061EL ESPECTADOR: THE PRESS AND THE DRUG LORDS El Espectador: The Press and the Drug Lords
907EL SALVADOR: ANOTHER VIETNAM El Salvador: Another Vietnam
909ELECTROCHEMICAL CELLS Electrochemical Cells
6604ELECTRONIC MAIL USING PINE, PART 1* Electronic Mail Using Pine, Part 1*
6605ELECTRONIC MAIL USING PINE, PART 2* Electronic Mail Using Pine, Part 2*
6809ELECTRONIC MAIL USING PINE, PART 3* Electronic Mail Using Pine, Part 3*
6351ELEPHANTS UNDER FIRE (DELIA OWENS) Elephants Under Fire (Delia Owens)
1Eleven Fifty-Nine, Last Minute to Choose 11:59, Last Minute to Choose
916EMBRYOLOGY OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Embryology of Human Behavior
919EMERGENCY CHILDBIRTH Emergency Childbirth
920EMERGING WOMAN, THE Emerging Woman, The
921EMILE COHL: FOUR FILMS Emile Cohl: Four Films
922EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: AGGRESSION Emotional Development: Aggression
7574EMPIRE OF SIGNS, THE Empire of Signs, The
7059Empire Strikes Back, The* Empire Strikes Back, The*
924ENABLERS, THE Enablers, The
925ENCOUNTER WITH SAUL ALINSKY, PART 2: RAMA INDIAN RESERVE Encounter with Saul Alinsky, Part 2: Rama Indian Reserve
926END OF A REVOLUTION End of a Revolution
7536END OF SAINT PETERSBURG, THE (KONYETS SANKT-PETERBURGA) (RESTORED EDITION)* End of Saint Petersburg, The (Konyets Sankt-Peterburga) (Restored Edition)*
6491END OF THE ROAD, THE (MILO GIBALDI) End of the Road, The (Milo Gibaldi)
5602END OF THE TUNNEL, THE (1973-1975) End of the Tunnel, The (1973-1975)
6291ENDANGERED EARTH: THE POLITICS OF ACID RAIN Endangered Earth: The Politics of Acid Rain
5220ENDURING DREAMS* Enduring Dreams*
5589ENEMY ALIEN Enemy Alien
928ENERGETICS OF LIFE Energetics of Life
929ENERGY: NEW SOURCES Energy: New Sources
930ENERGY: THE DILEMMA Energy: The Dilemma
932ENGLAND IN THE MIDDLE AGES England in the Middle Ages
7482ENGLAND'S THEATRES OF BLOOD England's Theatres of Blood
4941ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD, AN English Speaking World, An
5674ENLIGHTENED MACHINE, THE Enlightened Machine, The
S1023Enterprise Enterprise (series)
6084ENTERPRISE, THE Enterprise, The
935ENTR'ACTE* Entr'Acte*
5194ENVIRONMENT AND THE LAW: A SEA OF AMBIGUITY (WILLIAM ROGERS) Environment and the Law: A Sea of Ambiguity (William Rogers)
7166ENVIRONMENT AT ISSUE Environment at Issue
5942ENVIRONMENTAL REVOLUTION, THE Environmental Revolution, The
6374ENZYMES: THOROUGHBRED WORKHORSES OF THE CELL Enzymes: Thoroughbred Workhorses of the Cell
6507EPIDEMIC OF FAMILY VIOLENCE, THE (KARIL KLINGBEIL) Epidemic of Family Violence, The (Karil Klingbeil)
936EPIDEMIC! KIDS, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL Epidemic! Kids, Drugs and Alcohol
938EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SALMONELLOSIS IN MAN AND ANIMALS Epidemiology of Salmonellosis in Man and Animals
S1024Equal Justice under Law Equal Justice under Law (series)
940EQUILIBRIUM Equilibrium
6202ERIC SEVAREID'S NOT SO WILD A DREAM Eric Sevareid's Not So Wild a Dream
941EROSION: LEVELING THE LAND Erosion: Leveling the Land
942ERUPTION OF KILAUEA 1959-60 Eruption of Kilauea 1959-60
5157ERUPTIVE PHENOMENA OF KILAUEA'S EAST RIFT ZONE Eruptive Phenomena of Kilauea's East Rift Zone
7718ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP* Escape from Auschwitz: A Portrait of Friendship*
946ESKIMO FIGHT FOR LIFE Eskimo: Fight for Life
943ESKIMO ARTIST: KENOJUAK Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak
944ESKIMO ARTS AND CRAFTS Eskimo Arts and Crafts
945ESKIMO SEA HUNTERS: NORTHWESTERN ALASKA Eskimo Sea Hunters: Northwestern Alaska
947ESKIMOS: A CHANGING CULTURE Eskimos: A Changing Culture
948ESKIMOS: WINTER IN WESTERN ALASKA Eskimos: Winter in Western Alaska
5841ESSENTIAL ART, SPIRITUAL ART (JACOB LAWRENCE/GEORGE TSUTAKAWA) Essential Art, Spiritual Art (Jacob Lawrence/George Tsutakawa)
4795ESTIMATION: AM I CLOSE? Estimation: Am I Close?
949ETCHING AND COLOR INTAGLIO Etching and Color Intaglio
950ETERNAL FOREST Eternal Forest
5165ETHICAL SIDE OF MEDICAL PRACTICE, THE (ALBERT JONSEN) Ethical Side of Medical Practice, The (Albert Jonsen)
4818ETHICS AND JUSTICE--PRESENTING THE WINNING ARGUMENT (ROBERT ARONSON) Ethics and Justice--Presenting the Winning Argument (Robert Aronson)
5120ETHICS AND MONEY Ethics and Money
951ETHNIC DANCE: A ROUND TRIP TO TRINIDAD Ethnic Dance: A Round Trip to Trinidad
S1025Ethnic Music and Dance Ethnic Music and Dance (series)
5221ETHNIC NOTIONS Ethnic Notions
953EULERIAN AND LAGRANGIAN DESCRIPTIONS IN FLUID MECHANICS Eulerian and Lagrangian Descriptions in Fluid Mechanics
7169EUROPEAN PIONEERS, THE* European Pioneers, The*
954EVERGLADES AND AFTER, THE Everglades and After, The
7047Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety* Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety*
5294EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL* (JEDER FUER SICH UND GOTT GEGEN ALLES) Every Man for Himself and God Against All* (Jeder Fuer Sich Und Gott Gegen Alle)
957EVERYBODY NEEDS A FOREVER HOME: REALITIES OF BLACK ADOPTION Everybody Needs a Forever Home: Realities of Black Adoption
958EVERYBODY RIDES THE CAROUSEL, PART 1 Everybody Rides the Carousel, Part 1
960EVERYBODY RIDES THE CAROUSEL, PART 2 Everybody Rides the Carousel, Part 2
959EVERYBODY RIDES THE CAROUSEL, PART 3 Everybody Rides the Carousel, Part 3
4733EVERYTHING CHANGE, EVERYTHING CHANGE Everything Change, Everything Change
963EVIDENCE FOR THE ICE AGE Evidence for the Ice Age
7093Evita* Evita*
S1112Evolution Evolution (series)
964EVOLUTION BY DNA: CHANGING THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE Evolution by DNA: Changing the Blueprint of Life
965EVOLUTION IN PROGRESS Evolution in Progress
7696EVOLUTIONARY ARMS RACE, THE Evolutionary Arms Race, The
966EXCAVATIONS AT LA VENTA Excavations at La Venta
7406EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, AN* Exceptional Business Environment, An*
969EXCERPTS FROM EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRAMA, PART 1* Excerpts from European and American Drama, Part 1*
971EXCERPTS FROM EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRAMA, PART 2* Excerpts from European and American Drama, Part 2*
970EXCERPTS FROM EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRAMA, PART 3* Excerpts from European and American Drama, Part 3*
968EXCERPTS FROM EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRAMA, PART 4* Excerpts from European and American Drama, Part 4*
972EXCERPTS FROM MAXIM GORKI'S THE LOWER DEPTHS Excerpts from Maxim Gorki's The Lower Depths
974EXETER Exeter
975EXILES, THE Exiles, The
7629EXODUS 1947* Exodus 1947*
6467EXOTIC TERRANE* Exotic Terrane*
5893EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Experimental Design
977EXPERIMENTS IN MOTION GRAPHICS Experiments in Motion Graphics
982EXPLORING AGING Exploring Aging
983EXPLORING THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM Exploring the Human Nervous System
S1026Exploring the Religions of South Asia Exploring the Religions of South Asia (series)
7146EXPLOSION Explosion
5529EXPRESSIONS OF MUSIC (ROBIN MCCABE) Expressions of Music (Robin McCabe)
4963EXTERMINATING ANGEL, THE* (EL ANGEL EXTERMINADOR) Exterminating Angel, The* (El Angel Exterminador)
7695EXTINCTION! Extinction!
6174EYANOPAPI: THE HEART OF THE SIOUX Eyanopapi: The Heart of the Sioux
5516EYE HEARS, THE EAR SEES, THE (NORMAN MCLAREN, FILM MAKER) Eye Hears, the Ear Sees, The (Norman McLaren, Film Maker)
984EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Eye of the Beholder
985EYE OF THE STORM Eye of the Storm
S1027Eyes on the Prize - America's Civil Rights Years Eyes on the Prize - America's Civil Rights Years (series)
S1028Eyes on the Prize II Eyes on the Prize II (series)
7687FACE TO FACE/HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU* Face to Face/Here's Looking at You*
5894FACE VALUE Face Value
S1029Faces of Change Faces of Change (series)
5815FACES OF THE ENEMY* Faces of the Enemy*
990FACE-TO-FACE PAYOFF: DYNAMICS OF THE INTERVIEW Face-to-Face Payoff: Dynamics of the Interview
3441FACE-TO-FACE PAYOFF: DYNAMICS OF THE INTERVIEW (REVISED EDITION) Face-to-Face Payoff: Dynamics of the Interview (Revised Edition)
993FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRACTICE: RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND PLACEMENT Fair Employment Practice: Recruitment, Selection and Placement
7399FAIRNESS FACTOR, THE; PART 1: HIRING Fairness Factor, The; Part 1: Hiring
7400FAIRNESS FACTOR, THE; PART 2: EVALUATION & DISCIPLINE Fairness Factor, The; Part 2: Evaluation & Discipline
7401FAIRNESS FACTOR, THE; PART 3: TERMINATION Fairness Factor, The; Part 3: Termination
994FAITH AND FEAR Faith and Fear
5274FALL OF THE I HOTEL, THE Fall of the I Hotel, The
5423FALSE DAWN, A (1921-1939) False Dawn, A (1921-1939)
1834FALSETTO, THE (A HIGH SPEED CINEMATOGRAPHIC STUDY) Falsetto, The (A High Speed Cinematographic Study)
6596FAMILIAR FACE OF LOVE, THE* Familiar Face of Love, The*
6683FAMILIES: THE HEART OF THE MATTER* Families: The Heart of the Matter*
6196FAMILY GATHERING, A* Family Gathering, A*
5652FAMILY OF CHIMPS, A Family of Chimps, A
996FAMILY THERAPY: PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION, PART 1 Family Therapy: Problem Identification, Part 1
7434FANNY AND ALEXANDER* Fanny and Alexander*
7709FANTASIA-a* Fantasia*
7710FANTASIA-b 2000* Fantasia 2000*
7711FANTASIA-c LEGACY* Fantasia Legacy*
4558FAREWELL ETAOIN SHRDLU Farewell Etaoin Shrdlu
997FAREWELL TO BIRDIE MCKEEVER Farewell to Birdie McKeever
998FAREWELL TO FREEDOM Farewell to Freedom
5270FARMERS OF THE SEA Farmers of the Sea
1001FARREBIQUE Farrebique
7443FATE OF NATIONS, THE* Fate of Nations, The*
1003FATIMIDS: EGYPT AND NORTH AFRICA Fatimids: Egypt and North Africa
5099FEAR OF FAT: DIETING AND EATING DISORDERS Fear of Fat: Dieting and Eating Disorders
6454FEAR OF RAPE (MARGARET GORDoN) Fear of Rape (Margaret Gordon)
6404FEARED AS AN INTELLECTUAL (WU NINGKUN) Feared as an Intellectual (Wu Ningkun)
1004FEAST, THE Feast, The
6080FEATURE WRITER, THE (CALVIN TRILLIN) Feature Writer, The (Calvin Trillin)
1005FEEDING AND ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN FREE-LIVING AMOEBAE Feeding and Asexual Reproduction in Free-Living Amoebae
5012FEEDING AND FOOD SHARING Feeding and Food Sharing
6381FEEDING BEHAVIOR OF AQUATIC CARNIVOROUS TURTLES Feeding Behavior of Aquatic Carnivorous Turtles
1008FEELINGS Feelings
1010FELICIA Felicia
6804FELINE FANTASIES* Feline Fantasies*
1012FERNANDIRA DAY: ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH IN THE GALAPAGOS Fernandira Day: Ecological Research in the Galapagos
1013FERROMAGNETIC DOMAINS, PART 1: MAGNETISM AND DOMAINS Ferromagnetic Domains, Part 1: Magnetism and Domains
1014FERROMAGNETIC DOMAINS, PART 2: HOW DOMAINS ARE FORMED Ferromagnetic Domains, Part 2: How Domains are Formed
1015FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
6655FEU L'OBJECTIVITE (DOUBLE VISION)* Feu l'Objectivite (Double Vision)*
1018FIDDLE DE DEE Fiddle De Dee
2Fifteen and a half 1501 1/2
1019FIFTH STREET Fifth Street
7437FIFTY YEARS WAR, THE (ISRAEL AND THE ARABS), PART ONE* 50 Years War, The (Israel and the Arabs), Part One*
7438FIFTY YEARS WAR, THE (ISRAEL AND THE ARABS), PART TWO* 50 Years War, The (Israel and the Arabs), Part Two*
7Fifty-One Percent 51%
1020FIGHT FOR THE SKY Fight for the Sky
6218FIGHTING Fighting
4926FIGHTING BACK (1957-1962) Fighting Back (1957-1962)
6852FIGHTING FOREST FIRES* Fighting Forest Fires*
5836FILLING THE BILL (ANN REINKING/WILLIAM WHITENER) Filling the Bill (Ann Reinking/William Whitener)
1025FILM THE ART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE Film: The Art of the Impossible
1022FILM EDITING: INTERPRETATION AND VALUES Film Editing: Interpretation and Values
1026FILMMAKING TECHNIQUES: CAMERA Filmmaking Techniques: Camera
7416FILMS OF DR. JOSEPH F. ROCK, THE Films of Dr. Joseph F. Rock, The
6214FINDING FOOD Finding Food
6965FINDING NEW MODES OF EXPRESSION (JOHN EDGAR WIDEMAN) Finding New Modes of Expression (John Edgar Wideman)
5720FINDING OUR WAY TOGETHER Finding Our Way Together
6220FINDING THE WAY Finding the Way
1027FINDING TIME Finding Time
5449FINE FEATHERS Fine Feathers
6018FINISHING AND CURING QUALITY CONCRETE Finishing and Curing Quality Concrete
7644FINITE OCEANS Finite Oceans
1031FIRE Fire!
1029FIRE AND ICE (MOUNT RAINIER) Fire and Ice (Mount Rainier)
6562FIRE IN THE MIND (EL SALVADOR, PERU, MEXICO, CUBA, NICARAGUA) Fire in the Mind (El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua)
1030FIRE UNDER THE SEA: THE ORIGIN OF PILLOW LAVA Fire Under the Sea: The Origin of Pillow Lava
6822FIREMEN'S BALL, THE* Firemen's Ball, The*
6835FIRES IN THE THIRD WORLD* Fires in the Third World*
1032FIRES OF SPRING Fires of Spring
7483FIRST AMERICANS, THE First Americans, The
1033FIRST AND ESSENTIAL FREEDOM, THE First and Essential Freedom, The
4548FIRST CONTACT First Contact
1034FIRST DAYS OF LIFE, THE First Days of Life, The
1035FIRST ENCOUNTERS First Encounters
1036FIRST FOODS First Foods
7755FIRST FORESTS, THE [VHS]* First Forests, The [VHS]*
1037FIRST FORESTS, THE First Forests, The
1038FIRST NORTHWESTERNERS: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF EARLY MAN First Northwesterners: The Archaeology of Early Man
1039FIRST SIGNS OF WASHOE, THE First Signs of Washoe, The
5592FIRST VIETNAM WAR, THE (1946-1954) First Vietnam War, The (1946-1954)
1040FISH, MOON AND TIDES: THE GRUNION STORY Fish, Moon and Tides: The Grunion Story
6525FIT: EPISODES IN THE HISTORY OF THE BODY* FIT: Episodes in the History of the Body
1041FIVE BRITISH SCULPTORS WORK AND TALK Five British Sculptors Work and Talk
1042FIVE FILM EXERCISES, PARTS III AND IV Five Film Exercises, Parts III and IV
1043FIVE KOREAN COURT DANCES Five Korean Court Dances
7532FIVE SPECIES Five Species
5169FLAIR AND COMPETENCE IN THE WORLD OF THEATRE (EVE ROBERTS) Flair and Competence in the World of Theatre (Eve Roberts)
1046FLAT, THE Flat, The
1047FLATWORMS Flatworms
6988Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Bradley Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Bradley
1048FLOATING IN THE AIR, FOLLOWED BY THE WIND Floating in the Air, Followed By the Wind
7835FLOCK OF DODOS: THE EVOLUTION-INTELLIGENT DESIGN CIRCUS* Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus*
1049FLORIDA EVERGLADES, THE Florida Everglades, The
6712FLORIDA, LA* Florida, La*
7588FLORIDA'S GRAND ESTATES Florida's Grand Estates
1050FLOW INSTABILITIES Flow Instabilities
1052FLOW VISUALIZATION Flow Visualization
5159FLOWER DRUM SONG* Flower Drum Song*
1053FLOWER LOVERS, THE Flower Lovers, The
1054FLOWERS AND INSECTS Flowers and Insects
1055FLOWERS AT WORK Flowers at Work
S1030Focus on Behavior Focus on Behavior (series)
5831FOCUS ON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: LAKEWOOD INDUSTRIES Focus on International Business: Lakewood Industries
6632FOCUS ON JAPAN* Focus on Japan*
1057FOG Fog
1058FOLK ART IN LATIN AMERICA Folk Art in Latin America
1059FOLKLORE DANCES OF YUGOSLAVIA Folklore Dances of Yugoslavia
1060FOLLIES OF THE TOWN Follies of the Town
5257FOLLY ON THE HILL, THE Folly on the Hill, The
7602FOOD FOR THE ANCESTORS Food for the Ancestors
1061FOOD HANDLING IN KANGAROO RATS Food Handling in Kangaroo Rats
7075Food Machine, The Food Machine, The
7176FOOL THERE WAS, A* Fool There Was, A*
S1031For All Practical Purposes For All Practical Purposes (series)
7769FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE/WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF* For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf*
5223FOR EXPORT ONLY: PESTICIDES For Export Only: Pesticides
5224FOR EXPORT ONLY: PILLS For Export Only: Pills
S1124FOR KING AND EMPIRE: CANADA'S SOLDIERS IN THE GREAT WAR For King and Empire: Canada's Soldiers In the Great War (series)
1062FOR YOUR PLEASURE For Your Pleasure
1063FORBIDDEN CITY Forbidden City
1064FORCE OF GRAVITY Force of Gravity
1066FOREMAN DISCOVERS MOTION STUDY Foreman Discovers Motion Study
5816FOREST OF EYES, THE Forest of Eyes, The
6853FORESTS OF QUEBEC, THE* Forests of Quebec, the*
1068FORGOTTEN AMERICAN, THE Forgotten American, The
5874FORGOTTEN PIONEERS Forgotten Pioneers
1070FORM, DRAG, LIFT AND PROPULSION Form, Drag, Lift and Propulsion
1071FORMAL THOUGHT Formal Thought
1072FORMULATING THE COUNSELING GOAL Formulating the Counseling Goal
7184FORT APACHE* Fort Apache*
5100Forty-Eight Hours on Crack Street 48 Hours on Crack Street
7191forty-second street* 42nd Street*
1073FOSSILS: EXPLORING THE PAST Fossils: Exploring the Past
6292FOSSILS: PLANTS AND TETRAPODS Fossils: Plants and Tetrapods
1075FOUNDATION, THE Foundation, The
6511FOUNDATIONS (AMB) Foundations (AMB)
1076FOUNDATIONS OF READING AND WRITING Foundations of Reading and Writing
1077FOUNTAIN/SCULPTURE Fountain/Sculpture
1078FOUR FAMILIES, PART 1 Four Families, Part 1
1079FOUR FAMILIES, PART 2 Four Families, Part 2
1080FOUR HOLY MEN: RENUNCIATION IN HINDU SOCIETY Four Holy Men: Renunciation in Hindu Society
7124FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL* Four Weddings and a Funeral*
7580Fourteen Ninety-two: Conquest of Paradise* 1492: Conquest of Paradise*
5653FOURTH STAGE, THE Fourth Stage, The
6188FRACTALS: AN ANIMATED DISCUSSION Fractals: An Animated Discussion
1081FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE Fragile: Handle with Care
1082FRAMES OF REFERENCE Frames of Reference
1083FRAMING: FLOOR JOISTS AND WALLS Framing: Floor Joists and Walls
1084FRAMING: RAFTER PRINCIPLES AND COMMON RAFTERS Framing: Rafter Principles and Common Rafters
1085FRAMING: RAFTER PRINCIPLES, JACK, CRIPPLE, HIP AND VALLEY RAFTERS Framing: Rafter Principles, Jack, Cripple, Hip and Valley Rafters
6854FRANC-PARLER . . . QUAND LES MOTS NOUS FONT VOYAGER* Franc-Parler . . . Quand les Mots Nous Font Voyager*
1086FRANK FILM Frank Film
1087FRANK GALLO Frank Gallo
1088FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Frank Lloyd Wright
1089FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (CBS) Frank Lloyd Wright (CBS)
4931FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT: PROPHET WITHOUT HONOR Frank Lloyd Wright: Prophet Without Honor
1090FRANK STELLA AND LARRY POONS: THE NEW ABSTRACTIONISTS Frank Stella and Larry Poons: The New Abstractionists
1091FRANKLIN WATKINS Franklin Watkins
1092FRANZ BOAS (1858-1942) Franz Boas (1858-1942)
6565FREDERICK DOUGLASS: WHEN THE LION WROTE HISTORY Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History
1093FREE ENERGY CURVES AND BINARY PHASE DIAGRAMS Free Energy Curves and Binary Phase Diagrams
1094FREE FALL Free Fall
7332FREE LOADERS, PART 1: THE INCENTIVE TO FREELOAD* Free Loaders, Part 1: The Incentive to Freeload*
7333FREE LOADERS, PART 2: USING GOVERNMENT TO FREELOAD* Free Loaders, Part 2: Using Government to Freeload*
7334FREE LOADERS, PART 3: CREATING DEPENDENCY* Free Loaders, Part 3: Creating Dependency*
1095FREE TO BE YOU AND ME Free to Be You and Me
S1032Free to Choose Free to Choose (series)
6633FREE TRADE: THE NEXT ROUND* Free Trade: The Next Round*
7407FREEDOM HAD A PRICE Freedom Had a Price
1098FREEDOM RIVER Freedom River
6823FREEZE--DIE--COME TO LIFE* Freeze--Die--Come to Life*
S1033French Intellectuals in the 20th Century French Intellectuals in the 20th Century (series)
S1034French Revolution French Revolution (series)
5121FRESHMAN COMES TO CONGRESS, A Freshman Comes to Congress, A
1101FREUD THE HIDDEN NATURE OF MAN Freud: The Hidden Nature of Man
5080FREUD UNDER ANALYSIS Freud Under Analysis
5895FRIDA KAHLO Frida Kahlo
5204FRIENDLY FIFTIES AND THE SINISTER SIXTIES, THE (1850-1863) Friendly Fifties and the Sinister Sixties, The (1850-1863)
7208FRIENDS AND LOVERS Friends and Lovers
5426FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS (1939-1945) Friends and Neighbors (1939-1945)
6219FRIENDS AND RIVALS Friends and Rivals
1102FRIENDSHIP FIRST, COMPETITION SECOND Friendship First, Competition Second
1103FRIGHTENED CHILD Frightened Child
1118FROM CAMILLE TO JOAN OF ARC (AN ANTHOLOGY OF SILENT DANISH FILMS: 1907-1927)* From Camille to Joan of Arc (An Anthology of Silent Danish Films: 1907-1927)*
1106FROM CRADLE TO CLASSROOM From Cradle to Classroom
1107FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE From Cradle to Grave
6826FROM CZARS TO COMMISSARS: A MUSEUM SURVIVES* From Czars to Commissars: A Museum Survives*
1108FROM DORIC TO GOTHIC From Doric to Gothic
1110FROM KAISER TO FUEHRER From Kaiser to Fuehrer
6656FROM LIP TO SCRIPT: THE MAKING OF ALBERTA HANSARD* From Lip to Script: The Making of Alberta Hansard*
1111FROM MOSCOW TO THE BAYKAL From Moscow to the Baykal
6281FROM NOVEL TO NEWS (ROBERT MACNEIL) From Novel to News (Robert MacNeil)
1112FROM RENOIR TO PICASSO From Renoir to Picasso
1113FROM REPTILES TO BIRDS From Reptiles to Birds
7705FROM SEA TO SEA* From Sea to Sea*
5020FROM THE FLOOR OF THE CONVENTION From the Floor of the Convention
5860FROM THE KILLING FIELDS/BEYOND VIETNAM From the Killing Fields/Beyond Vietnam
1114FROM THIS HERITAGE From This Heritage
1116FROM WAR TO REVOLUTION From War to Revolution
7339FRONTIER TO FIRST CLASS: MAX WARD OF WARDAIR* Frontier to First Class: Max Ward of Wardair*
S1035Frontline Frontline (series)
5225FRONTSCHAU, DIE Frontschau, Die
1120FROZEN WORLD, THE Frozen World, The
1121FRUIT FLY: A LOOK AT BEHAVIOR BIOLOGY Fruit Fly: A Look at Behavior Biology
1122FRUITING IN DICTYOSTELIUM Fruiting in Dictyostelium
7803FULL CIRCLE* Full Circle*
6428FULL CIRCLE: INDIANS IN WASHINGTON STATE Full Circle: Indians in Washington State
7125FULL METAL JACKET* Full Metal Jacket*
1125FUN WITH PARACHUTES Fun with Parachutes
1126FUNDAMENTALS OF BOUNDARY LAYERS Fundamentals of Boundary Layers
5144FUNDI: THE STORY OF ELLA BAKER Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker
5896FUNGI: THE ROTTEN WORLD AROUND US Fungi: The Rotten World Around Us
1127FUR TRAPPERS WESTWARD Fur Trappers Westward
7185FURY Fury*
1128FURY IN THE PACIFIC Fury in the Pacific
1129FUSION: THE ENERGY PROMISE Fusion: The Energy Promise
5337FUTURE COMPUTING: THE DIRECTION OF MICROSOFT* Future Computing: The Direction of Microsoft*
6459FUTURE IS ON TRACK, THE (PACIFIC NORTHWEST RAIL CORRIDOR) Future Is on Track, The (Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor)
5190FUTURE OF THE HIGH TECH INDUSTRY, THE (JOHN FLUKE, JR.) Future of the High Tech Industry, The (John Fluke, Jr.)
1131FUTURE SHOCK Future Shock
1132G.A.R.P. ATLANTIC TROPICAL EXPERIMENT (SMS-1) FULL DISK IR IMAGERY GATE AREA VIEW 30 AUGUST-19 SEPTEMBER 1974 G.A.R.P. Atlantic Tropical Experiment (Sms-1) Full Disk Ir Imagery Gate Area View 30 August--19 September 1974
4565GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ: MAGIC AND REALITY Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magic and Reality
1133GAGAKU Gagaku
7452GALAPAGOS: HOW THEY GOT THERE Galapagos: How They Got There
1134GALAPAGOS: DARWIN'S WORLD WITHIN ITSELF Galapagos: Darwin's World Within Itself
5564GALATEA EFFECT: MANAGING THE POWER OF EXPECTATIONS Galatea Effect: Managing the Power of Expectations
1135GALILEO: THE CHALLENGE OF REASON Galileo: The Challenge of Reason
7144GALLIPOLI* Gallipoli*
1136GALVESTON ISLAND BARRIER SANDS Galveston Island Barrier Sands
1140GANDHI'S INDIA Gandhi's India
5957GANNAGARO: THE SENECA TOWN OF PEACE Gannagaro: The Seneca Town of Peace
1141GARBAGE Garbage
6554GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS, THE (ARGENTINA) Garden of Forking Paths, The (Argentina)
7248GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS, THE* Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The*
1142GAS PRESSURE AND MOLECULAR COLLISIONS Gas Pressure and Molecular Collisions
1143GASES AND HOW THEY COMBINE Gases and How They Combine
7090Gate of Heavenly Peace, The* Gate of Heavenly Peace, The*
4977GATE OF HELL* (JIGOKUMON) Gate of Hell* (Jigokumon)
1144GATECLIFF: AMERICAN INDIAN ROCK-SHELTER Gatecliff: American Indian Rock-Shelter
4823GED 01: ORIENTATION GED 1: Orientation
4824GED 02: READING 1 GED 2: Reading 1
4825GED 03: READING 2 GED 3: Reading 2
4826GED 04: READING 3 GED 4: Reading 3
4827GED 05: READING 4 GED 5: Reading 4
4828GED 06: READING 5 GED 6: Reading 5
4829GED 07: READING/SCIENCE 1 GED 7: Reading/Science 1
4830GED 08: READING/SCIENCE 2 GED 8: Reading/Science 2
4831GED 09: READING/SCIENCE 3 GED 9: Reading/Science 3
4832GED 10: READING/SCIENCE 4 GED 10: Reading/Science 4
4833GED 11: READING/SCIENCE 5 GED 11: Reading/Science 5
4834GED 12: READING/SCIENCE 6 GED 12: Reading/Science 6
4835GED 13: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 1 GED 13: Reading/Social Studies 1
4836GED 14: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 2 GED 14: Reading/Social Studies 2
4837GED 15: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 3 GED 15: Reading/Social Studies 3
4838GED 16: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 4 GED 16: Reading/Social Studies 4
4839GED 17: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 5 GED 17: Reading/Social Studies 5
4840GED 18: TEST-TAKING TIPS GED 18: Test-Taking Tips
4841GED 19: WRITING 1 GED 19: Writing 1
4842GED 20: WRITING 2 GED 20: Writing 2
4843GED 21: WRITING 3 GED 21: Writing 3
4844GED 22: WRITING 4 GED 22: Writing 4
4845GED 23: WRITING 5 GED 23: Writing 5
4846GED 24: WRITING 6 GED 24: Writing 6
4847GED 25: WRITING 7 GED 25: Writing 7
4848GED 26: WRITING 8 GED 26: Writing 8
4849GED 27: WRITING 9 GED 27: Writing 9
4850GED 28: WRITING 10 GED 28: Writing 10
4851GED 29: MATH 1 GED 29: Math 1
4852GED 30: MATH 2 GED 30: Math 2
4853GED 31: MATH 3 GED 31: Math 3
4854GED 32: MATH 4 GED 32: Math 4
4855GED 33: MATH 5 GED 33: Math 5
4856GED 34: MATH 6 GED 34: Math 6
4857GED 35: MATH 7 GED 35: Math 7
4858GED 36: MATH 8 GED 36: Math 8
4859GED 37: MATH 9 GED 37: Math 9
4860GED 38: MATH 10 GED 38: Math 10
4861GED 39: MATH 11 GED 39: Math 11
4862GED 40: MATH 12 GED 40: Math 12
4863GED 41: MATH 13 GED 41: Math 13
4864GED 42: MATH 14 GED 42: Math 14
4865GED 43: MATH 15 GED 43: Math 15
1146GEESEBOOK: A CHORAL MISSAL FROM OLD NUREMBERG Geesebook: A Choral Missal from Old Nuremberg
1147GELADA: THE MOUNTAIN BABOON OF ETHIOPIA Gelada: The Mountain Baboon of Ethiopia
4483GELATINOUS MARINE ZOOPLANKTON Gelatinous Marine Zooplankton
1149GENE DEITCH: THE PICTURE BOOK ANIMATED Gene Deitch: The Picture Book Animated
1150GENE ENGINEERS, THE Gene Engineers, The
3479GENERAL General, The
6795GENERAL (REPUBLIC) General, The* (Republic)
1151GENERAL ELECTION General Election
5725GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY General Electric Company
1153GENERATION OF PHASE DIAGRAMS FROM FREE ENERGY CURVES Generation of Phase Diagrams from Free Energy Curves
1154GENERATION UPON GENERATION Generation Upon Generation
1155GENERATIONS OF RESISTANCE Generations of Resistance
1156GENES AND CHROMOSOMES Genes and Chromosomes
5285GENETIC GAMBLE, THE Genetic Gamble, The
1159GENETICS: MAN THE CREATOR Genetics: Man the Creator
1160GENETICS: MENDEL'S LAWS Genetics: Mendel's Laws
1162GEOLOGICAL WORK OF ICE Geological Work of Ice
6900GEOLOGY: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENCE, FATE AND RELIGION (STEVEN J. GOULD) Geology: The Relationship between Science, Fate and Religion (Steven J. Gould)
5958GEORGE NAKASHIMA: REFLECTIONS OF A WOODWORKER George Nakashima: Reflections of a Woodworker
5897GEORGIA O'KEEFFE Georgia O'Keeffe
5226GERMAN PROPAGANDA SHORTS German Propaganda Shorts
5001GERMANY AWAKE (DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE) Germany Awake (Deutschland Erwache)
5583GERONIMO AND THE APACHE RESISTANCE Geronimo and the Apache Resistance
1166GET IT TOGETHER Get It Together
6561GET UP, STAND UP (COLOMBIA, JAMAICA, PANAMA) Get Up, Stand Up (Colombia, Jamaica, Panama)
1167GHOSTS BEFORE BREAKFAST Ghosts Before Breakfast
1169GIBBON RESEARCH IN A DESIGNED ENVIRONMENT Gibbon Research in a Designed Environment
1170GIBBONS V. OGDEN Gibbons V. Ogden
1171GIBBS FREE ENERGY: ENTHALPY AND ENTROPY Gibbs Free Energy: Enthalpy and Entropy
5009GIDEON'S TRUMPET* Gideon's Trumpet*
1172GIDEON'S TRUMPET--THE POOR MAN AND THE LAW Gideon's Trumpet--The Poor Man and the Law
7604GIFT, THE (1917-1924) Gift, The (1917-1924)
7571GILDED AGE, THE Gilded Age, The
4978GINGER AND FRED* Ginger and Fred*
7195GIRLS IN THE HOOD Girls in the Hood
1173GIVE IT A TRY* Give It a Try*
7071Glands and Hormones Glands and Hormones
1175GLASS Glass
7838GLASS BOTTOM BOAT, THE* Glass Bottom Boat, The*
5466GLENN GOULD'S TORONTO Glenn Gould's Toronto
1176GLIMPSE OF PEOPLE IN TOYOTA, A Glimpse of People in Toyota, A
5817GLOBAL ASSEMBLY LINE, THE* Global Assembly Line, The*
7111GLOBAL CLIMATE: WARMING OR COOLING? (WILLIAM H. CALVIN) Global Climate: Warming or Cooling? (William H. Calvin)
7429GLOBAL EYE, THE (1989-1997) Global Eye, The (1989-1997)
6779GLOBAL FIRMS IN THE INDUSTRIALIZING EAST Global Firms in the Industrializing East
5347GLOBAL GROOVE Global Groove
7650GLOBAL TONGUE, THE: ENGLISH Global Tongue, The: English
6780GLOBAL TOURISM Global Tourism
7019GLORIES OF ANCIENT CHANG-AN* Glories of Ancient Chang-An*
6447GLYPHERS: DECIPHERING MAYAN SOCIETY (LINDA SCHELE) Glyphers: Deciphering Mayan Society (Linda Schele)
5295GOALIE'S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK, THE* (DIE ANGST DES TORMANNS BEIM ELFMETER) Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The* (Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter)
5081GODDESS OF THE EARTH Goddess of the Earth
7801GODDESS REMEMBERED* Goddess Remembered*
7249GODFATHER Godfather, The*
6796GODFATHER 2 Godfather, The (Part II)*
6787GODFATHER OF COCAINE, THE Godfather of Cocaine, The
1180GODLESS STATE?, THE Godless State?, The
S1036Going International Going International (series)
5506GOING THROUGH CUSTOMS Going Through Customs
7589GOLD COAST ESTATES Gold Coast Estates
6088GOLDEN CAGE: A STORY OF CALIFORNIA'S FARMWORKERS Golden Cage: A Story of California's Farmworkers
5229GOLDEN LAND, THE* Golden Land, The*
1181GOLEM, THE (DER GOLEM: WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM) Golem, The (Der Golem: Wie Er in die Welt Kam)
1182GOOD EARTH, THE Good Earth, The
5160GOOD FIGHT: THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR Good Fight: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War
6713GOOD NIGHT, MICHELANGELO* Good Night, Michelangelo*
1184GOOD NIGHT, SOCRATES Good Night, Socrates
5796GOOD REPORTING: TELLING THE TALE (JUAN WILLIAMS) Good Reporting: Telling the Tale (Juan Williams)
6462GOOD SOCIETY, THE (PART ONE) Good Society, The (Part One)
6463GOOD SOCIETY, THE (PART TWO) Good Society, The (Part Two)
7628GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK, THE* Good Woman of Bangkok, The*
1186GOODBYE LOUISIANA Goodbye Louisiana
6030GORBACHEV'S REVOLUTION: THE PROMISE AND THE PERILS (HEDRICK SMITH) Gorbachev's Revolution: The Promise and the Perils (Hedrick Smith)
1188GORILLA Gorilla
6961GORILLAS IN THE MIST: THE STORY OF DIAN FOSSEY* Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey*
7733GORILLAS: PRIMAL CONTACT Gorillas: Primal Contact
6226GOSPEL AT COLONUS, THE Gospel at Colonus, The
1189GOTHIC ART Gothic Art
5176GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER SCIENCE (DON K. PRICE) Government Control over Science (Don K. Price)
5006GOYA: HIS LIFE AND ART Goya: His Life and Art
5586GRACE MEDICINE FLOWER--JOSEPH LONEWOLF Grace Medicine Flower--Joseph Lonewolf
1191GRAIN IN THE STONE, THE Grain in the Stone, The
5654GRANBY'S PRIMATES: A CAPTIVE LIFE Granby's Primates: A Captive Life
7120GRAND CANYON FLOOD! Grand Canyon Flood!
1192GRAND JURY: AN INSTITUTION UNDER FIRE Grand Jury: An Institution under Fire
6972GRAND OPERA: FOR THE PEOPLE (SPEIGHT JENKINS) Grand Opera: For the People (Speight Jenkins)
7590GRAND PLANTATIONS Grand Plantations
S1105Grand Tour: America's Castles Grand Tour: America's Castles (series)
S1104Grand Tour: Legendary Resorts of the World Grand Tour: Legendary Resorts of the World (series)
4979GRANDE ILLUSION, LA* Grande Illusion, La*
6634GRANDE-BALEINE PROJECT, THE* Grande-Baleine Project, The*
1193GRANDEUR AND OBEDIENCE Grandeur and Obedience
1194GRANDMA MOSES Grandma Moses
5819GRANDPA JOE'S COUNTRY Grandpa Joe's Country
1195GRANTON TRAWLER Granton Trawler
1196GRANULE LYSIS IN HORSE EOSINOPHILS DURING PHAGOCYTOSIS* Granule Lysis in Horse Eosinophils during Phagocytosis*
5457GRAPHIC VARIATIONS ON TELIDON (VARIATION GRAPHIQUES SUR TELIDON) Graphic Variations on Telidon (Variation Graphiques sur Telidon)
6082GREAT AMERICAN BAILOUT, THE Great American Bailout, The
1197GREAT AMERICAN SOUP, THE Great American Soup, The
7319GREAT CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE, THE* Great Canadian Train Ride, The*
1198GREAT CONSERVATION PRINCIPLES, THE Great Conservation Principles, The
6635GREAT DEBATE, THE* Great Debate, The*
5458GREAT ENERGY WASTE, THE Great Energy Waste, The
7704GREAT ENTERPRISE, THE* Great Enterprise, The*
1199GREAT EXPECTATIONS Great Expectations
6259GREAT EXPECTATIONS (AMB) Great Expectations (AMB)
6571GREAT EXPECTATIONS* (FFH) Great Expectations* (FFH)
6636GREAT LONE LAND, THE* Great Lone Land, The*
1201GREAT PRIMITIVES, THE Great Primitives, The
S1037Great Railway Journeys of the World Great Railway Journeys of the World (series)
1203GREAT THAW, THE Great Thaw, The
7170GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY AND OTHER PRIMARY WORKS, THE* Great Train Robbery and Other Primary Works, The
1204GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY* Great Train Robbery, The*
7748GREAT TRANSFORMATION, THE* Great Transformation, The*
7694GREAT TRANSFORMATIONS Great Transformations
5003GREAT TREE HAS FALLEN, A Great Tree Has Fallen, A
7600GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE Great Wall Across the Yangtze
S1094Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The (series)
5820GREAT WAR--1918, THE Great War--1918, The
1205GREAT WHALES, THE Great Whales, The
7653GREAT WHALES, THE/SHARKS Great Whales, The/Sharks
1208GREAT WINE REVOLUTION, THE Great Wine Revolution, The
6855GREATER QUEBEC: WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER* Greater Quebec: Where It All Comes Together*
7326GREED, PART 1: THE PERVASIVENESS OF HUMAN GREED* Greed, Part 1: The Pervasiveness of Human Greed*
7327GREED, PART 2: GREED AND CIVILIZATION* Greed, Part 2: Greed and Civilization*
7328GREED, PART 3: GREED AND THE ECONOMIC PIE* Greed, Part 3: Greed and the Economic Pie*
1210GREEK SCULPTURE Greek Sculpture
1211GREEKS, THE Greeks, The
7639GREEKS, THE (CRUCIBLE OF CIVILIZATION) Greeks, The (Crucible of Civilization)
1212GREEN CITY Green City
1213GREEN MACHINE, THE Green Machine, The
1214GREEN RIVER VALLEY Green River Valley
5655GREENHOUSE EFFECT, THE Greenhouse Effect, The
1215GREGOR MENDEL Gregor Mendel
7402GREMLINS: FACES IN THE FOREST Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
5991GREY FOX, THE* Grey Fox, The*
1216GRIEF: A PERIL IN INFANCY Grief: A Peril in Infancy
1217GRIERSON Grierson
1218GROUND WATER: THE HIDDEN RESERVOIR Ground Water: The Hidden Reservoir
7049Group of Seven, The* Group of Seven,The*
6637GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: A NORTHERN SHORE* Group of Seven, The: A Northern Shore*
6876GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: ART FOR A NATION* Group of Seven, The: Art for a Nation*
6185GROUPTHINK (REVISED) Groupthink (Revised)
1220GROUSE COUNTRY Grouse Country
1221GROWING OLD SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR Growing Old: Something to Live For
4737GROWING OLD IN AMERICA, PART 1: THE RETIREMENT DILEMMA Growing Old in America, Part 1: The Retirement Dilemma
4738GROWING OLD IN AMERICA, PART 2: CRISIS IN HEALTH CARE Growing Old in America, Part 2: Crisis in Health Care
4739GROWING OLD IN AMERICA, PART 3: THE SEARCH FOR CARE Growing Old in America, Part 3: The Search for Care
6041GROWING PAINS (NORM RICE) Growing Pains (Norm Rice)
5770GROWING TO EXTREMES: CAP/PING SEATTLE* Growing to Extremes: Cap/Ping Seattle*
6224GROWING UP Growing Up
1222GROWING UP FEMALE: AS SIX BECOME ONE* Growing Up Female: As Six Become One*
1223GROWING UP JAPANESE Growing Up Japanese
1224GROWING UP TOGETHER: FOUR TEEN MOTHERS AND THEIR BABIES Growing Up Together: Four Teen Mothers and Their Babies
1225GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN, THE Growth and Development of Children, The
1226GROWTH AND MORPHOGENESIS IN PLANT CELLS Growth and Morphogenesis in Plant Cells
1227GROWTH OF INTELLIGENCE IN THE PRE-SCHOOL YEARS, THE Growth of Intelligence in the Pre-School Years, The
7449GUELWAAR* (THE NOBLE ONE) Guelwaar* (The Noble One)
4944GUID SCOTS TONGUE, THE Guid Scots Tongue, The
4427GUIDE TO QC CIRCLE ACTIVITIES, A Guide to QC Circle Activities, A
1230GUILTY BY REASON OF RACE Guilty by Reason of Race
5027GUILTY MADONNAS, THE Guilty Madonnas, The
1232GULFSTREAM Gulfstream
7603GUMBO (BEGINNINGS TO 1917) Gumbo (Beginnings to 1917)
1233GUNS OF AUGUST, THE Guns of August, The
1234GUNSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Gunsmith of Williamsburg
1235GUYANA: NATION BUILDING Guyana: Nation Building
1237H2O H2O (Silent)
5322HAA SHAGOON Haa Shagoon
1238HAGOROMO Hagoromo
5410HAIDA CARVER Haida Carver
6468HAIDA GWAII/THE QUEEN CHARLOTTES: ISLANDS IN THE WEB OF LIFE* Haida Gwaii/The Queen Charlottes: Islands in the Web of Life*
6913HAINE, LA (HATE)* Haine, La (Hate)*
5444HALF HALF THREE QUARTERS FULL Half Half Three Quarters Full
5230HAMLET Hamlet
1240HAND, THE Hand, The
1241HANDLING MARITAL CONFLICTS Handling Marital Conflicts
1242HANDWROUGHT SILVER Handwrought Silver
1243HANGMAN, THE Hangman, The
1244HANS MEMLING (1430-1494) PAINTER OF THE MADONNA Hans Memling (1430-1494) Painter of the Madonna
1245HANUMAN LANGURS: MONKEYS OF INDIA Hanuman Langurs: Monkeys of India
1246HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary
7750HARD TIMES* Hard Times*
5296HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A.* Harlan County U.S.A.*
1248HARLEM CRUSADER Harlem Crusader
4980HARP OF BURMA, THE* (BIRUMA NO TATEGOTO) Harp of Burma, The* (Biruma No Tategoto)
1249HARTMANELLA CASTELLANII (AMOEBINA) FEEDING AND ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION Hartmanella Castellanii (Amoebina) Feeding and Asexual Reproduction
7617HARVEST OF FEAR Harvest of Fear
7396HARVEST OF SHAME Harvest of Shame
1250HARVEST OF THE SEASONS Harvest of the Seasons
6714HAS ANYBODY HERE SEEN CANADA? (A HISTORY OF CANADIAN MOVIES 1939-1953)* Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? (A History of Canadian Movies 1939-1953)*
7152HATRED AND HUNGER Hatred and Hunger
1251HAUSA VILLAGE Hausa Village
6046HAVANA BIENAL Havana Bienal
6901HAVE A HEART: THE ART OF TRANSPLANT SURGERY (MARGARET ALLEN) Have a Heart: The Art of Transplant Surgery (Margaret Allen)
6293HAVING A HEALTHY BABY: LABOR AND DELIVERY (THIRD EDITION) Having a Healthy Baby: Labor and Delivery (Third Edition)
1252HEADBANGERS, THE Headbangers, The
1253HEALERS OF ARO, THE Healers of Aro, The
1254HEARING LOSS IN THE ELDERLY Hearing Loss in the Elderly
1262HEART ATTACK Heart: Attack
6325HEART BROKEN IN HALF, THE Heart Broken in Half, The
1257HEART OF TEACHING, PART 1: THE PARENT CRUNCH Heart of Teaching, Part 1: The Parent Crunch
1259HEART OF TEACHING, PART 2: AN EYE FOR CHANGE Heart of Teaching, Part 2: An Eye for Change
1258HEART OF TEACHING, PART 3: LAST HOUR CLASH Heart of Teaching, Part 3: Last Hour Clash
1256HEART OF TEACHING, PART 4: EVERY ONE IS SOMETHING ELSE Heart of Teaching, Part 4: Every One Is Something Else
1255HEART OF TEACHING, PART 5: A FACULTY FEELING Heart of Teaching, Part 5: A Faculty Feeling
1260HEART OF THE CITY, THE Heart of the City, The
S1039Heart of the Dragon, The Heart of the Dragon, The (series)
6480HEART OF THE NATION, THE Heart of the Nation, The
1261HEART SOUNDS AND MURMURS: ORIGINS AND CHARACTERISTICS Heart Sounds and Murmurs: Origins and Characteristics
5344HEARTS AND HANDS* Hearts and Hands*
5161HEARTS AND MINDS* Hearts and Minds*
6715HEAVEN ON EARTH* Heaven on Earth*
7096Hegel and Marx Hegel and Marx
1263HEIMAEY ERUPTION: ICELAND 1973 Heimaey Eruption: Iceland 1973
1264HELP! MY SNOWMAN IS BURNING DOWN! Help! My Snowman Is Burning Down!
1267HELPING A GROWING DIMENSION OF MANAGEMENT Helping: A Growing Dimension of Management
4766HELPING HAND, THE Helping Hand, The
1268HEMINGWAY Hemingway
1270HEN HOP Hen Hop
1271HENRI MATISSE* Henri Matisse*
5498HENRY FORD'S AMERICA Henry Ford's America
1272HENRY MOORE (AF FILM) Henry Moore (AF Film)
1273HENRY MOORE (BIS) Henry Moore (BIS)
1274HENRY MOORE: MASTER SCULPTOR Henry Moore: Master Sculptor
1275HENRY V Henry V
5632HER DAY IN COURT Her Day in Court
7823HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN: A REMARKABLE LIFE* Her Majesty The Queen: A Remarkable Life*
5490HERE IS CANADA Here Is Canada
1276HEREDITY AND ENVIRONMENT Heredity and Environment
6996HERITAGE AND MAGICAL REALISM (KATHLEEN ALCALA) Heritage and Magical Realism (Kathleen Alcalá)
1277HERITAGE IN CEDAR: NORTHWEST COAST INDIAN WOODWORKING, PAST AND PRESENT Heritage in Cedar: Northwest Coast Indian Woodworking, Past and Present
1278HERITAGE OF CHINESE OPERA Heritage of Chinese Opera
1280HERITAGE OF THE SEA (MAKAH INDIAN TREATY RIGHTS) PART 1 Heritage of the Sea (Makah Indian Treaty Rights) Part 1
1281HERITAGE OF THE SEA (MAKAH INDIAN TREATY RIGHTS) PART 2 Heritage of the Sea (Makah Indian Treaty Rights) Part 2
S1118Heritage: Civilization and the Jews [DVD] Heritage: Civilization and the Jews [DVD] (series)
7791HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK ONE* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk One*
7793HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK THREE* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk Three*
7792HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK TWO* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk Two*
S1041Hermitage, The: A Russian Odyssey Hermitage, The: A Russian Odyssey (series)
1282HERO AS ARTIST, THE Hero as Artist, The
5267HEROIC BEGINNINGS WITH DONALD CREIGHTON Heroic Beginnings with Donald Creighton
1283HEROIC MATERIALISM Heroic Materialism
6138HEROS AND STRANGERS: A FILM ABOUT OUR FATHERS* Heros and Strangers: A Film about Our Fathers*
1284HEY! WHAT ABOUT US? Hey! What About Us?
1291HIDDEN STRUCTURE, THE Hidden Structure, The
1292HIDDEN UNIVERSE: THE BRAIN Hidden Universe: The Brain
6431HIDING FROM THE HOLOCAUST (JANE MARKS) Hiding from the Holocaust (Jane Marks)
5013HIERARCHY AND THE ALPHA MALE Hierarchy and the Alpha Male
5414HIGH ARCTIC High Arctic
1294HIGH LONESOME SOUND High Lonesome Sound
1296HIGHER EDUCATION: WHO NEEDS IT? Higher Education: Who Needs It?
1297HIGHWAY Highway
6432HILARITY IN THE POLITICAL FUTURE (MOLLY IVINS) Hilarity in the Political Future (Molly Ivins)
1301HILLCREST FAMILY: STUDIES IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION--ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW 1* Hillcrest Family: Studies in Human Communication--Assessment Interview 1*
1299HILLCREST FAMILY: STUDIES IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION--ASSESSMENT CONSULTATION 1* Hillcrest Family: Studies in Human Communication--Assessment Consultation 1*
1303HILLCREST FAMILY: STUDIES IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION--ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW 2* Hillcrest Family: Studies in Human Communication--Assessment Interview 2*
1302HILLCREST FAMILY: STUDIES IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION--ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW 3* Hillcrest Family: Studies in Human Communication--Assessment Interview 3*
1300HILLCREST FAMILY: STUDIES IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION--ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW 4* Hillcrest Family: Studies in Human Communication--Assessment Interview 4*
1304HINDU DEVOTIONS AT DAWN Hindu Devotions at Dawn
1305HINDU FAMILY CELEBRATION: 60TH BIRTHDAY Hindu Family Celebration: 60th Birthday
5656HINDU PILGRIMAGES Hindu Pilgrimages
1306HINDU PROCESSION TO THE SEA Hindu Procession to the Sea
1307HINDU SACRAMENT OF SURRENDER Hindu Sacrament of Surrender
1308HINDU SACRAMENT OF THREAD INVESTITURE Hindu Sacrament of Thread Investiture
1309HINDU SACRAMENTS OF CHILDHOOD: FIRST FIVE YEARS Hindu Sacraments of Childhood: First Five Years
1310HINDU TEMPLE RITES: BATHING THE IMAGE OF GOD Hindu Temple Rites: Bathing the Image of God
1312HINDUISM THE MANY PATHS TO GOD Hinduism: The Many Paths to God
1311HINDUISM AND THE SONG OF GOD Hinduism and the Song of God
1313HIROSHIMA--NAGASAKI, AUGUST 1945 Hiroshima--Nagasaki, August 1945
1314HIS GIRL FRIDAY His Girl Friday
6902HISTORY TIES THAT BIND (SAMUEL PROCTOR) History: Ties that Bind (Samuel Proctor)
4915HISTORY AND RESEARCH (JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN) History and Research (John Hope Franklin)
1317HISTORY LAYER BY LAYER History Layer by Layer
7558HISTORY OF ANIMATION* History of Animation*
7299HISTORY OF NUNAVIK: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE INUIT History of Nunavik: In the Footsteps of the Inuit
6827HISTORY OF THE RED ARMY, THE (PART ONE)* History of the Red Army, The (Part One)*
5037HISTORY RECOVERED--THE CUSTER BATTLEFIELD ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF 1984 History Recovered--The Custer Battlefield Archeological Survey of 1984
5446HOARDER, THE Hoarder, The
6690HOLLYWOOD SALUTES CANADIAN ANIMATION* Hollywood Salutes Canadian Animation*
7682HOLLYWOODISM: JEWS, MOVIES AND THE AMERICAN DREAM Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream
1320HOLY GHOST PEOPLE Holy Ghost People
5985HOLY INNOCENTS, THE (LOS SANTOS INOCENTES)* Holy Innocents, The (Los Santos Inocentes)*
5601HOMEFRONT U.S.A. Homefront U.S.A.
6216HOMEMAKING Homemaking
6294HOMES APART: KOREA Homes Apart: Korea
6069HOPE FOR ROMANIA? (ANDREI CODRESCU) Hope for Romania? (Andrei Codrescu)
6140HOPE OF MANKIND, THE* Hope of Mankind, The*
4561HOPI SONGS OF THE FOURTH WORLD* Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World*
7283HOPI SNAKE DANCE* Hopi Snake Dance*
6638HORRID B.C. BUSINESS, THE* Horrid B.C. Business, The*
1326HORSE IN NORTH AMERICA Horse in North America
1327HOSPICE Hospice
1330HOSPITALS DON'T BURN DOWN! Hospitals Don't Burn Down!
1331HOT SPOT Hot Spot
5421HOT STUFF Hot Stuff
6879HOTEL TERMINUS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF KLAUS BARBIE* Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie*
7442HOUR OF SACRIFICE, THE* Hour of Sacrifice, The*
6085HOUR OF THE STAR* Hour of the Star* (A hora de estrela)
1332HOUR OF THE WOLF Hour of the Wolf
1333HOUSE House
1335HOUSE OF SCIENCE House of Science
6006HOUSE OF THE SPIRIT: PERSPECTIVES ON CAMBODIAN HEALTH CARE House of the Spirit: Perspectives on Cambodian Health Care
6265HOUSE OF TOMORROW, THE House of Tomorrow, The
1336HOW A HINDU WORSHIPS AT HIS HOME SHRINE How a Hindu Worships at His Home Shrine
1338HOW AM I DOING? How Am I Doing?
5082HOW BABIES GET MADE How Babies Get Made
1339HOW COULD I NOT BE AMONG YOU? How Could I Not Be Among You?
1340HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S LOVE? How Do You Know It's Love?
1342HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY How Green Was My Valley
1343HOW INDIANS BUILD CANOES How Indians Build Canoes
1344HOW MOTION PICTURES MOVE AND TALK How Motion Pictures Move and Talk
1346HOW SOLID IS ROCK? How Solid Is Rock?
5989HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN* (COMO ERA GOSTOSO O MEU FRANCES) How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman* (Como era gostoso o meu Frances)
1347HOW THE WEST WAS WON . . . AND HONOR LOST How the West Was Won . . . and Honor Lost
5435HOW TO BUILD AN IGLOO How to Build an Igloo
1349HOW TO CURE INFLATION How to Cure Inflation
1350HOW TO GIVE ORDERS How to Give Orders
1353HOW TO SAVE A CHOKING VICTIM: THE HEIMLICH MANEUVER How to Save a Choking Victim: The Heimlich Maneuver
1354HOW TO SAY NO TO A RAPIST AND SURVIVE How to Say No to a Rapist and Survive
1355HOW TO SPLICE FILM How to Splice Film
1356HOW TO STAY FREE How to Stay Free
7067How Water Moves Through Soil How Water Moves Through Soil
1357HOWLER MONKEYS OF BARRO COLORADO ISLAND Howler Monkeys of Barro Colorado Island
5499HUDSON 70 PHASE VIII: THE ARCTIC VOYAGE Hudson 70 Phase VIII: The Arctic Voyage
7591HUDSON RIVER VALLEY ESTATES Hudson River Valley Estates
1358HUMAN AGGRESSION Human Aggression
1359HUMAN BRAIN: A DYNAMIC VIEW OF ITS STRUCTURES AND ORGANIZATION Human Brain: A Dynamic View of Its Structures and Organization
S1111Human Face Human Face (series)
5721HUMAN FACTORS SUCCESS STORIES Human Factors Success Stories
S1042Human Geography: People, Places and Change Human Geography: People, Places and Change (series)
7084Human Language, Part 1: Discovering the Human Language--Colorless Green Ideas* Human Language, Part One: Discovering the Human Language--Colorless Green Ideas*
7085Human Language, Part 2: Acquiring the Human Language--Playing the Language Game* Human Language, Part Two: Acquiring the Human Language--Playing the Language Game*
7086Human Language, Part 3: The Human Language Evolves--With and Without Words* Human Language, Part Three: The Human Language Evolves--With and Without Words*
1361HUMAN MEMORY Human Memory
1362HUMAN MUSCLE SPINDLE--AN ADVANCED STUDY Human Muscle Spindle--An Advanced Study
7080Human Pump, The Human Pump, The
S1043Human Quest Human Quest (series)
6464HUMAN VOICE: EXPLORING VOCAL PARALANGUAGE Human Voice: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage
5771HUMANITIES AND EDUCATION (LYNNE CHENEY) Humanities and Education (Lynne Cheney)
1365HUNDRED YEARS, THE Hundred Years, The
1366HUNGER KNOWS NO LAW Hunger Knows No Law
1367HUNGRY ANGELS Hungry Angels
1368HUNGRY GHOSTS Hungry Ghosts
6537HUNT, THE* (LA CAZA) Hunt, The* (La Caza)
1372HUNTERS Hunters, The
7763HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED, THE [VHS]* Hunters and the Hunted, The [VHS]*
1369HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED, THE Hunters and the Hunted, The
1370HUNTERS IN THE REEF Hunters in the Reef
1371HUNTERS OF THE SEAL: A TIME OF CHANGE Hunters of the Seal: A Time of Change
6215HUNTING AND ESCAPING Hunting and Escaping
5473HUNTSMAN, THE Huntsman, The
1373HURRICANE 1 (MAY 12, 1975 TO OCTOBER 29, 1975) Hurricane 1 (May 12, 1975 to October 29, 1975)
1375HURRICANE 2 (OCTOBER 31, 1975 TO MAY 15, 1976) Hurricane 2 (October 31, 1975 to May 15, 1976)
1376HYDROGEN ATOM, THE Hydrogen Atom, The
7419I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW)* [JAG AR NYFIKEN - EN FILM I GULT] I Am Curious (Yellow)* [Jag ar nyfiken -en film I gult]
1378I AM JOAQUIN I Am Joaquin
1379I AM NOT WHAT YOU SEE: BEING ``DIFFERENT'' IN AMERICA I Am Not What You See: Being "Different" in America
1380I AM PABLO NERUDA I Am Pablo Neruda
4872I AM WHEAT I Am Wheat
5311I CAN STILL CRY: EMOTIONS ON THE PAGE, ON STAGE AND IN LIFE (OSSIE DAVIS) I Can Still Cry: Emotions on the Page, on Stage and in Life (Ossie Davis)
6399I DIDN'T WANT TO WRITE IT (STEWART STERN) I Didn't Want to Write It (Stewart Stern)
1386I F STONE'S WEEKLY I. F. Stone's Weekly
6933I HEARD THE OWL CALL MY NAME* I Heard the Owl Call My Name*
1381I IS FOR IMPORTANT I Is for Important
5852I SHOULD KNOW A LOT, I BEEN AROUND SO LONG I Should Know a Lot, I Been Around So Long
7133I WAS STALIN'S BODYGUARD* I Was Stalin's Bodyguard*
5007IAWO Iawo
5231IBSEN: HEDDA GABLER (THE THEATRE OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS) Ibsen: Hedda Gabler (The Theatre of Social Problems)
1387ICE IN THE ATMOSPHERE Ice in the Atmosphere
6484ICEMAN Iceman
5765IDA B. WELLS: A PASSION FOR JUSTICE Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice
7510IF I CAN'T DO IT If I Can't Do It
1390IF JAPAN CAN . . . WHY CAN'T WE? If Japan Can . . . Why Can't We?
6228IF LOOKS COULD KILL: THE POWER OF BEHAVIOR If Looks Could Kill: The Power of Behavior*
1391IF THERE WEREN'T ANY BLACKS YOU'D HAVE TO INVENT THEM If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them
1392IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET If You Love This Planet
4981IKIRU* (TO LIVE) Ikiru* (To Live)
1393IL-KHANIDS AND TIMURIDS IN IRAN Il-Khanids and Timurids in Iran
7430I'LL BUY THAT! I'll Buy That!
1383ILL FIND A WAY I'll Find a Way
5755ILLUSIONS OF NEWS Illusions of News
S1044Image India Image India (series)
1397IMAGE MAKER AND THE INDIANS, THE Image Maker and the Indians, The
4765IMAGE MAKERS, THE Image Makers, The
4820IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 1 Image Manipulation, Part 1
4821IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 2 Image Manipulation, Part 2
4822IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 3 Image Manipulation, Part 3
7533IMAGES FROM THE FIELD: BABOONS Images from the Field: Baboons
1398IMAGES MEDIEVALS Images Medievals
S1045Images of Canada (CBC-TV) Images of Canada (CBC-TV) (series)
5232IMAGES OF GLORY* Images of Glory*
6777IMAGINING NEW WORLDS Imagining New Worlds
7188IMITATION OF LIFE* Imitation of Life*
1400IMMIGRANT, THE Immigrant, The
1401IMMINENT DEITIES Imminent Deities
7136IMMORTAL CAPITAL: THE MANY CITIES OF DELHI* Immortal Capital: The Many Cities of Delhi*
1402IMMUNE RESPONSE, THE Immune Response, The
1403IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM, PHOTOGRAPHER Imogen Cunningham, Photographer
1404IMPACT OF ISLAM ON THE WEST, THE Impact of Islam on the West, The
6881IMPERFECT UNION--CANADIAN LABOUR & THE LEFT, PART 1: INTERNATIONAL BACKGROUND, CANADIAN ROOTS* Imperfect Union--Canadian Labour & the Left, Part 1: International Background, Canadian Roots*
6882IMPERFECT UNION--CANADIAN LABOUR & THE LEFT, PART 2: BORN OF HARD TIMES* Imperfect Union--Canadian Labour & the Left, Part 2: Born of Hard Times*
6940IMPERFECT UNION--CANADIAN LABOUR & THE LEFT, PART 3: FALLING APART AND GETTING TOGETHER* Imperfect Union--Canadian Labour & the Left, Part 3: Falling Apart and Getting Together*
6941IMPERFECT UNION--CANADIAN LABOUR & THE LEFT, PART 4: NEW PARTY, OLD PROBLEMS* Imperfect Union--Canadian Labour & the Left, Part 4: New Party, Old Problems*
6359IMPORTANCE OF BIO-TECHNOLOGY, THE (LEROY E. HOOD) Importance of Bio-Technology, The (Leroy E. Hood)
1405IMPORTANCE OF MOTHER, THE Importance of Mother, The
1406IMPORTANCE OF THUNDERSTORM OUTFLOW BOUNDARIES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF DEEP CONVECTION, THE Importance of Thunderstorm Outflow Boundaries in the Development of Deep Convection, The
1407IN A DARK TIME In a Dark Time
6019IN A DARK TIME (PBS) In a Dark Time (PBS)
6465IN AND OUT OF AFRICA In and Out of Africa
5376IN BED WITH AN ELEPHANT In Bed with an Elephant
6611IN DESPERATE BATTLE: NORMANDY 1944* In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944*
5508IN DISTRESS In Distress
1409IN INDIA THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST In India the Sun Rises in the East
1410IN PRAISE OF HANDS In Praise of Hands
1411IN SEARCH OF A SPANISH DEMOCRACY In Search of a Spanish Democracy
1412IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS In Search of Ancient Astronauts
6052IN SEARCH OF COOL GROUND: THE MIGRANTS In Search of Cool Ground: The Migrants
4924IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE In Search of Excellence
6521IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 1 [THE STORY OF LUCY] In Search of Human Origins, Part One [The Story of Lucy]
6522IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 2 [SURVIVING IN AFRICA] In Search of Human Origins, Part Two [Surviving in Africa]
6523IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 3 [THE CREATIVE REVOLUTION] In Search of Human Origins, Part Three [The Creative Revolution]
7497IN SEARCH OF JESSE JAMES In Search of Jesse James
5434IN SEARCH OF THE BOWHEAD WHALE In Search of the Bowhead Whale
7015IN SEARCH OF THE KINGDOM OF LOU-LAN* In Search of the Kingdom of Lou-lan*
1413IN SEARCH OF TOLERANCE In Search of Tolerance
1415IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD In the Best Interest of the Child
1416IN THE COMPANY OF MEN In the Company of Men
S1096In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (series)
7320IN THE HANDS OF THE RAVEN* In the Hands of the Raven*
5474IN THE LABYRINTH In the Labyrinth
6262IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS In the Land of the Giants
1417IN THE LAND OF THE WAR CANOES In the Land of the War Canoes
1418IN THE NAME OF ALLAH In the Name of Allah
5943IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS In the Name of Progress
1419IN THE PARK In the Park
5276IN THE SHADOW OF THE LAW In the Shadow of the Law
7070In the Womb In the Womb
5429IN THIS LIFE (1900-1979) In This Life (1900-1979)
6558IN WOMEN'S HANDS (CHILE) In Women's Hands (Chile)
7244INCA: SECRETS OF THE ANCESTORS Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors
7245INCAS REMEMBERED, THE Incas Remembered, The
1421INCAS, THE Incas, The
1423INCEST: THE VICTIM NOBODY BELIEVES Incest: The Victim Nobody Believes
1424INCIDENT AT BROWN'S FERRY Incident at Brown's Ferry
1425INCONSTANT AIR, THE Inconstant Air, The
1426INCREDIBLE SHREW, THE Incredible Shrew, The
7645INCREDIBLE SUCKERS Incredible Suckers
1427INDIA: ASIA'S NEW VOICE India: Asia's New Voice
7091India: Environment and Industry India: Environment and Industry
1428INDIA: WRITINGS IN THE SAND India: Writings in the Sand
6494INDIAN CHILDREN: BALANCING IDENTITIES WITHIN EDUCATION (TSIANINA LOMAWAIMA) Indian Children: Balancing Identities within Education (Tsianina Lomawaima)
1432INDIAN PILGRIMAGE: KASHI Indian Pilgrimage: Kashi
1433INDIAN PILGRIMAGE: RAMDEVRA Indian Pilgrimage: Ramdevra
1434INDIANS OF EARLY AMERICA Indians of Early America
5584INDIANS, OUTLAWS AND ANGIE DEBO Indians, Outlaws and Angie Debo
1436INDIRA GANDHI A HERITAGE OF POWER Indira Gandhi: A Heritage of Power
1435INDIRA GANDHI OF INDIA Indira Gandhi of India
1437INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES: INFANCY TO EARLY CHILDHOOD Individual Differences: Infancy to Early Childhood
1439INDOCHINA Indochina
1440INDOCHINESE REFUGEES Indochinese Refugees
S1046Industrial Japan Industrial Japan (series)
1443INERTIA Inertia
1445INFANCY Infancy
1446INFANCY (HR) Infancy (HR)
5014INFANT DEVELOPMENT Infant Development
5853INFANT DEVELOPMENT (J&J) Infant Development (J&J)
5899INFERENCE FOR ONE MEAN Inference for One Mean
5900INFERENCE FOR PROPORTIONS Inference for Proportions
5901INFERENCE FOR RELATIONSHIPS Inference for Relationships
5902INFERENCE FOR TWO-WAY TABLES Inference for Two-Way Tables
1448INFERENTIAL STATISTICS, PART 1: SAMPLING AND ESTIMATION SHAVES $122,000,000 Inferential Statistics, Part 1: Sampling and Estimation Shaves $122,000,000
1449INFERENTIAL STATISTICS, PART 2: HYPOTHESIS TESTING, RATS, ROBOTS AND ROLLER SKATES Inferential Statistics, Part 2: Hypothesis Testing, Rats, Robots and Roller Skates
7753INFINITE VARIETY [VHS]* Infinite Variety [VHS]*
1451INFINITE VARIETY, THE Infinite Variety, The
1452INFLATION FILE, THE Inflation File, The
5123INFLUENCE AND INTERESTS Influence and Interests
4797INFORMATION WHAT DO I KNOW? Information: What Do I Know?
1453INFORMATION MACHINE, THE Information Machine, The
1454INFORMATION PROCESSING Information Processing
5010INHERIT THE WIND* Inherit the Wind*
1457INHERITANCE Inheritance, The
1456INHERITANCE IN MAN Inheritance in Man
6382INITIATION KUT FOR A KOREAN SHAMAN, AN Initiation Kut for a Korean Shaman, An
1458INITIATION OF CONVECTION, THE Initiation of Convection, The
6828INNER CIRCLE, THE* Inner Circle, The*
1459INNER LIFE Inner Life
1460INNOCENT DOOR, THE Innocent Door, The
1462INPUT/OUTPUT STRUCTURE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMY Input/Output Structure of the American Economy
1463INQUIRER ROLE AND FUNCTION Inquirer Role and Function
1464INSECT ALTERNATIVE, THE Insect Alternative, The
1465INSECT PARASITISM: THE ALDER WOODWASP AND ITS ENEMIES Insect Parasitism: The Alder Woodwasp and Its Enemies
S1047Inside Gorbachev's USSR Inside Gorbachev's USSR (series)
5730INSIDE LIFE OUTSIDE* Inside Life Outside*
1467INSIDE LOOK AT COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, AN Inside Look at Collective Bargaining, An
1469INSIDE PASSAGE Inside Passage
1470INSIDE THE GOLDEN GATE Inside the Golden Gate
6433INSIDE VIEW TO JFK, AN (RICHARD REEVES) Inside View to JFK, An (Richard Reeves)
6042INSPIRING THE YOUNG (FREDERICK BERNTHAL) Inspiring the Young (Frederick Bernthal)
1471INSTINCTS OF AN INSECT Instincts of an Insect
1480INTELLIGENCE: A COMPLEX CONCEPT Intelligence: A Complex Concept
1484INTERACTING GALAXIES Interacting Galaxies
4885INTERACTIVE VIDEO: A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING Interactive Video: A New Technology for Education and Training
6524INTERNET ROADSIDE CAFE Internet Roadside Café
6982INTERNET ROADSIDE CAFE, #2: NEW COMMUNICATIONS AND THE INTERNET Internet Roadside Café, #2: New Communications and the Internet
6983INTERNET ROADSIDE CAFE, #3: PUBLISHING AND THE INTERNET Internet Roadside Café, #3: Publishing and the Internet
6984INTERNET ROADSIDE CAFE, #4: HISTORY OF THE INTERNET Internet Roadside Café, #4: History of the Internet
6985INTERNET ROADSIDE CAFE, #5: JOURNALISM AND THE INTERNET Internet Roadside Café, #5: Journalism and the Internet
1495INTERPERSONAL PROCESS RECALL Interpersonal Process Recall
1496INTERVENTION Intervention, The
6086INTERVENTION (PBS) Intervention (PBS)
7544INTOLERANCE (RESTORED EDITION)* Intolerance (Restored Edition)*
5101INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN DEAF CULTURE: RULES OF SOCIAL INTERACTION Introduction to American Deaf Culture: Rules of Social Interaction
5102INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN DEAF CULTURE: VALUES Introduction to American Deaf Culture: Values
5015INTRODUCTION TO CHIMPANZEE BEHAVIOR Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior
1506INTRODUCTION TO FEEDBACK Introduction to Feedback
4870INTRODUCTION TO MULTIVARIATE DATA ANALYSIS Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis
1508INTRODUCTION TO NOH PLAY Introduction to Noh Play
1510INTRODUCTION TO SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DISORDERS Introduction to Speech and Language Disorders
1513INTRODUCTION TO SYSTEMATIC LAYOUT PLANNING Introduction to Systematic Layout Planning
1514INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF FLUID MOTION Introduction to the Study of Fluid Motion
1515INTRODUCTION TO WORK SAMPLING Introduction to Work Sampling
1516INVASION OF THE LAND Invasion of the Land
7758INVASION OF THE LAND, THE [VHS]* Invasion of the Land, The [VHS]*
1517INVENTION IN DANCE Invention in Dance
1518INVESTIGATING REPORTS OF CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT Investigating Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect
6295INVESTIGATION OF ACTIVE TRANSPORT, AN Investigation of Active Transport, An
1521INVISIBLE BARRIER, THE Invisible Barrier, The
1522INVISIBLE UNIVERSE Invisible Universe
1523INVISIBLE WALLS Invisible Walls
1524INVITATION TO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Invitation to Social Psychology
1525IONIZATION ENERGY Ionization Energy
1527IRAN Iran
5780IRELAND'S OPPORTUNITY Ireland's Opportunity
1528IRISH CONVERSATIONS: CONOR CRUISE O'BRIEN Irish Conversations: Conor Cruise O'Brien
1529IRISH CONVERSATIONS: JUSTICE T. C. KINGSMILL MOORE Irish Conversations: Justice T. C. Kingsmill Moore
1530IRISH CONVERSATIONS: SENATOR MARY ROBINSON Irish Conversations: Senator Mary Robinson
1531IRISH CONVERSATIONS: WILLIAM CARDINAL CONWAY Irish Conversations: William Cardinal Conway
5944IRISH WAYS Irish Ways
1532IRON AGE Iron Age
1533IS IT ALWAYS RIGHT TO BE RIGHT? Is It Always Right to Be Right?
1535ISAMU NOGUCHI Isamu Noguchi
1536ISFAHAN OF SHAH 'ABBAS, THE Isfahan of Shah 'Abbas, The
1537ISHI IN TWO WORLDS Ishi in Two Worlds
1538ISLAM Islam
1540ISLAM THE PROPHET AND THE PEOPLE Islam: The Prophet and the People
1539ISLAM AND THE SCIENCES Islam and the Sciences
7689ISLAM: EMPIRE OF FAITH Islam: Empire of Faith
6314ISOLATION AND METABOLISM OF MITOCHONDRIA, THE Isolation and Metabolism of Mitochondria
1541ISOTHERMAL SECTIONS WITH SIMPLE TERNARY EUTECTIC Isothermal Sections with Simple Ternary Eutectic
1542ISOTHERMAL SECTIONS WITH SOLID SOLUTIONS Isothermal Sections with Solid Solutions
7174IT It*
1545IT HAPPENED ON YESLER'S HILL It Happened on Yesler's Hill
5945IT NEEDS POLITICAL DECISIONS It Needs Political Decisions
1548IVAN THE TERRIBLE (IVAN GROZNY), PART 1 Ivan the Terrible (Ivan Grozny), Part 1
1549IVAN THE TERRIBLE (IVAN GROZNY), PART 2 Ivan the Terrible (Ivan Grozny), Part 2
6716IVE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING* I've Heard the Mermaids Singing*
6885J. W. MORRICE* J. W. Morrice*
1550JACKSON POLLOCK Jackson Pollock
1551JACKSON'S CHAMELEON: LOCOMOTION AND PREY CAPTURE Jackson's Chameleon: Locomotion and Prey Capture
1552JACOB LAWRENCE: THE MAN AND HIS ART Jacob Lawrence: The Man and His Art
1553JACQUES LIPSCHITZ Jacques Lipschitz
7408Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal
6613JAMES BAY: THE WIND THAT KEEPS ON BLOWING* James Bay: The Wind that Keeps on Blowing*
7593JAMES C. CHRISTENSEN: SIX BIRD HUNTERS IN FULL CAMOUFLAGE James C. Christensen: Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage
1554JAMESTOWN STORY: IMPROVED HUMAN RELATIONS CAN CHANGE A COMMUNITY Jamestown Story: Improved Human Relations Can Change a Community
S1048Jane Goodall: Studies of the Chimpanzee Jane Goodall: Studies of the Chimpanzee (series)
1558JAPAN HARVESTING THE LAND AND SEA Japan: Harvesting the Land and Sea
1555JAPAN INC.: LESSONS FOR NORTH AMERICA? Japan Inc.: Lessons for North America?
1557JAPAN VS. U.S.A.--THE HIGH-TECH SHOOT-OUT Japan vs. U.S.A.--The High-Tech Shoot-Out
1564JAPANESE Japanese, The
5178JAPANESE AND AMERICAN APPROACHES TO INVENTIONS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS (MOKOTO KIKUCHI) Japanese and American Approaches to Inventions and Their Applications (Mokoto Kikuchi)
1559JAPANESE AND SAVINGS Japanese and Savings
1561JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY Japanese Calligraphy
4783JAPANESE INVESTMENT IN THE UNITED STATES (KOZO YAMAMURA) Japanese Investment in the United States (Kozo Yamamura)
1563JAPANESE RELOCATION Japanese Relocation
1565JASPER JOHNS Jasper Johns
7056Jaws* Jaws*
S1106Jazz A Film by Ken Burns Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns (series)
7601JAZZ AGE, THE* Jazz Age, The*
4896JAZZ GUITARIST, THE (A MAN AND HIS MUSIC) (LARRY CORYELL) Jazz Guitarist, The (A Man and His Music) (Larry Coryell)
5559JAZZ IMPROVISATION: THE BEST OF BOTH MINDS (DAVE BRUBECK/BILL SMITH) Jazz Improvisation: The Best of Both Minds (Dave Brubeck/Bill Smith)
7175JAZZ SINGER, THE* Jazz Singer, The*
6856JE ME SOUVIENS* Je Me Souviens*
6717JESUS DE MONTREAL* Jesus de Montreal*
1567JEWISH AMERICAN Jewish American
1568JHAOO CHOWDHARI: A TONGAWALLAH FROM DELHI Jhaoo Chowdhari: A Tongawallah from Delhi
1569JIM DINE Jim Dine
7255JIM DINE: A SELF-PORTRAIT ON THE WALLS Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls
1570JOB DISCRIMINATION: DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT . . . Job Discrimination: Doing Something about It . . .
5659JOB INTERVIEWING Job Interviewing
6718JOHN AND THE MISSUS* John and the Missus*
1571JOHN F. KENNEDY'S LAST WORDS TO LABOR John F. Kennedy's Last Words to Labor
4938JOHN NASH AND LONDON John Nash and London
7186JOHNNY GUITAR* Johnny Guitar*
1574JOHNNY LINGO Johnny Lingo
5979JOSEPH BRODSKY: A MADDENING SPACE Joseph Brodsky: A Maddening Space
1575JOURNALISM: MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WORLD Journalism: Mirror, Mirror on the World
1576JOURNEY INTO SELF Journey into Self
7747JOURNEY OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETE, THE* Journey of the African-American Athlete, The*
1577JOURNEY TO CHINALE Journey to Chinale
5364JOURNEY TO STRENGTH: A NATIVE CELEBRATION Journey to Strength: A Native Celebration
1578JOURNEY TO THE WEST Journey to the West
5258JOURNEY WITHOUT ARRIVAL (A PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW FROM NORTHROP FRYE) Journey without Arrival (A Personal Point of View from Northrop Frye)
1579JOYCE AT 34 Joyce at 34
5002JUD SUESS* Jud Suess*
5772JUDGING THE JUDGES (JEROME FARRIS) Judging the Judges (Jerome Farris)
7666JUDY BERLIN* Judy Berlin*
1580JUGGERNAUT: A FILM OF INDIA Juggernaut: A Film of India
1581JUL NORTHWEST Jul Northwest
4982JULIET OF THE SPIRITS* (GUILIETTA DEGLI SPIRITI) Juliet of the Spirits* (Guilietta degli Spiriti)
5280JULIO CORTAZAR: ENTREVISTA Julio Cortazar: Entrevista
7624JUNGLE CAT* Jungle Cat*
6471JUST BLACK? Just Black?
1582JUST ONE Just One
5172JUSTICE AND PROTECTING THE ORDINARY INVESTOR (RALPH K. WINTER, JR.) Justice and Protecting the Ordinary Investor (Ralph K. Winter, Jr.)
1583JUSTICE AND THE POOR Justice and the Poor
1584K.I.T.A., OR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME, LATELY? K.I.T.A., or What Have You Done for Me, Lately?
1585K.R..O. GERMANY 1947 K.R.O. Germany 1947
1586KABUKI NO HANASHI Kabuki No Hanashi
1587KACHO--A SECTION CHIEF AND HIS DAY Kacho--A Section Chief and His Day
7667KADOSH* Kadosh*
1588KAMABARA (THE SICKLE AND INJURED PRIDE) Kamabara (The Sickle and Injured Pride)
5323KANAL* Kanal*
7097Kant Kant
1589KARBA'S FIRST YEARS Karba's First Years
6857KASHTIN (TORNADO)* Kashtin (Tornado)*
1590KATHAKALI (DANCES OF INDIA) Kathakali (Dances of India)
1591KAWASAKI STEEL: OPENING UP NEW FRONTIERS IN STEEL Kawasaki Steel: Opening Up New Frontiers in Steel
1592KAWELKA, THE (ONGKA'S BIG MOKA)* Kawelka, The (Ongka's Big Moka)*
7828KAYAPO, THE* Kayapo, The*
6053KAYAPO: OUT OF THE FOREST* Kayapo: Out of the Forest*
1593KEEP REACHING: THE POWER OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS Keep Reaching: The Power of High Expectations
1594KENNEDY VS. KHRUSHCHEV Kennedy vs. Khrushchev
1595KENT STATE: MAY, 1970 Kent State: May, 1970
6054KENYA BORAN Kenya Boran
6055KENYA BORAN, PART 2 Kenya Boran, Part 2
6520KEVORKIAN FILE, THE Kevorkian File, The
6400KEYHOLE OF SPACE: IS ANYONE OUT THERE? (WOODRUFF SULLIVAN) Keyhole of Space: Is Anyone Out There? (Woodruff Sullivan)
1596KEYS OF PARADISE, THE Keys of Paradise, The
5781KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, THE (1974-80) Keys to the Kingdom, The (1974-80)
4511KHRUSHCHEV THE BEAR'S EMBRACE Khrushchev: The Bear's Embrace
1597KHRUSHCHEV AND THE THAW Khrushchev and the Thaw
6973KIDS AND TV (KATHARINE HEINTZ-KNOWLES) Kids and TV (Katharine Heintz-Knowles)
7050Kid's View of Canada, A* Kid's View of Canada, A*
7160KILLERS, THE/CRISS CROSS* Killers, The/Criss Cross*
7515KILLING COYOTE Killing Coyote
6466KILLING SCREENS, THE: MEDIA AND THE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE* Killing Screens, The: Media and the Culture of Violence*
1599KILLING US SOFTLY: ADVERTISING'S IMAGE OF WOMEN* Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women*
5904KING MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS King: Montgomery to Memphis
4566KING LEAR* King Lear*
1601KINGDOM COME SCHOOL, THE Kingdom Come School, The
1602KINGDOM OF BRONZE Kingdom of Bronze
1604KINGDOME, THE Kingdome, The
1605KINGSNAKE PREDATION ON RATTLESNAKES Kingsnake Predation on Rattlesnakes
7177KISS ME DEADLY* Kiss Me Deadly*
5162KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN* Kiss of the Spider Woman*
1606KLEE WYCK (THE STORY OF EMILY CARR) Klee Wyck (The Story of Emily Carr)
5467KLUANE Kluane
5905KNOWING NOSE, THE Knowing Nose, The
1607KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD Knowledge of the World
1608KNOWLEDGE OR CERTAINTY Knowledge or Certainty
1609KOESTLER ON CREATIVITY Koestler on Creativity
7139KONARAK: CHARIOT OF THE SUN* Konarak: Chariot of the Sun*
5660KOPJES: ISLANDS IN A SEA OF GRASS Kopjes: Islands in a Sea of Grass
1610KOREAN COURT MUSIC Korean Court Music
1612KOREAN FOLK DANCES Korean Folk Dances
1613KOREAN VOCAL MUSIC Korean Vocal Music
1614KREINIK FAMILY, THE; THE BOSWORTH FAMILY Kreinik Family, The; The Bosworth Family
1615KREMLIN Kremlin
1616KRYSTALLOS Krystallos
1617KUDZU Kudzu
5447KURELEK Kurelek
4983KWAIDAN* Kwaidan*
1619KWAKIUTL OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, THE (A DOCUMENTARY BY FRANZ BOAS) Kwakiutl of British Columbia, The (A Documentary by Franz Boas)
1620KYOCERA EXPERIMENT, THE Kyocera Experiment, The
5594L.B.J. GOES TO WAR (1964-1965) LBJ Goes to War (1964-1965)
1623LABYRINTHULA COENOCYSTIS (PROTOMYXIDEA) MOVEMENT AND ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION Labyrinthula Coenocystis (Protomyxidea) Movement and Asexual Reproduction
1624LADDER OF CREATION, THE Ladder of Creation, The
1625LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: MR. LEONARD COHEN Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Leonard Cohen
7673LADY EVE, THE* Lady Eve, The*
6043LAKE WOBEGONE'S FAVORITE SON (GARRISON KEILLOR) Lake Wobegone's Favorite Son (Garrison Keillor)
1626LAMENT OF THE RESERVATION Lament of the Reservation
1630LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 1: COLONIAL PERIOD TO 1805 Land of Liberty, Part 1: Colonial Period to 1805
1632LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 2: 1805-1860 Land of Liberty, Part 2: 1805-1860
1631LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 3: 1860-1890 Land of Liberty, Part 3: 1860-1890
1629LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 4: 1890-1938 Land of Liberty, Part 4: 1890-1938
1628LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 5: 1939-1958 Land of Liberty, Part 5: 1939-1958
6657LAND OF OUR CHILDREN* Land of Our Children*
7671LAND OF PROMISE, THE Land of Promise, The
1633LAND OF THE DANCING SHIVA Land of the Dancing Shiva
6424LAND OF THE DEMONS Land of the Demons
6201LAND WHERE THE BLUES BEGAN, THE Land Where the Blues Began, The
7539LANDMARKS OF EARLY FILM Landmarks of Early Film
5833LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE OF ROBERTO BURLE MARX, THE* Landscape Architecture of Roberto Burle Marx, The*
5615LANGUAGE Language
1635LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Language Development
7240LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT (FFH) Language Development (FFH)
1636LANGUAGE DISORDERS Language Disorders
6508LANGUAGE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE (STEVEN PINKER) Language Is the Universal Language (Steven Pinker)
1637LANGUAGE OF DANCE, THE Language of Dance, The
5018LANGUAGE SAYS IT ALL Language Says It All
1639LARWARI AND WALKARA Larwari and Walkara
1640LARYNX Larynx
1641LARYNX AND VOICE: FUNCTION OF THE NORMAL LARYNX Larynx and Voice: Function of the Normal Larynx
1642LARYNX AND VOICE: FUNCTION OF THE PATHOLOGIC LARYNX Larynx and Voice: Function of the Pathologic Larynx
1643LASCAUX: CRADLE OF MAN'S ART Lascaux: Cradle of Man's Art
6516LAST CRUSADE, THE Last Crusade, The
1644LAST GRAVE AT DIMBAZA Last Grave at Dimbaza
1645LAST LAUGH, THE (DER LETZTE MANN) Last Laugh, The (Der Letzte Mann)
1646LAST OF LIFE: AGING AS A NATURAL PROCESS Last of Life: Aging as a Natural Process
5661LAST REFLECTIONS ON A WAR: BERNARD FALL (1926-1967) Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1926-1967)
1647LAST RESORT, THE Last Resort, The
6639LAST SPIKE, THE* Last Spike, The
1648LAST TABOO, THE Last Taboo, The
6934LAST TANGO IN PARIS* Last Tango in Paris*
7397LAST TASMANIAN, THE (ANCESTORS) Last Tasmanian, The (Ancestors)
1649LAST TASMANIAN, THE (EXTINCTION) Last Tasmanian, The (Extinction)
6684LAST TRAIN ACROSS CANADA* Last Train across Canada*
1650LAST TRIBES OF MINDANAO, THE Last Tribes of Mindanao, The
7187LATE SPRING* (BANSHUN) Late Spring* (Banshun)
6485LATINOS: THE LIFE IN THE SPIRIT Latinos: The Life in the Spirit
1653LAVINE Lavine
1654LAW OF GRAVITATION, AN EXAMPLE OF PHYSICAL LAW Law of Gravitation, an Example of Physical Law
6805LAXWESA WA: STRENGTH OF THE RIVER* Laxwesa Wa: Strength of the River*
1656LEADERSHIP: STYLE OR CIRCUMSTANCE Leadership: Style or Circumstance
5754LEADING QUESTIONS Leading Questions
1657LEAF EATERS, THE Leaf Eaters, The
4559LEAKEY Leakey
7100Leap of Faith, A Leap of Faith, A
1658LEARNING Learning
1659LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR Learning and Behavior
5676LEARNING AND MEMORY Learning and Memory
7700LEARNING AND TEACHING EVOLUTION Learning and Teaching Evolution
6198LEARNING IN AMERICA: SCHOOLS THAT WORK Learning in America: Schools that Work
1661LEARNING THROUGH INQUIRY Learning Through Inquiry
6087LEARNING TO SAY NO Learning to Say No
4543LEARNING TO THINK LIKE A MANAGER Learning to Think Like a Manager
4541LEARNING WITH FILM AND VIDEO Learning with Film and Video
1664LEAVING HOME BLUES Leaving Home Blues
5834LEE IACOCCA Lee Iacocca
1665LEFT BRAIN, RIGHT BRAIN Left Brain, Right Brain
5603LEGACIES Legacies
6020LEGACIES OF THE SIXTIES Legacies of the Sixties
1666LEGACY FOR LIVING, A Legacy for Living, A
6858LEGISLATURE BUILDING . . . ALBERTA'S STORY, THE* Legislature Building . . . Alberta's Story, The*
7087Lempad of Bali Lempad of Bali
7530LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Lemurs of Madagascar
7403LEMUR'S TALE, A Lemur's Tale, A
1667LENIN Lenin
1669LENINGRAD Leningrad
1668LENIN'S REVOLUTION Lenin's Revolution
1670LEO TOLSTOY Leo Tolstoy
6719LEOLO (BECAUSE I DREAM)* Leolo (Because I Dream)*
7051Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada* Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada*
1671LEOPOLD SEDAR SENGHOR Leopold Sedar Senghor
1672LET US TEACH GUESSING Let Us Teach Guessing
6658LET'S GO BACK TO OUR LAND* (CHIIWAANAATIHTAAU CHITISCHIINUU) Let's Go Back to Our Land* (Chiiwaanaatihtaau Chitischiinuu)
5866LETTERS FROM AMERICA: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF O. E. ROLVAAG Letters from America: The Life and Times of O. E. Rolvaag
S1049Lewis Mumford on the City Lewis Mumford on the City (series)
6110LIBERALS: I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE (DAVID BARASH) Liberals: I Know You're Out There (David Barash)
1678LICHENS AND MOSSES Lichens and Mosses
7743LIEBE PERLA, Liebe Perla,*
1689LIFE PATENT PENDING Life: Patent Pending
7499LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKELBY, THE (PART 1)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby, The (Part 1)*
7500LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (Part 2)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 2)*
7501LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 3)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 3)*
7502LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 4)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 4)*
7503LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 5)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 5)*
7504LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 6)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 6)*
7505LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 7)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 7)*
7506LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 8)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 8)*
7507LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, THE (PART 9)* Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (Part 9)*
1679LIFE AND DEATH OF A CELL Life and Death of a Cell
1680LIFE AND LIBERTY . . . FOR ALL WHO BELIEVE Life and Liberty . . . For All Who Believe
5363LIFE AND TIMES OF THE VIEUX CARRE, THE Life and Times of the Vieux Carre, The
1681LIFE CYCLE OF A DIPHYLLOBROTHIUM LATUM Life Cycle of a Diphyllobrothium Latum
6296LIFE CYCLE OF FLAMMULINA VELUTIPES (AGARICALES) Life Cycle of Flammulina velutipes (Agaricales)
1682LIFE IN A TROPICAL FOREST Life in a Tropical Forest
5821LIFE IN THE BEAR, THE Life in the Bear, The
7764LIFE IN THE TREES, A [VHS]* Life In the Trees, A [VHS]*
1684LIFE IN THE TREES, A Life in the Trees, A
5297LIFE OF ADOLF HITLER, THE* (DAS LEBEN VON ADOLF HITLER) Life of Adolf Hitler, The* (Das Leben von Adolf Hitler)
S1117Life of Mammals, The Life of Mammals, The (series)
7789LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME FOUR -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Four -- The*
7786LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME ONE -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume One -- The*
7788LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME THREE -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Three -- The*
7787LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME TWO -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Two -- The*
1685LIFE OF THE MOLDS Life of the Molds
1686LIFE OF THE SOCKEYE SALMON Life of the Sockeye Salmon
S1050Life on Earth Life on Earth (series)
S1114Life On Earth [VHS] Life On Earth [VHS] (series)
6685LIFE WITHOUT FEAR* Life Without Fear*
1690LIFELINES: A CAREER PROFILE STUDY Lifelines: A Career Profile Study
5083LIFES FIRST FEELINGS Life's First Feelings
6263LIFES LESSONS Life's Lessons
6476LIFTING THE YOKE (UKRAINE) Lifting the Yoke (Ukraine)
1692LIGHT Light
1693LIGHT FANTASTICK, THE Light Fantastick, The
1695LIGHT OF THE 21ST CENTURY Light of the 21st Century
1699LIKE OTHER PEOPLE Like Other People
7485LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE* (COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE) Like Water for Chocolate* (Como agua para chocolate)
1700LIMITS TO GROWTH Limits to Growth
1703LINES VERTICAL Lines Vertical
1704LION HUNTERS, THE Lion Hunters, The
7618LION IN WINTER, THE* Lion in Winter, The*
1705LISTEN TO BRITAIN Listen to Britain
6935LITTLE BUDDHA* Little Buddha*
5450LITTLE MEN OF CHROMAGNON, THE (LES BIBITES DE CHROMAGNON) Little Men of Chromagnon, The (Les Bibites de Chromagnon)
1707LITTLE PHANTASY ON A 19TH CENTURY PAINTING, A Little Phantasy on a 19th Century Painting, A
5103LITTLE REBELLION NOW AND THEN, A (PROLOGUE TO THE CONSTITUTION) Little Rebellion Now and Then, A (Prologue to the Constitution)
6829LITTLE VERA* Little Vera*
1709LIVELY ART OF PICTURE BOOKS, THE Lively Art of Picture Books, The
4535LIVING Living
5004LIVING AFRICA: A VILLAGE EXPERIENCE Living Africa: A Village Experience
1710LIVING CELL, THE Living Cell, The
7620LIVING DESERT, THE* Living Desert, The*
6111LIVING FOSSILS: SURVIVING THROUGH TIME (PETER WARD) Living Fossils: Surviving through Time (Peter Ward)
5663LIVING HINDUISM Living Hinduism
7233LIVING IN RUSSIA TODAY Living in Russia Today
S1051Living Islam Living Islam (series)
1711LIVING OFF THE LAND Living Off the Land
1712LIVING SEDIMENTS: PRELUDE TO PALAEOECOLOGY Living Sediments: Prelude to Palaeoecology
1713LIVING SOBER: THE CLASS OF '76 Living Sober: The Class of '76
1714LIVING STONE, THE Living Stone, The
6217LIVING TOGETHER Living Together
1715LOAD ON TOP Load on Top
4948LOADED WEAPON, THE Loaded Weapon, The
5124LOBBYING CONGRESS Lobbying Congress
6383LOCOMOTION OF FOUR-FOOTED ANIMALS Locomotion of Four-Footed Animals
1717LONDON OF WILLIAM HOGARTH, THE London of William Hogarth, The
1718LONEDALE OPERATOR, THE* Lonedale Operator, The*
1719LONG CHILDHOOD, THE Long Childhood, The
7287LONG CHRISTMAS DINNER, THE* Long Christmas Dinner, The*
7118LONG PERSPECTIVE ON ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM, THE (HAZEL WOLFE) Long Perspective on Environmental Activism, The (Hazel Wolfe)
1720LONG STRAIGHT, THE Long Straight, The
1721LONG TIME TO GROW, PART 1 Long Time to Grow, Part 1
1723LONG TIME TO GROW, PART 2 Long Time to Grow, Part 2
1722LONG TIME TO GROW, PART 3 Long Time to Grow, Part 3
6806LONGEST BRIDGE* Longest Bridge*
5233LONGSHOREMEN AND AUTOMATION: THE CHANGING FACE OF THE WATERFRONT Longshoremen and Automation: The Changing Face of the Waterfront
1725LOOK BEFORE YOU EAT Look Before You Eat
6614LOOK TO THE NORTH, A: THE CANADIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM* Look to the North, A: The Canadian Health Care System*
5927LOOKING FOR PERESTROIKA Looking for Perestroika
1727LOOKING FOR RENAISSANCE ROME Looking for Renaissance Rome
1728LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY Looking for Yesterday
6698LOOKING TOWARD A BALANCE BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE (SHERRY TURKLE) Looking toward a Balance between the Past and the Future (Sherry Turkle)
5104LOOKING UP Looking Up
1730LOOSE BOLTS? Loose Bolts?
7258LORD OF ASIA* Lord of Asia*
S1120Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings, The (series)
7798LORD OF THE RINGS, THE -- PART ONE: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING* Lord of the Rings, The -- Part One: The Fellowship of the Ring*
7800LORD OF THE RINGS, THE -- PART THREE: THE RETURN OF THE KING* Lord of the Rings, The -- Part Three: The Return of the King*
7799LORD OF THE RINGS, THE -- PART TWO: THE TWO TOWERS* Lord of the Rings, The -- Part Two: The Two Towers*
7052Lord of the Sky* (Le Maitre du Ciel) Lord of the Sky*
1732LORDS OF THE AIR Lords of the Air
7760LORDS OF THE AIR [VHS]* Lords of the Air [VHS]*
7683LORENZO'S OIL* Lorenzo's Oil*
6175LORRAINE HANSBERRY: THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN THE CREATION OF DRAMA Lorraine Hansberry: The Black Experience in the Creation of Drama
6434LOSING THE FUTURE CURES (MARK PLOTKIN) Losing the Future Cures (Mark Plotkin)
6089LOSING THE WAR WITH JAPAN Losing the War with Japan
5810LOST ANGELES: THE STORY OF TENT CITY Lost Angeles: The Story of Tent City
4779LOST GENERATION, THE Lost Generation, The
5298LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM, THE* (DIE VERLORENE EHRE DER KATHARINA BLUM) Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, The* (Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum)
6572LOST ILLUSIONS* Lost Illusions*
6720LOST IN THE BARRENS* Lost in the Barrens*
7256LOST KINGDOMS OF THE MAYA Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
1733LOST TO THE REVOLUTION Lost to the Revolution
7668LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL Lost Tribes of Israel
1734LOST WORLD OF THE MAYA, THE Lost World of the Maya, The
1735LOT IN SODOM Lot in Sodom
1736LOTTERY, THE Lottery, The
6260LOUDER THAN WORDS Louder Than Words
1737LOUIS I. KAHN: ARCHITECT Louis I. Kahn: Architect
5413LOUISBOURG Louisbourg
5906LOUISE NEVELSON IN PROCESS Louise Nevelson in Process
1738LOUVRE: THE GOLDEN PRISON Louvre: The Golden Prison
6830LOVE AFFAIR: OR, THE CASE OF THE MISSING SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR* Love Affair: or, The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator*
1739LOVE IT LIKE A FOOL (A FILM ABOUT MALVINA REYNOLDS) Love It Like a Fool (A Film about Malvina Reynolds)
6261LOVE'S LABORS Love's Labors
5324LOVES OF A BLONDE* (LALASKY JEDNE PLAVOVLASKY) Loves of a Blonde* (Lalasky Jedne Plavovlasky)
1742LOWER THAN ANGELS Lower Than Angels
1741LOW-REYNOLDS-NUMBER FLOWS Low-Reynolds-Number Flows
1743LUBAVITCH Lubavitch
5990LUCIA* Lucia*
1745LUCY IN DISGUISE* Lucy in Disguise*
6031LUCY'S FAMILY (KEVIN O'FARRELL) Lucy's Family (Kevin O'Farrell)
6989LUDWIG II* Ludwig II*
7541LUMIERE BROTHERS, THE: FIRST FILMS Lumiere Brothers, The: First Films
7121LUNA PARK* Luna Park*
1748LUNGLESS SALAMANDERS, THE Lungless Salamanders, The
1749LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, THE Lymphatic System, The
7578M (REVISED EDITION) M (Revised Edition)
4966MACARIO* Macario*
5234MACBETH Macbeth
S1052Machine That Changed the World Machine That Changed the World (series)
4567MAD RIVER: HARD TIMES IN HUMBOLT COUNTY Mad River: Hard Times in Humbolt County
7514MADAGASCAR: A WORLD APART Madagascar: A World Apart
5868MADE FOR TV ELECTION, THE Made for TV Election, The
S1053Made in America? Made in America? (series)
5677MADNESS Madness
1752MADNESS AND MEDICINE Madness and Medicine
4984MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM* Maedchen in Uniform*
1753MAGANGA Maganga
6105MAGIC AND ILLUSION OF LIVE THEATER, THE (ROBERT DAHLSTROM) Magic and Illusion in Live Theater, The (Robert Dahlstrom)
7171MAGIC OF MELIES, THE Magic of Melies, The
1754MAGICAL DEATH Magical Death
1755MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS Magnetohydrodynamics
1757MAHARAJAS: IMPERIALISM BY CONSPIRACY Maharajas: Imperialism by Conspiracy
1758MAHATMA GANDHI: THE SILENT REVOLUTION Mahatma Gandhi: The Silent Revolution
5182MAINTAINING A HEALTHY URBAN AREA (HUBERT G. LOCKE) Maintaining a Healthy Urban Area (Hubert G. Locke)
1759MAITRES FOUS, LES Maitres Fous, Les
1760MAJESTIC CLOCKWORK, THE Majestic Clockwork, The
1761MAJOR RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Major Religions of the World
S1054Make Prayers to the Raven Make Prayers to the Raven (series)
1764MAKING A SERIGRAPH Making a Serigraph
1765MAKING A WORK SAMPLING STUDY Making a Work Sampling Study
1766MAKING HUMAN RESOURCES PRODUCTIVE Making Human Resources Productive
1767MAKING OF A DECISION, THE Making of a Decision, The
1768MAKING OF A DOCUMENTARY, THE Making of a Documentary, The
6143MAKING OF A PACKAGE DEAL, THE* Making of a Package Deal, The*
1772MAKING OF BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, THE Making of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The
1769MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1960, PART 1: THE BATTLE FOR THE NOMINATION Making of the President, 1960, Part 1: The Battle for the Nomination
1770MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1960, PART 2: THE BATTLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY Making of the President, 1960, Part 2: The Battle for the Presidency
1771MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1972 Making of the President, 1972
6090MAKING SENSE Making Sense
S1055Making Sense of the Sixties Making Sense of the Sixties (series)
6979MALTESE FALCON, THE* Maltese Falcon, The*
6062MAMA COCA Mama Coca
7138MAMALLAURAM: A RIDDLE IN THE SANDS* Mamallauram: A Riddle in the Sands*
1774MAMMALS OF THE SEA Mammals of the Sea
1785MAN ONE FAMILY Man--One Family
1786MAN THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS Man--The Measure of All Things
1776MAN AND NATURE Man and Nature
1777MAN BLONG CUSTOM Man Blong Custom
1778MAN CALLED ``BEE'' (STUDYING THE YANOMAMO) Man Called "Bee'' (Studying the Yanomamo)
7178MAN ESCAPED, A* (UN CONDAMNE A MORT S'EST ECHAPPE) Man Escaped, A* (Un Condamne a mort s'est echappe)
1779MAN HUNTERS, THE Man Hunters, The
5125MAN OF ARAN Man of Aran
6831MAN OF IRON* (CZEOWIEK Z IELAZA) Man of Iron* (Czeowiek z Ielaza)
6832MAN OF MARBLE* (CZEOWIEK Z MARMURU) Man of Marble* (Czeowiek z Marmuru)
7826MAN OF THE HOUR: BIBLE BILL ABERHART* Man of the Hour: Bible Bill Aberhart*
5854MAN WHEN HE'S A MAN, A* (EL HOMBRE, CUANDO ES HOMBRE) Man, When He's a Man, A* (El Hombre, Cuando Es Hombre)
5716MAN WHO PLANTED TREES, THE (L'HOMME QUI PLANTAIT DES ARBRES) Man Who Planted Trees, The (L'Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres)
7490MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA* (RESTORED VERSION) Man with the Movie Camera* (Restored Version)
6176MAN WITHOUT PIGS Man Without Pigs
4799MANAGEMENT WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Management: What Do I Do Next?
1788MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES Management by Objectives
4909MANAGEMENT OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH, THE (EDITH MARTIN) Management of Applied Technological Research, The (Edith Martin)
1789MANAGEMENT OF BREAST FEEDING Management of Breast Feeding
6236MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: JUGGLING MACHINES Management Science: Juggling Machines
6237MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: JUICY PROBLEMS Management Science: Juicy Problems
6233MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: OVERVIEW Management Science: Overview
6234MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: STREET SMARTS Management Science: Street Smarts
6235MANAGEMENT SCIENCE: TRAIN, PLANES, AND CRITICAL PATHS Management Science: Trains, Planes, and Critical Paths
1791MANAGING STRESS Managing Stress
4573MANAGING THE OVERSEAS ASSIGNMENT* Managing the Overseas Assignment*
6807MANITOBA FRANCAIS, LE (UNE FRANCOPHONIE AU COEUR DE L'AMERIQUE)* Manitoba Francais, Le (Une Francophonie au Coeur de l'Amerique)*
1792MANKIND AT THE TURNING POINT Mankind at the Turning Point
1793MANSON'S BLOOD FLUKE Manson's Blood Fluke
1794MANUFACTURE OF GLASS Manufacture of Glass
5235MANUFACTURING MIRACLES Manufacturing Miracles
6930MAO: LONG MARCH TO POWER* Mao: Long March to Power*
6721MAP OF THE HUMAN HEART* Map of the Human Heart*
6966MAPPING THE COSMOS (BRUCE MARGON) Mapping the Cosmos (Bruce Margon)
6640MAQUILADORA INDUSTRY IN BAJA CALIFORNIA, THE* Maquiladora Industry in Baja California, The*
1795MARBURY V. MADISON Marbury V. Madison
1796MARCEL DUCHAMP Marcel Duchamp
1797MARCH OF THE MOVIES, THE March of the Movies, The
6070MARCHING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION (WALTER WILLIAMS) Marching in the Wrong Direction (Walter Williams)
7095Marcuse and the Frankfurt School Marcuse and the Frankfurt School
7665MARGARET CHO: I'M THE ONE THAT I WANT* Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want*
5526MARGARET MEAD AND SAMOA Margaret Mead and Samoa
6722MARIA CHAPDELAINE* Maria Chapdelaine*
1799MARIMBA MUSIC OF MEXICO Marimba Music of Mexico
7012MARINA TSVETAYEVA* Marina Tsvetayeva*
1800MARINE ANIMALS OF THE OPEN COAST Marine Animals of the Open Coast
1801MARINE FLOWERS Marine Flowers
1802MARING IN MOTION Maring in Motion
5509MARIUS BARBEAU ET LE FOLKLORE CANADIEN-FRANCAIS Marius Barbeau et le Folklore Canadien-Francais
7288MARK OF ZORRO, THE* Mark of Zorro, The*
1803MARK TOBEY: ARTIST Mark Tobey: Artist
4611MARKET ECONOMY--STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (GARY BECKER) Market Economy--Strengths and Weaknesses (Gary Becker)
1804MARMES ARCHEOLOGICAL DIG Marmes Archeological Dig
1805MARMOTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Marmots of the Pacific Northwest
5369MARRIAGE AND THE LAW (THOMAS ANDREWS) Marriage and the Law (Thomas Andrews)
5299MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN, THE* (DIE EHE DER MARIA BRAUN) Marriage of Maria Braun, The* (Die Ehe der Maria Braun)
4536MARRYING Marrying
1806MARSH BLACKBIRDS Marsh Blackbirds
1807MARSHALL MCLUHAN: THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage
4753MARSHALL, TEXAS; MARSHALL, TEXAS Marshall, Texas; Marshall, Texas
1808MARSUPIALS, THE Marsupials, The
1809MARTIN LUTHER KING Martin Luther King
1810MARVA Marva
6056MASAI WOMEN Masai Women
5346MASKED MONKEYS Masked Monkeys
6877MASKS: THE ARTISTRY OF THE STRATFORD FESTIVAL* Masks: The Artistry of the Stratford Festival*
1811MASLOW AND SELF-ACTUALIZATION Maslow and Self-Actualization
4468MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAHJOUKA Master Musicians of Jahjouka
7612MASTERPIECE BY MIDNIGHT, A (1960 TO THE PRESENT) Masterpiece by Midnight, A (1960 to the Present)
6686MASTERS OF ANIMATION, VOL. 1: USA, CANADA* Masters of Animation, Vol. 1: USA, Canada*
7813MASTERS OF WAR/SHADOWS OF THE GREAT WAR* Masters of War/Shadows of the Great War*
1813MASTERY OF SPACE, THE Mastery of Space, The
1819MATJEMOSH Matjemosh
1820MATTER OF INDIFFERENCE, A Matter of Indifference, A
1822MATURING WOMAN, THE Maturing Woman, The
1823MAU MAU Mau Mau
5822MAUNA KEA: ON THE VERGE OF OTHER WORLDS Mauna Kea: On the Verge of Other Worlds
6109MAUS: A CANDLE OF MEMORY FOR THE DEAD (ART SPIEGELMAN) Maus: A Candle of Memory for the Dead (Art Spiegelman)
5980MAY I BE BLUNT (ROY BLOUNT) May I Be Blunt (Roy Blount)
5585MAYA: LORDS OF THE JUNGLE Maya: Lords of the Jungle
7243MAYA: THE BLOOD OF KINGS Maya: The Blood of Kings
7021MAYAKOVSKY: THE POETRY OF ACTION* Mayakovsky: The Poetry of Action*
1824MAZE, THE Maze, The
1825MCCULLOCH V. MARYLAND McCulloch V. Maryland
1826MEANINGFUL COMMUNICATION WITH OLDER ADULTS Meaningful Communication with Older Adults
1828MEASURE OF CHANGE, A Measure of Change, A
1829MEASURE OF UNDERSTANDING, A Measure of Understanding, A
1830MEAT FIGHT, THE Meat Fight, The
1831MECHANICS OF FLIGHT IN FLYING FOXES, THE Mechanics of Flight in Flying Foxes, The
1833MECHANISM OF MOISTURE MOVEMENT IN WOOD Mechanism of Moisture Movement in Wood
5793MEDIA SORTING OUT THE TRUTH (ISHMAEL REED) Media: Sorting Out the Truth (Ishmael Reed)
6615MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 1: ADVERTISING AND CONSUMERISM* Media & Society, Part 1: Advertising and Consumerism*
6616MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 2: IMAGES OF WOMEN* Media & Society, Part 2: Images of Women*
6617MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 3: CULTURAL SOVEREIGNTY; SHAPING INFORMATION* Media & Society, Part 3: Cultural Sovereignty; Shaping Information
7431MEDIA MANIPULATION: NEW GAME FOR BIG BUSINESS Media Manipulation: New Game for Big Business
4538MEDIATING Mediating
1836MEDICAL ASPECTS OF ALCOHOL, PART 1 Medical Aspects of Alcohol, Part 1
1837MEDICAL ASPECTS OF ALCOHOL, PART 2 Medical Aspects of Alcohol, Part 2
5773MEDICAL CARE: EMPHASIS ON THE PATIENT (SAMUEL O. THIER) Medical Care: Emphasis on the Patient (Samuel O. Thier)
5993MEDICAL ETHICS (ALBERT JONSEN) Medical Ethics (Albert Jonsen)
1843MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURE Medieval Architecture
1844MEDIEVAL VILLAGE Medieval Village
1845MEDITERRANEAN PROSPECT, THE Mediterranean Prospect, The
1847MEETINGS, BLOODY MEETINGS Meetings, Bloody Meetings
1848MEGALOPOLIS: CRADLE OF THE FUTURE Megalopolis: Cradle of the Future
1849MEIOSIS (HR) Meiosis (HR)
1851MEIOSIS (PHASE FILMS) Meiosis (Phase Films)
1852MEMORANDUM Memorandum
5279MEMORIAS DE UN MEXICANO Memorias de un Mexicano
6360MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT* (MEMORIAS DEL SUBDESARROLLO) Memories of Underdevelopment* (Memorias del Subdesarrollo)
1853MEMORY Memory
1854MEMORY FOR THE FUTURE, A Memory for the Future, A
1855MEN AT BAY Men at Bay
1856MEN'S DANCE Men's Dance
1857MEN'S LIVES* Men's Lives*
1859MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN GROWING UP: THE BROOKLANDS EXPERIMENT Mentally Handicapped Children Growing Up: The Brooklands Experiment
1861MESSAGE IN THE ROCKS Message in the Rocks
S1056Messengers from Moscow Messengers from Moscow (series)
1864METHODOLOGY: THE PSYCHOLOGIST AND THE EXPERIMENT Methodology: The Psychologist and the Experiment
1865METHODS AND INSTRUMENTS OF OCEANOGRAPHY Methods and Instruments of Oceanography
6502METHUSELAH OF MOTHERHOOD AND POLITICS, THE (LIZ CARPENTER) Methuselah of Motherhood and Politics, The (Liz Carpenter)
1866METROPOLIS Metropolis
1867MEXICAN CERAMICS Mexican Ceramics
1868MEXICAN-AMERICANS: THE INVISIBLE MINORITY Mexican-Americans: The Invisible Minority
6278MEXICANS: THROUGH THEIR EYES Mexicans: Through Their Eyes
6692MEXICO FOR SALE Mexico: For Sale
1869MEXICO THE FROZEN REVOLUTION Mexico: The Frozen Revolution
7242MEXICO THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AZTECS Mexico: "The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs"
7832MEXICO CITY: THE LARGEST CITY* Mexico City: The Largest City*
6021MI OTRO YO (MY OTHER SELF) Mi Otro Yo (My Other Self)
5277MI VIDA: THE THREE WORLDS OF MARIA GUTIERREZ Mi Vida: The Three Worlds of Maria Gutierrez
1870MIAO YEAR, THE Miao Year, The
1871MICHELANGELO: THE LAST GIANT Michelangelo: The Last Giant
1872MICRASTERIAS DENTICULATA (DESMIDIACEAE)--MORPHOGENESIS Micrasterias Denticulata (Desmidiaceae)--Morphogenesis
6435MIDDLE EAST MISPERCEPTION, THE (JOEL MIGDAL) Middle East Misperception, The (Joel Migdal)
1875MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A* Midsummer Night's Dream, A*
7230MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A* (1935) Midsummer Night's Dream, A* (1935)
S1057Mighty Continent: A View of Europe in the Twentieth Century Mighty Continent: A View of Europe in the Twentieth Century (series)
1877MIGRANT Migrant
6784MIGRANT'S HEART, A Migrant's Heart, A
6878MIKADO, THE* Mikado, The*
6144MILLAY AT STEEPLETOP* Millay at Steepletop*
1878MILLIKAN EXPERIMENT Millikan Experiment
1880MIME OF MARCEL MARCEAU, THE Mime of Marcel Marceau, The
1881MIND MACHINES, THE Mind Machines, The
1883MIND OVER BODY Mind Over Body
6455MIND, STRESS AND HEALING, THE (JON KABAT-ZINN) Mind, Stress and Healing, The (Jon Kabat-Zinn)
S1058Mind, The Mind, The (series)
7698MIND'S BIG BANG, THE Mind's Big Bang, The
7161MINDS OF MEN, THE Minds of Men, The
5459MINDSCAPE (LES PAYSAGISTE) Mindscape (Les Paysagiste)
1884MINING FOR NICKEL Mining for Nickel
7616MINING NICKEL* Mining Nickel*
1885MINISTER OF HATE Minister of Hate
4985MIRACLE, THE* (IL MIRACOLO) Miracle, The* (Il Miracolo)
6559MIRACLES ARE NOT ENOUGH (BRAZIL, NICARAGUA) Miracles Are Not Enough (Brazil, Nicaragua)
6602MIRROR, MIRROR Mirror, Mirror*
6477MIRROR, MIRROR (NORTHERN IRELAND) Mirror, Mirror (Northern Ireland)
6557MIRRORS OF THE HEART (BOLIVIA, HAITI, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) Mirrors of the Heart (Bolivia, Haiti, The Dominican Republic)
1887MISS GOODALL AND THE WILD CHIMPANZEES Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees
7417MISS JULIE (FROKEN JULIE)* Miss Julie (Froken Julie)*
7691MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE* Missiles of October, The*
1889MISSION TO YENAN Mission to Yenan
1890MISSIONS ABROAD Missions Abroad
4929MISSISSIPPI: IS THIS AMERICA? (1962-1964) Mississippi: Is This America? (1962-1964)
1891MISUNDERSTANDING CHINA Misunderstanding China
1892MITOSIS: KARYOKINESIS AND CYTOKINESIS IN ANIMAL AND PLANT CELLS Mitosis: Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis in Animal and Plant Cells
1893MOCKINGBIRD, THE Mockingbird, The
5907MODELS FOR GROWTH Models for Growth
6361MODERN AMERICAN FAMILY, THE (STEPHANIE COONTZ) Modern American Family, The (Stephanie Coontz)
1896MODERN BALLET Modern Ballet
5664MODERN BRIDES Modern Brides
7827MODERN MARVELS: THE ERIE CANAL* Modern Marvels: The Erie Canal*
6501MODERN PIONEER IN THE CHEROKEE NATION, A (WILMA MANKILLER) Modern Pioneer in the Cherokee Nation, A (Wilma Mankiller)
5800MODERN SCIENCE: LEADING US TO THE FUTURE (GERALD WASSERBERG) Modern Science: Leading Us to the Future (Gerald Wasserberg)
7062Modern Times* Modern Times*
1901MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Molecular Spectroscopy
5236MOLIERE: THE MISANTHROPE (THE COMEDY OF MANNERS) Moliere: The Misanthrope (The Comedy of Manners)
1902MOLLUSCS Molluscs
6345MOMENTS OF TRUTH (DERRICK A. BELL, JR.) Moments of Truth (Derrick A. Bell, Jr.)
7321MOMENTUM* Momentum*
6723MON ONCLE ANTOINE* Mon Oncle Antoine*
6592MON ONCLE D'AMERIQUE* (MY UNCLE FROM AMERICA) Mon Oncle d'Amerique * (My Uncle from America)
7582MONACO: KINGDOM OF GLAMOUR AND CHANCE/PALM BEACH: THE GOLD COAST Monaco: Kingdom of Glamour and Chance/Palm Beach: The Gold Coast
1903MONDAY MORNING ABSENTEE, THE Monday Morning Absentee, The
1904MONDRAGON EXPERIMENT, THE Mondragon Experiment, The
6297MONERA: BACTERIA AND CYANOBACTERIA, PART 1: CLASSIFICATION, STRUCTURE AND REPRODUCTION Monera: Bacteria and Cyanobacteria, Part 1: Classification, Structure and Reproduction
6298MONERA: BACTERIA AND CYANOBACTERIA, PART 2: NUTRITION AND RESPIRATION Monera: Bacteria and Cyanobacteria, Part 2: Nutrition and Respiration
7420MONIKA (SOMMAREN MED MONIKA )* Monika (Sommaren med Monkia)*
1906MONKEYS APES AND MAN Monkeys, Apes and Man
1905MONKEYS OF MYSORE, THE Monkeys of Mysore, The
1907MONTHLY ANCESTRAL OFFERINGS IN HINDUISM Monthly Ancestral Offerings in Hinduism
5908MONUMENT FOR A GORILLA Monument for a Gorilla
1909MORAL DEVELOPMENT Moral Development
1910MORAL JUDGMENT AND REASONING Moral Judgment and Reasoning
4562MORE BLOODY MEETINGS: THE HUMAN SIDE OF MEETINGS More Bloody Meetings: The Human Side of Meetings
5946MORE FOR LESS More for Less
4542MORE THAN A GUT FEELING More Than a Gut Feeling
1911MORE THAN BOWS AND ARROWS More Than Bows and Arrows
5545MORE THAN JUST A BUILDING (GRANT HILDEBRAND) More Than Just a Building (Grant Hildebrand)
5802MORE WE KNOW, THE MORE WE DON'T KNOW, THE (ROBERT REICHLER) More We Know, the More We Don't Know, The (Robert Reichler)
1913MORITSUNA JINYA (MORITSUNA'S CAMP) Moritsuna Jinya (Moritsuna's Camp)
1915MORPHOGENESIS AND ASEXUAL PROPAGATION IN THE SHELLED AMOEBAE (TESTACEA) Morphogenesis and Asexual Propagation in the Shelled Amoebae (Testacea)
1916MORPHOGENESIS IN THE MYXOBACTERIA: ARCHANGIUM, MYXOCOCCUS, CHONDROCOCCUS AND CHONDROMYCES Morphogenesis in the Myxobacteria: Archangium, Myxococcus, Chondrococcus and Chondromyces
1917MORPHOLOGY AND REPRODUCTION OF THE PHYTOMONADS Morphology and Reproduction of the Phytomonads
1918MORPHOLOGY OF THE RADIOLARIA Morphology of the Radiolaria
1921MOSCOW AND LENINGRAD Moscow and Leningrad
5362MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS* Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears*
7546MOTHER (MAT) (RESTORED EDITION)* Mother (Mat) (Restored Edition)*
4942MOTHER TONGUE Mother Tongue
1924MOTION PERCEPTION, I Motion Perception, I
1925MOTION PERCEPTION, II: 3-DIMENSIONAL MOTION PERCEPTION Motion Perception, II: 3-Dimensional Motion Perception
1926MOTION STUDY APPLICATIONS Motion Study Applications
4568MOTIVATION Motivation: The Classic Concepts
1927MOTIVATION THROUGH JOB ENRICHMENT Motivation Through Job Enrichment
5163MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGY FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING, A* Motivational Strategy for Language Learning, A*
1930MOUNTAIN GORILLA Mountain Gorilla
7655MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA/FILMING SECRETS Mountain in the Sea/Filming Secrets
1931MOUNTAIN MUSIC Mountain Music
5798MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF PERU Mountain Music of Peru
1932MOUNTAINS DON'T CARE Mountains Don't Care
1933MOVEMENT Movement
S1059Movement Style and Culture Movement Style and Culture (series)
1936MOVIE Movie, A
1935MOVIE STAR MICKEY* Movie Star Mickey*
S1095Movies Begin, The Movies Begin, The (series)
5717MOVING PICTURE BOYS IN THE GREAT WAR, THE Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, The
1938MOVING STILL Moving Still
1939MR. JUSTICE DOUGLAS Mr. Justice Douglas
1940MR. LUDWIG'S TROPICAL DREAMLAND Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland
1941MR. SHEPARD AND MR. MILNE Mr. Shepard and Mr. Milne
5500MR. SYMBOL MAN Mr. Symbol Man
1943MRS. REYNOLDS NEEDS A NURSE Mrs. Reynolds Needs a Nurse
4967MUERTO, EL* (THE DEAD MAN) Muerto, El* (The Dead Man)
1946MULGA SEED CEREMONY Mulga Seed Ceremony
6903MULTI-CULTURALISM: REDEFINING AMERICAN LIFE (JOHNELLA BUTLER) Multi-Culturalism: Redefining American Life (Johnella Butler)
5909MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA ANALYSIS Multidimensional Data Analysis
1947MULTIPLY AND SUBDUE THE EARTH Multiply and Subdue the Earth
7201MURDER, MONEY, AND MEXICO Murder, Money, and Mexico
1948MURSI, THE Mursi, The
4472MURUDRUNI Murudruni
7072Muscle and Bone Muscle and Bone
1950MUSCLE BEACH Muscle Beach
1951MUSCLE SPINDLE, THE Muscle Spindle, The
4943MUSE OF FIRE, A Muse of Fire, A
1952MUSEUM OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM Museum of the Solar System
6904MUSIC STUDYING AND LEARNING IN A NEW WAY (ROBIN MCCABE) Music: Studying and Learning in a New Way (Robin McCabe)
7014MUSIC FOR A NATION* Music for a Nation*
1964MUSIC OF THE SPHERES, THE Music of the Spheres, The
6509MUSICAL GEMINI, A: LIVING FIFTY YEARS OF JAZZ (BILL SMITH) Musical Gemini, A: Living Fifty Years of Jazz (Bill Smith)
6641MUSICAL MAGIC: GILBERT & SULLIVAN IN STRATFORD* Musical Magic: Gilbert & Sullivan in Stratford*
6642MUSIQUE FOLKLORIQUE, LA* Musique Folklorique, La*
1966MUSLIM SPAIN Muslim Spain
1967MUSSEL SPECIALIST, THE Mussel Specialist, The
7150MUTINY Mutiny
4947MUVVER TONGUE, THE Muvver Tongue, The
7663MY AMERICA (...OR HONK IF YOU LOVE BUDDHA) My America (...or honk if you love Buddha)
6724MY AMERICAN COUSIN* My American Cousin*
1968MY CHILDHOOD, PART 1: HUBERT HUMPHREY'S SOUTH DAKOTA My Childhood, Part 1: Hubert Humphrey's South Dakota
1969MY CHILDHOOD, PART 2: JAMES BALDWIN'S HARLEM My Childhood, Part 2: James Baldwin's Harlem
6595MY FIRST TIME* My First Time*
5237MY HANDS ARE THE TOOLS OF MY SOUL: ART AND POETRY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN My Hands Are the Tools of My Soul: Art and Poetry of the American Indian
7790MY JOURNEY, MY ISLAM* My Journey, My Islam*
6837MY PRAGUE SPRING* My Prague Spring*
1972MYOGLOBIN Myoglobin
5823MYSTERIES OF MANKIND Mysteries of Mankind
1974MYSTERY OF STONEHENGE, THE Mystery of Stonehenge, The
1975MYSTERY OF THE ANASAZI, THE Mystery of the Anasazi, The
5722MYSTERY OF THE LOST RED PAINT PEOPLE, THE Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People, The
5348MYSTERY OF THE MASTER BUILDERS, THE Mystery of the Master Builders, The
6687MYTH AND MEMORY TRANSFORMED* Myth and Memory Transformed
5994MYTH OF THE WEST (RICHARD WHITE/CHRIS BRUCE) Myth of the West (Richard White/Chris Bruce)
6197MYTHS AND MOUNDBUILDERS Myths and Moundbuilders
6931MZIMA: PORTRAIT OF A SPRING (EDITED VERSION)* Mzima: Portrait of a Spring (Edited Edition)*
1978N!AI, THE STORY OF A !KUNG WOMAN N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman
1981NAELGERIA GRUBERI (AMOEBINA) FEEDING AND ASEXUAL DIVISION Naelgeria Gruberi (Amoebina) Feeding and Asexual Division
1982NAMATJIRA, THE PAINTER Namatjira, the Painter
1983NANOOK OF THE NORTH Nanook of the North
5665NANOOK OF THE NORTH (RESTORED VERSION) Nanook of the North (Restored Version)
5782NATION OF LAW?, A (1968-71) Nation of Law?, A (1968-71)
7410NATION OR NOTION?* Nation or Notion?*
6475NATION RETURNS, A (GERMANY) Nation Returns, A (Germany)
5265NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS INVESTIGATION OF THE BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT, BUILDING COLLAPSE National Bureau of Standards Investigation of the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Building Collapse
S1060National Dream, The: Building the Impossible Railway National Dream, The: Building the Impossible Railway (series)
7048National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The* National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The*
6362NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL POLICY National Industrial Policy
1986NATIONAL SECURITY VERSUS INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS National Security Versus Individual Rights
7053Native Indian Folklore* Native Indian Folklore*
7054Native Legends* Native Legends*
5578NATURAL TIMBER COUNTRY Natural Timber Country
7412NATURALLY CLEVER* Naturally Clever*
S1128Nature Nature (series)
6659NATURE HAS NO BORDERS: A CASCADES INTERNATIONAL PARK* Nature Has No Borders: A Cascades International Park*
7322NATURE OF DAVID SUZUKI, THE* Nature of David Suzuki, The*
6585NATURE OF HUMAN NATURE, THE Nature of Human Nature, The
1990NATURE OF MENTAL RETARDATION Nature of Mental Retardation
1992NAVAJO THE FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL Navajo: The Fight for Survival
1991NAVAJO INDIAN Navajo Indian
4554NAVIGATORS, THE Navigators, The
6538NAZARIN* Nazarin*
1993NEED TO ACHIEVE, THE Need to Achieve, The
5210NEGOTIATING PROFITABLE SALES, PART 1: THE PREPARATION Negotiating Profitable Sales, Part 1: The Preparation
5211NEGOTIATING PROFITABLE SALES, PART 2: THE NEGOTIATION Negotiating Profitable Sales, Part 2: The Negotiation
5196NEGOTIATION: AN ART OR A SCIENCE (GEORGE SHULTZ) Negotiation: An Art or a Science (George Shultz)
6177NEGRO ENSEMBLE COMPANY, THE Negro Ensemble Company, The
1994NEGRO KINGDOMS OF AFRICA'S GOLDEN AGE Negro Kingdoms of Africa's Golden Age
7440NEIGHBORS AND STRANGERS* Neighbors and Strangers*
6375NERVES Nerves
1997NEUROTIC BEHAVIOR: A PSYCHODYNAMIC VIEW Neurotic Behavior: A Psychodynamic View
1998NEW AGE OF ARCHITECTURE New Age of Architecture
5501NEW BOYS, THE New Boys, The
6618NEW CHIMPANZEES, THE New Chimpanzees, The
2000NEW CHINA, THE New China, The
5199NEW ENGLAND AND NEW FRANCE (1497-1763) New England and New France (1497-1763)
5203NEW EQUATION: ANNEXATION AND RECIPROCITY (1840-1860) New Equation: Annexation and Reciprocity (1840-1860)
2002NEW ERA IN STEEL-MAKING, A New Era in Steel-Making, A
2005NEW FRONTIERS OF THE BRAIN New Frontiers of the Brain
6997NEW HENRY ART GALLERY, THE (SHERYL CONKELTON) New Henry Art Gallery, The (Sheryl Conkelton)
2006NEW HOPE FOR STUTTERERS New Hope for Stutterers
2007NEW IMAGES: ART IN CHANGING AFRICAN SOCIETY New Images: Art in Changing African Society
2009NEW LIFE OF SANDRA BLAIN, THE New Life of Sandra Blain, The
2010NEW LOOK AT LEEWENHOEK'S ``WEE BEASTIES,'' A New Look at Leewenhoek's "Wee Beasties,'' A
2011NEW LOOK AT MOTIVATION, A New Look at Motivation, A
2014NEW RUSSIA, THE New Russia, The
5811NEW SPACE RACE, THE New Space Race, The
2016NEW TRIBES MISSION New Tribes Mission
6643NEW WEST, THE* New West, The*
5380NEW YEAR FOR THE MIEN, A New Year for the Mien, A
2017NEW YORK HAT, THE* New York Hat, The*
7586NEW YORK: HIGH SOCIETY IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRAVEL/HOTEL CALIFORNIA: THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD/THE IMPERIAL HOTELS OF VIENNA New York: High Society in the Golden Age of Travel/Hotel California: The Golden Age of Hollywood/The Imperial Hotels of Vienna
2019NEW YUGOSLAVIA (YEAR THREE OF THE PLAN) New Yugoslavia (Year Three of the Plan)
2020NEWBORN: READY FOR LIFE Newborn: Ready for Life
7592NEWPORT MANSIONS Newport Mansions
5774NEWS ALL IN THE FAMILY (JUDY WOODRUFF/AL HUNT) News: All in the Family (Judy Woodruff/Al Hunt)
2021NEWS EVENTS OF 1940, INCLUDING THE TACOMA BRIDGE COLLAPSE News Events of 1940, Including the Tacoma Bridge Collapse
7435NEXT STOP: THE FUTURE* Next Stop: The Future*
4949NEXT YEAR'S WORDS: A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Next Year's Words: A Look into the Future
4613NICARAGUA--ONE SCHOLAR'S VIEW (RICHARD FAGEN) Nicaragua--One Scholar's View (Richard Fagen)
2022NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA, PART 1: PRELUDE TO REVOLUTION (1904--1905) Nicholas and Alexandra, Part 1: Prelude to Revolution (1904--1905)
2024NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA, PART 2: WAR AND THE FALL OF THE TZAR (1914--1917) Nicholas and Alexandra, Part 2: War and the Fall of the Tzar (1914--1917)
2023NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA, PART 3: THE BOLSHEVIK VICTORY (1917) Nicholas and Alexandra, Part 3: The Bolshevik Victory (1917)
7098Nietzsche Nietzsche
2025NIGHT AND FOG (NUIT ET BROUILLARD) Night and Fog (Nuit et Brouillard)
2026NIGHT AT THE PEKING OPERA, A Night at the Peking Opera, A
2027NIGHT MAIL Night Mail
6384NIGHT OF THE SPADEFOOT (SCAPHIOPUS) Night of the Spadefoot (Scaphiopus)
2028NIGHT OF THE SQUID Night of the Squid
6725NIGHT ZOO* (UN ZOO, LA NUIT) Night Zoo* (Un Zoo, la Nuit)
2029NIGHTMARE IN RED Nightmare in Red
5135NIGHTS OF CABIRIA* (LE NOTTE DE CABIRIA) Nights of Cabiria* (Le Notte de Cabiria)
2030NIHON NO BUYO Nihon No Buyo
7301NINETEEN FORTY FOUR: LIBERATION/1945: VICTORY* 1944: Liberation/1945: Victory*
7302NINETEEN FORTY TWO: THE END OF THE BEGINNING/1943: ALTON WAS A POET* 1942: The End of the Beginning/1943: Alton Was a Poet*
6936Nineteen Hundred 1900*
5281Nineteen Sixty-Eight: A Look for New Meanings 1968: A Look for New Meanings
7300NINETEEN THIRTY SIX--JUNE 1940: FOLLY/JUNE 1940--DECEMBER 1941: LIFELINE* 1936--June 1940: Folly/June 1940--December 1941: Lifeline*
2033NIXON: BROKEN PROMISES Nixon: Broken Promises
4484NO BETTER GIFT No Better Gift
4928NO EASY WALK (1962-1966) No Easy Walk (1962-1966)
5599NO NEUTRAL GROUND: CAMBODIA AND LAOS No Neutral Ground: Cambodia and Laos
S1097No Price Too High: Canadians in the Second World War No Price Too High: Canadians in the Second World War (series)
4475NO TIME FOR UGLINESS No Time for Ugliness
5442NO WAY HOME No Way Home
2038NOBODY EVER DIED OF OLD AGE Nobody Ever Died of Old Age
2039NOH NO HANASHI Noh No Hanashi
5855NOISE POLLUTION: TO HEAR A PIN DROP Noise Pollution: To Hear a Pin Drop
2040NOMAD AND CITY Nomad and City
2041NOMADS OF BADAKHSHAN, THE Nomads of Badakhshan, The
5238NOMADS OF THE RAINFOREST Nomads of the Rainforest
2042NONSWIMMING RESCUES Nonswimming Rescues
5910NORMAL CALCULATIONS Normal Calculations
5911NORMAL DISTRIBUTIONS Normal Distributions
7781NORMAN MC LAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION* Norman McLaren: The Collector's Edition*
5301NORTE, EL* (THE NORTH) Norte, El* (The North)
S1061North American Indian North American Indian (series)
6937NORTH BY NORTHWEST* North by Northwest*
2045NORTH FROM MEXICO North from Mexico
2046NORTH INDIAN VILLAGE North Indian Village
2047NORTH KOREA North Korea
7344NORTHERN IS . . . . * Northern Is . . . . *
2048NORTHWEST COAST INDIANS: A SEARCH FOR THE PAST Northwest Coast Indians: A Search for the Past
7825NORTH--WEST MOUNTED POLICE, THE: THE GREAT MARCH* North--West Mounted Police, The: The Great March*
5766NORTHWEST PLAN FOR THE FUTURE, A (DOUGLAS KELBAUGH) Northwest Plan for the Future, A (Douglas Kelbaugh)
2051NORTHWEST VISIONARIES Northwest Visionaries
2052NORTHWESTERN AMERICAN INDIAN WAR DANCE CONTEST Northwestern American Indian War Dance Contest
4614NORTHWEST'S FASTEST GROWING TRADING PARTNER--SOUTH KOREA (BRUCE CUMINGS) Northwest's Fastest Growing Trading Partner--South Korea (Bruce Cumings)
5302NOSFERATU* (NOSFERATU, EINE SYMPHONIE DES GRAUENS) Nosferatu* (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens)
7739NOSFERATU: PHANTOM DER NACHT* Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht*
5995NOT YOUR AVERAGE LAWYER (LOWELL HALVERSON) Not Your Average Lawyer (Lowell Halverson)
2055NOTES ON A TRIANGLE Notes on a Triangle
7055Nothing to Be Written Here* Nothing to Be Written Here*
7023NOTORIOUS* Notorious*
S1062Nova Nova (series)
7081Now Hear This Now Hear This
5947NOW OR NEVER Now or Never
2057NOW THE CHIPS ARE DOWN Now the Chips Are Down
2058NUCLEAR FILE, THE Nuclear File, The
5517NUCLEAR FUEL WASTE RESEARCH: THE CANADIAN PROGRAM Nuclear Fuel Waste Research: The Canadian Program
2060NUER, THE Nuer, The
7784NUEVA ESPANA, LA (THE NEW SPAIN) Nueva Espana, La (The New Spain)
5038NUIT DE VARENNES, LA* Nuit de Varennes, La*
5667NUMBER ONE AND NUMBER TWO (AKIO MORITA) Number One and Number Two (Akio Morita)
6644NUNAVUT: CHANGING THE MAP OF CANADA* Nunavut: Changing the Map of Canada*
2061NUREMBERG Nuremberg
2064NURSING: A SOCIAL POLICY STATEMENT Nursing: A Social Policy Statement
2065NUTRITIONAL MANAGEMENT OF HIGH-RISK PREGNANCIES Nutritional Management of High-Risk Pregnancies
2066NUTS AND BOLTS OF HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT, THE Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Management, The
4466OASIS OF THE SEA: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ARAB STATES OF THE GULF Oasis of the Sea: An Introduction to the Arab States of the Gulf
2068OBEDIENCE Obedience
2071OBSERVATORIES, THE Observatories, The
6001OBSERVER: REPORTING THE TRUTH (DANIEL SCHORR) Observer: Reporting the Truth (Daniel Schorr)
6426OBSIDIAN POINT MAKING: TOLOWA INDIANS Obsidian Point Making: Tolowa Indians
5425OCCUPATION (1939-1945) Occupation (1939-1945)
2072OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE, AN Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An
2073OCEAN CURRENTS Ocean Currents
2075OCEAN TIDES: BAY OF FUNDY Ocean Tides: Bay of Fundy
7720OCEAN WORLD/FROZEN SEAS Ocean World/Frozen Seas
2077OCEANOGRAPHY AND THE PUGET SOUND MODEL Oceanography and the Puget Sound Model
5282OCTAVIO PAZ: AN UNCOMMON POET Octavio Paz: An Uncommon Poet
2078OCTOBER October
7646OCTOPUS SHOW, THE Octopus Show, The
2079OCTOPUS: THE UNIQUE MOLLUSK Octopus: The Unique Mollusk
S1063Odyssey Odyssey (series)
5136OEDIPUS REX* Oedipus Rex*
6859OF FORESTS AND MEN* Of Forests and Men*
2083OF TIME AND PLACE: HISTORIC PRESERVATION IN WASHINGTON Of Time and Place: Historic Preservation in Washington
4965OFFICIAL STORY, THE* (LA HISTORIA OFICIAL) Official Story, The* (La Historia Oficial)
2084OFF-ON Off-On
5475OFFSHORE Offshore
4425OIL KINGDOMS, PART 1: KINGS AND PIRATES Oil Kingdoms, Part 1: Kings and Pirates
4424OIL KINGDOMS, PART 2: THE PETRODOLLAR COAST Oil Kingdoms, Part 2: The Petrodollar Coast
4426OIL KINGDOMS, PART 3: A SEA OF CONFLICT Oil Kingdoms, Part 3: A Sea of Conflict
2086OIL WEAPON, THE Oil Weapon, The
2089OLD ORDER AMISH Old Order Amish
6479OLD WAYS, NEW GAME Old Ways, New Game
4968OLVIDADOS, LOS* (THE YOUNG AND THE DAMNED) Olvidados, Los* (The Young and the Damned)
2091OLYMPIA (THE DIVING SEQUENCE) Olympia (The Diving Sequence)
4988OLYMPIA, PART 1: FESTIVAL OF THE PEOPLE* (OLYMPIA--FEST DER VOLKER) Olympia, Part 1: Festival of the People* (Olympia--Fest der Volker)
4989OLYMPIA, PART 2: FESTIVAL OF BEAUTY* (OLYMPIA--FEST DER SCHONHEIT) Olympia, Part 2: Festival of Beauty* (Olympia--Fest der Schonheit)
5460OLYMPIC COINS Olympic Coins
5039ON BECOMING A WOMAN: MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS TALKING TOGETHER On Becoming a Woman: Mothers and Daughters Talking Together
2092ON SEEING FILM On Seeing Film
6249ON SIZE AND SHAPE: HOW BIG IS TOO BIG On Size and Shape: How Big Is Too big
6250ON SIZE AND SHAPE: IT GROWS AND GROWS On Size and Shape: It Grows and Grows
6252ON SIZE AND SHAPE: IT STARTED IN GREECE On Size and Shape: It Started in Greece
6248ON SIZE AND SHAPE: OVERVIEW On Size and Shape: Overview
6251ON SIZE AND SHAPE: STAND-UP CONIC On Size and Shape: Stand-Up Conic
2093ON THE RUN On the Run
6363ON THE SURFACE On the Surface
6688ON TOP OF THE WORLD: CANADA* On Top of the World: Canada*
7103ONCE AND FUTURE NEWS, THE (VICTOR NAVASKY) Once and Future News, The (Victor Navasky)
5510ONCE UPON A PRIME TIME Once Upon a Prime Time
5422ONCE UPON A TIME (1900-1923) Once Upon a Time (1900-1923)
6838ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF IVAN DENISOVICH* One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich*
2096ONE MAN'S MULTINATIONAL One Man's Multinational
S1064One Village in China One Village in China (series)
2099ONE WEEK One Week
2100ONE WORD OF TRUTH One Word of Truth
5239ONEILL: LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (MODERN AMERICAN DRAMA) O'Neill: Long Day's Journey into Night (Modern American Drama)
2102ONE-TO-ONE NURSE-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP, THE One-to-One Nurse-Patient Relationship, The
2104ONLY ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY . . . FARMLANDS PRESERVATION IN WHITMAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON Only Essential Industry . . . Farmlands Preservation in Whitman County, Washington
5948ONLY ONE ATMOSPHERE Only One Atmosphere
6091ONLY RULE IS WIN, THE Only Rule Is Win, The
4991OPEN CITY* (ROMA, CITTA APERTA) Open City* (Roma, Citta Aperta)
7721OPEN OCEAN/THE DEEP Open Ocean/The Deep
2107OPERATION CROSSROADS (ABLE AND BAKER DAY TESTS) BIKINI ATOLL, SUMMER 1946 Operation Crossroads (Able and Baker Day Tests) Bikini Atoll, Summer 1946
2109OPUS 3 Opus 3
2112ORANGE AND THE GREEN, THE Orange and the Green, The
6839ORATORIO FOR PRAGUE* Oratorio for Prague*
7749ORDEAL BY FIRE* Ordeal By Fire*
2113ORDINARY PEOPLE: A FILM ON CHILD ABUSE Ordinary People: A Film on Child Abuse
4960ORGANIZATIONAL CLIMATE Organizational Climate
7068Oriane* Oriane*
2117ORIGIN OF LIFE Origin of Life
2119ORPHEUS Orpheus
2120OSCAR FOR SIGNOR ROSSI, AN Oscar for Signor Rossi, An
5679OTHER PEOPLE'S GARBAGE Other People's Garbage
2122OTHER WAY, THE Other Way, The
5736OUR CHANGING WORLD: THE AGE OF ANXIETY (ALVIN WEINBERG) Our Changing World: The Age of Anxiety (Alvin Weinberg)
2124OUR DYNAMIC EARTH Our Dynamic Earth
2125OUR HERITAGE, SERIES 1 Our Heritage, Series 1
2126OUR HERITAGE, SERIES 2 Our Heritage, Series 2
7605OUR LANGUAGE (1924-1929) Our Language (1924-1929)
2128OUR MR. SUN Our Mr. Sun
6645OUR NATURAL RESOURCE* Our Natural Resource*
6601OUT IN SUBURBIA* Out in Suburbia*
4770OUT OF THE DEPTHS: THE MINER'S STORY Out of the Depths: The Miner's Story
2129OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: THE ACQUISITION OF LANGUAGE Out of the Mouths of Babes: The Acquisition of Language
2130OUT OF THE SHADOWS Out of the Shadows
4801OUTCOMES: HOW DO I GET THERE? Outcomes: How Do I Get There?
6726OUTSIDE CHANCE OF MAXIMILIAN GLICK, THE* Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick, The*
7325OVER BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA (AN AERIAL ADVENTURE)* Over Beautiful British Columbia (An Aerial Adventure)*
6058OVERCOMING SUCCESS (ALEX HALEY) Overcoming Success (Alex Haley)
2132OVULATION AND EGG TRANSPORT IN MAMMALS Ovulation and Egg Transport in Mammals
6300OVULE AND EARLY ENDOSPERM DEVELOPMENT IN JASIONE MONTANA (CAMPANULACEAE) Ovule and Early Endosperm Development in Jasione montana (Campanulaceae)
5448OWL AND THE RAVEN, THE (AN ESKIMO LEGEND) Owl and the Raven, The (An Eskimo Legend)
5436OWL WHO MARRIED A GOOSE, THE (AN ESKIMO LEGEND) Owl Who Married a Goose, The (An Eskimo Legend)
7594OX, THE (OXEN)* Ox, The (Oxen)*
2133P.A.T.C.H. (POSITIVE APPROACH TO CHANGING HUMANS) P.A.T.C.H. (Positive Approach to Changing Humans)
6963P.D.Q. BACH SPEAKS (PETER SCHICKELE) PDQ Bach Speaks (Peter Schickele)
2135PACIFIC 231 Pacific 231
6401PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET: DANCE--10 (KENT STOWELL/FRANCIA RUSSELL) Pacific Northwest Ballet: Dance--10 (Kent Stowell/Francia Russell)
7009PACIFIC SALMON TREATY AT RISK, THE: CAN WE SAVE THE SALMON? Pacific Salmon Treaty at Risk, The: Can We Save the Salmon?*
6646PACIFIC SCANDAL, THE* Pacific Scandal, The*
5613PAIN AND HEALING Pain and Healing
2136PAIN AND ITS ALLEVIATION Pain and Its Alleviation
2137PAINTING WITH SAND: A NAVAJO CEREMONY Painting with Sand: A Navajo Ceremony
2139PALLADIO: THE ARCHITECT AND HIS INFLUENCE IN AMERICA Palladio: The Architect and His Influence in America
2140PALM PLAY Palm Play
6487PANAMA DECEPTION, THE Panama Deception, The
2142PAPER IN ART Paper in Art
6727PAPER WEDDING, THE* (LES NOCES DE PAPIER) Paper Wedding, The* (Les Noces de Papier)
6372PAPERBACK COMPUTER, THE Paperback Computer, The
4917PAPUA NEW GUINEA: ANTHROPOLOGY ON TRIAL Papua New Guinea: Anthropology on Trial
6514PARADISE LIES AT THE FEET OF THE MOTHER Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother
5494PARADOX OF NORVAL MORISSEAU, THE Paradox of Norval Morisseau, The
6456PARADOX, A PARADOX, AN ECONOMIC PARADOX, A (JOHN NAISBITT) Paradox, a Paradox, an Economic Paradox, A (John Naisbitt)
6301PARAMECIUM, THE Paramecium, The
2148PARENTING: GROWING WITH CHILDREN Parenting: Growing with Children
4937PARIS LIVING SPACE Paris: Living Space
5783PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 1 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 1
5784PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 2 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 2
5785PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 3 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 3
5240PARTISANS OF VILNA Partisans of Vilna
2151PASCO-KENNEWICK CABLE-STAYED BRIDGE, THE Pasco-Kennewick Cable-Stayed Bridge, The
5824PASSAGE OF GIFTS, THE Passage of Gifts, The
6059PASSAGE TO FAME (CHARLES JOHNSON) Passage to Fame (Charles Johnson)
2152PASSENGERS OR PARTNERS? Passengers or Partners?
5588PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE, A Passion for Excellence, A
7489PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC, THE* (RESTORED VERSION) Passion of Joan of Arc, The* (Restored Version)
6503PAST IS NOW, THE: GRANDCHILD OF A CONCUBINE (DENISE CHONG) Past Is Now, The: Grandchild of a Concubine (Denise Chong)
886PATAS MONKEY: ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR Patas Monkey: Ecology and Behavior
7702PATHFINDERS, THE* Pathfinder, The*
2156PATTERN OF BEAUTY Pattern of Beauty
2158PATTERNS FOR SURVIVAL Patterns for Survival
6205PATTERNS OF PAIN Patterns of Pain
5441PAUL KANE GOES WEST Paul Kane Goes West
2159PAUL TAYLOR AND COMPANY: AN ARTIST AND HIS WORK Paul Taylor and Company: An Artist and His Work
2160PAVLOV: THE CONDITIONED REFLEX Pavlov: The Conditioned Reflex
5547PAYING THE PRICE (G. ROSS HEATH) Paying the Price (G. Ross Heath)
5600PEACE IS AT HAND Peace Is at Hand
2161PEACOCK THRONE (DELHI - INDIA) Peacock Throne (Delhi - India)
2162PECULIAR PEOPLE, A Peculiar People, A
2163PEEGE Peege
6436PEERING INTO RELATIONSHIPS (PEPPER SCHWARTZ) Peering into Relationships (Pepper Schwartz)
2165PEN POINT PERCUSSION WITH LOOPS Pen Point Percussion with Loops
7251PENNIES FROM HEAVEN* Pennies from Heaven*
5476PENNY AND ANN Penny and Ann
2168PEOPLE OF THE BOOK People of the Book
6573PEOPLE OF THE KLAMATH: OF LAND AND LIFE* People of the Klamath: Of Land and Life*
5431PEOPLE OF THE SEAL: ESKIMO SUMMER People of the Seal: Eskimo Summer
5432PEOPLE OF THE SEAL: ESKIMO WINTER People of the Seal: Eskimo Winter
5563PEOPLE POWER People Power
6007PEOPLE POWER: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE People Power: The Philippine Experience
7636PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, THE* People vs. Larry Flynt, The*
2170PEOPLE'S CHARTER, THE People's Charter, The
2173PERCEPTION (ACC) Perception (ACC)
2174PERCEPTION (CRM) Perception (CRM)
2175PERCEPTION (MGH) Perception (MGH)
2177PERFECTLY NORMAL DAY, A* Perfectly Normal Day, A*
5870PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: MAKING THE PROCESS WORK Performance Appraisal: Making the Process Work
2178PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: THE HUMAN DYNAMICS Performance Appraisal: The Human Dynamics
5986PERFUMED NIGHTMARE* Perfumed Nightmare*
2179PERIODIC TABLE, THE Periodic Table, The
2180PERMAFROST FRONTIER* Permafrost Frontier*
7498PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OF JEAN-PAUL MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE ASYLUM OF CHARENTON UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE, THE* Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade, The*
2183PERSONA Persona
2185PERSONALITY1: EARLY CHILDHOOD Personality: Early Childhood
2186PERSONALITY2: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD Personality: Middle Childhood
2184PERSONALITY3: ADOLESCENCE Personality: Adolescence
2188PERUVIAN ARCHEOLOGY Peruvian Archeology
6693PEYOTE ROAD, THE: ANCIENT RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY CRISIS Peyote Road, The: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crisis
7680PHANTOM CHARIOT, THE (KORKARLEN) Phantom Chariot, The (Korkarlen)
S1065Phase Equilibria Phase Equilibria (series)
6504PHENOMENON OF BLACK ANTI-SEMITISM, THE (HUBERT LOCKE) Phenomenon of Black Anti-Semitism, The (Hubert Locke)
2195PHOEBE: A STORY OF A PREMARITAL PREGNANCY Phoebe: A Story of a Premarital Pregnancy
2196PHOTOGRAPHER Photographer
2197PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE CITY Photography and the City
6437PHOTOGRAPHY OF A VANISHING WORLD, THE (ART WOLFE) Photography of a Vanishing World, The (Art Wolfe)
2198PHOTOSYNTHESIS - OXYGEN PRODUCTION: FACTORS CHLOROPHYLL AND CO2 Photosynthesis - Oxygen Production: Factors Chlorophyll and Co2
2199PHOTOSYNTHESIS - OXYGEN PRODUCTION: LIGHT FACTOR Photosynthesis - Oxygen Production: Light Factor
2200PHOTOSYNTHESIS - PURPLE BACTERIA: PHOTOSYNTHESIS WITHOUT OXYGEN Photosynthesis - Purple Bacteria: Photosynthesis without Oxygen
2201PHOTOSYNTHESIS - STARCH FORMATION: FACTORS CHLOROPHYLL AND CO2 Photosynthesis - Starch Formation: Factors Chlorophyll and Co2
2202PHOTOSYNTHESIS - STARCH FORMATION: LIGHT FACTOR Photosynthesis - Starch Formation: Light Factor
2203PHYLA, THE Phyla, The
2205PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF POLYMERS Physical Chemistry of Polymers
2207PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Physical Development
2208PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS: COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Physical Diagnosis: Communicable Diseases
6369PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Physical Examination of the Musculoskeletal System
2213PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SPEECH: NORMAL SPEECH ARTICULATION Physiological Aspects of Speech: Normal Speech Articulation
2214PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SPEECH: SPEAKERS WITH CEREBRAL PALSY Physiological Aspects of Speech: Speakers with Cerebral Palsy
2215PHYSIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION IN THE RAT Physiology of Reproduction in the Rat
2216PIAGET ON PIAGET: THE EPISTEMOLOGY OF JEAN PIAGET Piaget on Piaget: The Epistemology of Jean Piaget
S1066Piaget's Developmental Theory Piaget's Developmental Theory (series)
2218PICASSO Picasso
6022PICKING UP THE PIECES Picking Up the Pieces
5019PICTURE BRIDES: LIVES OF HAWAII'S EARLY IMMIGRANT WOMEN FROM JAPAN, OKINAWA AND KOREA Picture Brides: Lives of Hawaii's Early Immigrant Women from Japan, Okinawa and Korea
2220PICTURES AND WORDS: WRITING FOR TELEVISION Pictures and Words: Writing for Television
5477PICTURES OUT OF MY LIFE (THE DRAWINGS AND RECOLLECTIONS OF PITSEOLAK) Pictures Out of My Life (The Drawings and Recollections of Pitseolak)
5912PICTURING DISTRIBUTIONS Picturing Distributions
2221PIEGANS: LORD OF THE PLAINS Piegans: Lord of the Plains
6150PIET MONDRIAAN: A FILM ESSAY* Piet Mondriaan: A Film Essay*
2222PILGRIMAGE TO A HINDU TEMPLE Pilgrimage to a Hindu Temple
2223PILIPINO IMMIGRANTS, THE Pilipino Immigrants, The
5021PINE NUTS Pine Nuts
6189PINK TRIANGLES: A STUDY OF PREJUDICE AGAINST LESBIANS AND GAY MEN (REVISED) Pink Triangles: A Study of Prejudice Against Lesbians and Gay Men (Revised)
4920PINKS AND THE BLUES, THE Pinks and the Blues, The
7815PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 1* Pioneer Quest, Tape 1*
7816PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 2* Pioneer Quest, Tape 2*
7817PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 3* Pioneer Quest, Tape 3*
7818PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 4* Pioneer Quest, Tape 4*
7819PIONEER QUEST, TAPE 5* Pioneer Quest, Tape 5*
S1125Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West Pioneer Quest: A Year In the Real West (series)
4946PIONEERS, O PIONEERS! Pioneers, O Pioneers!
5241PIRANDELLO: SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR (THEATRE OF THE ABSURD) Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author (Theatre of the Absurd)
6472PLACE OF RAGE, A* Place of Rage, A*
2224PLANETS, THE Planets, The
2226PLANKTON THE ENDLESS HARVEST Plankton: The Endless Harvest
4997PLANKTON AND THE OPEN SEA (SECOND EDITION) Plankton and the Open Sea (Second Edition)
6303PLANTS IN PERIL Plants in Peril
2228PLATE TECTONIC PROCESS Plate Tectonic Process
2229PLATO'S DRINKING PARTY Plato's Drinking Party
2230PLAY IS THE WORK OF YOUNG CHILDREN Play Is the Work of Young Children
5242PLAY THE LEGEND* Play the Legend*
7145PLAY TIME* Play Time*
7162PLAYER, THE* Player, The*
2231PLAYGROUND Playground
2233PLEA BARGAINING: AN AMERICAN WAY OF JUSTICE* Plea Bargaining: An American Way of Justice*
2234PLEASURE IS MUTUAL, THE Pleasure Is Mutual, The
2235PLEISTOCENE HISTORY OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Pleistocene History of the Pacific Northwest
2237PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS, THE Plow that Broke the Plains, The
5835PLUCKING AWAY (CHARLIE BYRD) Plucking Away (Charlie Byrd)
2238PLUTONIUM CONNECTION, THE Plutonium Connection, The
6078POCKET COMMUNITIES: THE NEW AMERICAN SUBURB (DOUGLAS KELBAUGH) Pocket Communities: The New American Suburb (Douglas Kelbaugh)
2240POCKET GOPHER: ADAPTATIONS FOR LIVING UNDERGROUND Pocket Gopher: Adaptations for Living Underground
7640POINT OF ORDER* Point of Order*
2241POISONED SEA, THE Poisoned Sea, The
2242POLAND AND THE SOVIET POWER Poland and the Soviet Power
2243POLAR ECOLOGY: PREDATOR AND PREY Polar Ecology: Predator and Prey
2244POLICE TAPES, THE Police Tapes, The
2245POLITENESS AND ENTHUSIASM Politeness and Enthusiasm
5148POLITICIANS AND TELEVISION: A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER? (PENN KIMBALL) Politicians and Television: A Change for the Better? (Penn Kimball)
6365POLITICS THE REAL STORY (TOM WICKER) Politics: The Real Story (Tom Wicker)
5797POLITICS AND A UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT (WILLIAM GERBERDING) Politics and a University President (William Gerberding)
5328POLITICS OF FOOD, THE* Politics of Food, The*
6660POLITICS OF TRUTH, THE* Politics of Truth, The*
2247POLLUTION IS A MATTER OF CHOICE Pollution Is a Matter of Choice
2250POOR PAY MORE, THE Poor Pay More, The
7839POPULATION AND WORLD RESOURCES* Population and World Resources*
6782POPULATION TRANSITION IN ITALY Population Transition in Italy
6661PORT AT A GLANCE* Port at a Glance*
6662PORT OF SEATTLE OVERVIEW* Port of Seattle Overview*
6860PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE Port Vancouver: Port of Choice*
6863PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (CHINESE VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Mandarin Version)
6861PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (FRENCH VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (French Version)
6862PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (JAPANESE VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Japanese Version)
6864PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (SPANISH VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Spanish Version)
2254PORTRAIT OF A COAST Portrait of a Coast
6364PORTRAIT OF AN ONNAGATA Portrait of an Onnagata
2255PORTRAIT OF GRANDPA DOC Portrait of Grandpa Doc
5846PORTRAIT OF TERESA* (RETRATO DE TERESA) Portrait of Teresa* (Retrato de Teresa)
5105PORTRAITS OF ANOREXIA Portraits of Anorexia
2257PORTS: THE PEOPLES' BUSINESS Ports: The Peoples' Business
2260POSSIBLY SO, PYTHAGORAS Possibly So, Pythagoras
6990POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, THE* (1946) Postman Always Rings Twice, The*
4764POST-WAR HOPES, COLD WAR FEARS Post-War Hopes, Cold War Fears
2262POTEMKIN (1950) (BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN) Potemkin (1950) (Bronenosets Potyomkin)
2263POTLATCH: A STRICT LAW BIDS US DANCE Potlatch: A Strict Law Bids Us Dance
2264POULETTE GRISE Poulette Grise
4319POVERTY TRAP, THE Poverty Trap, The
5786POWER Power! (1967-68)
7341POWER (THE JAMES BAY CREE VERSUS HYDRO-QUEBEC)* Power: The James Bay Cree versus Hydro-Quebec*
2265POWER AND CONFLICT IN THE ORGANIZATION: WE CAN WORK IT OUT Power and Conflict in the Organization: We Can Work It Out
5571POWER OF LISTENING, THE (SECOND EDITION) Power of Listening, The (Second Edition)
2267POWER OF POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, THE Power of Positive Reinforcement, The
2268POWER OF THE MARKET, THE Power of the Market, The
5126POWER OF THE PURSE Power of the Purse
2269POWER PINCH, THE (SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE) Power Pinch, The (Sexual Harassment in the Workplace)
2270POWER TO CHANGE, THE Power to Change, The
5127POWER TO IMPEACH, THE Power to Impeach, The
2271POWERS OF TEN (A ROUGH SKETCH) Powers of Ten (A Rough Sketch)
2272POWERS OF TEN (EAMES) Powers of Ten (Eames)
7780POWERS OF TEN [DVD]* Powers of Ten [DVD]*
2274PRAISE THE SEA Praise the Sea
2275PREDATORS, THE Predators, The
2276PREDATORY BEHAVIOR IN THE SHELL BORING SNAIL Predatory Behavior in the Shell Boring Snail
2277PREDATORY BEHAVIOR OF SNAKES Predatory Behavior of Snakes
2278PREDATORY BEHAVIOR OF THE GRASSHOPPER MOUSE Predatory Behavior of the Grasshopper Mouse
2280PREHISTORIC IMAGES: THE FIRST ART OF MAN Prehistoric Images: The First Art of Man
2282PREJUDICE CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES, CURES Prejudice: Causes, Consequences, Cures
2281PREJUDICE FILM, THE Prejudice Film, The
2283PRELUDE TO WAR Prelude to War
2284PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT Prenatal Development
2292PRESCHOOL EXPERIENCE: FOUR PROGRAMS Preschool Experience: Four Programs
6969PRESERVING AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP (GEORGIE ANNE GEYER) Preserving American Citizenship (Georgie Anne Geyer)
2294PRESIDENCY, THE Presidency, The
4762PRESIDENTS & POLITICS WITH RICHARD STROUT Presidents & Politics with Richard Strout
2295PRESSURE FIELDS AND FLUID ACCELERATION Pressure Fields and Fluid Acceleration
2296PREVENTING DELINQUENCY: THE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Preventing Delinquency: The Social Development Approach
2297PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF SPORTS INJURIES Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries
6530PRICE OF FREEDOM, THE Price of Freedom, The
S1102Primate Primate (series)
2301PRIMATE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Primate Growth and Development
7534PRIMATE PATTERNS II Primate Patterns II
7535PRIMATE/HUMAN INTERACTION Primate/Human Interaction
2302PRIMATES, THE Primates, The
2303PRIMITIVE MAN IN OUR WORLD--NEW GUINEA Primitive Man in Our World--New Guinea
7172PRIMITIVES AND PIONEERS* Primitives and Pioneers*
2304PRINCES AND PRELATES Princes and Prelates
5875PRINCESS OF THE POW WOW Princess of the Pow Wow
2306PRINCIPLES OF DEVELOPMENT Principles of Development
2307PRINCIPLES OF MOTION ECONOMY ILLUSTRATED BY HANDICAPPED HOMEMAKERS Principles of Motion Economy Illustrated by Handicapped Homemakers
6023PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY CONCRETE Principles of Quality Concrete
5606PRINCIPLES OF RESPIRATORY MECHANICS Principles of Respiratory Mechanics
6663PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY* Principles of Sustainable Forestry*
2311PRINTMAKER, THE Printmaker, The
2312PRIORY, THE ONLY HOME I'VE GOT Priory, the Only Home I've Got
6905PRISONS: A TIME FOR CHANGE (HANS TOCH) Prisons: A Time for Change (Hans Toch)
6071PRIVATE, PRIVATE EYE, A (HAL LIPSET) Private, Private Eye, A (Hal Lipset)
2313PROBABILITY AND UNCERTAINTY: THE QUANTUM MECHANICAL VIEW OF NATURE Probability and Uncertainty: The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature
2316PROBLEM Problem, The
2314PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES: THE SYNECTICS APPROACH Problem Solving Strategies: The Synectics Approach
2318PROCESS CHARTS Process Charts
2319PRODUCTION MANAGER, THE Production Manager, The
5573PRODUCTIVITY AND THE SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY: THE PYGMALION EFFECT (SECOND EDITION) Productivity and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Pygmalion Effect (Second Edition)
2322PROGRAM OF SONGS BY LIGHTNIN' SAM HOPKINS, A Program of Songs by Lightnin' Sam Hopkins, A
6699PROGRESS: WRITING ABOUT CULTURAL CHANGE (KAZUO ISHIGURO) Progress: Writing about Cultural Change (Kazuo Ishiguro)
4481PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF MOVEMENT ABILITIES IN CHILDREN, THE Progressive Development of Movement Abilities in Children, The
2324PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION TRAINING Progressive Relaxation Training
2325PROJECT APOLLO: MANNED FLIGHT TO THE MOON Project Apollo: Manned Flight to the Moon
2326PROJECT DEEP PROBE Project Deep Probe
5680PROLOGUE TO CHAUCER, A Prologue to Chaucer, A
7569PROMISED LAND, THE Promised Land, The
5787PROMISED LAND, THE (1967-68) Promised Land, The (1967-68)
6840PROMISED LAND, THE* (ZIEMIA OBIECANA) Promised Land, The* (Ziemia Obiecana)
7115PROPAGANDA ADAPTS TO CHANGING TIMES (ALEX EDELSTEIN) Propaganda Adapts to Changing Times (Alex Edelstein)
5478PROPAGANDA MESSAGE (MESSAGE DE PROPAGANDE) Propaganda Message (Message de Propagande)
4780PROPHECY Prophecy
6195PROSPECTING FOR PLANETS Prospecting for Planets
2332PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: AN EPIC ON THE CELLULAR LEVEL Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level
2333PROTEINS: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Proteins: Structure and Function
2335PROTEST AND REFORM Protest and Reform
2336PROTIST BEHAVIOR Protist Behavior
2337PROTIST ECOLOGY Protist Ecology
2338PROUD CITADEL Proud Citadel
2340PSYCHIATRIC INTERVIEW #18: EVALUATION FOR DIAGNOSIS* Psychiatric Interview #18: Evaluation for Diagnosis*
2341PSYCHIATRIC INTERVIEW #21: EVALUATION FOR DIAGNOSIS* Psychiatric Interview #21: Evaluation for Diagnosis*
2342PSYCHIATRIC NURSING: THE NURSE-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP Psychiatric Nursing: The Nurse-Patient Relationship
6849PSYCHO* Psycho*
6970PSYCHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION (MARTIN DALY/MARGO WILSON) Psychology and Evolution (Martin Daly/Margo Wilson)
2343PSYCHOTHERAPY Psychotherapy
2350PUBLIC Public: Patron of the Arts
6044PUBLIC ART (RICHARD ANDREWS) Public Art (Richard Andrews)
6072PUBLIC EDUCATION: SAVAGE INEQUALITIES (JONATHAN KOZOL) Public Education: Savage Inequalities (Jonathan Kozol)
7253PUBLIC ENEMY/LITTLE CAESAR* Public Enemy/Little Caesar*
S1067Public Mind: Image and Reality in America with Bill Moyers Public Mind: Image and Reality in America with Bill Moyers (series)
2351PUEBLO HERITAGE Pueblo Heritage
2352PUFFINS, PREDATORS AND PIRATES Puffins, Predators and Pirates
7298PUNITIVE DAMAGE Punitive Damage
2354PUNJABI VILLAGE Punjabi Village
2355PURSE, THE Purse, The
2356PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, THE Pursuit of Happiness, The
S1093Purva Uttara: Past Forward Purva Uttara: Past Forward (series)
5803PUTTING IT DOWN ON PAPER (MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN/DONALD GRAHAM) Putting It Down on Paper (Mortimer Zuckerman/Donald Graham)
6865QAQA VINIK (C'ETAIT UNE MONTAGNE)* Qaqa Vinik (C'etait une Montagne)*
7342QUEBEC AND ATLANTIC PROVINCES* Quebec & Atlantic Provinces*
7346QUEBEC SEPARATIST VOTE, THE* Quebec Separatist Vote, The*
6866QUEBEC1 MEANS BUSINESS* Quebec Means Business*
6867QUEBEC2 NORTH AMERICA AND MORE* Quebec, North America and More*
5480QUEBEC3 QUEBEC Quebec, Quebec
5405QUEBEC4 TRADITIONS IN ORGAN MUSIC Quebec Traditions in Organ Music
6868QUEBEC5S FORESTS IN A PERSPECTIVE OF SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT* Quebec's Forests in a Perspective of Sustained Development*
7323QUEBEC--CANADA* Quebec--Canada*
5468QUEBECOISE, LA Quebecoise, La
4477QUEST Quest
S1122Quest for the Bay Quest for the Bay (series)
7804QUEST FOR THE BAY, EPISODES ONE AND TWO* Quest for the Bay, Episodes One and Two*
7805QUEST FOR THE BAY, EPISODES THREE AND FOUR* Quest for the Bay, Episodes Three and Four*
7806QUEST FOR THE BAY: EPISODE FIVE* Quest for the Bay: Episode Five*
5913QUESTION OF CAUSATION, THE Question of Causation, The
7678QUESTION OF LOYALTIES, A* Question of Loyalties, A*
4752QUESTION OF SILENCE, A* Question of Silence, A*
2361QUIET ONE, THE Quiet One, The
5825QUIET RAGE: THE STANFORD PRISON STUDY Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Study
2362QUILLAYUTE STORY, THE Quillayute Story, The
2363QUILTING WOMEN Quilting Women
5682R. C. GORMAN R. C. Gorman
7662RABBIT IN THE MOON* Rabbit in the Moon*
7772RACE -- THE POWER OF AN ILLUSION Race -- The Power of an Illusion
6998RACE AND FEAR (TETSUDEN KASHIMA) Race and Fear (Tetsuden Kashima)
5349RACE FOR THE SUPERCONDUCTOR Race for the Superconductor
S1068Race to Save the Planet Race to Save the Planet (series)
6408RACIAL STRUCTURE: A TENSE TERRAIN (ANDREW HACKER) Racial Structure: A Tense Terrain (Andrew Hacker)
5949RACISM 101 Racism 101
2365RADHA'S DAY: HINDU FAMILY LIFE Radha's Day: Hindu Family Life
6348RADIATION FOG PROCESSES: A FIELD EXPERIMENT IN THE PO VALLEY Radiation Fog Processes: A Field Experiment in the Po Valley
2366RADICAL SEX STYLES* Radical Sex Styles*
2371RAGGED REVOLUTION, THE Ragged Revolution, The
6980RAGING BULL* Raging Bull*
2372RAIL Rail
2373RAILRODDER, THE Railrodder, The
6647RAILWAY GENERAL, THE* Railway General, The*
2374RAIN Rain
7289RAIN* (UA) Rain* (UA)
2375RANA Rana
5914RANDOM VARIABLES Random Variables
4990RASHOMON* Rashomon*
4460RASTAFARI VOICES Rastafari Voices
5153RATIONALITY: HUMANS AND COMPUTERS (HERBERT SIMON) Rationality: Humans and Computers (Herbert Simon)
2376RATMAN Ratman
5518RATOPOLIS Ratopolis
2377RAW FISH AND PICKLE Raw Fish and Pickle
4571REACH OUT FOR LIFE Reach Out for Life
7703REBELLION AND REFORM* Rebellion and Reform*
6775REBELLION IN PATAGONIA* (FILA PATAGONIA REBELDE) Rebellion in Patagonia* (La Patagonia Rebelde)
6776REBELLION IN PATAGONIA: A DISCUSSION WITH HECTOR OLIVERA* Rebellion in Patagonia: A Discussion with Hector Olivera*
2380REBUILDING OF A PORT, THE Rebuilding of a Port, The
2381RECIPE FOR RESULTS: MAKING MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES WORK Recipe for Results: Making Management by Objectives Work
2382RECKONING, THE Reckoning, The
5368RECKONING, THE (CBC) Reckoning, The (CBC)
S1069Reckoning: The Political Economy of Canada Reckoning: The Political Economy of Canada (series)
2383RECOGNITION OF RUSSIA: A CLIMATE OF MUTUAL MISTRUST Recognition of Russia: A Climate of Mutual Mistrust
6478RECONQUERING THE CONQUEST (QUEBEC) Reconquering the Conquest (Quebec)
6841RED AVIATOR, THE (PART ONE)* Red Aviator, The (Part One)*
2386RED BALLOON, THE Red Balloon, The
2387RED CHINA Red China
2388RED FLAG CANAL Red Flag Canal
5385RED FLAGS: WHAT EVERY MANAGER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT INTERNAL CRIME Red Flags: What Every Manager Should Know About Internal Crime
6842RED NAVY CHRONICLES* Red Navy Chronicles*
6025REDEFINING SUCCESS (BARBARA MACKOFF) Redefining Success (Barbara Mackoff)
2389REDESIGNING PARADISE Redesigning Paradise
6999REDISCOVERING JEWISH HERITAGE (JONATHAN KAUFMAN) Rediscovering Jewish Heritage (Jonathan Kaufman)
6967REDISCOVERING POPULAR HISTORY (GEOFFREY WARD) Rediscovering Popular History (Geoffrey Ward)
2390REEF AT MICHAELMAS CAY Reef at Michaelmas Cay
2391REEFER MADNESS Reefer Madness
4756REEL WORLD OF NEWS, THE Reel World of News, The
2392REFINERY PROCESSES Refinery Processes
2393REFLECTIONS Reflections
6448REFLECTIONS OF REAGAN IN HOLLYWOOD (SUSAN JEFFORDS) Reflections of Reagan in Hollywood (Susan Jeffords)
6778REFLECTIONS ON A GLOBAL SCREEN Reflections on a Global Screen
7000REFLECTIONS ON RACE (ELLIS COSE) Reflections on Race (Ellis Cose)
2394REFLECTIONS ON TIME Reflections on Time
2395REFLEX BEHAVIOR OF THE NEWBORN INFANT Reflex Behavior of the Newborn Infant
2397REGULATING BODY TEMPERATURE (SECOND EDITION) Regulating Body Temperature (Second Edition)
2398REINFORCEMENT THERAPY* Reinforcement Therapy*
6373RE-INVENTING JAPAN Re-Inventing Japan
7833REINVENTING THE CITY: NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES* Reinventing the City: New York and Los Angeles*
2399RELATION OF MATHEMATICS TO PHYSICS Relation of Mathematics to Physics
2400RELIGION IN RUSSIA Religion in Russia
2401REMARKABLE PHAGOCYTE, THE Remarkable Phagocyte, The
2402REMBRANDT VAN RIJN: A SELF-PORTRAIT Rembrandt Van Rijn: A Self-Portrait
2404REMEDY FOR RIOT Remedy for Riot
4529REMEMBERING Remembering
5950REMNANTS OF EDEN Remnants of Eden
6438REMODELING THE WORLD'S NEWSPAPERS (DOUG UNDERWOOD) Remodeling the World's Newspapers (Doug Underwood)
2408RENAISSANCE Renaissance: Its Beginnings in Italy
2406RENAISSANCE AND THE RESURRECTION, THE Renaissance and the Resurrection, The
2407RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE Renaissance Architecture
6441RENAISSANCE STAGE, THE (THE IDEA AND IMAGE OF ANTIQUITY) Renaissance Stage, The (The Idea and Image of Antiquity)
2409RENEWABLE TREE, THE Renewable Tree, The
2410REPLAY Replay
4589REPORT FROM RUSSIA Report from Russia
5340REPORTING ON THE TIMES (TOM WOLFE) Reporting on the Times (Tom Wolfe)
2412REPRODUCTION IN THE FORAMINIFERA Reproduction in the Foraminifera
2413REPRODUCTIVE AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOR IN BELDING'S GROUND SQUIRREL Reproductive and Social Behavior in Belding's Ground Squirrel
7568REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE, THE Republic of Virtue, The
2414REQUIEM FOR A FAITH Requiem for a Faith
5788REQUIEM FOR A KING Requiem for a King
2415RESCUE OF MR. RICHARDSON'S LAST STATION, THE Rescue of Mr. Richardson's Last Station, The
5278RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT--INTERACTIVE COMPUTER GRAPHICS FOR INTUITIONAL PROBLEM Research and Development--Interactive Computer Graphics for Intuitional Problem Solving
5737RESEARCH AND THE FUTURE (ERICH BLOCH) Research and the Future (Erich Bloch)
2416RESEARCH METHODS FOR STUDYING ANIMAL BEHAVIOR IN A ZOO SETTING Research Methods for Studying Animal Behavior in a Zoo Setting
2417RESPONSIBLE ASSERTION: A MODEL FOR PERSONAL GROWTH Responsible Assertion: A Model for Personal Growth
2418REST AND LEISURE IN THE U. S. S. R. Rest and Leisure in the U. S. S. R.
4803RESTATEMENT: HOW DO I SEE IT? Restatement: How Do I See It?
2419RESTLESS EARTH: EARTHQUAKES Restless Earth: Earthquakes
2420RESTLESS EARTH: EVIDENCE FROM ANCIENT LIFE Restless Earth: Evidence from Ancient Life
2421RESTLESS EARTH: GEOLOGY AND MAN Restless Earth: Geology and Man
2422RESTLESS EARTH: PLATE TECTONICS THEORY Restless Earth: Plate Tectonics Theory
6452RESTLESS PUMP, THE Restless Pump, The
2423RESTLESS SEA Restless Sea
5915RESTLESS SKY, THE Restless Sky, The
7771RESTORATIVE JUSTICE/VICTIM-OFFENDER MEDIATION* Restorative Justice/Victim-Offender Mediation*
7661RESTORING ALASKA: TEN YEARS IN THE WAKE OF EXXON VALDEZ Restoring Alaska: Ten Years in the Wake of Exxon Valdez
7807RE-TRIAL OF LOUIS RIEL, THE -- PART ONE: RE-TRIAL* Re-Trial of Louis Riel, The -- Part One: Re-Trial*
7808RE-TRIAL OF LOUIS RIEL, THE -- PART TWO: THE METIS* Re-Trial of Louis Riel, The -- Part Two: The Metis*
7060Return of the Jedi, The* Return of the Jedi, The*
6496RETURN OF TYRANNY, THE (DANIEL CHIROT) Return of Tyranny, The (Daniel Chirot)
2426RETURN TO BIKINI Return to Bikini
6880RETURN TO EAGLE ROCK: ROY HENRY VICKERS* Return to Eagle Rock: Roy Henry Vickers*
2427REVOLT IN HUNGARY Revolt in Hungary
2428REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA, 1917 Revolution in Russia, 1917
5034REWARD AND PUNISHMENT Reward and Punishment
2429REWARDS AND REINFORCEMENTS IN LEARNING Rewards and Reinforcements in Learning
2430RHEOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR OF FLUIDS Rheological Behavior of Fluids
2431RHESUS MONKEY INFANT'S FIRST FOUR MONTHS, A Rhesus Monkey Infant's First Four Months, A
2432RHESUS MONKEYS OF SANTIAGO ISLAND Rhesus Monkeys of Santiago Island
2433RHESUS PLAY Rhesus Play
2434RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT IN ART Rhythm and Movement in Art
2436RHYTHMIC MOTIONS OF GROWING PLANTS Rhythmic Motions of Growing Plants
5683RHYTHMS AND DRIVES Rhythms and Drives
7001RHYTHMS OF A CHANGING GLOBAL ECONOMY (WILLIAM GREIDER) Rhythms of a Changing Global Economy (William Greider)
2437RICH MAN MEDICINE, POOR MAN MEDICINE Rich Man Medicine, Poor Man Medicine
7690RICHARD BURTON'S HAMLET* Richard Burton's Hamlet*
5377RIDING THE TORNADO Riding the Tornado
6728RIEL* Riel*
2438RIGHT AND LEFT HAND CHARTS Right and Left Hand Charts
2439RIGHT FROM THE START Right from the Start
2440RIGHT TO DIE, THE Right to Die, The
4553RIGHT TO DIE, THE (CARLE) Right to Die, The (Carle)
S1070Ring of Fire Ring of Fire (series)
5243RING OF TRUTH, PART 1: LOOKING Ring of Truth, Part 1: Looking
5244RING OF TRUTH, PART 2: CHANGE Ring of Truth, Part 2: Change
5245RING OF TRUTH, PART 3: MAPPING Ring of Truth, Part 3: Mapping
5246RING OF TRUTH, PART 4: CLUES Ring of Truth, Part 4: Clues
5247RING OF TRUTH, PART 5: ATOMS Ring of Truth, Part 5: Atoms
5248RING OF TRUTH, PART 6: DOUBT Ring of Truth, Part 6: Doubt
2443RINK, THE Rink, The
5378RISE AND FALL OF AMERICAN BUSINESS CULTURE, THE Rise and Fall of American Business Culture, The
2444RISE AND FALL OF DDT, THE Rise and Fall of DDT, The
2445RISE AND FALL OF NAZI GERMANY, THE Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany, The
2446RISE AND FALL OF THE GREAT LAKES Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes
2447RISE OF GREEK ART, THE Rise of Greek Art, The
2448RISE OF ORGANIZED LABOR, THE Rise of Organized Labor, The
7761RISE OF THE MAMMALS, THE [VHS]* Rise of the Mammals, The [VHS]*
2449RISE OF THE MAMMALS, THE Rise of the Mammals, The
7610RISK (1945-1955) Risk (1945-1955)
2450RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME Ritual in Transfigured Time
2451RIVER River, The
6442RIVER PEOPLE: BEHIND THE CASE OF DAVID SOHAPPY River People: Behind the Case of David Sohappy
2452RIVERS OF TIME Rivers of Time
7637RKO 281* RKO 281*
7439ROAD TO BLOODY SUNDAY, THE (HOW THE TROUBLES IN NORTHERN IRELAND BEGAN)* Road to Bloody Sunday, The (How the Troubles in Northern Ireland Began)*
6473ROAD TO NOWHERE, THE (YUGOSLAVIA) Road to Nowhere, The (Yugoslavia)
6552ROAD TO THE FUTURE, THE Road to the Future, The
6808ROADKILL* Roadkill*
2454ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG Robert Rauschenberg
4482ROCK CYCLE, THE Rock Cycle, The
7110ROCK HISTORY, ROCK CULTURE (MIKAL GILMORE) Rock History, Rock Culture (Mikal Gilmore)
2455ROCK-A-BYE-BABY Rock-A-Bye-Baby
2456ROCKS THAT FORM ON THE EARTH'S SURFACE Rocks that Form on the Earth's Surface
2457ROCKS THAT ORIGINATE UNDERGROUND Rocks that Originate Underground
2458RODEO Rodeo
5366ROMAN VILLA AT MALIBU: A GUIDED TOUR WITH PROFESSOR BERNARD FRISCHER Roman Villa at Malibu: A Guided Tour with Professor Bernard Frischer
2464ROMAN WALL Roman Wall
2465ROMAN WORLD, THE Roman World, The
2467ROMANS, THE Romans, The
5250ROMANTIC HORIZON, THE* Romantic Horizon, The*
7239ROME AND POMPEII Rome and Pompeii
4936ROME IMPACT OF AN IDEA Rome: Impact of an Idea
7143ROME OF THE TROPICS: GOA* Rome of the Tropics: Goa*
7740ROMEO AND JULIET* Romeo and Juliet*
6607ROMPER STOMPER* Romper Stomper*
2468ROOM TO LEARN Room to Learn
2472ROOTS OF DISBELIEF, THE Roots of Disbelief, The
5591ROOTS OF WAR, THE Roots of War, The
6590ROSA LUXEMBURG* Rosa Luxemburg*
7252ROSEMARY'S BABY* Rosemary's Baby*
2475ROTATING FLOWS Rotating Flows
5303ROUTES OF EXILE: A MOROCCAN JEWISH ODYSSEY* Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey*
2476ROW! Row!
5128RULES AND NORMS Rules and Norms
2477RULES OF THE GAME (LE REGLE DU JEU) Rules of the Game (Le Regle du Jeu)
6032RUNNING FENCE Running Fence
2478RUNNING MY WAY Running My Way
2481RUSSIA: CZAR TO LENIN Russia: Czar to Lenin
2482RUSSIA: THE UNFINISHED REVOLUTION Russia: The Unfinished Revolution
2483RUSSIAN CONSUMER, THE Russian Consumer, The
2484RUSSIAN LUBOK Russian Lubok
2485RUSSIAN PEASANT, THE Russian Peasant, The
2486RUSSIANS: INSIGHTS THROUGH LITERATURE Russians: Insights Through Literature
2487RUSSIANS: PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE Russians: People of Influence
2488RUSSIANS: PEOPLE OF THE CITIES Russians: People of the Cities
2489RUSSIANS: PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY Russians: People of the Country
S1119Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge (series)
5505SABLE ISLAND Sable Island
6869SACRE DU PRINTEMPS, LE* Sacre du Printemps, Le*
6870SACRE DU PRINTEMPS, LE* (EXTRACT) Sacre du Printemps, Le* (Extract)
5325SACRIFICE, THE* Sacrifice, The*
2496SAFAVID IRAN Safavid Iran
7163SAFE* Safe*
2497SAINTS AND SPIRITS Saints and Spirits
2498SALAZAR FAMILY: A LOOK AT POVERTY Salazar Family: A Look at Poverty
7398SALEM WITCH TRIALS Salem Witch Trials
2499SALJUQS: THE FIRST TURKISH ERA Saljuqs: The First Turkish Era
2500SALMON RESEARCH: WATER POLLUTION Salmon Research: Water Pollution
5040SALT AND HYPERTENSION: HOW TO SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE Salt and Hypertension: How to Save Your Own Life
2502SALT MARSHES: BORDER BETWEEN SEA AND LAND Salt Marshes: Border between Sea and Land
5304SALT OF THE EARTH* Salt of the Earth*
6366SALTY SHORTS: VIDEOS WASHED IN BY THE TIDE Salty Shorts: Videos Washed in by the Tide
2503SAM MALOOF: WOODWORKER Sam Maloof: Woodworker
2505SAMPAN FAMILY Sampan Family
5916SAMPLE MEAN AND CONTROL CHARTS, THE Sample Mean and Control Charts, The
5917SAMPLES AND SURVEYS: SAMPLING AND SAMPLING DISTRIBUTIONS Samples and Surveys: Sampling and Sampling Distributions
5832SAMSARA Samsara
5684SAMUEL BECKETT: SILENCE TO SILENCE Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence
2506SAN ANDREAS FAULT, THE San Andreas Fault, The
7585SAN FRANCISCO: CITY OF SILVER & GOLD/THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICE San Francisco: City of Silver & Gold/The Romantic Palaces of Venice
2508SAN FRANCISCO1: THE CITY THAT WAITS TO DIE San Francisco: The City that Waits to Die
2507SAN FRANCISCO2, 1945: THE UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (APRIL 25-JUNE 26) San Francisco, 1945: The United Nations Conference on International Organization (April 25--June 26)
7137SANCHI: MONUMENT OF THE PEOPLE* Sanchi: Monument of the People*
2509SANDY AND MADELEINE'S FAMILY Sandy and Madeleine's Family
7192SANSHO THE BAILIFF* (SANSHO DAYU) Sansho the Bailiff* (Sansho Dayu)
7728SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, THE* (REKOPIS ZNALEZIONY W SARAGOSSIE) Saragossa Manuscript, The* (Rekopis Znaleziony w Saragossie)
5495SASKATCHEWAN LAND ALIVE Saskatchewan Land Alive
2511SATYAJIT RAY Satyajit Ray
2512SAUDI ARABIA TODAY Saudi Arabia Today
6609SAVAGE CHRISTMAS: HONG KONG 1941* Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941*
6906SAVANT (TEMPLE GRANDIN) Savant (Temple Grandin)
5951SAVE THE EARTH--FEED THE WORLD Save the Earth--Feed the World
2516SAY GOODBYE! Say Goodbye!
2518SCARED STRAIGHT Scared Straight
7183SCARLET EMPRESS, THE* Scarlet Empress, The*
6544SCHOOL COLORS School Colors
5685SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, A School for Scandal, A
6583SCHOOL-TO-WORK TRANSITIONS: LESSONS FROM THE STATES School-to-Work Transitions: Lessons from the States
5794SCIENCE AND EDUCATION (LAUREL WILKENING) Science and Education (Laurel Wilkening)
2522SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ART IN THE U. S. S. R. Science, Technology and Art in the U. S. S. R.
6927SCOTLAND: THE GENEROUS COUNTRY* Scotland: The Generous Country*
2523SCRAPBOOK EXPERIENCE: BUILDING A CHILD'S IDENTITY Scrapbook Experience: Building a Child's Identity
2524SCREAM FROM SILENCE, A Scream from Silence, A
6409SCULPTURE: GETTING RID OF THE SUPERFLUOUS (EVERETT DUPEN) Sculpture: Getting Rid of the Superfluous (Everett DuPen)
2527SEA Sea, The
2525SEA BEHIND THE DUNES, THE Sea Behind the Dunes, The
6648SEA OF MOUNTAINS, THE* Sea of Mountains, The*
2528SEA, WIND AND SUN Sea, Wind and Sun
2529SEAN O'CASEY Sean O'Casey
7013SEARCH FOR A VOICE, THE* Search for a Voice, The*
2530SEARCH FOR FOSSIL MAN, THE Search for Fossil Man, The
2531SEARCH FOR LIFE, THE Search for Life, The
5609SEARCH FOR MIND, THE (PBS) Search for Mind, The (PBS)
6506SEARCH FOR THE EMBRYO UNIVERSE, THE (GEORGE SMOOT) Search for the Embryo Universe, The (George Smoot)
6553SEARCH FOR THE FIRST AMERICANS Search for the First Americans, The
2533SEARCH FOR THE GREAT APES Search for the Great Apes
5481SEARCH INTO WHITE SPACE Search into White Space
6191SEARCHING FOR BLACK HOLES Searching for Black Holes
5726SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Sears Roebuck and Company
7767SEASONAL SEAS/CORAL SEAS* Seasonal Seas/Coral Seas*
5587SEASONS OF A NAVAJO Seasons of a Navajo
2536SEAWEEDS Seaweeds
4759SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART 1 Second American Revolution, Part 1
4760SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART 2 Second American Revolution, Part 2
5207SECOND TRANSCONTINENTAL NATION, A (1872) Second Transcontinental Nation, A (1872)
5286SECRET GOVERNMENT: THE CONSTITUTION IN CRISIS* Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis*
S1071Secret Intelligence Secret Intelligence (series)
7484SECRET LIFE OF GEISHA, THE Secret Life of Geisha, The
6843SECRET LIFE OF SERGEI EISENSTEIN, THE* Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, The*
2538SECRET LOVE OF SANDRA BLAIN, THE Secret Love of Sandra Blain, The
7613SECRET OF THE WILD CHILD Secret of the Wild Child
7622SECRETS OF LIFE* Secrets of Life*
2539SECRETS OF SLEEP Secrets of Sleep
S1109Secrets of the Ocean Realm Secrets of the Ocean Realm (series)
5686SECTARIAN HINDUISM: LORD SIVA AND HIS WORSHIP Sectarian Hinduism: Lord Siva and His Worship
5687SECTARIAN HINDUISM: LORD VISHNU AND HIS WORSHIP Sectarian Hinduism: Lord Vishnu and His Worship
6156SECURITY COUNCIL* Security Council*
6073SEDUCTION OF THE DARK ROOM, THE (ANNIE LIEBOVITZ) Seduction of the Dark Room, The (Annie Liebovitz)
2542SEE NO EVIL: DEPENDENCY IN A LATE-LIFE RELATIONSHIP See No Evil: Dependency in a Late-Life Relationship
4547SEE WHAT I SAY (HOLLY NEAR'S CONCERT REACHES OUT TO THE DEAF) See What I Say (Holly Near's Concert Reaches Out to the Deaf)
2543SEED DISPERSAL Seed Dispersal
2544SEEDS OF REVOLUTION, THE Seeds of Revolution, The
6026SEEDS OF THE SIXTIES Seeds of the Sixties
4563SEEDS OF TOMORROW Seeds of Tomorrow
6092SEEING SENSE Seeing Sense
6060SEEING VOICES (OLIVER SACKS) Seeing Voices (Oliver Sacks)
2545SEEKING NEW LAWS Seeking New Laws
2546SEEKING THE FIRST AMERICANS Seeking the First Americans
2547SEGMENTED INVERTEBRATES, THE Segmented Invertebrates, The
2548SEGREGATION IN SCHOOLS Segregation in Schools
2549SEIFRITZ ON PROTOPLASM Seifritz on Protoplasm
6282SELF-ESTEEM AND REVOLUTION (GLORIA STEINEM) Self-Esteem and Revolution (Gloria Steinem)
2551SELF-PRESERVATION IN AN ATOMIC BOMB ATTACK Self-Preservation in an Atomic Bomb Attack
2554SEMINOLES OF THE EVERGLADES Seminoles of the Everglades
5513SENSE OF HUMUS, A Sense of Humus, A
2555SENSE OF THE OTHER, A Sense of the Other, A
6093SENSE OF TIMING Sense of Timing
2556SENSORY WORLD Sensory World
2557SENTINELS OF SILENCE Sentinels of Silence
2562SEVEN DAYS TO REMEMBER Seven Days to Remember
2564SEVEN MINUTE LESSON: ACTING AS A SIGHTED GUIDE Seven Minute Lesson: Acting as a Sighted Guide
7126SEVEN SAMURAI* (SHICHININ NO SAMURAI) Seven Samurai* (Shichinin no Samurai )
4992SEVEN SAMURAI* (SHICHININ NO SAMURAI) Seven Samurai* (Shichinin No Samurai)
5688Seventeen 1789
7079Sex Sex
7732SEX: UNKNOWN Sex: Unknown
6729SEXE DES ETOILES, LE* (SEX OF THE STARS) Sexe des Etoiles, Le* (Sex of the Stars)
2566SEXES: ROLES Sexes: Roles
2567SEXES: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Sexes: What's the Difference?
4467SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLORAL KIND Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind
5137SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLORAL KIND (PBS NATURE VIDEO) Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind (PBS Nature Video)
2572SEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN FERNS (PTERIDUM AQUILINUM, ANEMIA PHYLLITIDIS) Sexual Reproduction in Ferns (Pteridum Aquilinum, Anemia Phyllitidis)
2573SEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN THE DIATOM STEPHANOPYXIS TURRIS (CENTRALES) Sexual Reproduction in the Diatom Stephanopyxis Turris (Centrales)
6165SEXUAL SURVIVAL* Sexual Survival*
7063Shadow of a Doubt* Shadow of a Doubt*
2576SHADOW OF GOD ON EARTH, THE Shadow of God on Earth, The
6730SHADOW OF THE WOLF* Shadow of the Wolf*
6178SHADOW ON THE CROSS Shadow on the Cross
4892SHADOWS OF TURKEY/THE WITCHES Shadows of Turkey/The Witches
7488SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE Shakespeare's Globe
2577SHAKESPEARE'S THEATRE: AS SHOWN IN THE PROLOGUE TO SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER'S HENRY V Shakespeare's Theatre: As Shown in the Prologue to Sir Laurence Olivier's Henry V
4498SHALE OIL: AN ENVIRONMENTAL DIALOGUE Shale Oil: An Environmental Dialogue
2578SHAME Shame
2580SHANGHAI: THE NEW CHINA Shanghai: The New China
2583SHAPED BY DANISH HANDS Shaped by Danish Hands
2584SHAPES AND POLARITIES OF THE MOLECULES Shapes and Polarities of the Molecules
6665SHAPING REALITY* Shaping Reality*
5918SHARING IS UNITY (USHIRIKA NI UMOJA)* Sharing Is Unity (Ushirika Ni Umoja)*
4955SHARING LEGENDS AT UPPER SKAGIT Sharing Legends at Upper Skagit
7649SHARK ENCOUNTERS Shark Encounters
5379SHIFT CHANGE Shift Change
7127SHINING, THE* Shining, The*
2588SHIPPING: JAPAN'S LIFELINE Shipping: Japan's Lifeline
6577SHOAH, PART 1* Shoah, Part One*
6578SHOAH, PART 2* Shoah, Part Two*
6579SHOAH, PART 3* Shoah, Part Three*
6580SHOAH, PART 4* Shoah, Part Four*
6581SHOAH, PART 5* Shoah, Part Five*
5351SHOP ON MAIN STREET, THE* (OBCHOD NO KORZE) Shop on Main Street, The* (Obchod No Korze)
6691SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, A* Short Film Festival, A*
7577SHOW ME LOVE* (FUCKING AMAL) Show Me Love* (Fucking Amal)
5562SHOWCASE OF DEMOCRACY Showcase of Democracy
5336SHOWDOWN ON TOBACCO ROAD Showdown on Tobacco Road
2592SIBERIA: RUSSIA'S FRONTIER Siberia: Russia's Frontier
5856SIBERIAN RICHES Siberian Riches
2595SIBLING RIVALRIES AND PARENTS Sibling Rivalries and Parents
2596SIEGFRIED Siegfried
7531SIFAKAS OF MADAGASCAR Sifakas of Madagascar
7840SIGHT UNSEEN* Sight Unseen*
2599SIGNALS FOR SURVIVAL Signals for Survival
5919SIGNIFICANCE TESTS Significance Tests
2600SIGNS OF THE APES, SONGS OF THE WHALES Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
2601SILENCES Silences
6731SILENT PARTNER, THE* Silent Partner, The*
2603SILENT SPRING OF RACHEL CARSON, THE Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, The
2604SILENT WORLD, MUFFLED WORLD Silent World, Muffled World
S1090Silk Road, The Silk Road, The (series)
7713SILLY SYMPHONIES* Silly Symphonies*
2607SILVERSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Silversmith of Williamsburg
5305SIMON OF THE DESERT* (SAN SIMEON DEL DESIERTO) Simon of the Desert* (San Simeon del Desierto)
6304SIMPLE MULTICELLULAR ANIMALS: SPONGES, COELENTERATES AND FLATWORMS Simple Multicellular Animals: Sponges, Coelenterates and Flatworms
2611SINGING BRAKEMAN, THE* Singing Brakeman, The*
2612SINGLE PARENT, THE Single Parent, The
6405SIREN'S SONG OF JAZZ, A (MARIAN MCPARTLAND) Siren's Song of Jazz, A (Marian McPartland)
6649SITTING IN LIMBO* Sitting in Limbo*
5789SITUATION ZERO Situation Zero
4805SITUATION: WHERE AM I? Situation: Where Am I?
6094SIXTH SENSE Sixth Sense
2613SIXTY-SECOND SPOT: THE MAKING OF A TV COMMERCIAL Sixty-Second Spot: The Making of a TV Commercial
2614SKANDA-SASTI (A FESTIVAL OF CONQUEST) Skanda-Sasti (A Festival of Conquest)
2615SKATER DATER Skater Dater
2616SKI THE OUTER LIMITS Ski the Outer Limits
7074Skin Skin
7830SKIN STORIES* Skin Stories*
2617SKINNER REVOLUTION, THE Skinner Revolution, The
2618SLASH-AND-BURN AGRICULTURE Slash-and-Burn Agriculture
7149SLAUGHTER Slaughter
2619SLEEP AND DREAMING IN HUMANS Sleep and Dreaming in Humans
7231SLIM HOPES: ADVERTISING AND THE OBSESSION WITH THINNESS Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
2620SLIME MOLDS: COLLECTION, CULTIVATION AND USE Slime Molds: Collection, Cultivation and Use
2621SLIME MOLDS: IDENTIFICATION Slime Molds: Identification
2622SLIME MOLDS: LIFE CYCLE Slime Molds: Life Cycle
6306SLIME MOLDS: PLASMODIAL AND CELLULAR Slime Molds: Plasmodial and Cellular
4552SMALL HAPPINESS: WOMEN OF A CHINESE VILLAGE* Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village*
2626SMILE OF REASON, THE Smile of Reason, The
7421SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT (SOMMARNATTENS LEENDE)* Smiles of a Summer Night (Sommarnattens leende)*
2628SMOKING/EMPHYSEMA: A FIGHT FOR BREATH* Smoking/Emphysema: A Fight for Breath*
6385SNAKE LOCOMOTION Snake Locomotion
2630SNOW METAMORPHISM Snow Metamorphism
2631SOCIAL ANIMAL, THE Social Animal, The
6586SOCIAL BRAIN, THE Social Brain, The
6245SOCIAL CHOICE: MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS Social Choice: More Equal Than Others
6243SOCIAL CHOICE: OVERVIEW Social Choice: Overview
6247SOCIAL CHOICE: PRISONER'S DILEMMA Social Choice: Prisoner's Dilemma
6244SOCIAL CHOICE: THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Social Choice: The Impossible Dream
6246SOCIAL CHOICE: ZERO SUM GAMES Social Choice: Zero Sum Games
6606SOCIAL ETHOGRAM OF THE SAN DIEGO BONOBOS (PAN PANISCUS) Social Ethogram of the San Diego Bonobos (Pan paniscus)
2633SOCIAL LIFE OF SMALL URBAN SPACES, THE Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, The
6064SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Social Psychology
5857SOCIALIST CITY Socialist City
4606SOCIO-BIOLOGY: GENETIC VS. BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION (DAVID BARASH) Socio-Biology: Genetic vs. Biological Evolution (David Barash)
2635SOCIOBIOLOGY: THE HUMAN ANIMAL Sociobiology: The Human Animal
6907SOCIOLOGY OF AMERICA, THE: STUDYING URBAN INEQUALITY (WILLIAM JULIUS WILSON) Sociology of America, The: Studying Urban Inequality (William Julius Wilson)
4557SOLAR ATMOSPHERE, THE Solar Atmosphere, The
2636SOLAR FILM, THE Solar Film, The
5511SOLAR FRONTIER, THE Solar Frontier, The
2637SOLAR RADIATION I: SUN AND EARTH Solar Radiation I: Sun and Earth
2638SOLAR SYSTEM, THE Solar System, The
6844SOLARIS* Solaris*
6510SOLICITING INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE (ED MILES) Soliciting International Cooperation on Climate Change (Ed Miles)
2639SOLO Solo
2640SOLO: BEHIND THE SCENES Solo: Behind the Scenes
5491SOLUTIONS: A FILE ON CANADIAN TECHNOLOGY Solutions: A File on Canadian Technology
5492SOLUTIONS: CANADIAN TRANSIT TECHNOLOGY Solutions: Canadian Transit Technology
7128SOME LIKE IT HOT* Some Like It Hot*
4564SOMEONE I ONCE KNEW Someone I Once Knew
7257SON OF GOD* Son of God*
2648SONG OF CEYLON Song of Ceylon
2649SONG OF THE CANARY* Song of the Canary*
7746SONS FOR THE RETURN HOME Sons for the Return Home*
4932SONS OF THE MOON Sons of the Moon
2650SOON THERE WILL BE NO MORE ME Soon There Will Be No More Me
6566SORCERESS* (LE MOINE ET LA SORVIERE) Sorceress* (Le Moine et la Sorciere)
7692SORROW AND THE PITY, THE* (LE CHAGRIN ET LA PITIE) Sorrow and the Pity, The* (Le chagrin et la pitie)
6486SORTING OUT SORTING Sorting Out Sorting
6095SOUND SENSE Sound Sense
7002SOUNDS OF SCIENCE, THE (IRA FLATOW) Sounds of Science, The (Ira Flatow)
S1072South African South African (series)
6013SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, THE Southern Poverty Law Center, The
7104SOUTH-WEST SIDE STORY (JIM HERNANDEZ) South-West Side Story (Jim Hernandez)
2657SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN DANCES Southwestern Indian Dances
5142SOVIET CHILDREN Soviet Children
2658SOVIET JEWS: A CULTURE IN PERIL Soviet Jews: A Culture in Peril
S1073Soviet Union Soviet Union (series)
2659SOVIET UNION, 1918-1920: CIVIL WAR AND ALLIED INTERVENTION Soviet Union, 1918-1920: Civil War and Allied Intervention
2660SOVIET UNION: AN INTRODUCTION Soviet Union: An Introduction
4619SOVIET UNION--ITS PEOPLE AND ITS ECONOMY (JUDITH THORNTON) Soviet Union--Its People and Its Economy (Judith Thornton)
2661SOVIET WOMAN, THE Soviet Woman, The
5143SOVIET WOMEN Soviet Women
2662SPACE NEEDLE STORY, THE Space Needle Story, The
2663SPANISH GYPSIES IN FLAMENCO SONGS AND DANCES Spanish Gypsies in Flamenco Songs and Dances
2664SPANISH TURMOIL, THE Spanish Turmoil, The
6732SPEAK IT! FROM THE HEART OF BLACK NOVA SCOTIA* Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia*
2666SPEAKER, THE (A FILM ABOUT FREEDOM) Speaker, The (A Film about Freedom)
2668SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL REEL II (CLIO AWARDS) Special Educational Reel II (Clio Awards)
2669SPECIAL EFFECTS FILMING Special Effects Filming
2672SPECIES SPECIFIC AGGREGATION OF DISSOCIATED SPONGE CELLS Species Specific Aggregation of Dissociated Sponge Cells
2673SPEECH CHAIN, THE Speech Chain, The
6352SPEED AND TRANSGRESSION (LESLEY HAZLETON) Speed and Transgression (Lesley Hazleton)
2675SPERM MATURATION IN THE MALE REPRODUCTIVE TRACT Sperm Maturation in the Male Reproductive Tract
5621SPICE ISLAND SAGA Spice Island Saga
2676SPIES (SPIONE) Spies (Spione)
5264SPIRIT IN A LANDSCAPE: THE PEOPLE BEYOND Spirit in a Landscape: The People Beyond
6199SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE, THE Spirit of Crazy Horse, The
6444SPIRIT OF KUNA YALA, THE Spirit of Kuna Yala, The
6574SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE* (EL ESPIRITU DE LA COLMENA) Spirit of the Beehive* (El Espritu de la Colmena)
6883SPIRIT OF THE MASK, THE* Spirit of the Mask, The*
2677SPIRIT POSSESSION OF ALEJANDRO MAMANI, THE (AGING IN ANOTHER CULTURE) Spirit Possession of Alejandro Mamani, The (Aging in Another Culture)
6269SPIRITS AND ANCESTORS AND ARTIFACTS (BILL HOLM) Spirits and Ancestors and Artifacts (Bill Holm)
5005SPIRITUAL ORDERING: THE METAL ARTS OF AFRICA Spiritual Ordering: The Metal Arts of Africa
2678SPLIT BRAIN Split Brain
6928SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY: BASED ON THE POETRY OF EDGAR LEE MASTERS* Spoon River Anthology: Based on the Poetry of Edgar Lee Masters*
2679SPORT PSYCHOLOGY FOR YOUTH COACHES Sport Psychology for Youth Coaches
6664ST. LAWRENCE RIVER, THE* St. Lawrence River, The*
6798STAGECOACH* Stagecoach*
7147STALEMATE Stalemate
4510STALIN MAN AND IMAGE Stalin: Man and Image
4509STALIN THE POWER OF FEAR Stalin: The Power of Fear
2681STALIN AND RUSSIAN HISTORY (1879-1927) Stalin and Russian History (1879-1927)
2682STALIN AND RUSSIAN HISTORY (1928-1953) Stalin and Russian History (1928-1953)
2683STALIN'S REVOLUTION Stalin's Revolution
2684STANISLAVSKY: MAKER OF MODERN THEATRE Stanislavsky: Maker of Modern Theatre
S1091Star Wars Trilogy (Special Edition) Star Wars Trilogy (Special Edition) (series)
4887STAR WARS: A SEARCH FOR SECURITY Star Wars: A Search for Security
7058Star Wars--A New Hope* Star Wars--A New Hope*
4621STAR WARS--A STEP TOWARD PEACE OR A MARCH TOWARD FOLLY? (HANS BETHE) Star Wars--A Step Toward Peace or a March Toward Folly? (Hans Bethe)
6194STARDUST Stardust
2685STARFISH REALM Starfish Realm
2686STARRY MESSENGER, THE Starry Messenger, The
2687STARS, GALAXIES AND SOUTHERN SKIES Stars, Galaxies and Southern Skies
5812START-UP Start-Up
5531STATE OF OUR ENVIRONMENT, THE (PETER BERLE) State of Our Environment, The (Peter Berle)
6650STATE OF THE STRAIT CONFERENCE* State of the Strait Conference*
5691STATES OF MIND States of Mind
2689STATISTICS AT A GLANCE Statistics at a Glance
6239STATISTICS: BEHIND THE HEADLINES Statistics: Behind the Headlines
6242STATISTICS: CONFIDENT CONCLUSION Statistics: Confident Conclusion
6238STATISTICS: OVERVIEW Statistics: Overview
6240STATISTICS: PICTURE THIS Statistics: Picture This
6241STATISTICS: PLACE YOUR BETS Statistics: Place Your Bets
6279STAYING ON THE BEAT (EDNA BUCHANAN) Staying on the Beat (Edna Buchanan)
7025STEALING BEAUTY* Stealing Beauty*
2690STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. Steamboat Bill, Jr.
2692STEEL IN RHYTHM Steel in Rhythm
5858STEEL TOWN Steel Town
2694STEMONITIS FLAVOGENITA (MYXOMYCETES) PLASMODIAL PHASE (APHANOPLASMODIUM) Stemonitis Flavogenita (Myxomycetes) Plasmodial Phase (Aphanoplasmodium)
2696STEP PARENTING Step Parenting
2697STEP STYLE Step Style
2698STEPPING OUT: THE DEBOLTS GROW UP Stepping Out: The Debolts Grow Up
4492STEPPING UP TO SUPERVISOR Stepping Up to Supervisor
2700STEPS OF THE BALLET Steps of the Ballet
2701STEVENSON STORY, THE Stevenson Story, The
5519STILL KILLING US SOFTLY: ADVERTISING'S IMAGE OF WOMEN* Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women*
2702STILL WATERS Still Waters
2703STILLWELL ROAD Stillwell Road
7109STIRRING UP TROUBLE: TRADE, TRAVEL AND NEW INFECTIONS (ANN MARIE KIMBALL) Stirring Up Trouble: Trade, Travel and New Infections (Ann Marie Kimball)
2704STONE AGE Stone Age
2705STONE AND THE SCULPTOR Stone and the Sculptor
7105STONED BY SOCIETY (ROGER ROFFMAN) Stoned by Society (Roger Roffman)
2706STONES OF EDEN Stones of Eden
6200STORIES OF MAXINE HONG KINGSTON, THE Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston, The
2707STORM OVER THE SUPREME COURT, PART 1: 1790-1932 Storm over the Supreme Court, Part 1: 1790-1932
2708STORM OVER THE SUPREME COURT, PART 2: 1933-1961 Storm over the Supreme Court, Part 2: 1933-1961
7812STORMING THE RIDGE--VIMY/SLAUGHTER IN THE MUD* Storming the Ridge--Vimy/Slaughter In the Mud*
2709STORMS: THE RESTLESS ATMOSPHERE Storms: The Restless Atmosphere
2715STORY A STORY, A Story--a Story, A
2711STORY OF D.D.T., THE Story of D.D.T., The
S1074Story of English, The Story of English, The (series)
2712STORY OF MODERN EGYPT, THE Story of Modern Egypt, The
6908STORYTELLER'S ROOTS, THE (VICTOR VILLASENOR) Storyteller's Roots, The (Victor Villasenor)
S1100Stossel in the Classroom Stossel in the Classroom (series)
4993STRADA, LA* (THE ROAD) Strada, La* (The Road)
6443STRANGE BELIEFS (SIR EDWARD EVANS-PRITCHARD) Strange Beliefs (Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard)
2716STRANGE CASE OF THE COSMIC RAYS Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays
5961STRANGE FRIENDS* Strange Friends*
6004STRANGE NEW SCIENCE OF CHAOS, THE Strange New Science of Chaos, The
6938STRANGERS ON A TRAIN* Strangers on a Train*
2718STRATEGY FOR SURVIVAL: BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY Strategy for Survival: Behavioral Ecology of the Monarch Butterfly
6666STRATFORD ADVENTURE, THE* Stratford Adventure, The*
2719STRATIFIED FLOW Stratified Flow
7573STREAMLINES AND BREADLINES Streamlines and Breadlines
7597STREET GIRLS* (PIGERNE PA HALMTORVET) Street Girls* (Pigerne pa Halmtorvet)
7108STREET KIDS: MYTHS AND REALITY (ANA MARI CAUCE/DAVID COUSINEAU) Street Kids: Myths and Reality (Ana Mari Cauce/David Cousineau)
5461STREET MUSIQUE Street Musique
2722STRESS A DISEASE OF OUR TIME Stress--A Disease of Our Time
5692STRESS AND EMOTIONS Stress and Emotions
7547STRIKE (STACHKA) (RESTORED EDITION)* Strike (Stachka) (Restored Edition)*
2724STRIKE IN TOWN Strike in Town
2725STRIKING A BALANCE Striking a Balance
2726STRING BEAN String Bean
2729STROKE STORY, THE Stroke Story, The
2731STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE VESTIBULAR APPARATUS Structure and Function of the Vestibular Apparatus
6386STRUCTURE AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE AVIAN EGG, THE Structure and Physiology of the Avian Egg, The
S1075Struggle for a Border - Canada's Relations with the United States Struggle for a Border - Canada's Relations with the United States (series)
6833STRUGGLE FOR EUROPE, THE* Struggle for Europe, The*
S1076Struggles for Poland Struggles for Poland (series)
6513STRUGGLING WITH MODERNITY Struggling with Modernity
2733STUDY OF CHOREOGRAPHY FOR CAMERA Study of Choreography for Camera
2735STUDY OF VENEER FORMATION Study of Veneer Formation
2736STUTTERING Stuttering
5693SUBDUE THE EARTH Subdue the Earth
6402SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING: AFFECTING THE SUBCONSCIOUS (ANTHONY GREENWALD) Subliminal Advertising: Affecting the Subconscious (Anthony Greenwald)
2738SUB-MICRON CHALLENGE, THE Sub-Micron Challenge, The
2739SUBURBAN LIVING: SIX SOLUTIONS Suburban Living: Six Solutions
5876SUCCESS IS WORKING AS A TEAM (DONALD PETERSEN) Success Is Working as a Team (Donald Petersen)
5549SUCCESSFUL TEAM, THE (CHRIS GOBRECHT) Successful Team, The (Chris Gobrecht)
2740SUCKING DOCTOR, THE Sucking Doctor, The
2742SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN Suffer the Little Children
2743SUFI WAY, THE (ISLAMIC MYSTICISM) Sufi Way, The (Islamic Mysticism)
6077SUGAR PLUMS AND VINEGAR: CHILDHOOD (MAURICE SENDAK) Sugar Plums and Vinegar: Childhood (Maurice Sendak)
2757SUICIDE: BUT JACK WAS A GOOD DRIVER Suicide: But Jack Was a Good Driver
7418SUMMER INTERLUDE (SOMMARLEK)* Summer Interlude (Sommarlek)*
2758SUMMER TO REMEMBER, A (SERYOZHA) Summer to Remember, A (Seryozha)
2759SUMMER WE MOVED TO ELM STREET: ALCOHOLISM AND THE FAMILY Summer We Moved to Elm Street: Alcoholism and the Family
2760SUMMERHILL Summerhill
6258SUMMING UP Summing Up
2761SUN DAGGER, THE Sun Dagger, The
6981SUNSET BOULEVARD* Sunset Boulevard*
2763SUNSPOT MYSTERY, PART 1: SUNSPOTS EXPLAINED Sunspot Mystery, Part 1: Sunspots Explained
2764SUNSPOT MYSTERY, PART 2: THE SUN-WEATHER CONNECTION Sunspot Mystery, Part 2: The Sun-Weather Connection
6096SUPER SCENTS Super Scents
7003SUPER SCHOOLS (JOHN STANFORD) Super Schools (John Stanford)
S1077Supersense Supersense (series)
2766SUPREME COURT, THE Supreme Court, The
2767SUREST TEST, THE Surest Test, The
5871SURVEY OF THE PRIMATES (REVISED) Survey of the Primates (Revised)
2772SURVEYING AND ROAD CONSTRUCTION Surveying and Road Construction
6505SURVEYING OUR IGNORANCE: ATTEMPTING TO MAP THE BRAIN (WILLIAM CALVIN) Surveying Our Ignorance: Attempting to Map the Brain (William Calvin)
2773SURVIVAL AND THE SENSES Survival and the Senses
2774SURVIVAL SWIMMING Survival Swimming
5981SURVIVING THE BIG ONE: HOW TO PREPARE FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE* Surviving the Big One: How to Prepare for a Major Earthquake*
2775SURVIVORS* Survivors*
7756SWARMING HORDES, THE [VHS]* Swarming Hordes, The [VHS]*
2776SWARMING HORDES, THE Swarming Hordes, The
2777SWEAT OF THE SUN, THE Sweat of the Sun, The
5999SWEATER, THE (LE CHANDAIL) Sweater, The (Le Chandail)
5428SWEEPERS OF SQUARES, THE (1956-1970) Sweepers of Squares, The (1956-1970)
2778SWIMMING RESCUES Swimming Rescues
6799SWING TIME* Swing Time*
7607SWING: PURE PLEASURE (1935-1937) Swing: Pure Pleasure (1935-1937)
7608SWING: THE VELOCITY OF CELEBRATION (1937-1939) Swing: The Velocity of Celebration (1937-1939)
2779SWORD AND THE FLUTE, THE Sword and the Flute, The
2780SYKES: A BUOYANT, BLIND SENIOR CITIZEN Sykes: A Buoyant, Blind Senior Citizen
5507SYMBOL BOY Symbol Boy
S1078Symbols of Islam, The Symbols of Islam, The (series)
2784SYMMETRY IN PHYSICAL LAW Symmetry in Physical Law
2785SYMMETRY: AN EXPERIMENT IN FILM MAKING Symmetry: An Experiment in Film Making
2786SYMPHONY OF A CITY Symphony of a City
2789SYNGAMY AND ALTERNATION OF GENERATIONS OF ALLOMYCES--A WATERMOLD Syngamy and Alternation of Generations of Allomyces--A Watermold
7088T. Rex Exposed T. Rex Exposed
4754T.R. AND HIS TIMES TR and His Times
2792TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE FAILURE Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure
5310TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE FAILURE (REVISED EDITION) Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure (Revised Edition)
2793TAGORE Tagore
2794TAHOE IN TURMOIL: RESEARCH TO PROTECT A LAKE Tahoe in Turmoil: Research to Protect a Lake
7712TAIRA CLAN SAGA* (SHIN HEIKE MONOGATARI) Taira Clan Saga* (Shin Heike Monogatari)
5775TAIWAN: WORKING HARDER (CHEN SUN) Taiwan: Working Harder (Chen Sun)
7745TAKING THE WEST* Taking the West*
2798TALE OF TWO CITIES: HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI Tale of Two Cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2799TALES FROM A BOOK OF KINGS: THE HOUGHTON SHAH-NAMEH Tales from a Book of Kings: The Houghton Shah-Nameh
2800TALK TO THE ANIMALS Talk to the Animals
7432TALKED TO DEATH Talked to Death
2801TALKING ABOUT BREASTFEEDING Talking about Breastfeeding
7413TALKING SENSE* Talking Sense*
6221TALKING TO STRANGERS Talking to Strangers
5625TAMARA'S TAPESTRY WORLD Tamara's Tapestry World
7744TAMING OF THE SHREW, THE* Taming of the Shrew, The*
7516TANGO* Tango*
4302TANKS Tanks
2804TANZANIA: THE QUIET REVOLUTION Tanzania: The Quiet Revolution
7004TARGETING HATE GROUPS (MORRIS DEES) Targeting Hate Groups (Morris Dees)
7076Taste and Smell Taste and Smell
5925TASTE OF DEMOCRACY, THE Taste of Democracy, The
7719TATAU: WHAT ONE MUST DO Tatau: What One Must Do
7135TAXI BLUES* Taxi Blues*
6800TAXI DRIVER* Taxi Driver*
5486TCHOU TCHOU Tchou Tchou
5795TEACHING AND PUBLIC EXPECTATIONS (ERNEST BOYER) Teaching and Public Expectations (Ernest Boyer)
2808TEACHING SPORT SKILLS TO YOUNG ATHLETES Teaching Sport Skills to Young Athletes
6368TEAM BUILDING: MAKING THE TASK THE BOSS Team Building: Making the Task the Boss
2810TEAM OF TWO, A* Team of Two, A*
6326TEATRO Teatro! Theater and the Spirit of Change
2811TEATRO CAMPESINO, EL Teatro Campesino, El
5551TECHNOLOGY AND AMERICA (GEORGE KOZMETSKI) Technology and America (George Kozmetski)
7005TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY (ED WENK) Technology and Society (Ed Wenk)
7006TECHNOLOGY OF TRANSPLANTS, THE (BUDDY RATNER) Technology of Transplants, The (Buddy Ratner)
7631TECHNOLOGY OUT OF CONTROL Technology Out of Control
6079TECHNOLOGY, POLICY AND CHANGE (LEWIS BRANSCOMB) Technology, Policy and Change (Lewis Branscomb)
6280TECHNOPHOBIA: NO SUCH THING (JAMES BURKE) Technophobia: No Such Thing (James Burke)
2814TEENAGE FATHER Teenage Father
2816TEENAGE SUICIDE Teenage Suicide
5155TEENAGERS AND DRUG ABUSE: A DOCTOR'S ADVICE (JAMES FARROW) Teenagers and Drug Abuse: A Doctor's Advice (James Farrow)
4493TELEPHONE SKILLS: COURTESY ON THE LINE Telephone Skills: Courtesy on the Line
4622TELEVISION1--A REFRACTED VIEW OF REALITY (KURT LANG) Television--A Refracted View of Reality (Kurt Lang)
6074TELEVISION2: MONEY AND MEDIOCRITY (FRED W. FRIENDLY) Television: Money and Mediocrity (Fred W. Friendly)
2819TELEVISION3: THE ANONYMOUS TEACHER Television: The Anonymous Teacher
2817TELEVISION4 AND POLITICS Television and Politics
4811TELEVISION5 NEWS: WHO CALLS THE SHOTS? (JEAN ENERSEN) Television News: Who Calls the Shots? (Jean Enersen)
6619TEMAGAMI: THE LAST STAGE* Temagami: The Last Stage*
5694TEMPEST, THE Tempest, The
2820TEMPLE OF APOLLO AT BASSAE Temple of Apollo at Bassae
5483TEN THE MAGIC NUMBER Ten the Magic Number
6700TENACITY: FINDING THE NEWS WORTH PUBLISHING (BENJAMIN BRADLEE) Tenacity: Finding the News Worth Publishing (Benjamin Bradlee)
2822TENDER TRAP Tender Trap
2823TEPOZTLAN Tepoztlan
2824TEPOZTLAN IN TRANSITION Tepoztlan in Transition
2825TEREDOS Teredos
5695TERMINAL ILLNESS: THE PATIENT'S STORY Terminal Illness: The Patient's Story
5790TERROR, THE Terror, The
5597TET (1968) Tet (1968)
2837TEXTILES AND ORNAMENTAL ARTS OF INDIA Textiles and Ornamental Arts of India
6160THAT WAR IN KOREA* That War in Korea*
2838THATCHING Thatching
6909THAT'S BUSINESS! (WILLIAM BRADFORD) That's Business! (William Bradford)
S1116The Films of Charles & Ray Eames The Films of Charles & Ray Eames (series)
6440THEATRE OF TADEUSZ KANTOR, THE Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor, The
6948THELMA & LOUISE* Thelma & Louise*
2839THEME AND VARIATIONS Theme and Variations
7762THEME AND VARIATIONS [VHS]* Theme and Variations [VHS]*
2841THEORY X AND THEORY Y, PART 1: DESCRIPTION Theory X and Theory Y, Part 1: Description
2842THEORY X AND THEORY Y, PART 2: PRODUCTIVITY Theory X and Theory Y, Part 2: Productivity
6036THEY DON'T WEAR BLACK TIE* (ELES NAO USAM BLACK TIE) They Don't Wear Black Tie* (Eles nao usam Black Tie)
2844THEY WANT TO MAKE WORK HUMAN AGAIN They Want to Make Work Human Again
6497THEY'RE STILL HERE: HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (DENNIS COVINGTON) They're Still Here: Holy Ghost People (Dennis Covington)
2845THICKER THAN WATER Thicker Than Water
2846THINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW: THE IMPACT OF DIVORCE ON TEEN-AGERS Things Are Different Now: The Impact of Divorce on Teen-Agers
6229THINK OR SINK: PROFESSIONAL TEAM DECISION THINKING* Think or Sink: Professional Team Decision Thinking
5616THINKING Thinking
2850THIRD MAN, THE Third Man, The
5827Thirtieth 30th Annual Clio Awards (1989), The
4768Thirty Second 30-Second President, The
2851THIRTY SECOND DREAM, THE Thirty Second Dream, The
7024Thirty-Nine Steps 39 Steps, The
2852THIS CHARMING COUPLE This Charming Couple
2853THIS CHILD IS RATED "X" This Child Is Rated "X"
2854THIS IS EDWARD R. MURROW This Is Edward R. Murrow
2855THIS IS EDWARD STEICHEN This Is Edward Steichen
5198THIS IS TORONTO This Is Toronto
2859THIS LAND This Land
6008THIS LAND IS OUR LAND: THE STRUGGLE FOR LAND IN BRAZIL This Land Is Our Land: The Struggle for Land in Brazil
2860THORVALDSEN, DENMARK'S GREAT SCULPTOR Thorvaldsen, Denmark's Great Sculptor
7018THOUSAND KILOMETERS BEYOND THE YELLOW RIVER, A* Thousand Kilometers beyond the Yellow River, A*
2861THOUSAND SUNS, A* Thousand Suns, A*
2863THREE APPROACHES TO GROUP THERAPY, PART 1: EVERETT L. SHOSTROM* Three Approaches to Group Therapy, Part 1: Everett L. Shostrom*
2865THREE APPROACHES TO GROUP THERAPY, PART 2: ALBERT ELLIS* Three Approaches to Group Therapy, Part 2: Albert Ellis*
2864THREE APPROACHES TO GROUP THERAPY, PART 3: HAROLD GREENWALD* Three Approaches to Group Therapy, Part 3: Harold Greenwald*
5862THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I (COLOR), PART 1: DR. CARL ROGERS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I (Color), Part 1: Dr. Carl Rogers*
5863THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I (COLOR), PART 2: DR. FREDERICK PERLS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I (Color), Part 2: Dr. Frederick Perls*
5864THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I (COLOR), PART 3: DR. ALBERT ELLIS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I (Color), Part 3: Dr. Albert Ellis*
2866THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I, PART 1: DR. CARL ROGERS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I, Part 1: Dr. Carl Rogers*
2868THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I, PART 2: DR. FREDERICK PERLS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I, Part 2: Dr. Frederick Perls*
2867THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY I, PART 3: DR. ALBERT ELLIS* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy I, Part 3: Dr. Albert Ellis*
2869THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY II, PART 3: MULTIMODAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy II, Part 3: Multimodal Behavior Therapy*
5696THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY III, PART 1: DR. HANS STRUPP--PSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPY* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy III, Part 1: Dr. Hans Strupp--Psychodynamic Therapy*
5697THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY III, PART 2: DR. DONALD MEICHENBAUM-COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOR THERAPY* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy III, Part 2: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum--Cognitive-Behavior Modification*
5698THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY III, PART 3: DR. AARON T. BECK--COGNITIVE THEAPY* Three Approaches to Psychotherapy III, Part 3: Dr. Aaron T. Beck--Cognitive Therapy*
2870THREE COGNITIVE SKILLS: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD Three Cognitive Skills: Middle Childhood
2873THREE GRANDMOTHERS Three Grandmothers
2874THREE GREAT RELIGIONS OF CHINA Three Great Religions of China
6519THREE OF A KIND: GOODALL, FOSSEY, AND GALDIKAS (BIRUTE GALDIKAS) Three of a Kind: Goodall, Fossey, and Galdikas (Birute Galdikas)
2875THREE PRESIDENTS ON THE PRESIDENCY Three Presidents on the Presidency
2876THREE ROBBERS, THE Three Robbers, The
5293THREEPENNY OPERA, THE* (DIE DREIGROSCHENOPER) Threepenny Opera, The* (Die Dreigroschenoper)
2877THRILLS AND SPILLS* Thrills and Spills*
7657THRONE OF BLOOD* (KUMONOSU-JO) Throne of Blood* (Kumonosu-Jo)
4551THROUGH ANIMAL EYES Through Animal Eyes
6415THUCYDIDES: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS AND PLATO: ALCIBIADES I Thucydides: The Peloponnesian Wars and Plato: Alcibiades I
7596THUNDERHEART* Thunderheart*
2881THURSDAY'S CHILDREN Thursday's Children
4470TIBET1: THE BAMBOO CURTAIN FALLS Tibet: The Bamboo Curtain Falls
4469TIBET2: THE LOST MYSTERY Tibet: The Lost Mystery
6179TIBET3 WHERE CONTINENTS COLLIDE, PART 1: SOUTH TIBET AND THE YARLUNG TSANGPO SU Tibet--Where Continents Collide, Part 1: South Tibet and the Yarlung Tsangpo Suture
5699TIBETAN BUDDHISM: CYCLES OF INTERDEPENDENCE Tibetan Buddhism: Cycles of Interdependence
2882TIBETAN BUDDHISM: PRESERVING THE MONASTIC TRADITION Tibetan Buddhism: Preserving the Monastic Tradition
7092Tibetan Pilgrimage Tibetan Pilgrimage
7768TIDAL SEAS/COASTS* Tidal Seas/Coasts*
2884TIDES OF THE OCEAN: WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW THE SUN AND THE MOON CAUSE THEM Tides of the Ocean: What They Are and How the Sun and the Moon Cause Them
6531TIERRA O MUERTE: LAND OR DEATH Tierra o Muerte: Land or Death
6667TIGHTROPE OF POWER, THE* Tightrope of Power, The*
2885TILT Tilt
2886TIMBER AND TOTEM POLES Timber and Totem Poles
2887TIME DILATION: AN EXPERIMENT WITH MU-MESONS Time Dilation: An Experiment with Mu-Mesons
5791TIME HAS COME, THE (1964-65) Time Has Come, The (1964-65)
5522TIME OF YOUR LIFE (REVISED)* Time of Your Life (Revised)*
2894TIME PIECE Time Piece
5920TIME SERIES Time Series
5718TIME TO DIE, A: WHO DECIDES? Time to Die, A: Who Decides?
2896TIME-LAPSE STUDIES OF GLACIER FLOW Time-Lapse Studies of Glacier Flow
5306TIN DRUM, THE* (DIE BLECHTROMMEL) Tin Drum, The* (Die Blechtrommel)
2897TITAN Titan
2898TITICUT FOLLIES* Titicut Follies*
4508TITO: THE POWER OF RESISTANCE Tito: The Power of Resistance
2899TJURUNGA: THE STORY OF STONE AGE MAN Tjurunga: The Story of Stone Age Man
5553TO BE A NOVELIST (JOHN UPDIKE) To Be a Novelist (John Updike)
2900TO BREATHE, TO BREATHE, TO LIVE To Breathe, to Breathe, to Live
2904TO FIND OUR LIFE: THE PEYOTE HUNT OF THE HIUCHOLS OF MEXICO To Find Our Life: The Peyote Hunt of the Hiuchols of Mexico
2905TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: MEN WHO BATTER WOMEN* To Have and to Hold: Men Who Batter Women*
4921TO LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE: THE WORK OF ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS To Live Until You Die: The Work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
2907TO MAKE THE BALANCE To Make the Balance
2908TO OPEN EYES (JOSEF ALBERS) To Open Eyes (Josef Albers)
6112TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES (BARBARA HEDGES) To Push the Boundaries (Barbara Hedges)
5484TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE (A SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY INTO A MODERN PSYCHOSIS) To See or Not to See (A Scientific Inquiry into a Modern Psychosis)
2911TO SLEEP . . . PERCHANCE TO DREAM To Sleep . . . Perchance to Dream
4961TO TASTE A HUNDRED HERBS: GODS, ANCESTORS AND MEDICINE IN A CHINESE VILLAGE* To Taste a Hundred Herbs: Gods, Ancestors and Medicine in a Chinese Village*
7260TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH* To the Ends of the Earth*
2912TO TRY AGAIN AND SUCCEED To Try Again and Succeed
6161TOAST* Toast*
2914TOCCATA FOR TOY TRAINS, A Toccata for Toy Trains, A
6033TODAY'S STRUCTURAL STEEL Today's Structural Steel
2915TOGETHER: 1930 TO TOMORROW Together: 1930 to Tomorrow
2916TOKEN ECONOMY: BEHAVIORISM APPLIED Token Economy: Behaviorism Applied
2918TOKYO1: THE WORLD'S SAFEST CITY Tokyo: The World's Safest City
7179TOKYO2 STORY* (TOKYO MONOGATARI) Tokyo Story* (Tokyo Monogatari)
6539TONI MORRISON: A WRITER'S WORK Toni Morrison: A Writer's Work
6499TOOL FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: THE MILLENIUM WHOLE EARTH CATALOG (HOWARD R Tool for the Twenty-First Century: The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog(Howard Rheingold)
5016TOOL USING Tool Using
5533TOOLS OF THE TRADE: FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE (STANLEY KARNOW) Tools of the Trade: Foreign Correspondence (Stanley Karnow)
7129TOOTSIE* Tootsie*
5275TOPAZ Topaz
2921TOPS Tops
2922TORCHES OF THE TODAIJI Torches of the Todaiji
2923TORNADO Tornado
6689TORONTO, STORIES FROM THE LIFE OF A CITY, PART 1: YORK* Toronto, Stories from the Life of a City, Part 1: York*
2924TORREY CANYON DISASTER Torrey Canyon Disaster
7148TOTAL WAR Total War
2925TOTEMS Totems
4881TOWARDS AN UNDERSTANDING OF CHINA (MICHEL OKSENBERG) Towards an Understanding of China (Michel Oksenberg)
5327TOXIC TRIALS Toxic Trials
7715TOY STORY-a* Toy Story*
7716TOY STORY-b 2* Toy Story 2*
7717TOY STORY-c: SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES* Toy Story: Supplemental Features*
2927TOYOTA Toyota
4540TRADING Trading
2929TRADITIONAL MUSIC AND DANCE OF SIKKIM Traditional Music and Dance of Sikkim
S1080Traditional World of Islam Traditional World of Islam (series)
7295TRAFFIC IN SOULS* Traffic in Souls*
2931TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS, THE Tragedy of the Commons, The
2932TRANCE AND DANCE IN BALI Trance and Dance in Bali
2933TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS Transactional Analysis
2934TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS: A DEMONSTRATION WITH ELAINE Transactional Analysis: A Demonstration with Elaine
2937TRANSITIONS: TAKING HOLD AND LETTING GO Transitions: Taking Hold and Letting Go
2938TRANSNATIONALS, THE Transnationals, The
6027TRANSPORTING AND PLACING QUALITY CONCRETE Transporting and Placing Quality Concrete
5283TREASURES OF SAN MARCO (THE BASILICA OF ST. MARK) Treasures of San Marco (The Basilica of St. Mark)
2940TREATIES MADE, TREATIES BROKEN Treaties Made, Treaties Broken
7821TREATY 8 AND NATIVE TAXATION* Treaty 8 and Native Taxation*
5440TREATY WITH THE BLACKFOOT Treaty with the Blackfoot
6576TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS, THE* (L'ALBERO DEGLI ZOCCOLI) Tree of Wooden Clogs, The* (L'Albero degli Zoccoli)
2942TREEHOUSE, THE Treehouse, The
7630TREKKING ON TRADITION Trekking on Tradition
7615TRIAL, THE* Trial, The*
2946TRIAL1: THE 1ST DAY Trial: The First Day
2948TRIAL2: THE 2ND DAY Trial: The Second Day
2949TRIAL3: THE 3RD DAY Trial: The Third Day
2947TRIAL4: THE 4TH AND FINAL DAY Trial: The Fourth and Final Day
2945TRIAL5 BY JURY: A CASE STUDY Trial by Jury: A Case Study
2950TRIALS OF FRANZ KAFKA, THE Trials of Franz Kafka, The
S1081Trials of Life: A Natural History of Behavior Trials of Life: A Natural History of Behavior (series)
S1082Tribal Eye Tribal Eye (series)
2952TRIBE AND THE PROFESSOR (A HISTORY OF THE OZETTE ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG AT CAPE ALAVA, WASHINGTON) Tribe and the Professor (A History of the Ozette Archaeological Dig at Cape Alava, Washington)
2953TRIBUTE TO MALCOLM X Tribute to Malcolm X
7480TRILLION DOLLAR BET Trillion Dollar Bet
2954TRIP TO AWARENESS: A JAIN PILGRIMAGE TO INDIA Trip to Awareness: A Jain Pilgrimage to India
5528TRIPLOID OYSTER PRODUCTION Triploid Oyster Production
7237TRISTAN UND ISOLDE Tristan und Isolde
6540TRISTANA* Tristana*
2956TRISTEROS: ON THE BRINK Tristeros: On the Brink
6541TRIUMPH OF THE WILL (TRIUMPH DES WILLENS) Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens)
5205TRIUMPHANT UNION AND THE CANADIAN CONFEDERATION, THE (1863-1867) Triumphant Union and the Canadian Confederation, The (1863-1867)
2958TROBRIAND CRICKET: AN INGENIOUS RESPONSE TO COLONIALISM Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism
6532TROBRIAND ISLANDERS OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA, THE Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea, The
2960TROUBLE IN THE FAMILY Trouble in the Family
7345TROUBLE IN THE FOREST* Trouble in the Forest*
2961TROUBLE WITH WOMEN Trouble with Women
2962TROUBLED EMPLOYEE, THE Troubled Employee, The
2964TRUE GLORY True Glory
2965TRUE STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, THE True Story of the Civil War, The
7606TRUE WELCOME, THE (1929-1934) True Welcome, The (1929-1934)
S1107True-Life Adventures True-Life Adventures (series)
2966TRUMAN VS. STALIN Truman vs. Stalin
5756TRUTH ABOUT LIES, THE Truth about Lies, The
6113TRYING TO MAKE IT SO (DAVID WAGONER) Trying to Make It So (David Wagoner)
2967TSETSE TRAP, THE Tsetse Trap, The
2968TSURIGITSUNE (TRAPPING OF THE FOX) Tsurigitsune (Trapping of the Fox)
2969TUAREGS, THE Tuaregs, The
2971TUGGER WAR Tugger War
5008TULE TECHNOLOGY: NORTHERN PAIUTE USES OF MARSH RESOURCES IN WESTERN NEVADA Tule Technology: Northern Paiute Uses of Marsh Resources in Western Nevada
2972TURBULENCE Turbulence
2973TURBULENT OCEAN, THE Turbulent Ocean, The
2975TURKIYE Turkiye
2976TURNING A SPHERE INSIDE OUT Turning a Sphere Inside Out
4769TWENTIES, THE Twenties, The
4Twenty-One Eighty-Seven 21-87
5Twenty-One Hundred Year Old Tomb Excavated 2100 Year Old Tomb Excavated*
2980TWISTED CROSS, THE Twisted Cross, The
2981TWO BALL GAMES Two Ball Games
2982TWO BAROQUE CHURCHES IN GERMANY Two Baroque Churches in Germany
5700TWO BRAINS, THE Two Brains, The
2984TWO CITIES: LONDON AND NEW YORK Two Cities: London and New York
5129TWO HOUSES OF CONGRESS, THE Two Houses of Congress, The
6Two Hundred Twenty-Five Mile Proving Ground 225,000 Mile Proving Ground
2985TWO JAPANESE LANDSCAPE SCROLLS Two Japanese Landscape Scrolls
2986TWO MEN AND A WARDROBE Two Men and a Wardrobe
5392TWO SIDES OF THE NEWS (LESLEY STAHL/DAVID BRODER) Two Sides of the News (Lesley Stahl/David Broder)
5792TWO SOCIETIES (1965-68) Two Societies (1965-68)
2989TYRANNY OF CONTROL, THE Tyranny of Control, The
6825TYRANTS AND HEROES: THE 19TH CENTURY CZARS* Tyrants and Heroes: The 19th Century Czars*
2990U. S. AND THE SOVIET UNION: 1933-1945 U. S. and the Soviet Union: 1933-1945
S1083U.S. and the Philippines: In Our Image U.S. and the Philippines: In Our Image (series)
5164U.S. JOBS: MOVING TO MEXICO* U.S. Jobs: Moving to Mexico*
4994UGETSU* Ugetsu*
2991UKIYO-E Ukiyo-e
2992ULTIMATE SPEED, AN EXPLORATION WITH HIGH ENERGY ELECTRONS Ultimate Speed, an Exploration with High Energy Electrons
2993UMAYYADS: THE SPREAD OF ISLAM Umayyads: The Spread of Islam
7672UNCLE MOSES* Uncle Moses*
5757UNCOMMON PLACES: THE ARCHITECTURE OF FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Uncommon Places: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
7714UNCONQUERING THE LAST FRONTIER Unconquering the Last Frontier
2995UNDER A BRIGHT HEAVEN Under a Bright Heaven
5952UNDER THE GUN: DEMOCRACY IN GUATEMALA Under the Gun: Democracy in Guatemala
2996UNDER THE INFLUENCE? Under the Influence?
6986UNDERGRADUATE EXPERIENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Undergraduate Experience at the University of Washington
4537UNDERSTANDING Understanding
S1084Understanding Cities Understanding Cities (series)
7101Understanding D. N. A. Understanding DNA
3000UNDERSTANDING FAMILIES: USING THE ECO-MAP Understanding Families: Using the Eco-Map
6180UNDERSTANDING GROUP THERAPY, VOLUME I: OUTPATIENT GROUP, TAPE A Understanding Group Therapy, Volume I: Outpatient Group, Tape A
6181UNDERSTANDING GROUP THERAPY, VOLUME I: OUTPATIENT GROUP, TAPE B Understanding Group Therapy, Volume I: Outpatient Group, Tape B
6182UNDERSTANDING GROUP THERAPY, VOLUME II: INPATIENT GROUP, TAPE A--ORIENTATION AND AGENDA FORMATION Understanding Group Therapy, Volume II: Inpatient Group, Tape A--Orientation and Agenda Formation
6183UNDERSTANDING GROUP THERAPY, VOLUME II: INPATIENT GROUP, TAPE B--AGENDA FILLING AND SUMMARY Understanding Group Therapy, Volume II: Inpatient Group, Tape B--Agenda Filling and Summary
6184UNDERSTANDING GROUP THERAPY, VOLUME III: AN INTERVIEW WITH IRVIN D. YALOM, M.D. Understanding Group Therapy, Volume III: An Interview with Irvin D. Yalom, M.D.
5186UNDERSTANDING HISTORY (JON BRIDGMAN) Understanding History (Jon Bridgman)
7647UNDERSTANDING OCEANS Understanding Oceans
5555UNDERSTANDING POLITICS: THE POWER GAME (HEDRICK SMITH) Understanding Politics: The Power Game (Hedrick Smith)
3001UNDERSTANDING THE GIFTED Understanding the Gifted
3002UNDERWATER FLIGHT OF THE TUFTED PUFFIN Underwater Flight of the Tufted Puffin
6533UNFINISHED BUSINESS Unfinished Business
5514UNGRATEFUL LAND, THE (ROCH CARRIER REMEMBERS STE-JUSTINE) Ungrateful Land, The (Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine)
7829UNINSURED, THE: FORTY-FOUR MILLION FORGOTTEN AMERICANS Uninsured, The: Forty-Four Million Forgotten Americans
3003UNION MAIDS* Union Maids*
3005UNIT DOSE PACKAGING Unit Dose Packaging
3007UNITED STATES AND CANADA: A CULTURAL REGION United States and Canada: A Cultural Region
3008UNITED STATES V. AARON BURR United States V. Aaron Burr
S1101United States-Mexican War (1846-1848) U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848) (series)
3009UNITY Unity
3011UNIVERSE (NASA) Universe (NASA)
3012UNIVERSE MAN'S CHANGING PERCEPTIONS Universe: Man's Changing Perceptions
6567UNIVERSE WITHIN, THE Universe Within, The
3013UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON A RESOURCE WORTH PRESERVING University of Washington: A Resource Worth Preserving
4888UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESIDENTS' FORUM University of Washington Presidents' Forum
6353UNLEARNING ART (RICHARD KEHL) Unlearning Art (Richard Kehl)
3015UNMARRIED MOTHER INTERVIEW, PART 1 Unmarried Mother Interview, Part 1
3017UNMARRIED MOTHER INTERVIEW, PART 2 Unmarried Mother Interview, Part 2
3016UNMARRIED MOTHER INTERVIEW, PART 3 Unmarried Mother Interview, Part 3
3014UNMARRIED MOTHER INTERVIEW, PART 4 Unmarried Mother Interview, Part 4
6047UNREGULATED ECONOMIST, THE (GEORGE STIGLER) Unregulated Economist, The (George Stigler)
3018UNTIL I DIE Until I Die
3019UNTIL I GET CAUGHT Until I Get Caught
3020UP IS DOWN Up Is Down
S1085Upon Reflection Upon Reflection (series)
3021UPRIGHT MAN Upright Man
3023URBAN IMPACT ON WEATHER AND CLIMATE Urban Impact on Weather and Climate
3024URBANISSIMO Urbanissimo
4324USE OF A COMPUTER BY A CHILD WITH DEVELOPMENTAL APHASIA Use of a Computer by a Child with Developmental Aphasia
6991USUAL SUSPECTS, THE* Usual Suspects, The*
5174UTILIZING THE MIND: WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS THOUGHT TO BE REAL (ELIZABETH LOFTUS) Utilizing the Mind: What Is Real and What Is Thought to Be Real (Elizabeth Loftus)
6910UW'S NEW PRESIDENT (RICHARD MCCORMICK) UW's New President (Richard McCormick)
3026V. D. V. D.
6668V.I.P. SHOW, THE* V.I.P. Show, The
3027V.T.R. ST. JACQUES V.T.R. St. Jacques
3028VALLEY OF THE OLD ONES Valley of the Old Ones
3029VALLEY STORY, THE Valley Story, The
3030VALLEY TOWN Valley Town
S1086Valour and the Horror, The Valour and the Horror, The (series)
5618VALUING DIVERSITY, PART 1: MANAGING DIFFERENCES* Valuing Diversity, Part 1: Managing Differences*
5619VALUING DIVERSITY, PART 2: DIVERSITY AT WORK* Valuing Diversity, Part 2: Diversity at Work*
5620VALUING DIVERSITY, PART 3: COMMUNICATING ACROSS CULTURES* Valuing Diversity, Part 3: Communicating Across Cultures*
7427VANISHING LINE, THE Vanishing Line, The
7621VANISHING PRAIRIE, THE* Vanishing Prairie, The*
5130VARIETIES OF LEADERSHIP Varieties of Leadership
5131VARIETY OF VOICES, A Variety of Voices, A
3035VEILED REVOLUTION, A Veiled Revolution, A
3036VEJEN Vejen
3037VELOPHARYNGEAL FUNCTION IN NORMAL SPEAKERS Velopharyngeal Function in Normal Speakers
7652VENOM/CREATURES OF DARKNESS Venom/Creatures of Darkness
3038VERBAL COMMUNICATION: THE POWER OF WORDS Verbal Communication: The Power of Words
3040VERSAILLES Versailles
7581VERSAILLES 1998 Versailles 1998
7193VERTIGO (RESTORED VERSION)* Vertigo (Restored Version)*
3041VERY NICE, VERY NICE Very Nice, Very Nice
3042VICTORS OF THE DRY LAND Victors of the Dry Land
7759VICTORS OF THE DRY LAND [VHS]* Victors of the Dry Land [VHS]*
6669VIELLARD ET L'ENFANT, LE (THE OLD MAN AND THE CHILD)* Viellard et l'Enfant, Le (The Old Man and the Child)*
6230VIENNA 1900: RECOLLECTIONS OF A VIENNESE GIRL IN PARIS Vienna 1900: Recollections of a Viennese Girl in Paris
S1087Vietnam: A Television History Vietnam: A Television History (series)
3043VIETNAM: AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT Vietnam: An Historical Document
5598VIETNAMIZING THE WAR (1968-1973) Vietnamizing the War (1968-1973)
3044VIEW FROM THE PEOPLE WALL, A View from the People Wall, A
6670VIEW FROM THE TYPEWRITER* View from the Typewriter*
5557VIEW OF WALL STREET, A (LOUIS RUKEYSER) View of Wall Street, A (Louis Rukeyser)
5539VIEWS ON AMERICAN TELEVISION (BRUCE CHRISTENSEN) Views on American Television (Bruce Christensen)
7140VIJAYANAGARA: WHERE KINGS AND GODS MEET* Vijayanagara: Where Kings and Gods Meet*
7303VIKINGS IN AMERICA Vikings in America
3045VILLAGE IN INDIA: FIFTY MILES FROM POONA Village in India: Fifty Miles from Poona
3046VILLAGE MAN, CITY MAN Village Man, City Man
3047VILLAGE OF MY AN, THE (1881-1981) Village of My An, The (1881-1981)
3841VILLAGE POTTERS OF ONDA Village Potters of Onda
5859VILLAGES IN THE CLOUDS Villages in the Clouds
3049VINOBA BHAVE: THE WALKING REVOLUTION Vinoba Bhave: The Walking Revolution
5617VIOLENT MIND, THE Violent Mind, The
3052VIOLENT UNIVERSE, THE, PART 1 Violent Universe, The, Part 1
3054VIOLENT UNIVERSE, THE, PART 2 Violent Universe, The, Part 2
3053VIOLENT UNIVERSE, THE, PART 3 Violent Universe, The, Part 3
3051VIOLENT UNIVERSE, THE, PART 4 Violent Universe, The, Part 4
3050VIOLENT UNIVERSE, THE, PART 5 Violent Universe, The, Part 5
5469VIOLON DE GASTON, LE Violon de Gaston, Le
6057VIRACOCHA Viracocha
6534VIRGIN AND THE BULL, THE Virgin and the Bull, The
5307VIRIDIANA* Viridiana*
4485VISIBLE TARGET Visible Target
5669VISION AND MOVEMENT Vision and Movement
5955VISION OF TELEVISION, THE* Vision of Television, The*
7142VISIONS OF PARADISE: THE TAJ MAHAL* Visions of Paradise: The Taj Mahal*
3055VISIT TO PICASSO Visit to Picasso
3056VISIT TO THE SEPULCHER, THE (VISITATIO SEPULCHRI) Visit to the Sepulcher, The (Visitatio Sepulchri)
7077Visual Reality Visual Reality
7509VITAL SIGNS: CRIP CULTURE TALKS BACK Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back
4995VITELLONI, I* Vitelloni, I*
6871VIVALDI Vivaldi
5141VLADIMIR VYSOTSKY Vladimir Vysotsky
3058VOCALIZATIONS OF WILD CHIMPANZEES Vocalizations of Wild Chimpanzees
3059VOICE AND RESONANCE DISORDERS Voice and Resonance Disorders
5338VOICE OF THE PIANO CALLING, THE (ROBIN MCCABE) Voice of the Piano Calling, The (Robin McCabe)
3060VOICE PRODUCTION: THE VIBRATING LARYNX Voice Production: The Vibrating Larynx
3061VOICES INSIDE Voices Inside
6671VOICES OF EXPERIENCE, VOICES FOR CHANGE, PART 1* Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 1*
6672VOICES OF EXPERIENCE, VOICES FOR CHANGE, PART 2; THE POETRY OF MOTION* Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 2; The Poetry of Motion*
3062VOICES OF HUNGER Voices of Hunger
3065VOICES OF THE PEOPLE: THE ELECTIONS IN INDIA 1977 Voices of the People: The Elections in India 1977
6911VOLCANIC ACTIVITY: LOOKING BEYOND WHAT IS KNOWN (JOHN DELANEY) Volcanic Activity: Looking Beyond What Is Known (John Delaney)
3066VOLCANO IN THE AZORES Volcano in the Azores
3067VOLCANO SURTSEY Volcano Surtsey
5987VOLCANO WATCHERS, THE* Volcano Watchers, The*
3068VOLGA, THE Volga, The
7114VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY (VICKI ROBIN) Voluntary Simplicity (Vicki Robin)
3070VOLVOX: STRUCTURE, REPRODUCTION AND DIFFERENTIATION IN V CARTIERI Volvox: Structure, Reproduction and Differentiation in V Cartieri
3071VORTICITY Vorticity
3072VOULKOS AND COMPANY Voulkos and Company
7409VOYAGE TO THE HAPPY ISLAND/OUTPORT* Voyage to the Happy Island/Outport*
6651VOYAGEURS, THE* Voyageurs, The*
3073W. B. YEATS: A TRIBUTE W. B. Yeats: A Tribute
6845W.R.: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM* WR: Mysteries of the Organism*
7638WAG THE DOG* Wag the Dog*
5701WAGES OF ACTION: RELIGION IN A HINDU VILLAGE Wages of Action: Religion in a Hindu Village
5752WAITING FOR HARRY Waiting for Harry
5515WALK IN THE FOREST, A Walk in the Forest, A
S1088Walk through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers, A Walk through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers, A (series)
7119WALKABOUT (RESTORED DIRECTOR'S CUT)* Walkabout (Restored Director's Cut)*
3076WALKABOUT (REVISED) Walkabout (Revised)
4505WALKABOUT: A JOURNEY WITH THE ABORIGINALS Walkabout: A Journey with the Aboriginals
3077WALKER PRODUCTS COMPANY Walker Products Company
5445WALKING Walking
6673WALKING OUT CEREMONY* Walking Out Ceremony*
7632WALKING WITH DINOSAURS* Walking with Dinosaurs*
3080WALL Wall, The (Zid)
3078WALL IN JERUSALEM, A Wall in Jerusalem, A
7766WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES* Walt Disney on the Front Lines*
3083WAR COMES TO AMERICA War Comes to America
7441WAR FOR THE BORDERLANDS, THE* War for the Borderlands, The*
3084WAR GAME, THE War Game, The
5201WAR OF 1812, THE (1783-1818) War of 1812, The (1783-1818)
3085WAR OF THE EGGS, THE War of the Eggs, The
7153WAR WITHOUT END War Without End
3086WARGAMES Wargames
3087WARM FRONT, THE Warm Front, The
3088WARSAW GHETTO, THE Warsaw Ghetto, The
3090WASHINGTON ELM, THE Washington Elm, The
6701WASHINGTON MEN'S BASKETBALL: BEGINNING A NEW ERA (BOB BENDER) Washington Men's Basketball: Beginning a New Era (Bob Bender)
6568WASHINGTON NATIONAL CATHEDRAL Washington National Cathedral
5953WASTE NOT, WANT NOT Waste Not, Want Not
3091WATARIDORE: BIRDS OF PASSAGE Wataridore: Birds of Passage
4575WATCHING BIRDS WITH ROGER TORY PETERSON Watching Birds with Roger Tory Peterson
3092WATER CRISIS, THE Water Crisis, The
3093WATER CYCLE, THE Water Cycle, The
6783WATER IS FOR FIGHTING OVER Water Is for Fighting Over
3095WATER MOVEMENT IN SOILS Water Movement in Soils
5084WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE LAND Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Land
5085WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE SEA Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Sea
3097WATERPROOF ARBOREAL FROG, A Waterproof Arboreal Frog, A
5921WATSONVILLE ON STRIKE Watsonville on Strike
7572WAVE FROM THE ATLANTIC, A Wave from the Atlantic, A
4457WAVE, THE Wave, The
3098WAVERLY STEPS Waverly Steps
3099WAVES ACROSS THE PACIFIC Waves Across the Pacific
3100WAVES IN FLUIDS Waves in Fluids
6193WAVES OF THE FUTURE Waves of the Future
3101WAVES ON WATER Waves on Water
7542WAY DOWN EAST (RESTORED EDITION)* Way Down East (Restored Edition)*
6588WAY OF SCIENCE, THE Way of Science, The
3102WAY OUT WEST Way Out West
3104WAYS OF SEEING, PART 1: PAINTING AND THE CAMERA Ways of Seeing, Part 1: Painting and the Camera
3106WAYS OF SEEING, PART 2: PAINTING, NUDES AND WOMEN Ways of Seeing, Part 2: Painting, Nudes and Women
3105WAYS OF SEEING, PART 3: PAINTING AND POSSESSIONS Ways of Seeing, Part 3: Painting and Possessions
3103WAYS OF SEEING, PART 4: PAINTING AND ADVERTISING Ways of Seeing, Part 4: Painting and Advertising
6846WE ARE ALL NEIGHBORS* We Are All Neighbors*
4320WE ARE DRIVEN We Are Driven
6028WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD We Can Change the World
6674WE CAN SAY NO; FIGHTING BACK: MEL HURTIG AND THE CASE AGAINST FREE TRADE* We Can Say No; Fighting Back: Mel Hurtig and the Case against Free Trade*
3109WE HAVE NO ART (WE DO EVERYTHING AS WELL AS WE CAN) We Have No Art (We Do Everything as Well as We Can)
6097WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT* Weapons of the Spirit*
3114WEATHER Weather: Who Votes for Rain?
3111WEATHER MACHINE, PART ONE Weather Machine, Part One
3112WEATHER MACHINE, PART TWO Weather Machine, Part Two
3113WEATHER SYSTEMS AS VIEWED FROM THE SYNCHRONOUS METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITE Weather Systems as Viewed from the Synchronous Meteorological Satellite
5326WEAVE OF TIME: THE STORY OF A NAVAJO FAMILY 1938-1986 Weave of Time: The Story of a Navajo Family 1938-1986
3115WEDDING CAMELS, THE Wedding Camels, The
3116WEDDING OF THE GODDESS: THE CHITTIRAI FESTIVAL Wedding of the Goddess: The Chittirai Festival
3117WEEK FULL OF SATURDAYS, A Week Full of Saturdays, A
3118WEEK THAT SHOOK THE WORLD Week that Shook the World
3119WEEKEND Weekend
4952WELCOME HOME, STRANGER* Welcome Home, Stranger*
6620WELCOME TO CANADA* Welcome to Canada*
7810WELLAND CANALS, THE: PAST AND PRESENT* Welland Canals, The: Past and Present*
3121WELL-SPENT LIFE, A Well-Spent Life, A
6412WEST MEETS EAST IN JAPAN* West Meets East in Japan*
S1089West of the Imagination, The West of the Imagination, The (series)
7324WEST WIND: THE ART OF TOM THOMSON* West Wind: The Art of Tom Thomson*
3124WET EARTH, WARM PEOPLE Wet Earth, Warm People
3125WHALES Whales
7699WHAT ABOUT GOD? What About God?
7433WHAT CONSUMERS CONSUME What Consumers Consume
7529WHAT DO PRIMATOLOGISTS DO? What Do Primatologists Do?
3127WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WHAT DO I MEAN? What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean?
3128WHAT HARVEST FOR THE REAPER? What Harvest for the Reaper?
6542WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS!?* (QUE HE HECHO YO PARA MERECER ESTO!?) What Have I Done to Deserve This!?* (Que he hecho yo para merecer esto!?)
6675WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARY?; WAYS OF STORYTELLING* What Is a Documentary?; Ways of Storytelling*
5354WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? What Is Development?
3131WHAT IS MUSIC? What Is Music?
5922WHAT IS PROBABILITY? What Is Probability?
5923WHAT IS STATISTICS? What Is Statistics?
3132WHAT MAKES CLOUDS? What Makes Clouds?
3133WHAT MAKES MUSCLE PULL? (THE STRUCTURAL BASIS OF CONTRACTION) What Makes Muscle Pull? (The Structural Basis of Contraction)
3134WHAT MAKES THE WIND BLOW? What Makes the Wind Blow?
3135WHAT MAN SHALL LIVE AND NOT SEE DEATH? What Man Shall Live and Not See Death?
3136WHAT ON EARTH?!! What on Earth?!!
3137WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT MOTHER? What Shall We Do About Mother?
3138WHAT TIME IS YOUR BODY? What Time Is Your Body?
3140WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN HURT YOU (HEALTH CARE AND THE ELDERLY PATIENT) What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (Health Care and the Elderly Patient)
3141WHAT'S IN A FACE? What's in a Face?
3144WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BEING DIFFERENT? What's the Difference Being Different?
3146WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR SCHOOLS? What's Wrong with Our Schools?
3149WHEELIN' STEEL Wheelin' Steel
5956WHEELS* Wheels*
6469WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL: UNTOLD STORIES* When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories*
6439WHEN ATTITUDES ARE CULTIVATED (PETER GAY) When Attitudes Are Cultivated (Peter Gay)
5719WHEN CHILDREN GRIEVE When Children Grieve
5590WHEN NIGHT COMES When Night Comes
7182WHEN THE CLOUDS ROLL BY* When the Clouds Roll By*
5768WHEN THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE* When the Mountains Tremble*
7674WHEN THE WORLD BEGAN* When the World Began*
3150WHEN WILL PEOPLE HELP? (THE SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF BYSTANDER INTERVENTION) When Will People Help? (The Social Psychology of Bystander Intervention)
3151WHERE ALL THINGS BELONG Where All Things Belong
3152WHERE DID THE COLORADO GO? Where Did the Colorado Go?
3153WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Where Do We Go from Here?
3154WHERE IS PREJUDICE? Where Is Prejudice?
6190WHERE IS THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE? Where Is the Rest of the Universe?
3155WHERE MRS. WHALLEY LIVES Where Mrs. Whalley Lives
5865WHERE THE BAY BECOMES THE SEA Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
6076WHERE THE SPIRIT LIVES Where the Spirit Lives
3156WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Where the Wild Things Are
3157WHERE WILL YOU HIDE? Where Will You Hide?
3158WHISPER FROM SPACE, A Whisper from Space, A
3160WHITE AFRICA White Africa
3161WHITE COLLAR RIP-OFF, THE White Collar Rip-Off, The
7254WHITE HEAT* White Heat*
3162WHITE LAAGER, THE White Laager, The
5308WHITE ROSE, THE* (DIE WEISSE ROSE) White Rose, The* (Die Weisse Rose)
4996WHITE SHEIK, THE* (LO SCIECCO BIANCO) White Sheik, The* (Lo Sciecco Bianco)
7623WHITE WILDERNESS* White Wilderness*
5259WHITECOMERS, PART 1: THE MAGIC CIRCLE (NEW FRANCE) Whitecomers, Part 1: The Magic Circle (New France)
5260WHITECOMERS, PART 2: TIES THAT BIND (THE MARITIME COLONIES) Whitecomers, Part 2: Ties that Bind (The Maritime Colonies)
5261WHITECOMERS, PART 3: PEACE, ORDER AND PROSPERITY (UPPER CANADA) Whitecomers, Part 3: Peace, Order and Prosperity (Upper Canada)
5262WHITECOMERS, PART 4: THE PROMISED LAND (THE PRAIRIES) Whitecomers, Part 4: The Promised Land (The Prairies)
5263WHITECOMERS, PART 5: SPLENDOR UNDIMINISHED (BRITISH COLUMBIA) Whitecomers, Part 5: Splendor Undiminished (British Columbia)
5462WHO ARE WE? Who Are We?
3164WHO GOES THERE: A PRIMER ON COMMUNISM Who Goes There: A Primer on Communism
6733WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND?* Who Has Seen the Wind?*
5350WHO LIVES WHO DIES Who Lives Who Dies
3165WHO PROTECTS THE CONSUMER? Who Protects the Consumer?
3166WHO PROTECTS THE WORKER? Who Protects the Worker?
5132WHO RUNS CONGRESS Who Runs Congress
5133WHO SERVES IN CONGRESS? Who Serves in Congress?
4544WHO WANTS UNIONS? Who Wants Unions?
6346WHO WAS WILL SHAKESPEARE? (CHARLES VERE) Who Was Will Shakespeare? (Charles Vere)
7809WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?* Who Wrote the Bible?*
3167WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, THE Whole World Is Watching, The
7843WHO'S AFRAID OF DESIGNER BABIES? THE ETHICS OF GENETIC SCREENING* Who's Afraid of Designer Babies? The Ethics of Genetic Screening*
3168WHY AMERICA BURNS Why America Burns
7113WHY ARE MEN AND WOMEN SO DIFFERENT? (DAVID BARASH/JUDITH LIPTON) Why Are Men and Women So Different? (David Barash/Judith Lipton)
5252WHY DID THE IRISH WANT HOME RULE? Why Did the Irish Want Home Rule?
3169WHY DO BIRDS SING? Why Do Birds Sing?
6598WHY GOD, WHY ME?* Why God, Why Me?*
3171WHY MAN CREATES Why Man Creates
3172WHY MEN RAPE Why Men Rape
7304WHY O. J. SIMPSON WON* Why O. J. Simpson Won*
5086WHY PLANES CRASH Why Planes Crash
7697WHY SEX? Why Sex?
6734WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER?* Why Shoot the Teacher?*
3173WIDOWS Widows
3175WILD GOOSE, THE Wild Goose, The
5253WILD RIDERS, THE* Wild Riders, The*
4740WILD STRAWBERRIES Wild Strawberries
6912WILD WEST?, THE (RICHARD WHITE) Wild West?, The (Richard White)
7570WILDERNESS AND THE WEST, THE Wilderness and the West, The
3177WILL THE FISHING HAVE TO STOP? Will the Fishing Have to Stop?
5254WILL THE WORLD STARVE? Will the World Starve?
3178WILLIAM HARVEY AND THE CIRCULATION OF THE BLOOD William Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood
3180WILLIAMSBURG RESTORED Williamsburg Restored
3873WILLIS Willis
3182WILLMAR 8, THE Willmar 8, The
6192WINDOW TO CREATION, A Window to Creation, A
6166WINDS OF CHANGE* (KING5) Winds of Change* (KING5)
5997WINDS OF CHANGE, PART 1: A MATTER OF PROMISES Winds of Change, Part 1: A Matter of Promises
5998WINDS OF CHANGE, PART 2: A MATTER OF CHOICES Winds of Change, Part 2: A Matter of Choices
6367WINNERS AND LOSERS Winners and Losers
3185WINNING Winning
6482WINNING STRATEGIES Winning Strategies
3186WIRRITT WIRRITT Wirritt Wirritt
5670WITCHCRAFT AMONG THE AZANDE Witchcraft among the Azande
7681WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (HAXAN) Witchcraft Through the Ages (Haxan)
5596WITH AMERICA'S ENEMY (1954-1967) With America's Enemy (1954-1967)
3189WITH BABIES AND BANNERS: STORY OF THE WOMEN'S EMERGENCY BRIGADE* With Babies and Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade
6884WITH GLOWING HEARTS* With Glowing Hearts*
6014WITNESS FOR THE DEFENSE (ELIZABETH LOFTUS) Witness for the Defense (Elizabeth Loftus)
5309WOMAN IN THE MOON, THE* (DIE FRAU IM MOND) Woman in the Moon, The* (Die Frau im Mond)
7180WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, A* Woman Under the Influence, A*
3192WOMAN-CHILD Woman-Child
3191WOMANS PLACE IS IN THE HOUSE, A Woman's Place Is in the House, A
S1121Women and Spirituality Women and Spirituality (series)
3198WOMEN DRUGS AND ALCOHOL Women, Drugs and Alcohol
6100WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1861-1880: CIVIL WAR, RECOVERY AND WESTWARD EXPANSION Women in American Life 1861-1880: Civil War, Recovery and Westward Expansion
6101WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1880-1920: IMMIGRATION, NEW WORK AND NEW ROLES Women in American Life 1880-1920: Immigration, New Work and New Roles
6102WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1917-1942: CULTURAL IMAGE AND ECONOMIC REALITY Women in American Life 1917-1942: Cultural Image and Economic Reality
6103WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1942-1955: WAR WORK, HOUSEWORK AND GROWING DISCONTENT Women in American Life 1942-1955: War Work, Housework and Growing Discontent
6104WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1955-1977: NEW ATTITUDES FORCE DRAMATIC CHANGES Women in American Life 1955-1977: New Attitudes Force Dramatic Changes
5188WOMEN IN INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS (CHRIS GOBRECHT) Women in Intercollegiate Athletics (Chris Gobrecht)
3194WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT: THREAT OR OPPORTUNITY? Women in Management: Threat or Opportunity?
5801WOMEN IN MODERN SPAIN (MARIA DURAN) Women in Modern Spain (Maria Duran)
6495WOMEN JOINING THE QUEST: Women Joining the Quest: Redefining Heroism (Kathleen Noble)
6098WOMEN OF SUMMER, THE Women of Summer, The
6543WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN* (MUJERES AL BORDE DE UN ATAQUE DE "NERVIOS") Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown* (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de "nervois")
3195WOMEN UNDER SIEGE Women Under Siege
3196WOMEN UP IN ARMS Women Up in Arms
3197WOMEN UP THE CAREER LADDER: RECOGNIZING NEW PATTERNS Women Up the Career Ladder: Recognizing New Patterns
6971WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: CREATING TODAY'S ROLE MODELS (JUNE DAUGHERTY) Women's Basketball: Creating Today's Role Models (June Daugherty)
3199WOOD DECAY BY FUNGI Wood Decay by Fungi
6427WOODEN BOX: MADE BY STEAMING AND BENDING (KWAKIUTL INDIANS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA) Wooden Box: Made by Steaming and Bending (Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia)
3200WOODSHELL, THE Woodshell, The
3201WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS Words and Their Meanings
5761WORK OF THE KIDNEYS, THE (3RD EDITION) Work of the Kidneys, The (3rd Edition)
5145WORK WORTH DOING, PART 2 Work Worth Doing, Part 2
5430WORKERS' STATE, THE (1970-1987) Workers' State, The (1970-1987)
4534WORKING Working
4438WORKING TOGETHER (NISSAN) Working Together (Nissan)
4569WORKING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE Working with Difficult People
6974WORKING WITH TOMORROW'S ENGINEERS TODAY (DENICE DENTON) Working with Tomorrow's Engineers Today (Denice Denton)
6162WORKING: COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA* Working: Communications and Media*
3205WORKPLACE HUSTLE, THE Workplace Hustle, The
7141WORLD APART, A: PRINCELY MEWAR* World Apart, A: Princely Mewar*
6594WORLD EROTICA* World Erotica*
3206WORLD IN A MARSH World in a Marsh
4998WORLD OF ANDREW WYETH, THE World of Andrew Wyeth, The
3207WORLD OF APU, THE World of Apu, The
7209WORLD OF DIFFERENCES: UNDERSTANDING CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION World of Differences: Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication
3208WORLD OF FRANKLIN AND JEFFERSON, THE World of Franklin and Jefferson, The
6308WORLD OF GESTURES: CULTURE & NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION World of Gestures: Culture & Nonverbal Communication
5658WORLD OF JAMES JOYCE, THE World of James Joyce, The
6786WORLD OF THE DRAGON, THE World of the Dragon, The
3209WORLD POPULATION World Population
6163WORLD TO WIN, A* World to Win, A*
3211WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, THE World Turned Upside Down, The
7106WORLD WIDE WEB: CAN WE SHOP THERE? (ANITA RAMASASTRY) World Wide Web: Can We Shop There? (Anita Ramasastry)
3212WORLD WITHIN WORLD World Within World
6164WORLD WITHIN WORLDS* World Within Worlds*
3213WORLD'S LARGEST NEST: THE SOCIABLE WEAVERBIRD World's Largest Nest: The Sociable Weaverbird
3214WORLD'S WORST AIRCRASH: THE AVOIDABLE ACCIDENT World's Worst Aircrash: The Avoidable Accident
3215WORSHIP OF NATURE, THE Worship of Nature, The
6075WOUND OF OPPRESSION, THE (SHELBY STEELE) Wound of Oppression, The (Shelby Steele)
3216WOVEN GARDENS Woven Gardens
3217WRITERS ON WRITING Writers on Writing
6939WRONG MAN, THE* Wrong Man, The*
3218XIAN Xian
3219YAKAM: A FIRE RITUAL IN SOUTH INDIA Yakam: A Fire Ritual in South India
3220YANGJU SANDAE NORI: MASKED DRAMA OF KOREA Yangju Sandae Nori: Masked Drama of Korea
3221YANOMAMO: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDY Yanomamo: A Multidisciplinary Study
6231YEAH YOU RITE!* Yeah You Rite!*
3222YEAR OF THE COMMUNES, THE Year of the Communes, The
5493YEARS OF STRUGGLE: A PORTRAIT OF LEONARD HUTCHINSON R.C.A. Years of Struggle: A Portrait of Leonard Hutchinson R.C.A.
5134YEAS AND NAYS Yeas and Nays
3223YEATS COUNTRY Yeats Country
5762YELLOW EARTH* Yellow Earth*
7511YELTSIN Yeltsin
3225YEN FOR HARMONY: JAPANESE MANAGERS TRY THEIR STYLE IN NORTH AMERICA Yen for Harmony: Japanese Managers Try Their Style in North America
5433YESTERDAY TODAY: THE NETSILIK ESKIMO Yesterday Today: The Netsilik Eskimo
7022YEVTUSHENKO: A POET'S JOURNEY* Yevtushenko: A Poet's Journey*
5353YO SOY Yo Soy
3226YO SOY CHICANO Yo Soy Chicano
6271YORUBA PERFORMANCE Yoruba Performance
3227YOU ARE THERE AT THE BARGAINING TABLE You Are There at the Bargaining Table
6992YOU ARROGANT JOURNALISTS You Arrogant Journalists
3228YOU CAN BEAT THE A-BOMB You Can Beat the A-Bomb
3229YOU CAN SURPASS YOURSELF* You Can Surpass Yourself*
7167YOU CAN'T EAT POTENTIAL (BREAKING AFRICA'S CYCLE OF POVERTY) You Can't Eat Potential (Breaking Africa's Cycle of Poverty)
5256YOU MAY CALL HER MADAME SECRETARY You May Call Her Madame Secretary
3230YOU PACK YOUR OWN CHUTE* You Pack Your Own Chute*
3234YOUNG UNS, THE Young Uns, The
5355YOUR OCEAN AND MINE Your Ocean and Mine
3235YOUTH TERROR: THE VIEW FROM BEHIND THE GUN Youth Terror: The View from Behind the Gun
6011YUMI YET: PAPUA NEW GUINEA GETS INDEPENDENCE Yumi Yet: Papua New Guinea Gets Independence
3236ZACULEU* Zaculeu*
3237ZAMBEZI EXPRESS Zambezi Express
7684ZELIG* Zelig*
7752Zemad's Journey* Zemad's Journey*
3238ZEN AND NOW Zen and Now
3239ZEN IN RYOKO-IN Zen in Ryoko-In
3240ZERO DE CONDUITE Zero de Conduite
5437ZIKKARON Zikkaron
5996ZOOLOGY AND THE HUMAN ANIMAL (DESMOND MORRIS) Zoology and the Human Animal (Desmond Morris)