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7611ADVENTURE, THE (1956-1960) Adventure, The (1956-1960)
6037AGAIN FROM MEASURE 55 (GERARD SCHWARZ) Again--from Measure 55 (Gerard Schwarz)
7122ALEXANDER NEVSKY (Restored Edition)* Alexander Nevsky (Restored Edition)*
5315ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE* Always for Pleasure*
4962ARVIT LESHABAT (SABBATH EVENING SERVICE) Arvit Leshabat (Sabbath Evening Service)
7010AVANT-GARDE IN RUSSIA, THE (1910-1930): NEW PERSPECTIVES* Avant-Garde in Russia, The (1910-1930): New Perspectives*
7189BAND WAGON, THE* Band Wagon, The*
311BING! BANG! BOOM! Bing! Bang! Boom!
346BOLERO, THE Bolero, The
7513BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB* Buena Vista Social Club*
6763C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1993*
6945C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1996*
7736C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 2002/05* CBC-TV News in Review: May 2002*
7044Canadian Brass: On Stage at Wolf Trap* Canadian Brass, The: On Stage at Wolf Trap*
417CANON Canon
470CHANTES POPULAIRE #4 Chantes Populaire #4
471CHANTES POPULAIRE #5 Chantes Populaire #5
4582CHARLES IVES: AMERICAN PIONEER Charles Ives: American Pioneer
7814CHULAS FRONTERAS/DEL MERO CORAZON* Chulas Fronteras/Del Mero Corazon*
7046Cirque du Soleil: "We Reinvent the Circus"* Cirque du Soleil: "We Reinvent the Circus"*
7774CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-6 Civilisation, Programs 4-6
630CONCERT, THE Concert, The
6040CONTINUITY OF TRADITION, THE (SONI VENTORUM) Continuity of Tradition, The (Soni Ventorum)
6629CULTURAL DILEMMA, THE* Cultural Dilemma, The*
7609DEDICATED TO CHAOS (1940-1945) Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945)
803DISCOVERING JAZZ Discovering Jazz
808DISCOVERING THE MUSIC OF THE MIDDLE AGES Discovering the Music of the Middle Ages
856DROTTNINGHOLM COURT THEATRE Drottningholm Court Theatre
3Eighteen-Twelve Overture 1812 Overture
5529EXPRESSIONS OF MUSIC (ROBIN MCCABE) Expressions of Music (Robin McCabe)
1834FALSETTO, THE (A HIGH SPEED CINEMATOGRAPHIC STUDY) Falsetto, The (A High Speed Cinematographic Study)
7709FANTASIA-a* Fantasia*
7710FANTASIA-b 2000* Fantasia 2000*
7711FANTASIA-c LEGACY* Fantasia Legacy*
5159FLOWER DRUM SONG* Flower Drum Song*
7191forty-second street* 42nd Street*
1146GEESEBOOK: A CHORAL MISSAL FROM OLD NUREMBERG Geesebook: A Choral Missal from Old Nuremberg
7604GIFT, THE (1917-1924) Gift, The (1917-1924)
5466GLENN GOULD'S TORONTO Glenn Gould's Toronto
6226GOSPEL AT COLONUS, THE Gospel at Colonus, The
6972GRAND OPERA: FOR THE PEOPLE (SPEIGHT JENKINS) Grand Opera: For the People (Speight Jenkins)
7603GUMBO (BEGINNINGS TO 1917) Gumbo (Beginnings to 1917)
4896JAZZ GUITARIST, THE (A MAN AND HIS MUSIC) (LARRY CORYELL) Jazz Guitarist, The (A Man and His Music) (Larry Coryell)
5559JAZZ IMPROVISATION: THE BEST OF BOTH MINDS (DAVE BRUBECK/BILL SMITH) Jazz Improvisation: The Best of Both Minds (Dave Brubeck/Bill Smith)
7175JAZZ SINGER, THE* Jazz Singer, The*
6201LAND WHERE THE BLUES BEGAN, THE Land Where the Blues Began, The
7612MASTERPIECE BY MIDNIGHT, A (1960 TO THE PRESENT) Masterpiece by Midnight, A (1960 to the Present)
6878MIKADO, THE* Mikado, The*
6904MUSIC STUDYING AND LEARNING IN A NEW WAY (ROBIN MCCABE) Music: Studying and Learning in a New Way (Robin McCabe)
7014MUSIC FOR A NATION* Music for a Nation*
6509MUSICAL GEMINI, A: LIVING FIFTY YEARS OF JAZZ (BILL SMITH) Musical Gemini, A: Living Fifty Years of Jazz (Bill Smith)
6641MUSICAL MAGIC: GILBERT & SULLIVAN IN STRATFORD* Musical Magic: Gilbert & Sullivan in Stratford*
6642MUSIQUE FOLKLORIQUE, LA* Musique Folklorique, La*
2026NIGHT AT THE PEKING OPERA, A Night at the Peking Opera, A
7605OUR LANGUAGE (1924-1929) Our Language (1924-1929)
6963P.D.Q. BACH SPEAKS (PETER SCHICKELE) PDQ Bach Speaks (Peter Schickele)
2135PACIFIC 231 Pacific 231
5785PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 3 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 3
7251PENNIES FROM HEAVEN* Pennies from Heaven*
5835PLUCKING AWAY (CHARLIE BYRD) Plucking Away (Charlie Byrd)
2264POULETTE GRISE Poulette Grise
5405QUEBEC4 TRADITIONS IN ORGAN MUSIC Quebec Traditions in Organ Music
7610RISK (1945-1955) Risk (1945-1955)
7110ROCK HISTORY, ROCK CULTURE (MIKAL GILMORE) Rock History, Rock Culture (Mikal Gilmore)
7013SEARCH FOR A VOICE, THE* Search for a Voice, The*
2611SINGING BRAKEMAN, THE* Singing Brakeman, The*
6405SIREN'S SONG OF JAZZ, A (MARIAN MCPARTLAND) Siren's Song of Jazz, A (Marian McPartland)
5461STREET MUSIQUE Street Musique
6799SWING TIME* Swing Time*
7607SWING: PURE PLEASURE (1935-1937) Swing: Pure Pleasure (1935-1937)
7608SWING: THE VELOCITY OF CELEBRATION (1937-1939) Swing: The Velocity of Celebration (1937-1939)
7516TANGO* Tango*
5293THREEPENNY OPERA, THE* (DIE DREIGROSCHENOPER) Threepenny Opera, The* (Die Dreigroschenoper)
7237TRISTAN UND ISOLDE Tristan und Isolde
7606TRUE WELCOME, THE (1929-1934) True Welcome, The (1929-1934)
6871VIVALDI Vivaldi
5338VOICE OF THE PIANO CALLING, THE (ROBIN MCCABE) Voice of the Piano Calling, The (Robin McCabe)
3121WELL-SPENT LIFE, A Well-Spent Life, A
3131WHAT IS MUSIC? What Is Music?
6884WITH GLOWING HEARTS* With Glowing Hearts*