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5079ARE YOU SWIMMING IN A SEWER? Are You Swimming in a Sewer?
5227ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: GLOBAL WINDS Atmospheric Science: Global Winds
271BEACH: A RIVER OF SAND Beach: A River of Sand
455CHALLENGE OF THE OCEAN Challenge of the Ocean
4918CITY OF CORAL City of Coral
621COMPLEX WAVES I: PROPAGATION, EVANESCENCE AND INSTABILITY Complex Waves I: Propagation, Evanescence and Instability
638CONQUERING THE SEA Conquering the Sea
647CONTINENTAL DRIFT Continental Drift
648CONTINENTS ADRIFT Continents Adrift
736DAYS THE WORLD WENT MAD, THE Days the World Went Mad, The
746DEEP SEA DRILLING PROJECT Deep Sea Drilling Project
750DEFORMATION OF CONTINUOUS MEDIA Deformation of Continuous Media
814DIVE TO THE EDGE OF CREATION Dive to the Edge of Creation
851DRIFTING OF CONTINENTS, THE Drifting of Continents, The
963EVIDENCE FOR THE ICE AGE Evidence for the Ice Age
7644FINITE OCEANS Finite Oceans
1050FLOW INSTABILITIES Flow Instabilities
4831GED 09: READING/SCIENCE 3 GED 9: Reading/Science 3
1232GULFSTREAM Gulfstream
1317HISTORY LAYER BY LAYER History Layer by Layer
5499HUDSON 70 PHASE VIII: THE ARCTIC VOYAGE Hudson 70 Phase VIII: The Arctic Voyage
1741LOW-REYNOLDS-NUMBER FLOWS Low-Reynolds-Number Flows
1845MEDITERRANEAN PROSPECT, THE Mediterranean Prospect, The
1865METHODS AND INSTRUMENTS OF OCEANOGRAPHY Methods and Instruments of Oceanography
2073OCEAN CURRENTS Ocean Currents
2075OCEAN TIDES: BAY OF FUNDY Ocean Tides: Bay of Fundy
7720OCEAN WORLD/FROZEN SEAS Ocean World/Frozen Seas
2077OCEANOGRAPHY AND THE PUGET SOUND MODEL Oceanography and the Puget Sound Model
6363ON THE SURFACE On the Surface
7721OPEN OCEAN/THE DEEP Open Ocean/The Deep
2124OUR DYNAMIC EARTH Our Dynamic Earth
5547PAYING THE PRICE (G. ROSS HEATH) Paying the Price (G. Ross Heath)
4997PLANKTON AND THE OPEN SEA (SECOND EDITION) Plankton and the Open Sea (Second Edition)
2254PORTRAIT OF A COAST Portrait of a Coast
2326PROJECT DEEP PROBE Project Deep Probe
2419RESTLESS EARTH: EARTHQUAKES Restless Earth: Earthquakes
2420RESTLESS EARTH: EVIDENCE FROM ANCIENT LIFE Restless Earth: Evidence from Ancient Life
2421RESTLESS EARTH: GEOLOGY AND MAN Restless Earth: Geology and Man
2422RESTLESS EARTH: PLATE TECTONICS THEORY Restless Earth: Plate Tectonics Theory
2423RESTLESS SEA Restless Sea
5246RING OF TRUTH, PART 4: CLUES Ring of Truth, Part 4: Clues
6366SALTY SHORTS: VIDEOS WASHED IN BY THE TIDE Salty Shorts: Videos Washed in by the Tide
2527SEA Sea, The
7767SEASONAL SEAS/CORAL SEAS* Seasonal Seas/Coral Seas*
2884TIDES OF THE OCEAN: WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW THE SUN AND THE MOON CAUSE THEM Tides of the Ocean: What They Are and How the Sun and the Moon Cause Them
2973TURBULENT OCEAN, THE Turbulent Ocean, The
7647UNDERSTANDING OCEANS Understanding Oceans
6911VOLCANIC ACTIVITY: LOOKING BEYOND WHAT IS KNOWN (JOHN DELANEY) Volcanic Activity: Looking Beyond What Is Known (John Delaney)
5084WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE LAND Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Land
5085WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE SEA Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Sea
3099WAVES ACROSS THE PACIFIC Waves Across the Pacific
3101WAVES ON WATER Waves on Water
3134WHAT MAKES THE WIND BLOW? What Makes the Wind Blow?
5355YOUR OCEAN AND MINE Your Ocean and Mine