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61AGGRESSION--OR LOVE? Aggression--Or Love?
5879ANATOMY OF ELOQUENCE Anatomy of Eloquence
135ANIMAL ALTRUISM Animal Altruism
136ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Animal Communication
147APE AND CHILD, PART 1: SOME BEHAVIOR CHARACTERISTICS OF A HUMAN AND A CHIMPANZEE INFANT IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 1: Some Behavior Characteristics of a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant in the Same Environment*
148APE AND CHILD, PART 2: DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN AND CHIMPANZEE INFANTS-COMPARATIVE TESTS AFTER SIX MONTHS IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 2: Development of Human and Chimpanzee Infants--Comparative Tests after Six Months in the Same Environment*
5212APE LANGUAGE: FROM CONDITIONED RESPONSE TO SYMBOL Ape Language: From Conditioned Response to Symbol
149APES OF BARBARY, THE Apes of Barbary, The
205ASPECTS OF THE BEHAVIOR OF THE SIFAKA Aspects of the Behavior of the Sifaka
232BABOON BEHAVIOR Baboon Behavior
233BABOON ECOLOGY Baboon Ecology
7685BABOON TALES* Baboon Tales*
277BEGINNING OF LIFE, THE Beginning of Life, The
281BEHAVIOR AND ECOLOGY OF VERVET MONKEYS (CARCOPITHECUS AETHIOPS) IN THE MASAI-AMBOSELI GAME RESERVE, KENYA Behavior and Ecology of Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) in the Masai-Amboseli Game Reserve, Kenya
290BEHAVIORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RHESUS MONKEY Behavioral Characteristics of the Rhesus Monkey
451CHACMA BABOONS: ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR Chacma Baboons: Ecology and Behavior
474CHARACTERISTICS OF GIBBON BEHAVIOR Characteristics of Gibbon Behavior
509CHILDHOOD OF THE CHIMPANZEE Childhood of the Chimpanzee
5216CHILDREN OF EVE Children of Eve
7831CHIMPANZEES: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY* Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History*
7765COMPULSIVE COMMUNICATORS, THE [VHS]* Compulsive Communicators, The [VHS]*
7693DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA Darwin's Dangerous Idea
6232DECODING THE BOOK OF LIFE Decoding the Book of Life
7695EXTINCTION! Extinction!
5894FACE VALUE Face Value
5652FAMILY OF CHIMPS, A Family of Chimps, A
5012FEEDING AND FOOD SHARING Feeding and Food Sharing
1034FIRST DAYS OF LIFE, THE First Days of Life, The
1039FIRST SIGNS OF WASHOE, THE First Signs of Washoe, The
7532FIVE SPECIES Five Species
7835FLOCK OF DODOS: THE EVOLUTION-INTELLIGENT DESIGN CIRCUS* Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus*
7452GALAPAGOS: HOW THEY GOT THERE Galapagos: How They Got There
1147GELADA: THE MOUNTAIN BABOON OF ETHIOPIA Gelada: The Mountain Baboon of Ethiopia
1169GIBBON RESEARCH IN A DESIGNED ENVIRONMENT Gibbon Research in a Designed Environment
1188GORILLA Gorilla
6961GORILLAS IN THE MIST: THE STORY OF DIAN FOSSEY* Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey*
7733GORILLAS: PRIMAL CONTACT Gorillas: Primal Contact
5654GRANBY'S PRIMATES: A CAPTIVE LIFE Granby's Primates: A Captive Life
7694GREAT TRANSFORMATIONS Great Transformations
7402GREMLINS: FACES IN THE FOREST Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
1245HANUMAN LANGURS: MONKEYS OF INDIA Hanuman Langurs: Monkeys of India
5013HIERARCHY AND THE ALPHA MALE Hierarchy and the Alpha Male
5082HOW BABIES GET MADE How Babies Get Made
1357HOWLER MONKEYS OF BARRO COLORADO ISLAND Howler Monkeys of Barro Colorado Island
7533IMAGES FROM THE FIELD: BABOONS Images from the Field: Baboons
6521IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 1 [THE STORY OF LUCY] In Search of Human Origins, Part One [The Story of Lucy]
6522IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 2 [SURVIVING IN AFRICA] In Search of Human Origins, Part Two [Surviving in Africa]
6523IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 3 [THE CREATIVE REVOLUTION] In Search of Human Origins, Part Three [The Creative Revolution]
5014INFANT DEVELOPMENT Infant Development
5010INHERIT THE WIND* Inherit the Wind*
5015INTRODUCTION TO CHIMPANZEE BEHAVIOR Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior
5905KNOWING NOSE, THE Knowing Nose, The
4559LEAKEY Leakey
7700LEARNING AND TEACHING EVOLUTION Learning and Teaching Evolution
7530LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Lemurs of Madagascar
7403LEMUR'S TALE, A Lemur's Tale, A
7764LIFE IN THE TREES, A [VHS]* Life In the Trees, A [VHS]*
1684LIFE IN THE TREES, A Life in the Trees, A
7789LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME FOUR -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Four -- The*
7786LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME ONE -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume One -- The*
7788LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME THREE -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Three -- The*
7787LIFE OF MAMMALS, VOLUME TWO -- THE* Life of Mammals, Volume Two -- The*
5083LIFES FIRST FEELINGS Life's First Feelings
6031LUCY'S FAMILY (KEVIN O'FARRELL) Lucy's Family (Kevin O'Farrell)
7514MADAGASCAR: A WORLD APART Madagascar: A World Apart
5346MASKED MONKEYS Masked Monkeys
7698MIND'S BIG BANG, THE Mind's Big Bang, The
1887MISS GOODALL AND THE WILD CHIMPANZEES Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees
1906MONKEYS APES AND MAN Monkeys, Apes and Man
1905MONKEYS OF MYSORE, THE Monkeys of Mysore, The
5908MONUMENT FOR A GORILLA Monument for a Gorilla
1930MOUNTAIN GORILLA Mountain Gorilla
5823MYSTERIES OF MANKIND Mysteries of Mankind
7412NATURALLY CLEVER* Naturally Clever*
6618NEW CHIMPANZEES, THE New Chimpanzees, The
886PATAS MONKEY: ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR Patas Monkey: Ecology and Behavior
2301PRIMATE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Primate Growth and Development
7534PRIMATE PATTERNS II Primate Patterns II
7535PRIMATE/HUMAN INTERACTION Primate/Human Interaction
2302PRIMATES, THE Primates, The
2416RESEARCH METHODS FOR STUDYING ANIMAL BEHAVIOR IN A ZOO SETTING Research Methods for Studying Animal Behavior in a Zoo Setting
2431RHESUS MONKEY INFANT'S FIRST FOUR MONTHS, A Rhesus Monkey Infant's First Four Months, A
2432RHESUS MONKEYS OF SANTIAGO ISLAND Rhesus Monkeys of Santiago Island
2433RHESUS PLAY Rhesus Play
2533SEARCH FOR THE GREAT APES Search for the Great Apes
7531SIFAKAS OF MADAGASCAR Sifakas of Madagascar
6606SOCIAL ETHOGRAM OF THE SAN DIEGO BONOBOS (PAN PANISCUS) Social Ethogram of the San Diego Bonobos (Pan paniscus)
5871SURVEY OF THE PRIMATES (REVISED) Survey of the Primates (Revised)
2800TALK TO THE ANIMALS Talk to the Animals
7413TALKING SENSE* Talking Sense*
6519THREE OF A KIND: GOODALL, FOSSEY, AND GALDIKAS (BIRUTE GALDIKAS) Three of a Kind: Goodall, Fossey, and Galdikas (Birute Galdikas)
5016TOOL USING Tool Using
3021UPRIGHT MAN Upright Man
3058VOCALIZATIONS OF WILD CHIMPANZEES Vocalizations of Wild Chimpanzees
7529WHAT DO PRIMATOLOGISTS DO? What Do Primatologists Do?
7113WHY ARE MEN AND WOMEN SO DIFFERENT? (DAVID BARASH/JUDITH LIPTON) Why Are Men and Women So Different? (David Barash/Judith Lipton)
7697WHY SEX? Why Sex?
5996ZOOLOGY AND THE HUMAN ANIMAL (DESMOND MORRIS) Zoology and the Human Animal (Desmond Morris)