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6083A.I.D.S. in Africa AIDS in Africa
27ACROSS THE FRONTIERS Across the Frontiers
7020ACROSS THE TAKLAMAKAN DESERT* Across the Taklamakan Desert*
6049AFGHAN NOMADS: THE MALDAR Afghan Nomads: The Maldar
6050AFGHAN WOMEN Afghan Women
50AFRICAN VILLAGE African Village
96ALTAR OF FIRE Altar of Fire
6203AMAZONIA: THE ROAD TO THE END OF THE FOREST Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
5345AMERICAN GAME, JAPANESE RULES American Game, Japanese Rules
110AMISH: A PEOPLE OF PRESERVATION Amish: A People of Preservation
111AMITIE NOIRE Amitie Noire
6264AMONG EQUALS Among Equals
6515AMONG THE NON-BELIEVERS Among the Non-Believers
6678ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY Another Side to the Story
5150ANTHROPOLOGY: AN ATTITUDE AND A LIFE (FREDERICA DE LAGUNA) Anthropology: An Attitude and a Life (Frederica De Laguna)
152APPEALS TO SANTIAGO Appeals to Santiago
5734ARCTIC ECOSYSTEM, THE (ORIN YOUNG) Arctic Ecosystem, The (Orin Young)
168ARGUMENT ABOUT A MARRIAGE, AN Argument about a Marriage, An
5703ART AND DEATH IN AFRICA Art and Death in Africa
7017ART GALLERY IN THE DESERT, THE* Art Gallery in the Desert, The*
5880ARUSI YA MARIAMU (THE MARRIAGE OF MARIAMU)* Arusi Ya Mariamu (The Marriage of Mariamu)*
5636ASANTE MARKET WOMEN Asante Market Women
202ASMAT: CANNIBAL CRAFTSMEN OF NEW GUINEA Asmat: Cannibal Craftsmen of New Guinea
216ATUMPAN Atumpan
5809AUSTRALIA'S ART OF THE DREAMTIME: QUINKIN COUNTRY Australia's Art of the Dreamtime: Quinkin Country
229AX FIGHT, THE Ax Fight, The
5637BAKA: PEOPLE OF THE FOREST Baka: People of the Forest
237BAKHTIARI MIGRATION, THE Bakhtiari Migration, The
238BAKUBA: PEOPLE OF THE CONGO Bakuba: People of the Congo
241BALINESE TRANCE SEANCE, A Balinese Trance Seance, A
291BEHIND THE MASK Behind the Mask
4951BEING MUSLIM IN INDIA Being Muslim in India
292BEND IN THE NIGER, THE Bend in the Niger, The
293BENIN KINGSHIP RITUALS Benin Kingship Rituals
5017BETWEEN TIME: A TIBETAN VILLAGE IN NEPAL* Between Time: A Tibetan Village in Nepal*
7083Beyond the Ring of Fire Beyond the Ring of Fire
6397BIG STRANGERS: SPENDING A WEEK WITH THE BUSHMEN (JOHN PERROTT) Big Strangers: Spending a Week with the Bushmen (John Perrott)
324BITTER MELONS Bitter Melons
6708BLACK ROBE* Black Robe*
5739BLOOD OF THE CONDOR* Blood of the Condor*
348BONO MEDICINES Bono Medicines
359BOY'S GAME Boy's Game
386BUILDING A BRIDGE Building a Bridge
399BUMA: AFRICAN SCULPTURE SPEAKS Buma: African Sculpture Speaks
403BUSHMEN OF THE KALAHARI Bushmen of the Kalahari
406BUZKASHI Buzkashi
6009CANNIBAL TOURS Cannibal Tours
441CAVE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, THE Cave People of the Philippines, The
6413CHANG: A DRAMA OF THE WILDERNESS* Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness*
510CHILDHOOD RIVALRY IN BALI AND NEW GUINEA Childhood Rivalry in Bali and New Guinea
6051CHILDREN KNOW, THE Children Know, The
4556CHILDREN OF THE FOREST Children of the Forest
544CHINESE MAGIC AND SUPERSTITION Chinese Magic and Supersitition
6526CHOCOLAT* Chocolat*
6587CONSCIOUSNESS Consciousness
6324CONTACT: THE YANOMAMI INDIANS OF BRAZIL Contact: The Yanomami Indians of Brazil
5889COUPLES ARGUING Couples Arguing
670COWS OF DOLO KEN PAYE: RESOLVING CONFLICT AMONG THE KPELLE Cows of Dolo Ken Paye: Resolving Conflict among the Kpelle
680CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI Cree Hunters of Mistassini
6802CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI* (NFBC) Cree Hunters of Mistassini* (NFBC)
6358CROSSING AMERICAN CULTURES (PETER NABOKOV) Crossing American Cultures (Peter Nabokov)
719DANCE AND HUMAN HISTORY Dance and Human History
5622DANCE OF THE WARRIORS Dance of the Warriors
7197DANCING FIRE: BRONZE CASTING IN SOUTH INDIA Dancing Fire: Bronze Casting in South India
7016DARK CASTLE, THE* Dark Castle, The*
6529DAUGHTERS OF IXCHEL: MAYA THREAD OF CHANGE Daughters of Ixchel: Maya Thread of Change
737DEAD BIRDS Dead Birds
745DEEP HEARTS Deep Hearts
760DESERT PEOPLE Desert People
7841DESTINATION: TOURISM* Destination: Tourism*
6045DISPELLING THE MYTHS ABOUT THE YANOMAMO (KENNETH GOOD) Dispelling the Myths about the Yanomamo (Kenneth Good)
816DIVINE HORSEMEN: THE LIVING GODS OF HAITI* Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti*
5106DIVINE MADNESS: TRANCE, DANCE AND HEALING IN GUYANA Divine Madness: Trance, Dance and Healing in Guyana
820DOCTORS OF NIGERIA Doctors of Nigeria
5624DREAM WANDERERS OF BORNEO Dream Wanderers of Borneo
864DRY WEATHER CHRONICLE: THE TXICAO PEOPLE OF BRAZIL'S MATO GRASSO Dry Weather Chronicle: The Txicao People of Brazil's Mato Grasso
867DUMINEA, A FESTIVAL FOR WATER SPIRITS Duminea, a Festival for Water Spirits
5623EAST OF KRAKATOA East of Krakatoa
5219EDUARDO THE HEALER Eduardo the Healer
6270EFE/GELEDE CEREMONIES AMONG THE WESTERN YORUBA Efe/Gelede Ceremonies among the Western Yoruba
6596FAMILIAR FACE OF LOVE, THE* Familiar Face of Love, The*
1004FEAST, THE Feast, The
7416FILMS OF DR. JOSEPH F. ROCK, THE Films of Dr. Joseph F. Rock, The
4548FIRST CONTACT First Contact
1048FLOATING IN THE AIR, FOLLOWED BY THE WIND Floating in the Air, Followed By the Wind
7602FOOD FOR THE ANCESTORS Food for the Ancestors
6511FOUNDATIONS (AMB) Foundations (AMB)
1078FOUR FAMILIES, PART 1 Four Families, Part 1
1079FOUR FAMILIES, PART 2 Four Families, Part 2
7580Fourteen Ninety-two: Conquest of Paradise* 1492: Conquest of Paradise*
6428FULL CIRCLE: INDIANS IN WASHINGTON STATE Full Circle: Indians in Washington State
7195GIRLS IN THE HOOD Girls in the Hood
6780GLOBAL TOURISM Global Tourism
7019GLORIES OF ANCIENT CHANG-AN* Glories of Ancient Chang-An*
6447GLYPHERS: DECIPHERING MAYAN SOCIETY (LINDA SCHELE) Glyphers: Deciphering Mayan Society (Linda Schele)
7628GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK, THE* Good Woman of Bangkok, The*
5003GREAT TREE HAS FALLEN, A Great Tree Has Fallen, A
7600GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE Great Wall Across the Yangtze
7402GREMLINS: FACES IN THE FOREST Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
7449GUELWAAR* (THE NOBLE ONE) Guelwaar* (The Noble One)
1251HAUSA VILLAGE Hausa Village
7299HISTORY OF NUNAVIK: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE INUIT History of Nunavik: In the Footsteps of the Inuit
7283HOPI SNAKE DANCE* Hopi Snake Dance*
5989HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN* (COMO ERA GOSTOSO O MEU FRANCES) How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman* (Como era gostoso o meu Frances)
7084Human Language, Part 1: Discovering the Human Language--Colorless Green Ideas* Human Language, Part One: Discovering the Human Language--Colorless Green Ideas*
7085Human Language, Part 2: Acquiring the Human Language--Playing the Language Game* Human Language, Part Two: Acquiring the Human Language--Playing the Language Game*
7086Human Language, Part 3: The Human Language Evolves--With and Without Words* Human Language, Part Three: The Human Language Evolves--With and Without Words*
1368HUNGRY GHOSTS Hungry Ghosts
1372HUNTERS Hunters, The
6933I HEARD THE OWL CALL MY NAME* I Heard the Owl Call My Name*
5007IAWO Iawo
6777IMAGINING NEW WORLDS Imagining New Worlds
6465IN AND OUT OF AFRICA In and Out of Africa
6052IN SEARCH OF COOL GROUND: THE MIGRANTS In Search of Cool Ground: The Migrants
7015IN SEARCH OF THE KINGDOM OF LOU-LAN* In Search of the Kingdom of Lou-lan*
7244INCA: SECRETS OF THE ANCESTORS Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors
7245INCAS REMEMBERED, THE Incas Remembered, The
6382INITIATION KUT FOR A KOREAN SHAMAN, AN Initiation Kut for a Korean Shaman, An
7689ISLAM: EMPIRE OF FAITH Islam: Empire of Faith
7408Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal
1589KARBA'S FIRST YEARS Karba's First Years
1592KAWELKA, THE (ONGKA'S BIG MOKA)* Kawelka, The (Ongka's Big Moka)*
7828KAYAPO, THE* Kayapo, The*
6053KAYAPO: OUT OF THE FOREST* Kayapo: Out of the Forest*
6054KENYA BORAN Kenya Boran
6055KENYA BORAN, PART 2 Kenya Boran, Part 2
1602KINGDOM OF BRONZE Kingdom of Bronze
6657LAND OF OUR CHILDREN* Land of Our Children*
1639LARWARI AND WALKARA Larwari and Walkara
7397LAST TASMANIAN, THE (ANCESTORS) Last Tasmanian, The (Ancestors)
1650LAST TRIBES OF MINDANAO, THE Last Tribes of Mindanao, The
6805LAXWESA WA: STRENGTH OF THE RIVER* Laxwesa Wa: Strength of the River*
7087Lempad of Bali Lempad of Bali
7485LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE* (COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE) Like Water for Chocolate* (Como agua para chocolate)
1704LION HUNTERS, THE Lion Hunters, The
5004LIVING AFRICA: A VILLAGE EXPERIENCE Living Africa: A Village Experience
6434LOSING THE FUTURE CURES (MARK PLOTKIN) Losing the Future Cures (Mark Plotkin)
7256LOST KINGDOMS OF THE MAYA Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
7668LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL Lost Tribes of Israel
1753MAGANGA Maganga
1754MAGICAL DEATH Magical Death
1759MAITRES FOUS, LES Maitres Fous, Les
6062MAMA COCA Mama Coca
1777MAN BLONG CUSTOM Man Blong Custom
1778MAN CALLED ``BEE'' (STUDYING THE YANOMAMO) Man Called "Bee'' (Studying the Yanomamo)
6176MAN WITHOUT PIGS Man Without Pigs
5526MARGARET MEAD AND SAMOA Margaret Mead and Samoa
1802MARING IN MOTION Maring in Motion
6056MASAI WOMEN Masai Women
4468MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAHJOUKA Master Musicians of Jahjouka
1819MATJEMOSH Matjemosh
7243MAYA: THE BLOOD OF KINGS Maya: The Blood of Kings
1830MEAT FIGHT, THE Meat Fight, The
1856MEN'S DANCE Men's Dance
7242MEXICO THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AZTECS Mexico: "The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs"
1870MIAO YEAR, THE Miao Year, The
6784MIGRANT'S HEART, A Migrant's Heart, A
7698MIND'S BIG BANG, THE Mind's Big Bang, The
5664MODERN BRIDES Modern Brides
5798MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF PERU Mountain Music of Peru
1946MULGA SEED CEREMONY Mulga Seed Ceremony
1948MURSI, THE Mursi, The
4472MURUDRUNI Murudruni
5722MYSTERY OF THE LOST RED PAINT PEOPLE, THE Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People, The
6687MYTH AND MEMORY TRANSFORMED* Myth and Memory Transformed
1978N!AI, THE STORY OF A !KUNG WOMAN N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman
4554NAVIGATORS, THE Navigators, The
1994NEGRO KINGDOMS OF AFRICA'S GOLDEN AGE Negro Kingdoms of Africa's Golden Age
2016NEW TRIBES MISSION New Tribes Mission
2041NOMADS OF BADAKHSHAN, THE Nomads of Badakhshan, The
5238NOMADS OF THE RAINFOREST Nomads of the Rainforest
2060NUER, THE Nuer, The
6426OBSIDIAN POINT MAKING: TOLOWA INDIANS Obsidian Point Making: Tolowa Indians
4917PAPUA NEW GUINEA: ANTHROPOLOGY ON TRIAL Papua New Guinea: Anthropology on Trial
6693PEYOTE ROAD, THE: ANCIENT RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY CRISIS Peyote Road, The: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crisis
6782POPULATION TRANSITION IN ITALY Population Transition in Italy
2303PRIMITIVE MAN IN OUR WORLD--NEW GUINEA Primitive Man in Our World--New Guinea
5825QUIET RAGE: THE STANFORD PRISON STUDY Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Study
4460RASTAFARI VOICES Rastafari Voices
7484SECRET LIFE OF GEISHA, THE Secret Life of Geisha, The
6730SHADOW OF THE WOLF* Shadow of the Wolf*
5918SHARING IS UNITY (USHIRIKA NI UMOJA)* Sharing Is Unity (Ushirika Ni Umoja)*
7830SKIN STORIES* Skin Stories*
2618SLASH-AND-BURN AGRICULTURE Slash-and-Burn Agriculture
4552SMALL HAPPINESS: WOMEN OF A CHINESE VILLAGE* Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village*
7746SONS FOR THE RETURN HOME Sons for the Return Home*
4932SONS OF THE MOON Sons of the Moon
5621SPICE ISLAND SAGA Spice Island Saga
6444SPIRIT OF KUNA YALA, THE Spirit of Kuna Yala, The
6883SPIRIT OF THE MASK, THE* Spirit of the Mask, The*
2677SPIRIT POSSESSION OF ALEJANDRO MAMANI, THE (AGING IN ANOTHER CULTURE) Spirit Possession of Alejandro Mamani, The (Aging in Another Culture)
5005SPIRITUAL ORDERING: THE METAL ARTS OF AFRICA Spiritual Ordering: The Metal Arts of Africa
2706STONES OF EDEN Stones of Eden
6443STRANGE BELIEFS (SIR EDWARD EVANS-PRITCHARD) Strange Beliefs (Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard)
6513STRUGGLING WITH MODERNITY Struggling with Modernity
2740SUCKING DOCTOR, THE Sucking Doctor, The
7719TATAU: WHAT ONE MUST DO Tatau: What One Must Do
2823TEPOZTLAN Tepoztlan
2824TEPOZTLAN IN TRANSITION Tepoztlan in Transition
7018THOUSAND KILOMETERS BEYOND THE YELLOW RIVER, A* Thousand Kilometers beyond the Yellow River, A*
2873THREE GRANDMOTHERS Three Grandmothers
5699TIBETAN BUDDHISM: CYCLES OF INTERDEPENDENCE Tibetan Buddhism: Cycles of Interdependence
7092Tibetan Pilgrimage Tibetan Pilgrimage
6667TIGHTROPE OF POWER, THE* Tightrope of Power, The*
2899TJURUNGA: THE STORY OF STONE AGE MAN Tjurunga: The Story of Stone Age Man
2904TO FIND OUR LIFE: THE PEYOTE HUNT OF THE HIUCHOLS OF MEXICO To Find Our Life: The Peyote Hunt of the Hiuchols of Mexico
7179TOKYO2 STORY* (TOKYO MONOGATARI) Tokyo Story* (Tokyo Monogatari)
2932TRANCE AND DANCE IN BALI Trance and Dance in Bali
7630TREKKING ON TRADITION Trekking on Tradition
2958TROBRIAND CRICKET: AN INGENIOUS RESPONSE TO COLONIALISM Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism
6532TROBRIAND ISLANDERS OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA, THE Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea, The
2969TUAREGS, THE Tuaregs, The
7303VIKINGS IN AMERICA Vikings in America
6057VIRACOCHA Viracocha
5752WAITING FOR HARRY Waiting for Harry
7119WALKABOUT (RESTORED DIRECTOR'S CUT)* Walkabout (Restored Director's Cut)*
3076WALKABOUT (REVISED) Walkabout (Revised)
4505WALKABOUT: A JOURNEY WITH THE ABORIGINALS Walkabout: A Journey with the Aboriginals
6673WALKING OUT CEREMONY* Walking Out Ceremony*
3115WEDDING CAMELS, THE Wedding Camels, The
3124WET EARTH, WARM PEOPLE Wet Earth, Warm People
7699WHAT ABOUT GOD? What About God?
7674WHEN THE WORLD BEGAN* When the World Began*
5997WINDS OF CHANGE, PART 1: A MATTER OF PROMISES Winds of Change, Part 1: A Matter of Promises
5998WINDS OF CHANGE, PART 2: A MATTER OF CHOICES Winds of Change, Part 2: A Matter of Choices
3186WIRRITT WIRRITT Wirritt Wirritt
5670WITCHCRAFT AMONG THE AZANDE Witchcraft among the Azande
7209WORLD OF DIFFERENCES: UNDERSTANDING CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION World of Differences: Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication
3216WOVEN GARDENS Woven Gardens
3221YANOMAMO: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDY Yanomamo: A Multidisciplinary Study
6271YORUBA PERFORMANCE Yoruba Performance
6011YUMI YET: PAPUA NEW GUINEA GETS INDEPENDENCE Yumi Yet: Papua New Guinea Gets Independence
7752Zemad's Journey* Zemad's Journey*