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6545ADDICTED BRAIN, THE* Addicted Brain, The
5612ADDICTIONS Addictions
61AGGRESSION--OR LOVE? Aggression--Or Love?
5611AGING (PBS) Aging (PBS)
74ALBERT ELLIS, A DEMONSTRATION: A WOMAN FEARFUL OF EXPRESSING EMOTION Albert Ellis, a Demonstration: A Woman Fearful of Expressing Emotion
135ANIMAL ALTRUISM Animal Altruism
136ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Animal Communication
147APE AND CHILD, PART 1: SOME BEHAVIOR CHARACTERISTICS OF A HUMAN AND A CHIMPANZEE INFANT IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 1: Some Behavior Characteristics of a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant in the Same Environment*
148APE AND CHILD, PART 2: DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN AND CHIMPANZEE INFANTS-COMPARATIVE TESTS AFTER SIX MONTHS IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT* Ape and Child, Part 2: Development of Human and Chimpanzee Infants--Comparative Tests after Six Months in the Same Environment*
5212APE LANGUAGE: FROM CONDITIONED RESPONSE TO SYMBOL Ape Language: From Conditioned Response to Symbol
154APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS RESEARCH DESIGNS Applied Behavior Analysis Research Designs
6212ARRIVING Arriving
230B. F. SKINNER AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE: RESEARCH, PRACTICE AND PROMISE B. F. Skinner and Behavior Change: Research, Practice and Promise
232BABOON BEHAVIOR Baboon Behavior
7685BABOON TALES* Baboon Tales*
284BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TEACHING LANGUAGE TO PSYCHOTIC CHILDREN Behavior Modification: Teaching Language to Psychotic Children
283BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION OF AN AUTISTIC CHILD Behavior Modification of an Autistic Child
7782BEHAVIOR THEORY IN PRACTICE, PARTS 1 & 2 Behavior Theory In Practice, Parts 1 & 2
7783BEHAVIOR THEORY IN PRACTICE, PARTS 3 & 4 Behavior Theory In Practice, Parts 3 & 4
5924BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children
315BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS: STUDIES IN CHRONOBIOLOGY Biological Rhythms: Studies in Chronobiology
317BIRD BRAIN Bird Brain
7123BOOGIE NIGHTS* Boogie Nights*
6108BRAIN WITH A MIND OF ITS OWN, A (RICHARD RESTAK) Brain with a Mind of Its Own, A (Richard Restak)
509CHILDHOOD OF THE CHIMPANZEE Childhood of the Chimpanzee
579CLASSIFICATION Classification
592COGNITION Cognition
4560COGNITION, CREATIVITY AND BEHAVIOR: THE COLUMBAN SIMULATIONS Cognition, Creativity and Behavior: The Columban Simulations
7130COMPANIONS: TALES FROM THE CLOSET (VANINNOR--BERATTELSER FRAN GARBEROBEN) Companions: Tales from the Closet (Vaninnor--Berattelser fran Garberoben)
636CONFORMITY AND INDEPENDENCE Conformity and Independence
644CONSERVATION Conservation
6223CONTINUING THE LINE Continuing the Line
655CONVERSATION WITH B. F. SKINNER Conversation with B. F. Skinner
6222COURTING Courting
688CRITICAL TIME, THE Critical Time, The
5614DEPRESSION (PBS) Depression (PBS)
5610DEVELOPMENT (PBS) Development (PBS)
815DIVIDED BRAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS Divided Brain and Consciousness
823DOLPHINS AND MEN Dolphins and Men
5652FAMILY OF CHIMPS, A Family of Chimps, A
5012FEEDING AND FOOD SHARING Feeding and Food Sharing
6218FIGHTING Fighting
6214FINDING FOOD Finding Food
6220FINDING THE WAY Finding the Way
1039FIRST SIGNS OF WASHOE, THE First Signs of Washoe, The
7532FIVE SPECIES Five Species
1071FORMAL THOUGHT Formal Thought
7208FRIENDS AND LOVERS Friends and Lovers
6219FRIENDS AND RIVALS Friends and Rivals
1169GIBBON RESEARCH IN A DESIGNED ENVIRONMENT Gibbon Research in a Designed Environment
7733GORILLAS: PRIMAL CONTACT Gorillas: Primal Contact
5654GRANBY'S PRIMATES: A CAPTIVE LIFE Granby's Primates: A Captive Life
6185GROUPTHINK (REVISED) Groupthink (Revised)
6224GROWING UP Growing Up
1276HEREDITY AND ENVIRONMENT Heredity and Environment
1292HIDDEN UNIVERSE: THE BRAIN Hidden Universe: The Brain
5013HIERARCHY AND THE ALPHA MALE Hierarchy and the Alpha Male
6216HOMEMAKING Homemaking
1358HUMAN AGGRESSION Human Aggression
1361HUMAN MEMORY Human Memory
6215HUNTING AND ESCAPING Hunting and Escaping
7533IMAGES FROM THE FIELD: BABOONS Images from the Field: Baboons
1405IMPORTANCE OF MOTHER, THE Importance of Mother, The
5014INFANT DEVELOPMENT Infant Development
5015INTRODUCTION TO CHIMPANZEE BEHAVIOR Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior
5905KNOWING NOSE, THE Knowing Nose, The
5660KOPJES: ISLANDS IN A SEA OF GRASS Kopjes: Islands in a Sea of Grass
1659LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR Learning and Behavior
5676LEARNING AND MEMORY Learning and Memory
1665LEFT BRAIN, RIGHT BRAIN Left Brain, Right Brain
7530LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Lemurs of Madagascar
6217LIVING TOGETHER Living Together
5677MADNESS Madness
6090MAKING SENSE Making Sense
1807MARSHALL MCLUHAN: THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage
5346MASKED MONKEYS Masked Monkeys
1811MASLOW AND SELF-ACTUALIZATION Maslow and Self-Actualization
1883MIND OVER BODY Mind Over Body
7698MIND'S BIG BANG, THE Mind's Big Bang, The
5908MONUMENT FOR A GORILLA Monument for a Gorilla
6595MY FIRST TIME* My First Time*
7412NATURALLY CLEVER* Naturally Clever*
6585NATURE OF HUMAN NATURE, THE Nature of Human Nature, The
1993NEED TO ACHIEVE, THE Need to Achieve, The
1997NEUROTIC BEHAVIOR: A PSYCHODYNAMIC VIEW Neurotic Behavior: A Psychodynamic View
6618NEW CHIMPANZEES, THE New Chimpanzees, The
2068OBEDIENCE Obedience
6601OUT IN SUBURBIA* Out in Suburbia*
2129OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: THE ACQUISITION OF LANGUAGE Out of the Mouths of Babes: The Acquisition of Language
2133P.A.T.C.H. (POSITIVE APPROACH TO CHANGING HUMANS) P.A.T.C.H. (Positive Approach to Changing Humans)
5613PAIN AND HEALING Pain and Healing
2267POWER OF POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, THE Power of Positive Reinforcement, The
2301PRIMATE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Primate Growth and Development
7534PRIMATE PATTERNS II Primate Patterns II
7535PRIMATE/HUMAN INTERACTION Primate/Human Interaction
6970PSYCHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION (MARTIN DALY/MARGO WILSON) Psychology and Evolution (Martin Daly/Margo Wilson)
5518RATOPOLIS Ratopolis
2398REINFORCEMENT THERAPY* Reinforcement Therapy*
2416RESEARCH METHODS FOR STUDYING ANIMAL BEHAVIOR IN A ZOO SETTING Research Methods for Studying Animal Behavior in a Zoo Setting
2417RESPONSIBLE ASSERTION: A MODEL FOR PERSONAL GROWTH Responsible Assertion: A Model for Personal Growth
2429REWARDS AND REINFORCEMENTS IN LEARNING Rewards and Reinforcements in Learning
5683RHYTHMS AND DRIVES Rhythms and Drives
5609SEARCH FOR MIND, THE (PBS) Search for Mind, The (PBS)
2539SECRETS OF SLEEP Secrets of Sleep
6093SENSE OF TIMING Sense of Timing
2556SENSORY WORLD Sensory World
7732SEX: UNKNOWN Sex: Unknown
7531SIFAKAS OF MADAGASCAR Sifakas of Madagascar
2599SIGNALS FOR SURVIVAL Signals for Survival
2600SIGNS OF THE APES, SONGS OF THE WHALES Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
6094SIXTH SENSE Sixth Sense
2617SKINNER REVOLUTION, THE Skinner Revolution, The
7231SLIM HOPES: ADVERTISING AND THE OBSESSION WITH THINNESS Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
6586SOCIAL BRAIN, THE Social Brain, The
6606SOCIAL ETHOGRAM OF THE SAN DIEGO BONOBOS (PAN PANISCUS) Social Ethogram of the San Diego Bonobos (Pan paniscus)
4606SOCIO-BIOLOGY: GENETIC VS. BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION (DAVID BARASH) Socio-Biology: Genetic vs. Biological Evolution (David Barash)
2678SPLIT BRAIN Split Brain
5691STATES OF MIND States of Mind
5692STRESS AND EMOTIONS Stress and Emotions
5871SURVEY OF THE PRIMATES (REVISED) Survey of the Primates (Revised)
2773SURVIVAL AND THE SENSES Survival and the Senses
2800TALK TO THE ANIMALS Talk to the Animals
7413TALKING SENSE* Talking Sense*
6221TALKING TO STRANGERS Talking to Strangers
5616THINKING Thinking
2911TO SLEEP . . . PERCHANCE TO DREAM To Sleep . . . Perchance to Dream
2915TOGETHER: 1930 TO TOMORROW Together: 1930 to Tomorrow
2916TOKEN ECONOMY: BEHAVIORISM APPLIED Token Economy: Behaviorism Applied
5016TOOL USING Tool Using
2933TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS Transactional Analysis
5700TWO BRAINS, THE Two Brains, The
5617VIOLENT MIND, THE Violent Mind, The
5669VISION AND MOVEMENT Vision and Movement
6588WAY OF SCIENCE, THE Way of Science, The
7529WHAT DO PRIMATOLOGISTS DO? What Do Primatologists Do?
3141WHAT'S IN A FACE? What's in a Face?
3169WHY DO BIRDS SING? Why Do Birds Sing?
7697WHY SEX? Why Sex?
6594WORLD EROTICA* World Erotica*