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7259ACROSS THE HINDU KUSH* Across the Hindu Kush*
122ANCIENT MARINERS, THE Ancient Mariners, The
124ANCIENT MODERNS: GREEK ISLAND ART AND CULTURE 3000-2000 B.C. Ancient Moderns: Greek Island Art and Culture 3000-2000 B.C.
160ARCHAEOLOGIST AND HOW HE WORKS, THE Archaeologist and How He Works, The
6380ARCHAEOLOGY: QUESTIONING THE PAST Archaeology: Questioning the Past
161ARCHEOLOGICAL DATING: RETRACING TIME Archeological Dating: Retracing Time
6283ASSAULT ON TIME Assault on Time
276BEGINNING OF HISTORY Beginning of History
329BLADES AND PRESSURE FLAKING Blades and Pressure Flaking
377BRONZE AGE Bronze Age
390BUILDING BODIES Building Bodies
7754BUILDING BODIES [VHS]* Building Bodies [VHS]*
401BURIED CITIES (POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM) Buried Cities (Pompeii and Herculaneum)
659CORN AND THE ORIGINS OF SETTLED LIFE IN MESO-AMERICA Corn and the Origins of Settled Life in Meso-America
4550CORRIDORS OF TIME Corridors of Time
672CRACKING THE STONE AGE CODE Cracking the Stone Age Code
6371DEAD MEN TALK Dead Men Talk
6551DIGGING FOR SLAVES Digging for Slaves
5371DINOSAURS AND THE CALL OF PALEONTOLOGY (ROBERT BAKKER) Dinosaurs and the Call of Paleontology (Robert Bakker)
6564DINOSAURS OF THE GOBI Dinosaurs of the Gobi
840DR. LEAKEY AND THE DAWN OF MAN Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man
876EARLY STONE TOOLS Early Stone Tools
902EGYPT: THE QUEST FOR ETERNITY Egypt: The Quest for Eternity
966EXCAVATIONS AT LA VENTA Excavations at La Venta
7483FIRST AMERICANS, THE First Americans, The
1038FIRST NORTHWESTERNERS: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF EARLY MAN First Northwesterners: The Archaeology of Early Man
6988Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Bradley Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Bradley
1073FOSSILS: EXPLORING THE PAST Fossils: Exploring the Past
5957GANNAGARO: THE SENECA TOWN OF PEACE Gannagaro: The Seneca Town of Peace
1144GATECLIFF: AMERICAN INDIAN ROCK-SHELTER Gatecliff: American Indian Rock-Shelter
6447GLYPHERS: DECIPHERING MAYAN SOCIETY (LINDA SCHELE) Glyphers: Deciphering Mayan Society (Linda Schele)
5037HISTORY RECOVERED--THE CUSTER BATTLEFIELD ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF 1984 History Recovered--The Custer Battlefield Archeological Survey of 1984
6484ICEMAN Iceman
1412IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS In Search of Ancient Astronauts
6521IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 1 [THE STORY OF LUCY] In Search of Human Origins, Part One [The Story of Lucy]
6522IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 2 [SURVIVING IN AFRICA] In Search of Human Origins, Part Two [Surviving in Africa]
6523IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 3 [THE CREATIVE REVOLUTION] In Search of Human Origins, Part Three [The Creative Revolution]
7244INCA: SECRETS OF THE ANCESTORS Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors
7245INCAS REMEMBERED, THE Incas Remembered, The
1421INCAS, THE Incas, The
7753INFINITE VARIETY [VHS]* Infinite Variety [VHS]*
1532IRON AGE Iron Age
1643LASCAUX: CRADLE OF MAN'S ART Lascaux: Cradle of Man's Art
4559LEAKEY Leakey
7258LORD OF ASIA* Lord of Asia*
7256LOST KINGDOMS OF THE MAYA Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
1734LOST WORLD OF THE MAYA, THE Lost World of the Maya, The
5413LOUISBOURG Louisbourg
1742LOWER THAN ANGELS Lower Than Angels
1745LUCY IN DISGUISE* Lucy in Disguise*
1779MAN HUNTERS, THE Man Hunters, The
1804MARMES ARCHEOLOGICAL DIG Marmes Archeological Dig
5585MAYA: LORDS OF THE JUNGLE Maya: Lords of the Jungle
7243MAYA: THE BLOOD OF KINGS Maya: The Blood of Kings
1861MESSAGE IN THE ROCKS Message in the Rocks
7242MEXICO THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AZTECS Mexico: "The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs"
1974MYSTERY OF STONEHENGE, THE Mystery of Stonehenge, The
1975MYSTERY OF THE ANASAZI, THE Mystery of the Anasazi, The
5722MYSTERY OF THE LOST RED PAINT PEOPLE, THE Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People, The
6197MYTHS AND MOUNDBUILDERS Myths and Moundbuilders
2048NORTHWEST COAST INDIANS: A SEARCH FOR THE PAST Northwest Coast Indians: A Search for the Past
6426OBSIDIAN POINT MAKING: TOLOWA INDIANS Obsidian Point Making: Tolowa Indians
5679OTHER PEOPLE'S GARBAGE Other People's Garbage
2188PERUVIAN ARCHEOLOGY Peruvian Archeology
2280PREHISTORIC IMAGES: THE FIRST ART OF MAN Prehistoric Images: The First Art of Man
2420RESTLESS EARTH: EVIDENCE FROM ANCIENT LIFE Restless Earth: Evidence from Ancient Life
2452RIVERS OF TIME Rivers of Time
7239ROME AND POMPEII Rome and Pompeii
2530SEARCH FOR FOSSIL MAN, THE Search for Fossil Man, The
6553SEARCH FOR THE FIRST AMERICANS Search for the First Americans, The
2546SEEKING THE FIRST AMERICANS Seeking the First Americans
2557SENTINELS OF SILENCE Sentinels of Silence
7257SON OF GOD* Son of God*
2704STONE AGE Stone Age
2761SUN DAGGER, THE Sun Dagger, The
2777SWEAT OF THE SUN, THE Sweat of the Sun, The
7260TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH* To the Ends of the Earth*
2952TRIBE AND THE PROFESSOR (A HISTORY OF THE OZETTE ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG AT CAPE ALAVA, WASHINGTON) Tribe and the Professor (A History of the Ozette Archaeological Dig at Cape Alava, Washington)
5Twenty-One Hundred Year Old Tomb Excavated 2100 Year Old Tomb Excavated*
7303VIKINGS IN AMERICA Vikings in America
7674WHEN THE WORLD BEGAN* When the World Began*
6427WOODEN BOX: MADE BY STEAMING AND BENDING (KWAKIUTL INDIANS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA) Wooden Box: Made by Steaming and Bending (Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia)
3218XIAN Xian
3236ZACULEU* Zaculeu*