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30ACTION AT ANGUAR Action at Anguar
7122ALEXANDER NEVSKY (Restored Edition)* Alexander Nevsky (Restored Edition)*
5595AMERICA TAKES CHARGE (1965-1967) America Takes Charge (1965-1967)
104AMERICAN MIRACLE American Miracle
5593Americas Mandarin (1954-1963) America's Mandarin (1954-1963)
6947APOCALYPSE NOW* Apocalypse Now*
6118ARE WE MAKING A GOOD PEACE?* Are We Making a Good Peace?*
4755ARMING OF THE EARTH, THE Arming of the Earth, The
169ARMY AIR FORCES--PACIFIC Army Air Forces--Pacific
7727ARROW, THE* Arrow, The*
7543ARSENAL (RESTORED EDITION)* Arsenal (Restored Edition)*
7837ART OF WAR, THE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT* Art of War, The: Alexander the Great*
4474BANZAI!--JAPAN, 1931-1942 Banzai!--Japan, 1931-1942
7811BAPTISM OF FIRE--YPRES/SLAUGHTER AND SACRIFICE--SOMME* Baptism of Fire--Ypres/Slaughter and Sacrifice--Somme*
259BATAAN--THE FORGOTTEN HELL Bataan--The Forgotten Hell
7677BATTLE FOR A CONTINENT* Battle for a Continent*
5288BATTLE OF RUSSIA Battle of Russia
266BATTLE OF SAN PIETRO Battle of San Pietro
4999BATTLE OF STALINGRAD, THE Battle of Stalingrad, The
7824BATTLE OF VIMY RIDGE, THE* Battle of Vimy Ridge, The*
7576BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, THE (BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN) Battleship Potemkin, The (Bronenosets Potyokin)
6461BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES Berkeley in the Sixties
308BIKINI: RADIO-BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY Bikini: Radio-Biological Laboratory
7155BIRTH OF A NATION, THE* (tinted) Birth of a Nation, The* (tinted)
5290BOAT, THE* (DAS BOOT) Boat, The* (Das Boot)
347BOMBER Bomber
6536BORDER STREET* (ULICA GRANICZNA) Border Street* (Ulica Graniczna)
5638BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY Building a Sustainable Economy
395BUILDING OF THE BOMB Building of the Bomb
7834BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM: LEVITTOWN, NY* Building the American Dream: Levittown, NY*
6740C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1991*
6741C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1991*
6742C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1991*
6752C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1992*
6753C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1992*
6759C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1993*
6761C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1993*
6763C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1993*
6943C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1996*
7040C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1997*
7447C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1997*
7550C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 2000*
7659C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 2001*
7723C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 2001*
7724C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/11* CBC-TV News in Review: November 2001*
7725C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/12* CBC-TV News in Review: December 2001*
7726C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2002/02* CBC-TV News in Review: February 2002*
7735C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2002/03* CBC-TV News in Review: March 2002*
7736C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 2002/05* CBC-TV News in Review: May 2002*
6774C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: COVERING WARS: JOURNALISTS AT THE FRONT* CBC-TV News in Review: Covering Wars: Journalists At the Front*
491CHICKAMAUGA Chickamauga
547CHRISTIANS AT WAR Christians at War
574CLASS THAT WENT TO WAR, THE Class that Went to War, The
5319CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS* (OSTRE SLEDOVANE VLAKY) Closely Watched Trains* (Ostre Sledovane Vlaky)
7151COLLAPSE Collapse
5291COLONEL REDL* (OBERST REDL) Colonel Redl* (Oberst Redl)
6962CONFORMIST, THE* Conformist, The*
6429CONTRIBUTIONS FROM VIETNAM VETS (AL SANTOLI) Contributions from Vietnam Vets (Al Santoli)
682CRIME OF KOREA, THE Crime of Korea, The
7436CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE: THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR* Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War*
692CRUEL DIAGONALS Cruel Diagonals
7512CULLODEN/THE WAR GAME Culloden/The War Game
6470DAY IN THE WARSAW CHETTO, A (A BIRTHDAY TRIP IN HELL) Day in the Warsaw Ghetto, A (A Birthday Trip in Hell)
6987DEADLY DECEPTION: GENERAL ELECTRIC, NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR ENVIRONMENT Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment
6610DEATH BY MOONLIGHT: BOMBER COMMAND* Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command*
6977DEERHUNTER, THE* Deer Hunter, The*
4757DEMOCRAT AND THE DICTATOR, THE Democrat and the Dictator, The
762DESERT VICTORY Desert Victory
5292DEUTSCHE WOCHENSCHAU, DIE Deutsche Wochenschau, Die
784DIARY OF A STUDENT REVOLUTION Diary of a Student Revolution
5289DOOMED CITY--BERLIN Doomed City--Berlin
7737DR. STRANGELOVE OR, HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB* Dr. Strangelove or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb*
6474DREAMING A NATION (THE KURDS) Dreaming a Nation (The Kurds)
849DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Dreams and Nightmares
907EL SALVADOR: ANOTHER VIETNAM El Salvador: Another Vietnam
922EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: AGGRESSION Emotional Development: Aggression
926END OF A REVOLUTION End of a Revolution
7536END OF SAINT PETERSBURG, THE (KONYETS SANKT-PETERBURGA) (RESTORED EDITION)* End of Saint Petersburg, The (Konyets Sankt-Peterburga) (Restored Edition)*
5602END OF THE TUNNEL, THE (1973-1975) End of the Tunnel, The (1973-1975)
6202ERIC SEVAREID'S NOT SO WILD A DREAM Eric Sevareid's Not So Wild a Dream
7718ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP* Escape from Auschwitz: A Portrait of Friendship*
7146EXPLOSION Explosion
5815FACES OF THE ENEMY* Faces of the Enemy*
5423FALSE DAWN, A (1921-1939) False Dawn, A (1921-1939)
7443FATE OF NATIONS, THE* Fate of Nations, The*
7437FIFTY YEARS WAR, THE (ISRAEL AND THE ARABS), PART ONE* 50 Years War, The (Israel and the Arabs), Part One*
7438FIFTY YEARS WAR, THE (ISRAEL AND THE ARABS), PART TWO* 50 Years War, The (Israel and the Arabs), Part Two*
1020FIGHT FOR THE SKY Fight for the Sky
6562FIRE IN THE MIND (EL SALVADOR, PERU, MEXICO, CUBA, NICARAGUA) Fire in the Mind (El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua)
5592FIRST VIETNAM WAR, THE (1946-1954) First Vietnam War, The (1946-1954)
7407FREEDOM HAD A PRICE Freedom Had a Price
5426FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS (1939-1945) Friends and Neighbors (1939-1945)
1110FROM KAISER TO FUEHRER From Kaiser to Fuehrer
5860FROM THE KILLING FIELDS/BEYOND VIETNAM From the Killing Fields/Beyond Vietnam
1116FROM WAR TO REVOLUTION From War to Revolution
5225FRONTSCHAU, DIE Frontschau, Die
7125FULL METAL JACKET* Full Metal Jacket*
1128FURY IN THE PACIFIC Fury in the Pacific
7144GALLIPOLI* Gallipoli*
7248GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS, THE* Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The*
5226GERMAN PROPAGANDA SHORTS German Propaganda Shorts
5001GERMANY AWAKE (DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE) Germany Awake (Deutschland Erwache)
5160GOOD FIGHT: THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR Good Fight: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War
5176GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER SCIENCE (DON K. PRICE) Government Control over Science (Don K. Price)
4979GRANDE ILLUSION, LA* Grande Illusion, La*
7748GREAT TRANSFORMATION, THE* Great Transformation, The*
5820GREAT WAR--1918, THE Great War--1918, The
1233GUNS OF AUGUST, THE Guns of August, The
7750HARD TIMES* Hard Times*
4980HARP OF BURMA, THE* (BIRUMA NO TATEGOTO) Harp of Burma, The* (Biruma No Tategoto)
7152HATRED AND HUNGER Hatred and Hunger
5161HEARTS AND MINDS* Hearts and Minds*
1313HIROSHIMA--NAGASAKI, AUGUST 1945 Hiroshima--Nagasaki, August 1945
6827HISTORY OF THE RED ARMY, THE (PART ONE)* History of the Red Army, The (Part One)*
5601HOMEFRONT U.S.A. Homefront U.S.A.
6294HOMES APART: KOREA Homes Apart: Korea
7442HOUR OF SACRIFICE, THE* Hour of Sacrifice, The*
6537HUNT, THE* (LA CAZA) Hunt, The* (La Caza)
1392IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET If You Love This Planet
6019IN A DARK TIME (PBS) In a Dark Time (PBS)
6611IN DESPERATE BATTLE: NORMANDY 1944* In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944*
1439INDOCHINA Indochina
5944IRISH WAYS Irish Ways
1533IS IT ALWAYS RIGHT TO BE RIGHT? Is It Always Right to Be Right?
1563JAPANESE RELOCATION Japanese Relocation
1585K.R..O. GERMANY 1947 K.R.O. Germany 1947
5323KANAL* Kanal*
1594KENNEDY VS. KHRUSHCHEV Kennedy vs. Khrushchev
1595KENT STATE: MAY, 1970 Kent State: May, 1970
1597KHRUSHCHEV AND THE THAW Khrushchev and the Thaw
5594L.B.J. GOES TO WAR (1964-1965) LBJ Goes to War (1964-1965)
1628LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 5: 1939-1958 Land of Liberty, Part 5: 1939-1958
6424LAND OF THE DEMONS Land of the Demons
5661LAST REFLECTIONS ON A WAR: BERNARD FALL (1926-1967) Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1926-1967)
5603LEGACIES Legacies
6020LEGACIES OF THE SIXTIES Legacies of the Sixties
7743LIEBE PERLA, Liebe Perla,*
6476LIFTING THE YOKE (UKRAINE) Lifting the Yoke (Ukraine)
1705LISTEN TO BRITAIN Listen to Britain
4779LOST GENERATION, THE Lost Generation, The
1785MAN ONE FAMILY Man--One Family
7178MAN ESCAPED, A* (UN CONDAMNE A MORT S'EST ECHAPPE) Man Escaped, A* (Un Condamne a mort s'est echappe)
5299MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN, THE* (DIE EHE DER MARIA BRAUN) Marriage of Maria Braun, The* (Die Ehe der Maria Braun)
7813MASTERS OF WAR/SHADOWS OF THE GREAT WAR* Masters of War/Shadows of the Great War*
1852MEMORANDUM Memorandum
1885MINISTER OF HATE Minister of Hate
6477MIRROR, MIRROR (NORTHERN IRELAND) Mirror, Mirror (Northern Ireland)
7691MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE* Missiles of October, The*
1893MOCKINGBIRD, THE Mockingbird, The
7546MOTHER (MAT) (RESTORED EDITION)* Mother (Mat) (Restored Edition)*
5717MOVING PICTURE BOYS IN THE GREAT WAR, THE Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, The
7150MUTINY Mutiny
7440NEIGHBORS AND STRANGERS* Neighbors and Strangers*
2025NIGHT AND FOG (NUIT ET BROUILLARD) Night and Fog (Nuit et Brouillard)
7301NINETEEN FORTY FOUR: LIBERATION/1945: VICTORY* 1944: Liberation/1945: Victory*
7302NINETEEN FORTY TWO: THE END OF THE BEGINNING/1943: ALTON WAS A POET* 1942: The End of the Beginning/1943: Alton Was a Poet*
7300NINETEEN THIRTY SIX--JUNE 1940: FOLLY/JUNE 1940--DECEMBER 1941: LIFELINE* 1936--June 1940: Folly/June 1940--December 1941: Lifeline*
5599NO NEUTRAL GROUND: CAMBODIA AND LAOS No Neutral Ground: Cambodia and Laos
2061NUREMBERG Nuremberg
5425OCCUPATION (1939-1945) Occupation (1939-1945)
2072OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE, AN Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An
2078OCTOBER October
2107OPERATION CROSSROADS (ABLE AND BAKER DAY TESTS) BIKINI ATOLL, SUMMER 1946 Operation Crossroads (Able and Baker Day Tests) Bikini Atoll, Summer 1946
2112ORANGE AND THE GREEN, THE Orange and the Green, The
7749ORDEAL BY FIRE* Ordeal By Fire*
6487PANAMA DECEPTION, THE Panama Deception, The
5240PARTISANS OF VILNA Partisans of Vilna
5600PEACE IS AT HAND Peace Is at Hand
2262POTEMKIN (1950) (BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN) Potemkin (1950) (Bronenosets Potyomkin)
2283PRELUDE TO WAR Prelude to War
4780PROPHECY Prophecy
7298PUNITIVE DAMAGE Punitive Damage
7678QUESTION OF LOYALTIES, A* Question of Loyalties, A*
7662RABBIT IN THE MOON* Rabbit in the Moon*
6841RED AVIATOR, THE (PART ONE)* Red Aviator, The (Part One)*
6842RED NAVY CHRONICLES* Red Navy Chronicles*
4589REPORT FROM RUSSIA Report from Russia
2427REVOLT IN HUNGARY Revolt in Hungary
2445RISE AND FALL OF NAZI GERMANY, THE Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany, The
7439ROAD TO BLOODY SUNDAY, THE (HOW THE TROUBLES IN NORTHERN IRELAND BEGAN)* Road to Bloody Sunday, The (How the Troubles in Northern Ireland Began)*
5591ROOTS OF WAR, THE Roots of War, The
6590ROSA LUXEMBURG* Rosa Luxemburg*
5325SACRIFICE, THE* Sacrifice, The*
7728SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, THE* (REKOPIS ZNALEZIONY W SARAGOSSIE) Saragossa Manuscript, The* (Rekopis Znaleziony w Saragossie)
6609SAVAGE CHRISTMAS: HONG KONG 1941* Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941*
2551SELF-PRESERVATION IN AN ATOMIC BOMB ATTACK Self-Preservation in an Atomic Bomb Attack
2562SEVEN DAYS TO REMEMBER Seven Days to Remember
5351SHOP ON MAIN STREET, THE* (OBCHOD NO KORZE) Shop on Main Street, The* (Obchod No Korze)
2601SILENCES Silences
5789SITUATION ZERO Situation Zero
7149SLAUGHTER Slaughter
7692SORROW AND THE PITY, THE* (LE CHAGRIN ET LA PITIE) Sorrow and the Pity, The* (Le chagrin et la pitie)
2659SOVIET UNION, 1918-1920: CIVIL WAR AND ALLIED INTERVENTION Soviet Union, 1918-1920: Civil War and Allied Intervention
2664SPANISH TURMOIL, THE Spanish Turmoil, The
7147STALEMATE Stalemate
4887STAR WARS: A SEARCH FOR SECURITY Star Wars: A Search for Security
4621STAR WARS--A STEP TOWARD PEACE OR A MARCH TOWARD FOLLY? (HANS BETHE) Star Wars--A Step Toward Peace or a March Toward Folly? (Hans Bethe)
2703STILLWELL ROAD Stillwell Road
7812STORMING THE RIDGE--VIMY/SLAUGHTER IN THE MUD* Storming the Ridge--Vimy/Slaughter In the Mud*
2711STORY OF D.D.T., THE Story of D.D.T., The
7547STRIKE (STACHKA) (RESTORED EDITION)* Strike (Stachka) (Restored Edition)*
6833STRUGGLE FOR EUROPE, THE* Struggle for Europe, The*
2742SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN Suffer the Little Children
2775SURVIVORS* Survivors*
2798TALE OF TWO CITIES: HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI Tale of Two Cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
4302TANKS Tanks
5597TET (1968) Tet (1968)
6415THUCYDIDES: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS AND PLATO: ALCIBIADES I Thucydides: The Peloponnesian Wars and Plato: Alcibiades I
5306TIN DRUM, THE* (DIE BLECHTROMMEL) Tin Drum, The* (Die Blechtrommel)
5275TOPAZ Topaz
7148TOTAL WAR Total War
6541TRIUMPH OF THE WILL (TRIUMPH DES WILLENS) Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens)
2964TRUE GLORY True Glory
2965TRUE STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, THE True Story of the Civil War, The
2966TRUMAN VS. STALIN Truman vs. Stalin
2990U. S. AND THE SOVIET UNION: 1933-1945 U. S. and the Soviet Union: 1933-1945
5952UNDER THE GUN: DEMOCRACY IN GUATEMALA Under the Gun: Democracy in Guatemala
3043VIETNAM: AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT Vietnam: An Historical Document
5598VIETNAMIZING THE WAR (1968-1973) Vietnamizing the War (1968-1973)
7766WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES* Walt Disney on the Front Lines*
3083WAR COMES TO AMERICA War Comes to America
7441WAR FOR THE BORDERLANDS, THE* War for the Borderlands, The*
3084WAR GAME, THE War Game, The
7153WAR WITHOUT END War Without End
3086WARGAMES Wargames
3088WARSAW GHETTO, THE Warsaw Ghetto, The
6846WE ARE ALL NEIGHBORS* We Are All Neighbors*
3118WEEK THAT SHOOK THE WORLD Week that Shook the World
3157WHERE WILL YOU HIDE? Where Will You Hide?
5308WHITE ROSE, THE* (DIE WEISSE ROSE) White Rose, The* (Die Weisse Rose)
5596WITH AMERICA'S ENEMY (1954-1967) With America's Enemy (1954-1967)
3228YOU CAN BEAT THE A-BOMB You Can Beat the A-Bomb