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6895ACTING: LOOKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS (SARA SCHNEIDER) Acting: Looking beyond the Obvious (Sara Schneider)
48ADVENTURES IN PERCEPTION Adventures in Perception
49ADVENTURES OF AN *, THE Adventures of an *, The
7575AGE OF ANXIETY, THE Age of Anxiety, The
6791AMERICAN ART FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART American Art from the National Gallery of Art
131ANGEL Angel
5541ART OF APPRECIATION: GAUGUIN (RICHARD ANDREWS/MARLA PRATHER) Art of Appreciation: Gauguin (Richard Andrews/Marla Prather)
6517ARTISTIC JOURNEY OF NORTHWEST ASIAN-AMERICANS, THE (MAYUMI TSUTAKAWA) Artistic Journey of Northwest Asian-Americans, The (Mayumi Tsutakawa)
220AUTOMANIA 2000 Automania 2000
235BAGS Bags
243BALLET MECHANIQUE* Ballet Mechanique*
246BAND CONCERT, THE Band Concert, The
310BINARY BIT PATTERNS Binary Bit Patterns
346BOLERO, THE Bolero, The
364BREAD Bread
6560BUILDERS OF IMAGES (PUERTO RICO, BRAZIL, MEXICO, ARGENTINA) Builders of Images (Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)
6653CANDID EYE?, THE* Candid Eye?, The*
417CANON Canon
5451CARROUSEL Carrousel
5334CARTOONISTS--SEATTLE'S FAVORITES (DAVID HORSEY/BRIAN BASSET) Cartoonists--Seattle's Favorites (David Horsey/Brian Basset)
492CHIEN ANDALOU, UN Chien Andalou, Un
7405CHIHULY OVER VENICE Chihuly Over Venice
7045Christmas Gift, A* Christmas Gift, A*
6925CLAY Clay*
581CLAY (THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES) Clay (The Origin of the Species)
6926CLAYMATION* Claymation*
583CLIMB Climb
586CLOSED MONDAYS Closed Mondays
593COLD FRONT, THE Cold Front, The
5645COLORFUL NOTIONS Colorful Notions
7112CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY: THROUGH THE LENS DARKLY (ELLEN GARVENS) Contemporary Photography: Through the Lens Darkly (Ellen Garvens)
6039CONTINUING THE MOMENTUM (DALE CHIHULY) Continuing the Momentum (Dale Chihuly)
4539CREATING Creating
692CRUEL DIAGONALS Cruel Diagonals
6629CULTURAL DILEMMA, THE* Cultural Dilemma, The*
717DAISY, THE Daisy, The
7197DANCING FIRE: BRONZE CASTING IN SOUTH INDIA Dancing Fire: Bronze Casting in South India
6290DAY ON THE GRAND CANAL WITH THE EMPEROR OF CHINA OR SURFACE IS ILLUSION BUT SO IS DEPTH, A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China or Surface Is Illusion But So Is Depth, A
793DIHEDRAL KALEIDESCOPES Dihedral Kaleidescopes
832DOT AND THE LINE, THE* Dot and the Line, The*
845DREAM ABOUT A HOUSE, A Dream about a House, A
847DREAM OF WILD HORSES, A Dream of Wild Horses, A
7574EMPIRE OF SIGNS, THE Empire of Signs, The
935ENTR'ACTE* Entr'Acte*
7047Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety* Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety*
977EXPERIMENTS IN MOTION GRAPHICS Experiments in Motion Graphics
7709FANTASIA-a* Fantasia*
7710FANTASIA-b 2000* Fantasia 2000*
7711FANTASIA-c LEGACY* Fantasia Legacy*
1018FIDDLE DE DEE Fiddle De Dee
2Fifteen and a half 1501 1/2
1031FIRE Fire!
1042FIVE FILM EXERCISES, PARTS III AND IV Five Film Exercises, Parts III and IV
1046FLAT, THE Flat, The
1057FOG Fog
1086FRANK FILM Frank Film
1094FREE FALL Free Fall
1098FREEDOM RIVER Freedom River
7571GILDED AGE, THE Gilded Age, The
1175GLASS Glass
5347GLOBAL GROOVE Global Groove
6637GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: A NORTHERN SHORE* Group of Seven, The: A Northern Shore*
6876GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: ART FOR A NATION* Group of Seven, The: Art for a Nation*
6046HAVANA BIENAL Havana Bienal
1264HELP! MY SNOWMAN IS BURNING DOWN! Help! My Snowman Is Burning Down!
1270HEN HOP Hen Hop
7558HISTORY OF ANIMATION* History of Animation*
6690HOLLYWOOD SALUTES CANADIAN ANIMATION* Hollywood Salutes Canadian Animation*
1331HOT SPOT Hot Spot
1333HOUSE House
6885J. W. MORRICE* J. W. Morrice*
7255JIM DINE: A SELF-PORTRAIT ON THE WALLS Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls
7051Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada* Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada*
1703LINES VERTICAL Lines Vertical
7052Lord of the Sky* (Le Maitre du Ciel) Lord of the Sky*
1735LOT IN SODOM Lot in Sodom
1794MANUFACTURE OF GLASS Manufacture of Glass
6877MASKS: THE ARTISTRY OF THE STRATFORD FESTIVAL* Masks: The Artistry of the Stratford Festival*
6686MASTERS OF ANIMATION, VOL. 1: USA, CANADA* Masters of Animation, Vol. 1: USA, Canada*
6615MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 1: ADVERTISING AND CONSUMERISM* Media & Society, Part 1: Advertising and Consumerism*
6616MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 2: IMAGES OF WOMEN* Media & Society, Part 2: Images of Women*
6617MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 3: CULTURAL SOVEREIGNTY; SHAPING INFORMATION* Media & Society, Part 3: Cultural Sovereignty; Shaping Information
6021MI OTRO YO (MY OTHER SELF) Mi Otro Yo (My Other Self)
7230MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A* (1935) Midsummer Night's Dream, A* (1935)
5459MINDSCAPE (LES PAYSAGISTE) Mindscape (Les Paysagiste)
1931MOUNTAIN MUSIC Mountain Music
1938MOVING STILL Moving Still
1950MUSCLE BEACH Muscle Beach
7048National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The* National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The*
6997NEW HENRY ART GALLERY, THE (SHERYL CONKELTON) New Henry Art Gallery, The (Sheryl Conkelton)
7781NORMAN MC LAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION* Norman McLaren: The Collector's Edition*
2055NOTES ON A TRIANGLE Notes on a Triangle
2084OFF-ON Off-On
2091OLYMPIA (THE DIVING SEQUENCE) Olympia (The Diving Sequence)
5460OLYMPIC COINS Olympic Coins
2109OPUS 3 Opus 3
2120OSCAR FOR SIGNOR ROSSI, AN Oscar for Signor Rossi, An
2135PACIFIC 231 Pacific 231
2197PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE CITY Photography and the City
6150PIET MONDRIAAN: A FILM ESSAY* Piet Mondriaan: A Film Essay*
7780POWERS OF TEN [DVD]* Powers of Ten [DVD]*
2274PRAISE THE SEA Praise the Sea
7569PROMISED LAND, THE Promised Land, The
6044PUBLIC ART (RICHARD ANDREWS) Public Art (Richard Andrews)
2363QUILTING WOMEN Quilting Women
2389REDESIGNING PARADISE Redesigning Paradise
7568REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE, THE Republic of Virtue, The
6880RETURN TO EAGLE ROCK: ROY HENRY VICKERS* Return to Eagle Rock: Roy Henry Vickers*
6032RUNNING FENCE Running Fence
6409SCULPTURE: GETTING RID OF THE SUPERFLUOUS (EVERETT DUPEN) Sculpture: Getting Rid of the Superfluous (Everett DuPen)
6691SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, A* Short Film Festival, A*
2601SILENCES Silences
7713SILLY SYMPHONIES* Silly Symphonies*
2615SKATER DATER Skater Dater
2616SKI THE OUTER LIMITS Ski the Outer Limits
7573STREAMLINES AND BREADLINES Streamlines and Breadlines
2914TOCCATA FOR TOY TRAINS, A Toccata for Toy Trains, A
2921TOPS Tops
7715TOY STORY-a* Toy Story*
7716TOY STORY-b 2* Toy Story 2*
7717TOY STORY-c: SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES* Toy Story: Supplemental Features*
4Twenty-One Eighty-Seven 21-87
6353UNLEARNING ART (RICHARD KEHL) Unlearning Art (Richard Kehl)
3044VIEW FROM THE PEOPLE WALL, A View from the People Wall, A
7572WAVE FROM THE ATLANTIC, A Wave from the Atlantic, A
5956WHEELS* Wheels*
3171WHY MAN CREATES Why Man Creates
7570WILDERNESS AND THE WEST, THE Wilderness and the West, The
5437ZIKKARON Zikkaron