Topic: Disability Studies

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28ACROSS THE SILENCE BARRIER Across the Silence Barrier
132ANGELA'S ISLAND Angela's Island
219AUDITORY ASSESSMENT Auditory Assessment
284BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TEACHING LANGUAGE TO PSYCHOTIC CHILDREN Behavior Modification: Teaching Language to Psychotic Children
283BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION OF AN AUTISTIC CHILD Behavior Modification of an Autistic Child
7039C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1997*
414CAN YOU HEAR ME? Can You Hear Me?
460CHANGES Changes
606COME WORK WITH US Come Work with Us
643CONSEQUENCES: SPINAL CORD INJURY Consequences: Spinal Cord Injury
788DIFFERENT APPROACH, A Different Approach, A
5674ENLIGHTENED MACHINE, THE Enlightened Machine, The
1035FIRST ENCOUNTERS First Encounters
1166GET IT TOGETHER Get It Together
1173GIVE IT A TRY* Give It a Try*
1379I AM NOT WHAT YOU SEE: BEING ``DIFFERENT'' IN AMERICA I Am Not What You See: Being "Different" in America
5852I SHOULD KNOW A LOT, I BEEN AROUND SO LONG I Should Know a Lot, I Been Around So Long
7510IF I CAN'T DO IT If I Can't Do It
1383ILL FIND A WAY I'll Find a Way
5101INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN DEAF CULTURE: RULES OF SOCIAL INTERACTION Introduction to American Deaf Culture: Rules of Social Interaction
5102INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN DEAF CULTURE: VALUES Introduction to American Deaf Culture: Values
1521INVISIBLE BARRIER, THE Invisible Barrier, The
7743LIEBE PERLA, Liebe Perla,*
1699LIKE OTHER PEOPLE Like Other People
5104LOOKING UP Looking Up
1859MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN GROWING UP: THE BROOKLANDS EXPERIMENT Mentally Handicapped Children Growing Up: The Brooklands Experiment
2130OUT OF THE SHADOWS Out of the Shadows
5476PENNY AND ANN Penny and Ann
7498PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OF JEAN-PAUL MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE ASYLUM OF CHARENTON UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE, THE* Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade, The*
2207PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Physical Development
2214PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SPEECH: SPEAKERS WITH CEREBRAL PALSY Physiological Aspects of Speech: Speakers with Cerebral Palsy
2307PRINCIPLES OF MOTION ECONOMY ILLUSTRATED BY HANDICAPPED HOMEMAKERS Principles of Motion Economy Illustrated by Handicapped Homemakers
2398REINFORCEMENT THERAPY* Reinforcement Therapy*
4547SEE WHAT I SAY (HOLLY NEAR'S CONCERT REACHES OUT TO THE DEAF) See What I Say (Holly Near's Concert Reaches Out to the Deaf)
2564SEVEN MINUTE LESSON: ACTING AS A SIGHTED GUIDE Seven Minute Lesson: Acting as a Sighted Guide
2604SILENT WORLD, MUFFLED WORLD Silent World, Muffled World
2698STEPPING OUT: THE DEBOLTS GROW UP Stepping Out: The Debolts Grow Up
2767SUREST TEST, THE Surest Test, The
2881THURSDAY'S CHILDREN Thursday's Children
2898TITICUT FOLLIES* Titicut Follies*
4324USE OF A COMPUTER BY A CHILD WITH DEVELOPMENTAL APHASIA Use of a Computer by a Child with Developmental Aphasia
7509VITAL SIGNS: CRIP CULTURE TALKS BACK Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back
3149WHEELIN' STEEL Wheelin' Steel