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6810AELITA, QUEEN OF MARS* Aelita, Queen of Mars*
7575AGE OF ANXIETY, THE Age of Anxiety, The
58AGE OF MUHAMMAD Age of Muhammad
59AGE OF THE ABBASIDS, THE Age of the Abbasids, The
95ALTAR MASTERPIECE Altar Masterpiece
6791AMERICAN ART FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART American Art from the National Gallery of Art
124ANCIENT MODERNS: GREEK ISLAND ART AND CULTURE 3000-2000 B.C. Ancient Moderns: Greek Island Art and Culture 3000-2000 B.C.
127ANCIENT WORLD: EGYPT Ancient World: Egypt
128ANCIENT WORLD: GREECE Ancient World: Greece
7200ANTONIO GAUDI* Antonio Gaudi*
162ARCHITECT OF THE NEW AMERICAN SUBURB: H. H. RICHARDSON Architect of the New American Suburb: H. H. Richardson
7017ART GALLERY IN THE DESERT, THE* Art Gallery in the Desert, The*
174ART HERITAGE Art Heritage
176ART IN REVOLUTION Art in Revolution
5541ART OF APPRECIATION: GAUGUIN (RICHARD ANDREWS/MARLA PRATHER) Art of Appreciation: Gauguin (Richard Andrews/Marla Prather)
6848ART OF BUSTER KEATON, THE (VOL. I)* Art of Buster Keaton, The (Vol. I)*
6356ART OF PUPPETRY, THE (AURORA VALENTINETTI) Art of Puppetry, The (Aurora Valentinetti)
178ART OF THE CELTIC HIGH CROSS, THE Art of the Celtic High Cross, The
179ART OF THE CONSERVATOR, THE Art of the Conservator, The
180ART OF THE TURKS, PART 1 Art of the Turks, Part 1
181ART OF THE TURKS, PART 2 Art of the Turks, Part 2
183ART SURVIVES THE TIMES Art Survives the Times
7010AVANT-GARDE IN RUSSIA, THE (1910-1930): NEW PERSPECTIVES* Avant-Garde in Russia, The (1910-1930): New Perspectives*
276BEGINNING OF HISTORY Beginning of History
377BRONZE AGE Bronze Age
401BURIED CITIES (POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM) Buried Cities (Pompeii and Herculaneum)
407BYZANTINE EMPIRE, THE Byzantine Empire, The
6582BYZANTIUM: FROM SPLENDOR TO RUIN* Byzantium: From Splendor to Ruin*
6874CANADIAN LANDSCAPE WITH A. Y. JACKSON* Canadian Landscape with A. Y. Jackson*
4546CATHEDRAL ENGINEERS Cathedral Engineers
6824CATHERINE THE GREAT: A LUST FOR ART* Catherine the Great: A Lust for Art*
480CHARTRES CATHEDRAL Chartres Cathedral
6500CHINA THE RETURN TO REAL ART (JEROME SILBERGELD) China: The Return to Real Art (Jerome Silbergeld)
4461CHINESE ART AFTER MAO Chinese Art after Mao
549CHRISTO'S VALLEY CURTAIN* Christo's Valley Curtain*
566CITY OF CATHAY, A City of Cathay, A
7776CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 10 & 11 Civilisation, Programs 10 & 11
7777CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 12 & 13 Civilisation, Programs 12 & 13
7773CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 1-3 Civilisation, Programs 1-3
7774CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-6 Civilisation, Programs 4-6
7775CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 7-9 Civilisation, Programs 7-9
7157CLASSICAL AGE, THE Classical Age, The
5867CONVERSATIONS WITH THE ARCHITECT PIETRO BELLUSCHI Conversations with the Architect Pietro Belluschi
656COOPER'S CRAFT Cooper's Craft
693CRUSADERS AND MAMLUKS Crusaders and Mamluks
6370DADA Dada
724DANTE'S INFERNO (THE LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI) Dante's Inferno (The Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
733DAY OF THE DEAD Day of the Dead
856DROTTNINGHOLM COURT THEATRE Drottningholm Court Theatre
6589EDVARD MUNCH* Edvard Munch*
902EGYPT: THE QUEST FOR ETERNITY Egypt: The Quest for Eternity
904EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 1: HOME LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 1: Home Life
906EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 2: CABINETMAKING Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 2: Cabinetmaking
905EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 3: COMMUNITY LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 3: Community Life
7574EMPIRE OF SIGNS, THE Empire of Signs, The
5220ENDURING DREAMS* Enduring Dreams*
974EXETER Exeter
7709FANTASIA-a* Fantasia*
7710FANTASIA-b 2000* Fantasia 2000*
7711FANTASIA-c LEGACY* Fantasia Legacy*
1003FATIMIDS: EGYPT AND NORTH AFRICA Fatimids: Egypt and North Africa
1058FOLK ART IN LATIN AMERICA Folk Art in Latin America
1060FOLLIES OF THE TOWN Follies of the Town
1063FORBIDDEN CITY Forbidden City
4931FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT: PROPHET WITHOUT HONOR Frank Lloyd Wright: Prophet Without Honor
5895FRIDA KAHLO Frida Kahlo
6826FROM CZARS TO COMMISSARS: A MUSEUM SURVIVES* From Czars to Commissars: A Museum Survives*
1108FROM DORIC TO GOTHIC From Doric to Gothic
1112FROM RENOIR TO PICASSO From Renoir to Picasso
1120FROZEN WORLD, THE Frozen World, The
1146GEESEBOOK: A CHORAL MISSAL FROM OLD NUREMBERG Geesebook: A Choral Missal from Old Nuremberg
7571GILDED AGE, THE Gilded Age, The
7019GLORIES OF ANCIENT CHANG-AN* Glories of Ancient Chang-An*
5229GOLDEN LAND, THE* Golden Land, The*
1189GOTHIC ART Gothic Art
5006GOYA: HIS LIFE AND ART Goya: His Life and Art
1191GRAIN IN THE STONE, THE Grain in the Stone, The
1193GRANDEUR AND OBEDIENCE Grandeur and Obedience
1203GREAT THAW, THE Great Thaw, The
1210GREEK SCULPTURE Greek Sculpture
1211GREEKS, THE Greeks, The
7639GREEKS, THE (CRUCIBLE OF CIVILIZATION) Greeks, The (Crucible of Civilization)
7049Group of Seven, The* Group of Seven,The*
6637GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: A NORTHERN SHORE* Group of Seven, The: A Northern Shore*
6876GROUP OF SEVEN, THE: ART FOR A NATION* Group of Seven, The: Art for a Nation*
1234GUNSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Gunsmith of Williamsburg
6714HAS ANYBODY HERE SEEN CANADA? (A HISTORY OF CANADIAN MOVIES 1939-1953)* Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? (A History of Canadian Movies 1939-1953)*
1282HERO AS ARTIST, THE Hero as Artist, The
1283HEROIC MATERIALISM Heroic Materialism
1291HIDDEN STRUCTURE, THE Hidden Structure, The
7558HISTORY OF ANIMATION* History of Animation*
1393IL-KHANIDS AND TIMURIDS IN IRAN Il-Khanids and Timurids in Iran
1398IMAGES MEDIEVALS Images Medievals
5232IMAGES OF GLORY* Images of Glory*
1401IMMINENT DEITIES Imminent Deities
7136IMMORTAL CAPITAL: THE MANY CITIES OF DELHI* Immortal Capital: The Many Cities of Delhi*
1404IMPACT OF ISLAM ON THE WEST, THE Impact of Islam on the West, The
1410IN PRAISE OF HANDS In Praise of Hands
1532IRON AGE Iron Age
1536ISFAHAN OF SHAH 'ABBAS, THE Isfahan of Shah 'Abbas, The
7689ISLAM: EMPIRE OF FAITH Islam: Empire of Faith
6885J. W. MORRICE* J. W. Morrice*
4938JOHN NASH AND LONDON John Nash and London
1602KINGDOM OF BRONZE Kingdom of Bronze
7139KONARAK: CHARIOT OF THE SUN* Konarak: Chariot of the Sun*
1643LASCAUX: CRADLE OF MAN'S ART Lascaux: Cradle of Man's Art
1707LITTLE PHANTASY ON A 19TH CENTURY PAINTING, A Little Phantasy on a 19th Century Painting, A
1717LONDON OF WILLIAM HOGARTH, THE London of William Hogarth, The
1727LOOKING FOR RENAISSANCE ROME Looking for Renaissance Rome
1733LOST TO THE REVOLUTION Lost to the Revolution
1737LOUIS I. KAHN: ARCHITECT Louis I. Kahn: Architect
1738LOUVRE: THE GOLDEN PRISON Louvre: The Golden Prison
7138MAMALLAURAM: A RIDDLE IN THE SANDS* Mamallauram: A Riddle in the Sands*
1786MAN THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS Man--The Measure of All Things
1803MARK TOBEY: ARTIST Mark Tobey: Artist
1843MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURE Medieval Architecture
1871MICHELANGELO: THE LAST GIANT Michelangelo: The Last Giant
1966MUSLIM SPAIN Muslim Spain
5348MYSTERY OF THE MASTER BUILDERS, THE Mystery of the Master Builders, The
5994MYTH OF THE WEST (RICHARD WHITE/CHRIS BRUCE) Myth of the West (Richard White/Chris Bruce)
1994NEGRO KINGDOMS OF AFRICA'S GOLDEN AGE Negro Kingdoms of Africa's Golden Age
2125OUR HERITAGE, SERIES 1 Our Heritage, Series 1
2126OUR HERITAGE, SERIES 2 Our Heritage, Series 2
2139PALLADIO: THE ARCHITECT AND HIS INFLUENCE IN AMERICA Palladio: The Architect and His Influence in America
4937PARIS LIVING SPACE Paris: Living Space
2156PATTERN OF BEAUTY Pattern of Beauty
5441PAUL KANE GOES WEST Paul Kane Goes West
5242PLAY THE LEGEND* Play the Legend*
2280PREHISTORIC IMAGES: THE FIRST ART OF MAN Prehistoric Images: The First Art of Man
7569PROMISED LAND, THE Promised Land, The
2338PROUD CITADEL Proud Citadel
2356PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, THE Pursuit of Happiness, The
2408RENAISSANCE Renaissance: Its Beginnings in Italy
2406RENAISSANCE AND THE RESURRECTION, THE Renaissance and the Resurrection, The
2407RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE Renaissance Architecture
6441RENAISSANCE STAGE, THE (THE IDEA AND IMAGE OF ANTIQUITY) Renaissance Stage, The (The Idea and Image of Antiquity)
7568REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE, THE Republic of Virtue, The
2415RESCUE OF MR. RICHARDSON'S LAST STATION, THE Rescue of Mr. Richardson's Last Station, The
2447RISE OF GREEK ART, THE Rise of Greek Art, The
2452RIVERS OF TIME Rivers of Time
5366ROMAN VILLA AT MALIBU: A GUIDED TOUR WITH PROFESSOR BERNARD FRISCHER Roman Villa at Malibu: A Guided Tour with Professor Bernard Frischer
2464ROMAN WALL Roman Wall
2465ROMAN WORLD, THE Roman World, The
2467ROMANS, THE Romans, The
5250ROMANTIC HORIZON, THE* Romantic Horizon, The*
7239ROME AND POMPEII Rome and Pompeii
4936ROME IMPACT OF AN IDEA Rome: Impact of an Idea
7143ROME OF THE TROPICS: GOA* Rome of the Tropics: Goa*
2484RUSSIAN LUBOK Russian Lubok
2496SAFAVID IRAN Safavid Iran
2499SALJUQS: THE FIRST TURKISH ERA Saljuqs: The First Turkish Era
7137SANCHI: MONUMENT OF THE PEOPLE* Sanchi: Monument of the People*
6843SECRET LIFE OF SERGEI EISENSTEIN, THE* Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, The*
2557SENTINELS OF SILENCE Sentinels of Silence
2576SHADOW OF GOD ON EARTH, THE Shadow of God on Earth, The
2583SHAPED BY DANISH HANDS Shaped by Danish Hands
7713SILLY SYMPHONIES* Silly Symphonies*
2607SILVERSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Silversmith of Williamsburg
2626SMILE OF REASON, THE Smile of Reason, The
2704STONE AGE Stone Age
7573STREAMLINES AND BREADLINES Streamlines and Breadlines
2779SWORD AND THE FLUTE, THE Sword and the Flute, The
2799TALES FROM A BOOK OF KINGS: THE HOUGHTON SHAH-NAMEH Tales from a Book of Kings: The Houghton Shah-Nameh
2820TEMPLE OF APOLLO AT BASSAE Temple of Apollo at Bassae
2837TEXTILES AND ORNAMENTAL ARTS OF INDIA Textiles and Ornamental Arts of India
2838THATCHING Thatching
2897TITAN Titan
5283TREASURES OF SAN MARCO (THE BASILICA OF ST. MARK) Treasures of San Marco (The Basilica of St. Mark)
5Twenty-One Hundred Year Old Tomb Excavated 2100 Year Old Tomb Excavated*
2982TWO BAROQUE CHURCHES IN GERMANY Two Baroque Churches in Germany
2985TWO JAPANESE LANDSCAPE SCROLLS Two Japanese Landscape Scrolls
6825TYRANTS AND HEROES: THE 19TH CENTURY CZARS* Tyrants and Heroes: The 19th Century Czars*
2991UKIYO-E Ukiyo-e
2993UMAYYADS: THE SPREAD OF ISLAM Umayyads: The Spread of Islam
5757UNCOMMON PLACES: THE ARCHITECTURE OF FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Uncommon Places: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
3040VERSAILLES Versailles
7581VERSAILLES 1998 Versailles 1998
7140VIJAYANAGARA: WHERE KINGS AND GODS MEET* Vijayanagara: Where Kings and Gods Meet*
3841VILLAGE POTTERS OF ONDA Village Potters of Onda
7142VISIONS OF PARADISE: THE TAJ MAHAL* Visions of Paradise: The Taj Mahal*
7572WAVE FROM THE ATLANTIC, A Wave from the Atlantic, A
5253WILD RIDERS, THE* Wild Riders, The*
7570WILDERNESS AND THE WEST, THE Wilderness and the West, The
3180WILLIAMSBURG RESTORED Williamsburg Restored
7141WORLD APART, A: PRINCELY MEWAR* World Apart, A: Princely Mewar*
6594WORLD EROTICA* World Erotica*
4998WORLD OF ANDREW WYETH, THE World of Andrew Wyeth, The
3215WORSHIP OF NATURE, THE Worship of Nature, The
3216WOVEN GARDENS Woven Gardens
3218XIAN Xian