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7089Affluenza Affluenza
200ASHES OF DOOM Ashes of Doom
6625BAJA CALIFORNIA: LIMITLESS LAND* Baja California: Limitless Land*
7495BEYOND KILLING US SOFTLY: THE STRENGTH TO RESIST* Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist*
376BRONSWIK AFFAIR, THE Bronswik Affair, The
6744C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1991/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1991*
7033C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/09 CBC-TV News in Review: September 1996*
7034C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1996*
7007CASHING IN TO SAVE THE RAINFORESTS (JASON CLAY) Cashing In to Save the Rainforests (Jason Clay)
5753CONSUMING IMAGES Consuming Images
742DECISION FOR TOMORROW Decision for Tomorrow
5456DRAG, THE Drag, The
882EAT, DRINK AND BE WARY Eat, Drink and Be Wary
5221ETHNIC NOTIONS Ethnic Notions
7406EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, AN* Exceptional Business Environment, An*
7650GLOBAL TONGUE, THE: ENGLISH Global Tongue, The: English
1197GREAT AMERICAN SOUP, THE Great American Soup, The
6855GREATER QUEBEC: WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER* Greater Quebec: Where It All Comes Together*
1264HELP! MY SNOWMAN IS BURNING DOWN! Help! My Snowman Is Burning Down!
7430I'LL BUY THAT! I'll Buy That!
4765IMAGE MAKERS, THE Image Makers, The
4924IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE In Search of Excellence
6466KILLING SCREENS, THE: MEDIA AND THE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE* Killing Screens, The: Media and the Culture of Violence*
1599KILLING US SOFTLY: ADVERTISING'S IMAGE OF WOMEN* Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women*
5754LEADING QUESTIONS Leading Questions
6143MAKING OF A PACKAGE DEAL, THE* Making of a Package Deal, The*
6615MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 1: ADVERTISING AND CONSUMERISM* Media & Society, Part 1: Advertising and Consumerism*
6616MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 2: IMAGES OF WOMEN* Media & Society, Part 2: Images of Women*
6617MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 3: CULTURAL SOVEREIGNTY; SHAPING INFORMATION* Media & Society, Part 3: Cultural Sovereignty; Shaping Information
7431MEDIA MANIPULATION: NEW GAME FOR BIG BUSINESS Media Manipulation: New Game for Big Business
2033NIXON: BROKEN PROMISES Nixon: Broken Promises
6645OUR NATURAL RESOURCE* Our Natural Resource*
6860PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE Port Vancouver: Port of Choice*
6863PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (CHINESE VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Mandarin Version)
6861PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (FRENCH VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (French Version)
6862PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (JAPANESE VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Japanese Version)
6864PORT VANCOUVER: PORT OF CHOICE (SPANISH VERSION)* Port Vancouver: Port of Choice* (Spanish Version)
6866QUEBEC1 MEANS BUSINESS* Quebec Means Business*
6867QUEBEC2 NORTH AMERICA AND MORE* Quebec, North America and More*
5336SHOWDOWN ON TOBACCO ROAD Showdown on Tobacco Road
2613SIXTY-SECOND SPOT: THE MAKING OF A TV COMMERCIAL Sixty-Second Spot: The Making of a TV Commercial
7231SLIM HOPES: ADVERTISING AND THE OBSESSION WITH THINNESS Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
2668SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL REEL II (CLIO AWARDS) Special Educational Reel II (Clio Awards)
2701STEVENSON STORY, THE Stevenson Story, The
5519STILL KILLING US SOFTLY: ADVERTISING'S IMAGE OF WOMEN* Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women*
6402SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING: AFFECTING THE SUBCONSCIOUS (ANTHONY GREENWALD) Subliminal Advertising: Affecting the Subconscious (Anthony Greenwald)
2819TELEVISION3: THE ANONYMOUS TEACHER Television: The Anonymous Teacher
2817TELEVISION4 AND POLITICS Television and Politics
5827Thirtieth 30th Annual Clio Awards (1989), The
4768Thirty Second 30-Second President, The
2851THIRTY SECOND DREAM, THE Thirty Second Dream, The
5756TRUTH ABOUT LIES, THE Truth about Lies, The
5955VISION OF TELEVISION, THE* Vision of Television, The*
7638WAG THE DOG* Wag the Dog*
3103WAYS OF SEEING, PART 4: PAINTING AND ADVERTISING Ways of Seeing, Part 4: Painting and Advertising
7433WHAT CONSUMERS CONSUME What Consumers Consume