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26ACID RAIN: REQUIEM OR RECOVERY Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery
6379ACORN WOODPECKER (MELANERPES FORMICIVORUS), THE Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus), The
6545ADDICTED BRAIN, THE* Addicted Brain, The
7619AFRICAN LION, THE* African Lion, The*
6002AFTER THE WARMING, PART 1: THE FATAL FLOWER After the Warming, Part One: The Fatal Flower
6003AFTER THE WARMING, PART 2: SECRET OF THE DEEP After the Warming, Part Two: Secret of the Deep
6169AGEING (FH) Ageing (FH)
6343APES OF AN UNUSUAL KIND (RICHARD LEAKEY) Apes of an Unusual Kind (Richard Leakey)
7315ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, THE (AMERICA'S LAST GREAT REFUGE)* Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, The (America's Last Great Refuge)*
6212ARRIVING Arriving
211AT THE CROSSROADS--THE STORY OF AMERICA'S ENDANGERED SPECIES* At the Crossroads--The Story of America's Endangered Species*
7796BACK TO THE BASICS/HOW SAFE ARE WE?* Back to the Basics/How Safe Are We?*
250BAOBAB: PORTRAIT OF A TREE Baobab: Portrait of a Tree
7688BEAUTY/FAME* Beauty/Fame*
277BEGINNING OF LIFE, THE Beginning of Life, The
278BEGINNING OF LIFE, THE (PENN) Beginning of Life, The (Penn)
6284BIG BANG AND BEYOND, THE Big Bang and Beyond, The
5849BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity
6850BIRDS OF PREY: THEIR BIOLOGY & ECOLOGY* Birds of Prey: Their Biology & Ecology*
332BLOOD GROUPS, SKIN COLOR AND GENE POOLS Blood Groups, Skin Color and Gene Pools
7643BLUE END Blue End
349BONY FISHES, THE Bony Fishes, The
7082Brain The (AMB) Brain, The (AMB)
7073Breath of Life Breath of Life
7754BUILDING BODIES [VHS]* Building Bodies [VHS]*
6626BURNS BOG* Burns Bog*
7034C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1996/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1996*
7686CANE TOADS: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY* Cane Toads: An Unnatural History*
7651CATHEDRAL IN THE SEA/SURVIVAL IN THE SEA Cathedral in the Sea/Survival in the Sea
444CELL A FUNCTIONING STRUCTURE, PART 1 Cell: A Functioning Structure, Part 1
445CELL A FUNCTIONING STRUCTURE, PART 2 Cell: A Functioning Structure, Part 2
6287CELL BIOLOGY Cell Biology
6288CELL BIOLOGY: THE PLASMA MEMBRANE Cell Biology: The Plasma Membrane
6313CELL DIFFERENTIATION: THE SEARCH FOR THE ORGANIZER Cell Differentiation: The Search for the Organizer
443CELL DIVISION: MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis
477CHARLES DARWIN Charles Darwin
7404CHESAPEAKE: THE TWILIGHT ESTUARY Chesapeake: The Twilight Estuary
5216CHILDREN OF EVE Children of Eve
7654CITY IN THE SEA/STAR GARDENS City in the Sea/Star Gardens
581CLAY (THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES) Clay (The Origin of the Species)
5645COLORFUL NOTIONS Colorful Notions
4923CONFRONTATION: CREATION/EVOLUTION, PART 1: DR. DUANE GISH Confrontation: Creation/Evolution, Part 1: Dr. Duane Gish
7757CONQUEST OF THE WATERS, THE [VHS]* Conquest of the Waters, The [VHS]*
6223CONTINUING THE LINE Continuing the Line
6222COURTING Courting
713D.N.A. BLUEPRINT OF LIFE D.N.A.: Blueprint of Life
712D.N.A. STORY, THE D.N.A. Story, The
6332DARWIN AND DIVERSITY Darwin and Diversity
726DARWIN AND THE THEORY OF NATURAL SELECTION Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection
7693DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA Darwin's Dangerous Idea
6232DECODING THE BOOK OF LIFE Decoding the Book of Life
7078Defend and Repair Defend and Repair
7795DELIVERING THE GOODS/DEADLY MESSENGERS* Delivering the Goods/Deadly Messengers*
761DESERT PLACE, A Desert Place, A
772DEVELOPMENT AND METAMORPHOSIS OF THE LEOPARD FROG: RANA PIPIENS Development and Metamorphosis of the Leopard Frog: Rana pipiens
790DIFFUSION AND OSMOSIS (2ND EDITION) Diffusion and Osmosis (2nd Edition)
6564DINOSAURS OF THE GOBI Dinosaurs of the Gobi
7794DISEASE WARRIORS/RISE OF THE SUPERBUGS* Disease Warriors/Rise of the Superbugs*
7648DOLPHINS: THE WILD SIDE Dolphins: The Wild Side
874EARLY SEAS, THE Early Seas, The
928ENERGETICS OF LIFE Energetics of Life
6374ENZYMES: THOROUGHBRED WORKHORSES OF THE CELL Enzymes: Thoroughbred Workhorses of the Cell
964EVOLUTION BY DNA: CHANGING THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE Evolution by DNA: Changing the Blueprint of Life
965EVOLUTION IN PROGRESS Evolution in Progress
7696EVOLUTIONARY ARMS RACE, THE Evolutionary Arms Race, The
7695EXTINCTION! Extinction!
7687FACE TO FACE/HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU* Face to Face/Here's Looking at You*
6381FEEDING BEHAVIOR OF AQUATIC CARNIVOROUS TURTLES Feeding Behavior of Aquatic Carnivorous Turtles
1012FERNANDIRA DAY: ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH IN THE GALAPAGOS Fernandira Day: Ecological Research in the Galapagos
6218FIGHTING Fighting
6214FINDING FOOD Finding Food
6220FINDING THE WAY Finding the Way
7644FINITE OCEANS Finite Oceans
6525FIT: EPISODES IN THE HISTORY OF THE BODY* FIT: Episodes in the History of the Body
7835FLOCK OF DODOS: THE EVOLUTION-INTELLIGENT DESIGN CIRCUS* Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus*
1049FLORIDA EVERGLADES, THE Florida Everglades, The
6292FOSSILS: PLANTS AND TETRAPODS Fossils: Plants and Tetrapods
6219FRIENDS AND RIVALS Friends and Rivals
5896FUNGI: THE ROTTEN WORLD AROUND US Fungi: The Rotten World Around Us
7452GALAPAGOS: HOW THEY GOT THERE Galapagos: How They Got There
1134GALAPAGOS: DARWIN'S WORLD WITHIN ITSELF Galapagos: Darwin's World Within Itself
4829GED 07: READING/SCIENCE 1 GED 7: Reading/Science 1
4830GED 08: READING/SCIENCE 2 GED 8: Reading/Science 2
1150GENE ENGINEERS, THE Gene Engineers, The
1154GENERATION UPON GENERATION Generation Upon Generation
1156GENES AND CHROMOSOMES Genes and Chromosomes
5285GENETIC GAMBLE, THE Genetic Gamble, The
1159GENETICS: MAN THE CREATOR Genetics: Man the Creator
1160GENETICS: MENDEL'S LAWS Genetics: Mendel's Laws
6900GEOLOGY: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENCE, FATE AND RELIGION (STEVEN J. GOULD) Geology: The Relationship between Science, Fate and Religion (Steven J. Gould)
7071Glands and Hormones Glands and Hormones
5081GODDESS OF THE EARTH Goddess of the Earth
7733GORILLAS: PRIMAL CONTACT Gorillas: Primal Contact
7120GRAND CANYON FLOOD! Grand Canyon Flood!
7694GREAT TRANSFORMATIONS Great Transformations
7653GREAT WHALES, THE/SHARKS Great Whales, The/Sharks
1215GREGOR MENDEL Gregor Mendel
7402GREMLINS: FACES IN THE FOREST Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
6224GROWING UP Growing Up
7617HARVEST OF FEAR Harvest of Fear
1276HEREDITY AND ENVIRONMENT Heredity and Environment
6216HOMEMAKING Homemaking
5082HOW BABIES GET MADE How Babies Get Made
7080Human Pump, The Human Pump, The
6215HUNTING AND ESCAPING Hunting and Escaping
6484ICEMAN Iceman
1402IMMUNE RESPONSE, THE Immune Response, The
6359IMPORTANCE OF BIO-TECHNOLOGY, THE (LEROY E. HOOD) Importance of Bio-Technology, The (Leroy E. Hood)
6521IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 1 [THE STORY OF LUCY] In Search of Human Origins, Part One [The Story of Lucy]
6522IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 2 [SURVIVING IN AFRICA] In Search of Human Origins, Part Two [Surviving in Africa]
6523IN SEARCH OF HUMAN ORIGINS, PART 3 [THE CREATIVE REVOLUTION] In Search of Human Origins, Part Three [The Creative Revolution]
7070In the Womb In the Womb
7645INCREDIBLE SUCKERS Incredible Suckers
7753INFINITE VARIETY [VHS]* Infinite Variety [VHS]*
1469INSIDE PASSAGE Inside Passage
6295INVESTIGATION OF ACTIVE TRANSPORT, AN Investigation of Active Transport, An
6314ISOLATION AND METABOLISM OF MITOCHONDRIA, THE Isolation and Metabolism of Mitochondria
7624JUNGLE CAT* Jungle Cat*
7515KILLING COYOTE Killing Coyote
5905KNOWING NOSE, THE Knowing Nose, The
1624LADDER OF CREATION, THE Ladder of Creation, The
6508LANGUAGE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE (STEVEN PINKER) Language Is the Universal Language (Steven Pinker)
1646LAST OF LIFE: AGING AS A NATURAL PROCESS Last of Life: Aging as a Natural Process
7700LEARNING AND TEACHING EVOLUTION Learning and Teaching Evolution
7403LEMUR'S TALE, A Lemur's Tale, A
1689LIFE PATENT PENDING Life: Patent Pending
1679LIFE AND DEATH OF A CELL Life and Death of a Cell
6296LIFE CYCLE OF FLAMMULINA VELUTIPES (AGARICALES) Life Cycle of Flammulina velutipes (Agaricales)
1682LIFE IN A TROPICAL FOREST Life in a Tropical Forest
7764LIFE IN THE TREES, A [VHS]* Life In the Trees, A [VHS]*
1684LIFE IN THE TREES, A Life in the Trees, A
1710LIVING CELL, THE Living Cell, The
7620LIVING DESERT, THE* Living Desert, The*
6111LIVING FOSSILS: SURVIVING THROUGH TIME (PETER WARD) Living Fossils: Surviving through Time (Peter Ward)
6217LIVING TOGETHER Living Together
6383LOCOMOTION OF FOUR-FOOTED ANIMALS Locomotion of Four-Footed Animals
7683LORENZO'S OIL* Lorenzo's Oil*
7668LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL Lost Tribes of Israel
1745LUCY IN DISGUISE* Lucy in Disguise*
1749LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, THE Lymphatic System, The
7514MADAGASCAR: A WORLD APART Madagascar: A World Apart
6090MAKING SENSE Making Sense
1849MEIOSIS (HR) Meiosis (HR)
1851MEIOSIS (PHASE FILMS) Meiosis (Phase Films)
1883MIND OVER BODY Mind Over Body
7698MIND'S BIG BANG, THE Mind's Big Bang, The
1892MITOSIS: KARYOKINESIS AND CYTOKINESIS IN ANIMAL AND PLANT CELLS Mitosis: Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis in Animal and Plant Cells
6297MONERA: BACTERIA AND CYANOBACTERIA, PART 1: CLASSIFICATION, STRUCTURE AND REPRODUCTION Monera: Bacteria and Cyanobacteria, Part 1: Classification, Structure and Reproduction
6298MONERA: BACTERIA AND CYANOBACTERIA, PART 2: NUTRITION AND RESPIRATION Monera: Bacteria and Cyanobacteria, Part 2: Nutrition and Respiration
7655MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA/FILMING SECRETS Mountain in the Sea/Filming Secrets
7072Muscle and Bone Muscle and Bone
6595MY FIRST TIME* My First Time*
1972MYOGLOBIN Myoglobin
5823MYSTERIES OF MANKIND Mysteries of Mankind
6931MZIMA: PORTRAIT OF A SPRING (EDITED VERSION)* Mzima: Portrait of a Spring (Edited Edition)*
7412NATURALLY CLEVER* Naturally Clever*
6659NATURE HAS NO BORDERS: A CASCADES INTERNATIONAL PARK* Nature Has No Borders: A Cascades International Park*
6585NATURE OF HUMAN NATURE, THE Nature of Human Nature, The
6375NERVES Nerves
6384NIGHT OF THE SPADEFOOT (SCAPHIOPUS) Night of the Spadefoot (Scaphiopus)
5855NOISE POLLUTION: TO HEAR A PIN DROP Noise Pollution: To Hear a Pin Drop
7081Now Hear This Now Hear This
7720OCEAN WORLD/FROZEN SEAS Ocean World/Frozen Seas
7646OCTOPUS SHOW, THE Octopus Show, The
6363ON THE SURFACE On the Surface
7721OPEN OCEAN/THE DEEP Open Ocean/The Deep
2117ORIGIN OF LIFE Origin of Life
2124OUR DYNAMIC EARTH Our Dynamic Earth
6300OVULE AND EARLY ENDOSPERM DEVELOPMENT IN JASIONE MONTANA (CAMPANULACEAE) Ovule and Early Endosperm Development in Jasione montana (Campanulaceae)
5613PAIN AND HEALING Pain and Healing
6301PARAMECIUM, THE Paramecium, The
6205PATTERNS OF PAIN Patterns of Pain
6437PHOTOGRAPHY OF A VANISHING WORLD, THE (ART WOLFE) Photography of a Vanishing World, The (Art Wolfe)
2207PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Physical Development
6303PLANTS IN PERIL Plants in Peril
2284PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT Prenatal Development
2332PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: AN EPIC ON THE CELLULAR LEVEL Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level
2333PROTEINS: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Proteins: Structure and Function
6970PSYCHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION (MARTIN DALY/MARGO WILSON) Psychology and Evolution (Martin Daly/Margo Wilson)
2397REGULATING BODY TEMPERATURE (SECOND EDITION) Regulating Body Temperature (Second Edition)
2401REMARKABLE PHAGOCYTE, THE Remarkable Phagocyte, The
5950REMNANTS OF EDEN Remnants of Eden
6452RESTLESS PUMP, THE Restless Pump, The
7661RESTORING ALASKA: TEN YEARS IN THE WAKE OF EXXON VALDEZ Restoring Alaska: Ten Years in the Wake of Exxon Valdez
2426RETURN TO BIKINI Return to Bikini
5683RHYTHMS AND DRIVES Rhythms and Drives
2444RISE AND FALL OF DDT, THE Rise and Fall of DDT, The
2516SAY GOODBYE! Say Goodbye!
2525SEA BEHIND THE DUNES, THE Sea Behind the Dunes, The
2531SEARCH FOR LIFE, THE Search for Life, The
5609SEARCH FOR MIND, THE (PBS) Search for Mind, The (PBS)
7622SECRETS OF LIFE* Secrets of Life*
2539SECRETS OF SLEEP Secrets of Sleep
6092SEEING SENSE Seeing Sense
2549SEIFRITZ ON PROTOPLASM Seifritz on Protoplasm
6093SENSE OF TIMING Sense of Timing
7079Sex Sex
4467SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLORAL KIND Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind
5137SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLORAL KIND (PBS NATURE VIDEO) Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind (PBS Nature Video)
7649SHARK ENCOUNTERS Shark Encounters
2600SIGNS OF THE APES, SONGS OF THE WHALES Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
2603SILENT SPRING OF RACHEL CARSON, THE Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, The
6304SIMPLE MULTICELLULAR ANIMALS: SPONGES, COELENTERATES AND FLATWORMS Simple Multicellular Animals: Sponges, Coelenterates and Flatworms
6094SIXTH SENSE Sixth Sense
7074Skin Skin
7231SLIM HOPES: ADVERTISING AND THE OBSESSION WITH THINNESS Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
6306SLIME MOLDS: PLASMODIAL AND CELLULAR Slime Molds: Plasmodial and Cellular
6385SNAKE LOCOMOTION Snake Locomotion
6586SOCIAL BRAIN, THE Social Brain, The
6095SOUND SENSE Sound Sense
5691STATES OF MIND States of Mind
2702STILL WATERS Still Waters
6004STRANGE NEW SCIENCE OF CHAOS, THE Strange New Science of Chaos, The
5692STRESS AND EMOTIONS Stress and Emotions
6386STRUCTURE AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE AVIAN EGG, THE Structure and Physiology of the Avian Egg, The
5693SUBDUE THE EARTH Subdue the Earth
6096SUPER SCENTS Super Scents
6505SURVEYING OUR IGNORANCE: ATTEMPTING TO MAP THE BRAIN (WILLIAM CALVIN) Surveying Our Ignorance: Attempting to Map the Brain (William Calvin)
2773SURVIVAL AND THE SENSES Survival and the Senses
7088T. Rex Exposed T. Rex Exposed
7413TALKING SENSE* Talking Sense*
6221TALKING TO STRANGERS Talking to Strangers
7076Taste and Smell Taste and Smell
4551THROUGH ANIMAL EYES Through Animal Eyes
5700TWO BRAINS, THE Two Brains, The
7101Understanding D. N. A. Understanding DNA
6567UNIVERSE WITHIN, THE Universe Within, The
7621VANISHING PRAIRIE, THE* Vanishing Prairie, The*
7652VENOM/CREATURES OF DARKNESS Venom/Creatures of Darkness
5669VISION AND MOVEMENT Vision and Movement
7077Visual Reality Visual Reality
3070VOLVOX: STRUCTURE, REPRODUCTION AND DIFFERENTIATION IN V CARTIERI Volvox: Structure, Reproduction and Differentiation in V Cartieri
7632WALKING WITH DINOSAURS* Walking with Dinosaurs*
4575WATCHING BIRDS WITH ROGER TORY PETERSON Watching Birds with Roger Tory Peterson
5084WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE LAND Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Land
5085WATER, BIRTH, PLANET EARTH: THE SEA Water, Birth, Planet Earth: The Sea
6588WAY OF SCIENCE, THE Way of Science, The
7324WEST WIND: THE ART OF TOM THOMSON* West Wind: The Art of Tom Thomson*
7699WHAT ABOUT GOD? What About God?
5354WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? What Is Development?
3133WHAT MAKES MUSCLE PULL? (THE STRUCTURAL BASIS OF CONTRACTION) What Makes Muscle Pull? (The Structural Basis of Contraction)
3138WHAT TIME IS YOUR BODY? What Time Is Your Body?
3141WHAT'S IN A FACE? What's in a Face?
5865WHERE THE BAY BECOMES THE SEA Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
7623WHITE WILDERNESS* White Wilderness*
7113WHY ARE MEN AND WOMEN SO DIFFERENT? (DAVID BARASH/JUDITH LIPTON) Why Are Men and Women So Different? (David Barash/Judith Lipton)
7697WHY SEX? Why Sex?
5254WILL THE WORLD STARVE? Will the World Starve?
3178WILLIAM HARVEY AND THE CIRCULATION OF THE BLOOD William Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood
5761WORK OF THE KIDNEYS, THE (3RD EDITION) Work of the Kidneys, The (3rd Edition)
6164WORLD WITHIN WORLDS* World Within Worlds*