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272BEAMS AND FRAMES Beams and Frames
7742BRIDGES* Bridges*
5638BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY Building a Sustainable Economy
549CHRISTO'S VALLEY CURTAIN* Christo's Valley Curtain*
7777CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 12 & 13 Civilisation, Programs 12 & 13
629CONCEPTS OF DISLOCATIONS Concepts of Dislocations
718DAM AT NAGARJUNASAGER, THE Dam at Nagarjunasager, The
746DEEP SEA DRILLING PROJECT Deep Sea Drilling Project
6188FRACTALS: AN ANIMATED DISCUSSION Fractals: An Animated Discussion
1093FREE ENERGY CURVES AND BINARY PHASE DIAGRAMS Free Energy Curves and Binary Phase Diagrams
1126FUNDAMENTALS OF BOUNDARY LAYERS Fundamentals of Boundary Layers
1153GENERATION OF PHASE DIAGRAMS FROM FREE ENERGY CURVES Generation of Phase Diagrams from Free Energy Curves
1171GIBBS FREE ENERGY: ENTHALPY AND ENTROPY Gibbs Free Energy: Enthalpy and Entropy
7600GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE Great Wall Across the Yangtze
1283HEROIC MATERIALISM Heroic Materialism
5721HUMAN FACTORS SUCCESS STORIES Human Factors Success Stories
1448INFERENTIAL STATISTICS, PART 1: SAMPLING AND ESTIMATION SHAVES $122,000,000 Inferential Statistics, Part 1: Sampling and Estimation Shaves $122,000,000
1449INFERENTIAL STATISTICS, PART 2: HYPOTHESIS TESTING, RATS, ROBOTS AND ROLLER SKATES Inferential Statistics, Part 2: Hypothesis Testing, Rats, Robots and Roller Skates
1541ISOTHERMAL SECTIONS WITH SIMPLE TERNARY EUTECTIC Isothermal Sections with Simple Ternary Eutectic
1542ISOTHERMAL SECTIONS WITH SOLID SOLUTIONS Isothermal Sections with Solid Solutions
1604KINGDOME, THE Kingdome, The
1695LIGHT OF THE 21ST CENTURY Light of the 21st Century
6806LONGEST BRIDGE* Longest Bridge*
1755MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS Magnetohydrodynamics
2151PASCO-KENNEWICK CABLE-STAYED BRIDGE, THE Pasco-Kennewick Cable-Stayed Bridge, The
6865QAQA VINIK (C'ETAIT UNE MONTAGNE)* Qaqa Vinik (C'etait une Montagne)*
2388RED FLAG CANAL Red Flag Canal
2392REFINERY PROCESSES Refinery Processes
2419RESTLESS EARTH: EARTHQUAKES Restless Earth: Earthquakes
5243RING OF TRUTH, PART 1: LOOKING Ring of Truth, Part 1: Looking
5245RING OF TRUTH, PART 3: MAPPING Ring of Truth, Part 3: Mapping
5481SEARCH INTO WHITE SPACE Search into White Space
2772SURVEYING AND ROAD CONSTRUCTION Surveying and Road Construction
2792TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE FAILURE Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure
5310TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE FAILURE (REVISED EDITION) Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure (Revised Edition)
7006TECHNOLOGY OF TRANSPLANTS, THE (BUDDY RATNER) Technology of Transplants, The (Buddy Ratner)
6033TODAY'S STRUCTURAL STEEL Today's Structural Steel
2971TUGGER WAR Tugger War
6974WORKING WITH TOMORROW'S ENGINEERS TODAY (DENICE DENTON) Working with Tomorrow's Engineers Today (Denice Denton)
3214WORLD'S WORST AIRCRASH: THE AVOIDABLE ACCIDENT World's Worst Aircrash: The Avoidable Accident