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13A PROPOS DE NICE (SILENT) A Propos de Nice (Silent)
6535ADOLF HITLER* Adolf Hitler*
6527AGE OF GOLD, THE Age of Gold, The
143ANTONI GAUDI (IFB) Antoni Gaudi (IFB)
144ANTONIO GAUDI (NYU) Antonio Gaudi (NYU)
7200ANTONIO GAUDI* Antonio Gaudi*
6118ARE WE MAKING A GOOD PEACE?* Are We Making a Good Peace?*
6593ARGENT* (MONEY) L'Argent* (Money)
1621ATALANTE L'Atalante
4555ATLAS: A SKETCH OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Atlas: A Sketch of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
333BLUE ANGEL, THE (DER BLAUE ENGEL) Blue Angel, The (Der Blaue Engel)
6536BORDER STREET* (ULICA GRANICZNA) Border Street* (Ulica Graniczna)
7156BREATHLESS* (A BOUT DE SOUFFLE) Breathless* (A Bout de Souffle)
6582BYZANTIUM: FROM SPLENDOR TO RUIN* Byzantium: From Splendor to Ruin*
6737C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1990/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 1990*
6751C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/05 CBC-TV News in Review: May 1992*
7583CANADIAN ROCKIES, THE/ST. MORITZ: PLAYGROUND IN THE ALPS Canadian Rockies, The/St. Moritz: Playground in the Alps
418CARAVAGGIO AND THE BAROQUE Caravaggio and the Baroque
6512CHALLENGE OF THE PAST, THE Challenge of the Past, The
6785CHANGING BERLIN: CHANGING EUROPE Changing Berlin: Changing Europe
480CHARTRES CATHEDRAL Chartres Cathedral
7405CHIHULY OVER VENICE Chihuly Over Venice
7595CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE, THE* Children of Noisy Village, The*
6599CHRISTIANS, JEWS, AND MOSLEMS IN MEDIEVAL SPAIN Christians, Jews, and Moslems in Medieval Spain
7776CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 10 & 11 Civilisation, Programs 10 & 11
7777CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 12 & 13 Civilisation, Programs 12 & 13
7773CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 1-3 Civilisation, Programs 1-3
7774CIVILISATION, PROGRAMS 4-6 Civilisation, Programs 4-6
7157CLASSICAL AGE, THE Classical Age, The
7151COLLAPSE Collapse
7130COMPANIONS: TALES FROM THE CLOSET (VANINNOR--BERATTELSER FRAN GARBEROBEN) Companions: Tales from the Closet (Vaninnor--Berattelser fran Garberoben)
6962CONFORMIST, THE* Conformist, The*
692CRUEL DIAGONALS Cruel Diagonals
6481CULTURE OF COMMERCE, THE Culture of Commerce, The
710D FOR DESIGN D for Design
6470DAY IN THE WARSAW CHETTO, A (A BIRTHDAY TRIP IN HELL) Day in the Warsaw Ghetto, A (A Birthday Trip in Hell)
6575DAY OF WRATH* (VREDEN'S DAG) Day of Wrath* (Vreden's Dag)
6569DAYS OF CONTEMPT* Days of Contempt*
6610DEATH BY MOONLIGHT: BOMBER COMMAND* Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command*
6570DEMISE OF THE PROPHETS, THE* Demise of the Prophets, The*
7224DEVIL IS A WOMAN, THE* Devil Is a Woman, The*
808DISCOVERING THE MUSIC OF THE MIDDLE AGES Discovering the Music of the Middle Ages
6603DISPUTATION, THE: A THEOLOGICAL DEBATE BETWEEN CHRISTIANS AND JEWS Disputation, The: A Theological Debate between Christians and Jews
836DOWNTOWNS FOR PEOPLE Downtowns for People
845DREAM ABOUT A HOUSE, A Dream about a House, A
5779DREAMS OF FREEDOM Dreams of Freedom
868DURER AND THE RENAISSANCE Durer and the Renaissance
7670DYBBUK, THE* Dybbuk, The*
6589EDVARD MUNCH* Edvard Munch*
7146EXPLOSION Explosion
1053FLOWER LOVERS, THE Flower Lovers, The
1059FOLKLORE DANCES OF YUGOSLAVIA Folklore Dances of Yugoslavia
7248GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS, THE* Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The*
1146GEESEBOOK: A CHORAL MISSAL FROM OLD NUREMBERG Geesebook: A Choral Missal from Old Nuremberg
1175GLASS Glass
1189GOTHIC ART Gothic Art
6571GREAT EXPECTATIONS* (FFH) Great Expectations* (FFH)
7639GREEKS, THE (CRUCIBLE OF CIVILIZATION) Greeks, The (Crucible of Civilization)
1233GUNS OF AUGUST, THE Guns of August, The
6913HAINE, LA (HATE)* Haine, La (Hate)*
1246HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary
7152HATRED AND HUNGER Hatred and Hunger
7096Hegel and Marx Hegel and Marx
1263HEIMAEY ERUPTION: ICELAND 1973 Heimaey Eruption: Iceland 1973
1282HERO AS ARTIST, THE Hero as Artist, The
5985HOLY INNOCENTS, THE (LOS SANTOS INOCENTES)* Holy Innocents, The (Los Santos Inocentes)*
6140HOPE OF MANKIND, THE* Hope of Mankind, The*
6879HOTEL TERMINUS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF KLAUS BARBIE* Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie*
6537HUNT, THE* (LA CAZA) Hunt, The* (La Caza)
7133I WAS STALIN'S BODYGUARD* I Was Stalin's Bodyguard*
6484ICEMAN Iceman
6611IN DESPERATE BATTLE: NORMANDY 1944* In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944*
1413IN SEARCH OF TOLERANCE In Search of Tolerance
7097Kant Kant
1645LAST LAUGH, THE (DER LETZTE MANN) Last Laugh, The (Der Letzte Mann)
6934LAST TANGO IN PARIS* Last Tango in Paris*
6476LIFTING THE YOKE (UKRAINE) Lifting the Yoke (Ukraine)
7233LIVING IN RUSSIA TODAY Living in Russia Today
6806LONGEST BRIDGE* Longest Bridge*
1727LOOKING FOR RENAISSANCE ROME Looking for Renaissance Rome
6572LOST ILLUSIONS* Lost Illusions*
1738LOUVRE: THE GOLDEN PRISON Louvre: The Golden Prison
7178MAN ESCAPED, A* (UN CONDAMNE A MORT S'EST ECHAPPE) Man Escaped, A* (Un Condamne a mort s'est echappe)
7095Marcuse and the Frankfurt School Marcuse and the Frankfurt School
1843MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURE Medieval Architecture
1845MEDITERRANEAN PROSPECT, THE Mediterranean Prospect, The
1852MEMORANDUM Memorandum
7161MINDS OF MEN, THE Minds of Men, The
6592MON ONCLE D'AMERIQUE* (MY UNCLE FROM AMERICA) Mon Oncle d'Amerique * (My Uncle from America)
7582MONACO: KINGDOM OF GLAMOUR AND CHANCE/PALM BEACH: THE GOLD COAST Monaco: Kingdom of Glamour and Chance/Palm Beach: The Gold Coast
1904MONDRAGON EXPERIMENT, THE Mondragon Experiment, The
7150MUTINY Mutiny
6475NATION RETURNS, A (GERMANY) Nation Returns, A (Germany)
6538NAZARIN* Nazarin*
7586NEW YORK: HIGH SOCIETY IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRAVEL/HOTEL CALIFORNIA: THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD/THE IMPERIAL HOTELS OF VIENNA New York: High Society in the Golden Age of Travel/Hotel California: The Golden Age of Hollywood/The Imperial Hotels of Vienna
2019NEW YUGOSLAVIA (YEAR THREE OF THE PLAN) New Yugoslavia (Year Three of the Plan)
7098Nietzsche Nietzsche
2029NIGHTMARE IN RED Nightmare in Red
6936Nineteen Hundred 1900*
6479OLD WAYS, NEW GAME Old Ways, New Game
7594OX, THE (OXEN)* Ox, The (Oxen)*
2139PALLADIO: THE ARCHITECT AND HIS INFLUENCE IN AMERICA Palladio: The Architect and His Influence in America
5783PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 1 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 1
5784PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 2 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 2
5785PARIS LIVE! (THE FRENCH BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION), PART 3 Paris Live! (The French Bicentennial Celebration), Part 3
7145PLAY TIME* Play Time*
2242POLAND AND THE SOVIET POWER Poland and the Soviet Power
6782POPULATION TRANSITION IN ITALY Population Transition in Italy
2274PRAISE THE SEA Praise the Sea
2338PROUD CITADEL Proud Citadel
2374RAIN Rain
2386RED BALLOON, THE Red Balloon, The
2407RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE Renaissance Architecture
5788REQUIEM FOR A KING Requiem for a King
6496RETURN OF TYRANNY, THE (DANIEL CHIROT) Return of Tyranny, The (Daniel Chirot)
2428REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA, 1917 Revolution in Russia, 1917
6473ROAD TO NOWHERE, THE (YUGOSLAVIA) Road to Nowhere, The (Yugoslavia)
7239ROME AND POMPEII Rome and Pompeii
6607ROMPER STOMPER* Romper Stomper*
6590ROSA LUXEMBURG* Rosa Luxemburg*
2477RULES OF THE GAME (LE REGLE DU JEU) Rules of the Game (Le Regle du Jeu)
7585SAN FRANCISCO: CITY OF SILVER & GOLD/THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICE San Francisco: City of Silver & Gold/The Romantic Palaces of Venice
7728SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, THE* (REKOPIS ZNALEZIONY W SARAGOSSIE) Saragossa Manuscript, The* (Rekopis Znaleziony w Saragossie)
7183SCARLET EMPRESS, THE* Scarlet Empress, The*
6178SHADOW ON THE CROSS Shadow on the Cross
2578SHAME Shame
6577SHOAH, PART 1* Shoah, Part One*
6578SHOAH, PART 2* Shoah, Part Two*
6579SHOAH, PART 3* Shoah, Part Three*
6580SHOAH, PART 4* Shoah, Part Four*
6581SHOAH, PART 5* Shoah, Part Five*
7149SLAUGHTER Slaughter
2626SMILE OF REASON, THE Smile of Reason, The
6566SORCERESS* (LE MOINE ET LA SORVIERE) Sorceress* (Le Moine et la Sorciere)
7692SORROW AND THE PITY, THE* (LE CHAGRIN ET LA PITIE) Sorrow and the Pity, The* (Le chagrin et la pitie)
2663SPANISH GYPSIES IN FLAMENCO SONGS AND DANCES Spanish Gypsies in Flamenco Songs and Dances
2676SPIES (SPIONE) Spies (Spione)
6574SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE* (EL ESPIRITU DE LA COLMENA) Spirit of the Beehive* (El Espritu de la Colmena)
7147STALEMATE Stalemate
7597STREET GIRLS* (PIGERNE PA HALMTORVET) Street Girls* (Pigerne pa Halmtorvet)
6833STRUGGLE FOR EUROPE, THE* Struggle for Europe, The*
2739SUBURBAN LIVING: SIX SOLUTIONS Suburban Living: Six Solutions
2820TEMPLE OF APOLLO AT BASSAE Temple of Apollo at Bassae
5790TERROR, THE Terror, The
2850THIRD MAN, THE Third Man, The
7148TOTAL WAR Total War
5283TREASURES OF SAN MARCO (THE BASILICA OF ST. MARK) Treasures of San Marco (The Basilica of St. Mark)
6576TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS, THE* (L'ALBERO DEGLI ZOCCOLI) Tree of Wooden Clogs, The* (L'Albero degli Zoccoli)
7615TRIAL, THE* Trial, The*
7237TRISTAN UND ISOLDE Tristan und Isolde
6540TRISTANA* Tristana*
6541TRIUMPH OF THE WILL (TRIUMPH DES WILLENS) Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens)
2964TRUE GLORY True Glory
2982TWO BAROQUE CHURCHES IN GERMANY Two Baroque Churches in Germany
2986TWO MEN AND A WARDROBE Two Men and a Wardrobe
7581VERSAILLES 1998 Versailles 1998
6230VIENNA 1900: RECOLLECTIONS OF A VIENNESE GIRL IN PARIS Vienna 1900: Recollections of a Viennese Girl in Paris
3056VISIT TO THE SEPULCHER, THE (VISITATIO SEPULCHRI) Visit to the Sepulcher, The (Visitatio Sepulchri)
6871VIVALDI Vivaldi
7153WAR WITHOUT END War Without End
6097WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT* Weapons of the Spirit*
6542WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS!?* (QUE HE HECHO YO PARA MERECER ESTO!?) What Have I Done to Deserve This!?* (Que he hecho yo para merecer esto!?)
6439WHEN ATTITUDES ARE CULTIVATED (PETER GAY) When Attitudes Are Cultivated (Peter Gay)
3164WHO GOES THERE: A PRIMER ON COMMUNISM Who Goes There: A Primer on Communism
7681WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (HAXAN) Witchcraft Through the Ages (Haxan)
5801WOMEN IN MODERN SPAIN (MARIA DURAN) Women in Modern Spain (Maria Duran)
6543WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN* (MUJERES AL BORDE DE UN ATAQUE DE "NERVIOS") Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown* (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de "nervois")
6163WORLD TO WIN, A* World to Win, A*
3240ZERO DE CONDUITE Zero de Conduite