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7259ACROSS THE HINDU KUSH* Across the Hindu Kush*
94Alphabet Mark of Man Alphabet: Mark of Man
4755ARMING OF THE EARTH, THE Arming of the Earth, The
170ARNOLD TOYNBEE Arnold Toynbee
7837ART OF WAR, THE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT* Art of War, The: Alexander the Great*
4555ATLAS: A SKETCH OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Atlas: A Sketch of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
7811BAPTISM OF FIRE--YPRES/SLAUGHTER AND SACRIFICE--SOMME* Baptism of Fire--Ypres/Slaughter and Sacrifice--Somme*
5206BORDER CONFIRMED: THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON (1867-1871) Border Confirmed: The Treaty of Washington (1867-1871)
407BYZANTINE EMPIRE, THE Byzantine Empire, The
6888C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1995/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1995*
6773C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: CANADA NOW: A DIVERSE LANDSCAPE* CBC-TV News in Review: Canada Now: A Diverse Landscape*
5704CANADA TRUE NORTH, PART 1: THE RELATIONSHIP Canada: True North, Part 1: The Relationship
479CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS, THE Charter of the United Nations, The
7831CHIMPANZEES: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY* Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History*
596COLLISION WITH JAPAN Collision with Japan
617COMMUNISM Communism
5268CRAFT OF HISTORY, THE (CONVERSATIONS WITH THREE HISTORIANS) Craft of History, The (Conversations with Three Historians)
5202DANGEROUS DECADES (1818-1846) Dangerous Decades (1818-1846)
7693DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA Darwin's Dangerous Idea
7795DELIVERING THE GOODS/DEADLY MESSENGERS* Delivering the Goods/Deadly Messengers*
4757DEMOCRAT AND THE DICTATOR, THE Democrat and the Dictator, The
7794DISEASE WARRIORS/RISE OF THE SUPERBUGS* Disease Warriors/Rise of the Superbugs*
5204FRIENDLY FIFTIES AND THE SINISTER SIXTIES, THE (1850-1863) Friendly Fifties and the Sinister Sixties, The (1850-1863)
4837GED 15: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 3 GED 15: Reading/Social Studies 3
1233GUNS OF AUGUST, THE Guns of August, The
7096Hegel and Marx Hegel and Marx
7791HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK ONE* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk One*
7793HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK THREE* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk Three*
5267HEROIC BEGINNINGS WITH DONALD CREIGHTON Heroic Beginnings with Donald Creighton
5258JOURNEY WITHOUT ARRIVAL (A PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW FROM NORTHROP FRYE) Journey without Arrival (A Personal Point of View from Northrop Frye)
7097Kant Kant
1594KENNEDY VS. KHRUSHCHEV Kennedy vs. Khrushchev
7743LIEBE PERLA, Liebe Perla,*
7258LORD OF ASIA* Lord of Asia*
1785MAN ONE FAMILY Man--One Family
7095Marcuse and the Frankfurt School Marcuse and the Frankfurt School
7813MASTERS OF WAR/SHADOWS OF THE GREAT WAR* Masters of War/Shadows of the Great War*
5717MOVING PICTURE BOYS IN THE GREAT WAR, THE Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, The
5199NEW ENGLAND AND NEW FRANCE (1497-1763) New England and New France (1497-1763)
5203NEW EQUATION: ANNEXATION AND RECIPROCITY (1840-1860) New Equation: Annexation and Reciprocity (1840-1860)
7098Nietzsche Nietzsche
7055Nothing to Be Written Here* Nothing to Be Written Here*
2170PEOPLE'S CHARTER, THE People's Charter, The
6189PINK TRIANGLES: A STUDY OF PREJUDICE AGAINST LESBIANS AND GAY MEN (REVISED) Pink Triangles: A Study of Prejudice Against Lesbians and Gay Men (Revised)
2245POLITENESS AND ENTHUSIASM Politeness and Enthusiasm
6660POLITICS OF TRUTH, THE* Politics of Truth, The*
6496RETURN OF TYRANNY, THE (DANIEL CHIROT) Return of Tyranny, The (Daniel Chirot)
2465ROMAN WORLD, THE Roman World, The
2507SAN FRANCISCO2, 1945: THE UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (APRIL 25-JUNE 26) San Francisco, 1945: The United Nations Conference on International Organization (April 25--June 26)
5207SECOND TRANSCONTINENTAL NATION, A (1872) Second Transcontinental Nation, A (1872)
6156SECURITY COUNCIL* Security Council*
7257SON OF GOD* Son of God*
7812STORMING THE RIDGE--VIMY/SLAUGHTER IN THE MUD* Storming the Ridge--Vimy/Slaughter In the Mud*
6415THUCYDIDES: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS AND PLATO: ALCIBIADES I Thucydides: The Peloponnesian Wars and Plato: Alcibiades I
7260TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH* To the Ends of the Earth*
5205TRIUMPHANT UNION AND THE CANADIAN CONFEDERATION, THE (1863-1867) Triumphant Union and the Canadian Confederation, The (1863-1867)
2966TRUMAN VS. STALIN Truman vs. Stalin
2990U. S. AND THE SOVIET UNION: 1933-1945 U. S. and the Soviet Union: 1933-1945
5186UNDERSTANDING HISTORY (JON BRIDGMAN) Understanding History (Jon Bridgman)
3043VIETNAM: AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT Vietnam: An Historical Document
5201WAR OF 1812, THE (1783-1818) War of 1812, The (1783-1818)
4457WAVE, THE Wave, The
3118WEEK THAT SHOOK THE WORLD Week that Shook the World
3164WHO GOES THERE: A PRIMER ON COMMUNISM Who Goes There: A Primer on Communism
7809WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?* Who Wrote the Bible?*