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30ACTION AT ANGUAR Action at Anguar
7587ADIRONDACK CAMPS Adirondack Camps
7611ADVENTURE, THE (1956-1960) Adventure, The (1956-1960)
7584AFRICA: THE GRAND SAFARI/MIAMI: THE AMERICAN RIVIERA Africa: The Grand Safari/Miami: The American Riviera
7487AFTER STONEWALL: AFTER THE RIOTS TO THE MILLENNIUM* After Stonewall: After the Riots to the Millennium*
7575AGE OF ANXIETY, THE Age of Anxiety, The
5777AIN'T GONNA SHUFFLE NO MORE (1964-72) Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-72)
4927AIN'T SCARED OF YOUR JAILS (1960-1961) Ain't Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961)
7633ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN* All the President's Men*
7634ALMOST FAMOUS* Almost Famous*
99AMERICA IN SPACE: THE FIRST FIVE YEARS America in Space: The First Five Years
4763AMERICA ON THE ROAD America on the Road
5595AMERICA TAKES CHARGE (1965-1967) America Takes Charge (1965-1967)
6791AMERICAN ART FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART American Art from the National Gallery of Art
7314AMERICAN CANADIAN RELATIONS* American Canadian Relations*
104AMERICAN MIRACLE American Miracle
108AMERICAN WOMAN: PORTRAITS OF COURAGE American Woman: Portraits of Courage
6563AMERICANS, THE (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, MIAMI, NEW YORK CITY) Americans, The (Southern California, Miami, New York City)
5593Americas Mandarin (1954-1963) America's Mandarin (1954-1963)
7196AMISTAD* Amistad*
6947APOCALYPSE NOW* Apocalypse Now*
169ARMY AIR FORCES--PACIFIC Army Air Forces--Pacific
6848ART OF BUSTER KEATON, THE (VOL. I)* Art of Buster Keaton, The (Vol. I)*
6460AT THE RIVER I STAND At the River I Stand
214ATOM STRIKES Atom Strikes
6695AWAKENING, AN: REALIZING THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF WOMEN (SUZANNE LEBSOCK) Awakening, An: Realizing the Social History of Women (Suzanne Lebsock)
4925AWAKENINGS (1954-1956) Awakenings (1954-1956)
4474BANZAI!--JAPAN, 1931-1942 Banzai!--Japan, 1931-1942
259BATAAN--THE FORGOTTEN HELL Bataan--The Forgotten Hell
7677BATTLE FOR A CONTINENT* Battle for a Continent*
7486BEFORE STONEWALL: THE MAKING OF A GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY* Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community*
6461BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES Berkeley in the Sixties
7107BIG SKY ABOVE, BAD LAND BELOW (JONATHAN RABAN) Big Sky Above, Bad Land Below (Jonathan Raban)
7155BIRTH OF A NATION, THE* (tinted) Birth of a Nation, The* (tinted)
327BLACK HISTORY: LOST, STOLEN OR STRAYED Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed
347BOMBER Bomber
6788BONNIE AND CLYDE* Bonnie and Clyde*
7557BOYHOOD OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., THE* Boyhood of Martin Luther King, Jr., The*
6016BREAKING BOUNDARIES, TESTING LIMITS Breaking Boundaries, Testing Limits
4930BRIDGE TO FREEDOM (1965) Bridge to Freedom (1965)
6797BROADWAY DANNY ROSE/THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO* Broadway Danny Rose/The Purple Rose of Cairo*
395BUILDING OF THE BOMB Building of the Bomb
7834BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM: LEVITTOWN, NY* Building the American Dream: Levittown, NY*
6749C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/03 CBC-TV News in Review: March 1992*
6754C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 1992*
6755C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1992/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1992*
7723C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/10 CBC-TV News in Review: October 2001*
7724C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2001/11* CBC-TV News in Review: November 2001*
7481CARTOONS GO TO WAR Cartoons Go to War
6793CASABLANCA* Casablanca*
456CHALLENGE (A DRAMATIZATION OF THE REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT'S COMMITTEE ON CIVIL RIGHTS) Challenge, The (A Dramatization of the Report of the President's Committee on Civil Rights)
4771CHANGE, CHANGE Change, Change
476CHARGE AND COUNTERCHARGE (A FILM OF THE ERA OF SEN. JOSEPH R. MCCARTHY) Charge and Countercharge (A Film of the Era of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy)
5273CHINESE GOLD: THE CHINESE OF THE MONTEREY BAY Chinese Gold: The Chinese of the Monterey Bay
7642CHINESE IN THE FRONTIER WEST: AN AMERICAN STORY Chinese in the Frontier West: An American Story
5885CITY OUT OF WILDERNESS: WASHINGTON City Out of Wilderness: Washington
574CLASS THAT WENT TO WAR, THE Class that Went to War, The
7151COLLAPSE Collapse
4758COME TO THE FAIRS Come to the Fairs
6899COMING OF AGE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (STUDS TERKEL) Coming of Age in the Twentieth Century (Studs Terkel)
611COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES Committee on Un-American Activities
6429CONTRIBUTIONS FROM VIETNAM VETS (AL SANTOLI) Contributions from Vietnam Vets (Al Santoli)
7641COOLIES, SAILORS, SETTLERS Coolies, Sailors, Settlers
656COOPER'S CRAFT Cooper's Craft
6358CROSSING AMERICAN CULTURES (PETER NABOKOV) Crossing American Cultures (Peter Nabokov)
7436CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE: THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR* Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War*
731DAY AFTER TRINITY: J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER AND THE ATOMIC BOMB Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb
742DECISION FOR TOMORROW Decision for Tomorrow
7609DEDICATED TO CHAOS (1940-1945) Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945)
6977DEERHUNTER, THE* Deer Hunter, The*
762DESERT VICTORY Desert Victory
6551DIGGING FOR SLAVES Digging for Slaves
7275DREAM IS ALIVE, THE* Dream Is Alive, The*
7738EASY RIDER* Easy Rider*
904EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 1: HOME LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 1: Home Life
906EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 2: CABINETMAKING Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 2: Cabinetmaking
905EIGHTEENTH CENTURY LIFE IN WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, PART 3: COMMUNITY LIFE Eighteenth Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia, Part 3: Community Life
7574EMPIRE OF SIGNS, THE Empire of Signs, The
5220ENDURING DREAMS* Enduring Dreams*
6084ENTERPRISE, THE Enterprise, The
6196FAMILY GATHERING, A* Family Gathering, A*
7443FATE OF NATIONS, THE* Fate of Nations, The*
4926FIGHTING BACK (1957-1962) Fighting Back (1957-1962)
5592FIRST VIETNAM WAR, THE (1946-1954) First Vietnam War, The (1946-1954)
7588FLORIDA'S GRAND ESTATES Florida's Grand Estates
5874FORGOTTEN PIONEERS Forgotten Pioneers
7184FORT APACHE* Fort Apache*
7191forty-second street* 42nd Street*
6565FREDERICK DOUGLASS: WHEN THE LION WROTE HISTORY Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History
7125FULL METAL JACKET* Full Metal Jacket*
5144FUNDI: THE STORY OF ELLA BAKER Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker
1127FUR TRAPPERS WESTWARD Fur Trappers Westward
1128FURY IN THE PACIFIC Fury in the Pacific
5957GANNAGARO: THE SENECA TOWN OF PEACE Gannagaro: The Seneca Town of Peace
4835GED 13: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 1 GED 13: Reading/Social Studies 1
4836GED 14: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 2 GED 14: Reading/Social Studies 2
4837GED 15: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 3 GED 15: Reading/Social Studies 3
4838GED 16: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 4 GED 16: Reading/Social Studies 4
4839GED 17: READING/SOCIAL STUDIES 5 GED 17: Reading/Social Studies 5
3479GENERAL General, The
6795GENERAL (REPUBLIC) General, The* (Republic)
5583GERONIMO AND THE APACHE RESISTANCE Geronimo and the Apache Resistance
1170GIBBONS V. OGDEN Gibbons V. Ogden
5009GIDEON'S TRUMPET* Gideon's Trumpet*
7604GIFT, THE (1917-1924) Gift, The (1917-1924)
7571GILDED AGE, THE Gilded Age, The
7249GODFATHER Godfather, The*
6796GODFATHER 2 Godfather, The (Part II)*
7589GOLD COAST ESTATES Gold Coast Estates
6088GOLDEN CAGE: A STORY OF CALIFORNIA'S FARMWORKERS Golden Cage: A Story of California's Farmworkers
5229GOLDEN LAND, THE* Golden Land, The*
1192GRAND JURY: AN INSTITUTION UNDER FIRE Grand Jury: An Institution under Fire
7590GRAND PLANTATIONS Grand Plantations
7704GREAT ENTERPRISE, THE* Great Enterprise, The*
5820GREAT WAR--1918, THE Great War--1918, The
5991GREY FOX, THE* Grey Fox, The*
1230GUILTY BY REASON OF RACE Guilty by Reason of Race
7603GUMBO (BEGINNINGS TO 1917) Gumbo (Beginnings to 1917)
1234GUNSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Gunsmith of Williamsburg
5296HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A.* Harlan County U.S.A.*
7152HATRED AND HUNGER Hatred and Hunger
5344HEARTS AND HANDS* Hearts and Hands*
5161HEARTS AND MINDS* Hearts and Minds*
4766HELPING HAND, THE Helping Hand, The
5498HENRY FORD'S AMERICA Henry Ford's America
7793HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS--DISK THREE* Heritage: Civilization and the Jews--Disk Three*
6902HISTORY TIES THAT BIND (SAMUEL PROCTOR) History: Ties that Bind (Samuel Proctor)
4915HISTORY AND RESEARCH (JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN) History and Research (John Hope Franklin)
5037HISTORY RECOVERED--THE CUSTER BATTLEFIELD ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF 1984 History Recovered--The Custer Battlefield Archeological Survey of 1984
7682HOLLYWOODISM: JEWS, MOVIES AND THE AMERICAN DREAM Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream
5601HOMEFRONT U.S.A. Homefront U.S.A.
7442HOUR OF SACRIFICE, THE* Hour of Sacrifice, The*
1335HOUSE OF SCIENCE House of Science
1347HOW THE WEST WAS WON . . . AND HONOR LOST How the West Was Won . . . and Honor Lost
1356HOW TO STAY FREE How to Stay Free
7591HUDSON RIVER VALLEY ESTATES Hudson River Valley Estates
4765IMAGE MAKERS, THE Image Makers, The
5232IMAGES OF GLORY* Images of Glory*
6019IN A DARK TIME (PBS) In a Dark Time (PBS)
7497IN SEARCH OF JESSE JAMES In Search of Jesse James
1413IN SEARCH OF TOLERANCE In Search of Tolerance
5584INDIANS, OUTLAWS AND ANGIE DEBO Indians, Outlaws and Angie Debo
6433INSIDE VIEW TO JFK, AN (RICHARD REEVES) Inside View to JFK, An (Richard Reeves)
6086INTERVENTION (PBS) Intervention (PBS)
1563JAPANESE RELOCATION Japanese Relocation
7601JAZZ AGE, THE* Jazz Age, The*
7175JAZZ SINGER, THE* Jazz Singer, The*
1567JEWISH AMERICAN Jewish American
1571JOHN F. KENNEDY'S LAST WORDS TO LABOR John F. Kennedy's Last Words to Labor
7186JOHNNY GUITAR* Johnny Guitar*
7747JOURNEY OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETE, THE* Journey of the African-American Athlete, The*
5904KING MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS King: Montgomery to Memphis
5594L.B.J. GOES TO WAR (1964-1965) LBJ Goes to War (1964-1965)
1630LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 1: COLONIAL PERIOD TO 1805 Land of Liberty, Part 1: Colonial Period to 1805
1632LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 2: 1805-1860 Land of Liberty, Part 2: 1805-1860
1631LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 3: 1860-1890 Land of Liberty, Part 3: 1860-1890
1629LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 4: 1890-1938 Land of Liberty, Part 4: 1890-1938
1628LAND OF LIBERTY, PART 5: 1939-1958 Land of Liberty, Part 5: 1939-1958
5661LAST REFLECTIONS ON A WAR: BERNARD FALL (1926-1967) Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1926-1967)
6087LEARNING TO SAY NO Learning to Say No
5603LEGACIES Legacies
6020LEGACIES OF THE SIXTIES Legacies of the Sixties
5866LETTERS FROM AMERICA: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF O. E. ROLVAAG Letters from America: The Life and Times of O. E. Rolvaag
6110LIBERALS: I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE (DAVID BARASH) Liberals: I Know You're Out There (David Barash)
5103LITTLE REBELLION NOW AND THEN, A (PROLOGUE TO THE CONSTITUTION) Little Rebellion Now and Then, A (Prologue to the Constitution)
1769MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1960, PART 1: THE BATTLE FOR THE NOMINATION Making of the President, 1960, Part 1: The Battle for the Nomination
1770MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1960, PART 2: THE BATTLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY Making of the President, 1960, Part 2: The Battle for the Presidency
1771MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT, 1972 Making of the President, 1972
1795MARBURY V. MADISON Marbury V. Madison
6070MARCHING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION (WALTER WILLIAMS) Marching in the Wrong Direction (Walter Williams)
1809MARTIN LUTHER KING Martin Luther King
7612MASTERPIECE BY MIDNIGHT, A (1960 TO THE PRESENT) Masterpiece by Midnight, A (1960 to the Present)
1813MASTERY OF SPACE, THE Mastery of Space, The
1825MCCULLOCH V. MARYLAND McCulloch V. Maryland
7691MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE* Missiles of October, The*
4929MISSISSIPPI: IS THIS AMERICA? (1962-1964) Mississippi: Is This America? (1962-1964)
7827MODERN MARVELS: THE ERIE CANAL* Modern Marvels: The Erie Canal*
7582MONACO: KINGDOM OF GLAMOUR AND CHANCE/PALM BEACH: THE GOLD COAST Monaco: Kingdom of Glamour and Chance/Palm Beach: The Gold Coast
1939MR. JUSTICE DOUGLAS Mr. Justice Douglas
7663MY AMERICA (...OR HONK IF YOU LOVE BUDDHA) My America (...or honk if you love Buddha)
5994MYTH OF THE WEST (RICHARD WHITE/CHRIS BRUCE) Myth of the West (Richard White/Chris Bruce)
5782NATION OF LAW?, A (1968-71) Nation of Law?, A (1968-71)
1986NATIONAL SECURITY VERSUS INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS National Security Versus Individual Rights
5578NATURAL TIMBER COUNTRY Natural Timber Country
7440NEIGHBORS AND STRANGERS* Neighbors and Strangers*
7586NEW YORK: HIGH SOCIETY IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRAVEL/HOTEL CALIFORNIA: THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD/THE IMPERIAL HOTELS OF VIENNA New York: High Society in the Golden Age of Travel/Hotel California: The Golden Age of Hollywood/The Imperial Hotels of Vienna
7592NEWPORT MANSIONS Newport Mansions
2021NEWS EVENTS OF 1940, INCLUDING THE TACOMA BRIDGE COLLAPSE News Events of 1940, Including the Tacoma Bridge Collapse
5281Nineteen Sixty-Eight: A Look for New Meanings 1968: A Look for New Meanings
4928NO EASY WALK (1962-1966) No Easy Walk (1962-1966)
2045NORTH FROM MEXICO North from Mexico
6091ONLY RULE IS WIN, THE Only Rule Is Win, The
2107OPERATION CROSSROADS (ABLE AND BAKER DAY TESTS) BIKINI ATOLL, SUMMER 1946 Operation Crossroads (Able and Baker Day Tests) Bikini Atoll, Summer 1946
7605OUR LANGUAGE (1924-1929) Our Language (1924-1929)
4770OUT OF THE DEPTHS: THE MINER'S STORY Out of the Depths: The Miner's Story
6487PANAMA DECEPTION, THE Panama Deception, The
6573PEOPLE OF THE KLAMATH: OF LAND AND LIFE* People of the Klamath: Of Land and Life*
7636PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, THE* People vs. Larry Flynt, The*
6693PEYOTE ROAD, THE: ANCIENT RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY CRISIS Peyote Road, The: Ancient Religion in Contemporary Crisis
6504PHENOMENON OF BLACK ANTI-SEMITISM, THE (HUBERT LOCKE) Phenomenon of Black Anti-Semitism, The (Hubert Locke)
6022PICKING UP THE PIECES Picking Up the Pieces
4946PIONEERS, O PIONEERS! Pioneers, O Pioneers!
6472PLACE OF RAGE, A* Place of Rage, A*
5242PLAY THE LEGEND* Play the Legend*
2237PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS, THE Plow that Broke the Plains, The
7640POINT OF ORDER* Point of Order*
4764POST-WAR HOPES, COLD WAR FEARS Post-War Hopes, Cold War Fears
2283PRELUDE TO WAR Prelude to War
4762PRESIDENTS & POLITICS WITH RICHARD STROUT Presidents & Politics with Richard Strout
2325PROJECT APOLLO: MANNED FLIGHT TO THE MOON Project Apollo: Manned Flight to the Moon
7569PROMISED LAND, THE Promised Land, The
5787PROMISED LAND, THE (1967-68) Promised Land, The (1967-68)
7253PUBLIC ENEMY/LITTLE CAESAR* Public Enemy/Little Caesar*
7678QUESTION OF LOYALTIES, A* Question of Loyalties, A*
7662RABBIT IN THE MOON* Rabbit in the Moon*
7772RACE -- THE POWER OF AN ILLUSION Race -- The Power of an Illusion
6998RACE AND FEAR (TETSUDEN KASHIMA) Race and Fear (Tetsuden Kashima)
2383RECOGNITION OF RUSSIA: A CLIMATE OF MUTUAL MISTRUST Recognition of Russia: A Climate of Mutual Mistrust
6967REDISCOVERING POPULAR HISTORY (GEOFFREY WARD) Rediscovering Popular History (Geoffrey Ward)
4756REEL WORLD OF NEWS, THE Reel World of News, The
7568REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE, THE Republic of Virtue, The
2448RISE OF ORGANIZED LABOR, THE Rise of Organized Labor, The
7610RISK (1945-1955) Risk (1945-1955)
2451RIVER River, The
7110ROCK HISTORY, ROCK CULTURE (MIKAL GILMORE) Rock History, Rock Culture (Mikal Gilmore)
5250ROMANTIC HORIZON, THE* Romantic Horizon, The*
7398SALEM WITCH TRIALS Salem Witch Trials
7585SAN FRANCISCO: CITY OF SILVER & GOLD/THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICE San Francisco: City of Silver & Gold/The Romantic Palaces of Venice
4759SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART 1 Second American Revolution, Part 1
4760SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART 2 Second American Revolution, Part 2
6026SEEDS OF THE SIXTIES Seeds of the Sixties
2548SEGREGATION IN SCHOOLS Segregation in Schools
2607SILVERSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG Silversmith of Williamsburg
7128SOME LIKE IT HOT* Some Like It Hot*
6199SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE, THE Spirit of Crazy Horse, The
6928SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY: BASED ON THE POETRY OF EDGAR LEE MASTERS* Spoon River Anthology: Based on the Poetry of Edgar Lee Masters*
6798STAGECOACH* Stagecoach*
2701STEVENSON STORY, THE Stevenson Story, The
2703STILLWELL ROAD Stillwell Road
2707STORM OVER THE SUPREME COURT, PART 1: 1790-1932 Storm over the Supreme Court, Part 1: 1790-1932
2708STORM OVER THE SUPREME COURT, PART 2: 1933-1961 Storm over the Supreme Court, Part 2: 1933-1961
7573STREAMLINES AND BREADLINES Streamlines and Breadlines
6981SUNSET BOULEVARD* Sunset Boulevard*
2766SUPREME COURT, THE Supreme Court, The
6799SWING TIME* Swing Time*
7607SWING: PURE PLEASURE (1935-1937) Swing: Pure Pleasure (1935-1937)
7608SWING: THE VELOCITY OF CELEBRATION (1937-1939) Swing: The Velocity of Celebration (1937-1939)
4754T.R. AND HIS TIMES TR and His Times
6160THAT WAR IN KOREA* That War in Korea*
2875THREE PRESIDENTS ON THE PRESIDENCY Three Presidents on the Presidency
7596THUNDERHEART* Thunderheart*
6531TIERRA O MUERTE: LAND OR DEATH Tierra o Muerte: Land or Death
5791TIME HAS COME, THE (1964-65) Time Has Come, The (1964-65)
5275TOPAZ Topaz
7295TRAFFIC IN SOULS* Traffic in Souls*
2940TREATIES MADE, TREATIES BROKEN Treaties Made, Treaties Broken
2964TRUE GLORY True Glory
2965TRUE STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, THE True Story of the Civil War, The
7606TRUE WELCOME, THE (1929-1934) True Welcome, The (1929-1934)
4769TWENTIES, THE Twenties, The
7672UNCLE MOSES* Uncle Moses*
6533UNFINISHED BUSINESS Unfinished Business
3008UNITED STATES V. AARON BURR United States V. Aaron Burr
3030VALLEY TOWN Valley Town
4485VISIBLE TARGET Visible Target
3083WAR COMES TO AMERICA War Comes to America
7441WAR FOR THE BORDERLANDS, THE* War for the Borderlands, The*
3090WASHINGTON ELM, THE Washington Elm, The
7572WAVE FROM THE ATLANTIC, A Wave from the Atlantic, A
6028WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD We Can Change the World
6469WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL: UNTOLD STORIES* When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories*
7254WHITE HEAT* White Heat*
3167WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, THE Whole World Is Watching, The
7304WHY O. J. SIMPSON WON* Why O. J. Simpson Won*
5253WILD RIDERS, THE* Wild Riders, The*
6912WILD WEST?, THE (RICHARD WHITE) Wild West?, The (Richard White)
7570WILDERNESS AND THE WEST, THE Wilderness and the West, The
6100WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1861-1880: CIVIL WAR, RECOVERY AND WESTWARD EXPANSION Women in American Life 1861-1880: Civil War, Recovery and Westward Expansion
6101WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1880-1920: IMMIGRATION, NEW WORK AND NEW ROLES Women in American Life 1880-1920: Immigration, New Work and New Roles
6102WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1917-1942: CULTURAL IMAGE AND ECONOMIC REALITY Women in American Life 1917-1942: Cultural Image and Economic Reality
6103WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1942-1955: WAR WORK, HOUSEWORK AND GROWING DISCONTENT Women in American Life 1942-1955: War Work, Housework and Growing Discontent
6104WOMEN IN AMERICAN LIFE 1955-1977: NEW ATTITUDES FORCE DRAMATIC CHANGES Women in American Life 1955-1977: New Attitudes Force Dramatic Changes
6098WOMEN OF SUMMER, THE Women of Summer, The
3208WORLD OF FRANKLIN AND JEFFERSON, THE World of Franklin and Jefferson, The
6075WOUND OF OPPRESSION, THE (SHELBY STEELE) Wound of Oppression, The (Shelby Steele)
3228YOU CAN BEAT THE A-BOMB You Can Beat the A-Bomb
5256YOU MAY CALL HER MADAME SECRETARY You May Call Her Madame Secretary