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6527AGE OF GOLD, THE Age of Gold, The
98AMERICA DE LOS INDIOS America de los Indios
7842BRAZIL IN BLACK AND WHITE: SKIN COLOR AND HIGHER EDUCATION* Brazil In Black and White: Skin Color and Higher Education*
6942BRAZILIAN IMAGES: THE 1940'S PHOTOGRAPHS OF GENEVIEVE NAYLOR* Brazilian Images: The 1940's Photographs of Genevieve Naylor*
5973BYE BYE BRAZIL* Bye Bye Brazil*
6555CAPITAL SINS (BRAZIL) Capital Sins (Brazil)
6528CONFLICT OF THE GODS Conflict of the Gods
640CONQUEST OF SOULS, THE Conquest of Souls, The
6556CONTINENT ON THE MOVE (MEXICO) Continent on the Move (Mexico)
7436CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE: THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR* Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War*
697CUBA AND FIDEL Cuba and Fidel
6061EL ESPECTADOR: THE PRESS AND THE DRUG LORDS El Espectador: The Press and the Drug Lords
926END OF A REVOLUTION End of a Revolution
7093Evita* Evita*
7443FATE OF NATIONS, THE* Fate of Nations, The*
6562FIRE IN THE MIND (EL SALVADOR, PERU, MEXICO, CUBA, NICARAGUA) Fire in the Mind (El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua)
6835FIRES IN THE THIRD WORLD* Fires in the Third World*
7580Fourteen Ninety-two: Conquest of Paradise* 1492: Conquest of Paradise*
6554GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS, THE (ARGENTINA) Garden of Forking Paths, The (Argentina)
6561GET UP, STAND UP (COLOMBIA, JAMAICA, PANAMA) Get Up, Stand Up (Colombia, Jamaica, Panama)
6787GODFATHER OF COCAINE, THE Godfather of Cocaine, The
7442HOUR OF SACRIFICE, THE* Hour of Sacrifice, The*
5989HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN* (COMO ERA GOSTOSO O MEU FRANCES) How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman* (Como era gostoso o meu Frances)
1378I AM JOAQUIN I Am Joaquin
6558IN WOMEN'S HANDS (CHILE) In Women's Hands (Chile)
7244INCA: SECRETS OF THE ANCESTORS Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors
7245INCAS REMEMBERED, THE Incas Remembered, The
7256LOST KINGDOMS OF THE MAYA Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
5990LUCIA* Lucia*
7243MAYA: THE BLOOD OF KINGS Maya: The Blood of Kings
6360MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT* (MEMORIAS DEL SUBDESARROLLO) Memories of Underdevelopment* (Memorias del Subdesarrollo)
1869MEXICO THE FROZEN REVOLUTION Mexico: The Frozen Revolution
7242MEXICO THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AZTECS Mexico: "The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs"
6557MIRRORS OF THE HEART (BOLIVIA, HAITI, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) Mirrors of the Heart (Bolivia, Haiti, The Dominican Republic)
7691MISSILES OF OCTOBER, THE* Missiles of October, The*
7201MURDER, MONEY, AND MEXICO Murder, Money, and Mexico
7440NEIGHBORS AND STRANGERS* Neighbors and Strangers*
2045NORTH FROM MEXICO North from Mexico
4965OFFICIAL STORY, THE* (LA HISTORIA OFICIAL) Official Story, The* (La Historia Oficial)
6487PANAMA DECEPTION, THE Panama Deception, The
6530PRICE OF FREEDOM, THE Price of Freedom, The
2371RAGGED REVOLUTION, THE Ragged Revolution, The
6775REBELLION IN PATAGONIA* (FILA PATAGONIA REBELDE) Rebellion in Patagonia* (La Patagonia Rebelde)
6036THEY DON'T WEAR BLACK TIE* (ELES NAO USAM BLACK TIE) They Don't Wear Black Tie* (Eles nao usam Black Tie)
6531TIERRA O MUERTE: LAND OR DEATH Tierra o Muerte: Land or Death
6533UNFINISHED BUSINESS Unfinished Business
6534VIRGIN AND THE BULL, THE Virgin and the Bull, The
7441WAR FOR THE BORDERLANDS, THE* War for the Borderlands, The*
6166WINDS OF CHANGE* (KING5) Winds of Change* (KING5)