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7131ADAM'S RIB* (1992) Adam's Rib* (1992)
6810AELITA, QUEEN OF MARS* Aelita, Queen of Mars*
5287AMERICAN FRIEND, THE* (DER AMERIKANISCHE FREUND) American Friend, The* (Der Amerikanische Freund)
7335AMNESIA* Amnesia*
6703ANNE OF GREEN GABLES* Anne of Green Gables*
6704ANNE OF GREEN GABLES--THE SEQUEL* Anne of Green Gables--The Sequel*
6947APOCALYPSE NOW* Apocalypse Now*
6593ARGENT* (MONEY) L'Argent* (Money)
7132ASHIK KERIB* Ashik Kerib*
245BALZAC Balzac
6170BERTOLT BRECHT: HE MADE SUGGESTIONS Bertolt Brecht: He Made Suggestions
5284BORGES PARA MILLIONES Borges Para Milliones
6560BUILDERS OF IMAGES (PUERTO RICO, BRAZIL, MEXICO, ARGENTINA) Builders of Images (Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)
6763C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1993/12 CBC-TV News in Review: December 1993*
6943C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 1996/02 CBC-TV News in Review: February 1996*
7701C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/11 CBC-TV News in Review: November 2000*
7011CHEKHOV* Chekhov*
5215CHEKHOV: UNCLE VANYA (THE BIRTH OF MODERN THEATRE) Chekhov: Uncle Vanya (The Birth of Modern Theatre)
7595CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE, THE* Children of Noisy Village, The*
7181CHUSHINGURA* (THE LOYAL 47 RETAINERS) Chushingura* (The Loyal 47 Retainers)
7669COMMISSAR, THE* (KOMISSAR) Commissar, The* (Komissar)
6403COUNTRY WITH NO BICYCLES, A (LE LY HAYSLIP) Country with No Bicycles, A (Le Ly Hayslip)
7224DEVIL IS A WOMAN, THE* Devil Is a Woman, The*
831DOSTOEVSKY (1821--1881) Dostoevsky (1821--1881)
7707DOUBLE SUICIDE* (SHINJU TEN NO AMIJIMA) Double Suicide* (Shinju ten no Amijima)
7670DYBBUK, THE* Dybbuk, The*
6813EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 02: FOLKLORE AND LEGEND* Early Russian Cinema, Part 2: Folklore and Legend*
6814EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 03: STAREWICZ'S FANTASIES* Early Russian Cinema, Part 3: Starewicz's Fantasies*
6816EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 05: CHARDYNIN'S PUSHKIN* Early Russian Cinema, Part 5: Chardynin's Pushkin*
6819EARLY RUSSIAN CINEMA, PART 08: IAKOV PROTAZANOV* Early Russian Cinema, Part 8: Iakov Protazanov*
5294EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL* (JEDER FUER SICH UND GOTT GEGEN ALLES) Every Man for Himself and God Against All* (Jeder Fuer Sich Und Gott Gegen Alle)
972EXCERPTS FROM MAXIM GORKI'S THE LOWER DEPTHS Excerpts from Maxim Gorki's The Lower Depths
4565GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ: MAGIC AND REALITY Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magic and Reality
7248GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS, THE* Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The*
5295GOALIE'S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK, THE* (DIE ANGST DES TORMANNS BEIM ELFMETER) Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The* (Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter)
6226GOSPEL AT COLONUS, THE Gospel at Colonus, The
7449GUELWAAR* (THE NOBLE ONE) Guelwaar* (The Noble One)
1243HANGMAN, THE Hangman, The
6996HERITAGE AND MAGICAL REALISM (KATHLEEN ALCALA) Heritage and Magical Realism (Kathleen Alcalá)
5473HUNTSMAN, THE Huntsman, The
1378I AM JOAQUIN I Am Joaquin
1380I AM PABLO NERUDA I Am Pablo Neruda
5311I CAN STILL CRY: EMOTIONS ON THE PAGE, ON STAGE AND IN LIFE (OSSIE DAVIS) I Can Still Cry: Emotions on the Page, on Stage and in Life (Ossie Davis)
5231IBSEN: HEDDA GABLER (THE THEATRE OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS) Ibsen: Hedda Gabler (The Theatre of Social Problems)
5979JOSEPH BRODSKY: A MADDENING SPACE Joseph Brodsky: A Maddening Space
5280JULIO CORTAZAR: ENTREVISTA Julio Cortazar: Entrevista
5162KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN* Kiss of the Spider Woman*
1625LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: MR. LEONARD COHEN Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Leonard Cohen
1670LEO TOLSTOY Leo Tolstoy
1671LEOPOLD SEDAR SENGHOR Leopold Sedar Senghor
4948LOADED WEAPON, THE Loaded Weapon, The
7052Lord of the Sky* (Le Maitre du Ciel) Lord of the Sky*
6720LOST IN THE BARRENS* Lost in the Barrens*
6722MARIA CHAPDELAINE* Maria Chapdelaine*
7012MARINA TSVETAYEVA* Marina Tsvetayeva*
5509MARIUS BARBEAU ET LE FOLKLORE CANADIEN-FRANCAIS Marius Barbeau et le Folklore Canadien-Francais
7021MAYAKOVSKY: THE POETRY OF ACTION* Mayakovsky: The Poetry of Action*
7417MISS JULIE (FROKEN JULIE)* Miss Julie (Froken Julie)*
5236MOLIERE: THE MISANTHROPE (THE COMEDY OF MANNERS) Moliere: The Misanthrope (The Comedy of Manners)
7420MONIKA (SOMMAREN MED MONIKA )* Monika (Sommaren med Monkia)*
7546MOTHER (MAT) (RESTORED EDITION)* Mother (Mat) (Restored Edition)*
7053Native Indian Folklore* Native Indian Folklore*
7054Native Legends* Native Legends*
7739NOSFERATU: PHANTOM DER NACHT* Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht*
5282OCTAVIO PAZ: AN UNCOMMON POET Octavio Paz: An Uncommon Poet
5136OEDIPUS REX* Oedipus Rex*
6838ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF IVAN DENISOVICH* One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich*
2100ONE WORD OF TRUTH One Word of Truth
2119ORPHEUS Orpheus
6503PAST IS NOW, THE: GRANDCHILD OF A CONCUBINE (DENISE CHONG) Past Is Now, The: Grandchild of a Concubine (Denise Chong)
7680PHANTOM CHARIOT, THE (KORKARLEN) Phantom Chariot, The (Korkarlen)
5241PIRANDELLO: SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR (THEATRE OF THE ABSURD) Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author (Theatre of the Absurd)
6699PROGRESS: WRITING ABOUT CULTURAL CHANGE (KAZUO ISHIGURO) Progress: Writing about Cultural Change (Kazuo Ishiguro)
6840PROMISED LAND, THE* (ZIEMIA OBIECANA) Promised Land, The* (Ziemia Obiecana)
2486RUSSIANS: INSIGHTS THROUGH LITERATURE Russians: Insights Through Literature
7728SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, THE* (REKOPIS ZNALEZIONY W SARAGOSSIE) Saragossa Manuscript, The* (Rekopis Znaleziony w Saragossie)
6730SHADOW OF THE WOLF* Shadow of the Wolf*
4892SHADOWS OF TURKEY/THE WITCHES Shadows of Turkey/The Witches
4955SHARING LEGENDS AT UPPER SKAGIT Sharing Legends at Upper Skagit
2596SIEGFRIED Siegfried
6844SOLARIS* Solaris*
6200STORIES OF MAXINE HONG KINGSTON, THE Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston, The
6908STORYTELLER'S ROOTS, THE (VICTOR VILLASENOR) Storyteller's Roots, The (Victor Villasenor)
2758SUMMER TO REMEMBER, A (SERYOZHA) Summer to Remember, A (Seryozha)
2793TAGORE Tagore
7712TAIRA CLAN SAGA* (SHIN HEIKE MONOGATARI) Taira Clan Saga* (Shin Heike Monogatari)
6415THUCYDIDES: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS AND PLATO: ALCIBIADES I Thucydides: The Peloponnesian Wars and Plato: Alcibiades I
7615TRIAL, THE* Trial, The*
2950TRIALS OF FRANZ KAFKA, THE Trials of Franz Kafka, The
7672UNCLE MOSES* Uncle Moses*
5514UNGRATEFUL LAND, THE (ROCH CARRIER REMEMBERS STE-JUSTINE) Ungrateful Land, The (Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine)
7193VERTIGO (RESTORED VERSION)* Vertigo (Restored Version)*
6669VIELLARD ET L'ENFANT, LE (THE OLD MAN AND THE CHILD)* Viellard et l'Enfant, Le (The Old Man and the Child)*
6670VIEW FROM THE TYPEWRITER* View from the Typewriter*
7119WALKABOUT (RESTORED DIRECTOR'S CUT)* Walkabout (Restored Director's Cut)*
7809WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?* Who Wrote the Bible?*
6734WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER?* Why Shoot the Teacher?*
6495WOMEN JOINING THE QUEST: Women Joining the Quest: Redefining Heroism (Kathleen Noble)
7022YEVTUSHENKO: A POET'S JOURNEY* Yevtushenko: A Poet's Journey*