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49ADVENTURES OF AN *, THE Adventures of an *, The
5470ANIMAL MOVIE, THE Animal Movie, The
139ANIMATED CARTOONS: THE TOY THAT GREW UP Animated Cartoons: The Toy that Grew Up
220AUTOMANIA 2000 Automania 2000
235BAGS Bags
243BALLET MECHANIQUE* Ballet Mechanique*
246BAND CONCERT, THE Band Concert, The
273BEAST OF MONSIEUR RACINE, THE Beast of Monsieur Racine, The
294BERFUNKLE Berfunkle
310BINARY BIT PATTERNS Binary Bit Patterns
7032Blackfly* Blackfly*
378BROTHERHOOD OF MAN Brotherhood of Man
7039C.B.C.-TV News in Review: 1997/04 CBC-TV News in Review: April 1997*
417CANON Canon
5451CARROUSEL Carrousel
7481CARTOONS GO TO WAR Cartoons Go to War
478CHARLEY SQUASH GOES TO TOWN Charley Squash Goes to Town
5503CHILD IN HIS COUNTRY, A Child in His Country, A
7045Christmas Gift, A* Christmas Gift, A*
559CITIZEN HAROLD Citizen Harold
581CLAY (THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES) Clay (The Origin of the Species)
6926CLAYMATION* Claymation*
586CLOSED MONDAYS Closed Mondays
624COMPUTER GLOSSARY, A Computer Glossary, A
5024COSMIC ZOOM Cosmic Zoom
699CUCARACHA, LA Cucaracha, La
717DAISY, THE Daisy, The
5454DANCE SQUARED Dance Squared
832DOT AND THE LINE, THE* Dot and the Line, The*
7047Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety* Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety*
977EXPERIMENTS IN MOTION GRAPHICS Experiments in Motion Graphics
7709FANTASIA-a* Fantasia*
7710FANTASIA-b 2000* Fantasia 2000*
7711FANTASIA-c LEGACY* Fantasia Legacy*
6804FELINE FANTASIES* Feline Fantasies*
1018FIDDLE DE DEE Fiddle De Dee
5449FINE FEATHERS Fine Feathers
1031FIRE Fire!
1053FLOWER LOVERS, THE Flower Lovers, The
1086FRANK FILM Frank Film
1094FREE FALL Free Fall
1098FREEDOM RIVER Freedom River
7838GLASS BOTTOM BOAT, THE* Glass Bottom Boat, The*
1240HAND, THE Hand, The
1243HANGMAN, THE Hangman, The
1270HEN HOP Hen Hop
7558HISTORY OF ANIMATION* History of Animation*
5446HOARDER, THE Hoarder, The
6690HOLLYWOOD SALUTES CANADIAN ANIMATION* Hollywood Salutes Canadian Animation*
5421HOT STUFF Hot Stuff
4872I AM WHEAT I Am Wheat
4820IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 1 Image Manipulation, Part 1
4821IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 2 Image Manipulation, Part 2
4822IMAGE MANIPULATION, PART 3 Image Manipulation, Part 3
1453INFORMATION MACHINE, THE Information Machine, The
1533IS IT ALWAYS RIGHT TO BE RIGHT? Is It Always Right to Be Right?
7051Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada* Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada*
1693LIGHT FANTASTICK, THE Light Fantastick, The
1703LINES VERTICAL Lines Vertical
5450LITTLE MEN OF CHROMAGNON, THE (LES BIBITES DE CHROMAGNON) Little Men of Chromagnon, The (Les Bibites de Chromagnon)
1707LITTLE PHANTASY ON A 19TH CENTURY PAINTING, A Little Phantasy on a 19th Century Painting, A
7052Lord of the Sky* (Le Maitre du Ciel) Lord of the Sky*
5716MAN WHO PLANTED TREES, THE (L'HOMME QUI PLANTAIT DES ARBRES) Man Who Planted Trees, The (L'Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres)
6686MASTERS OF ANIMATION, VOL. 1: USA, CANADA* Masters of Animation, Vol. 1: USA, Canada*
5459MINDSCAPE (LES PAYSAGISTE) Mindscape (Les Paysagiste)
1931MOUNTAIN MUSIC Mountain Music
1935MOVIE STAR MICKEY* Movie Star Mickey*
7048National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The* National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The*
7053Native Indian Folklore* Native Indian Folklore*
7054Native Legends* Native Legends*
7781NORMAN MC LAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION* Norman McLaren: The Collector's Edition*
2055NOTES ON A TRIANGLE Notes on a Triangle
2084OFF-ON Off-On
2109OPUS 3 Opus 3
2120OSCAR FOR SIGNOR ROSSI, AN Oscar for Signor Rossi, An
5448OWL AND THE RAVEN, THE (AN ESKIMO LEGEND) Owl and the Raven, The (An Eskimo Legend)
5436OWL WHO MARRIED A GOOSE, THE (AN ESKIMO LEGEND) Owl Who Married a Goose, The (An Eskimo Legend)
2165PEN POINT PERCUSSION WITH LOOPS Pen Point Percussion with Loops
2264POULETTE GRISE Poulette Grise
2271POWERS OF TEN (A ROUGH SKETCH) Powers of Ten (A Rough Sketch)
2272POWERS OF TEN (EAMES) Powers of Ten (Eames)
5478PROPAGANDA MESSAGE (MESSAGE DE PROPAGANDE) Propaganda Message (Message de Propagande)
4477QUEST Quest
6691SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, A* Short Film Festival, A*
7713SILLY SYMPHONIES* Silly Symphonies*
6486SORTING OUT SORTING Sorting Out Sorting
2715STORY A STORY, A Story--a Story, A
5461STREET MUSIQUE Street Musique
5999SWEATER, THE (LE CHANDAIL) Sweater, The (Le Chandail)
2785SYMMETRY: AN EXPERIMENT IN FILM MAKING Symmetry: An Experiment in Film Making
5486TCHOU TCHOU Tchou Tchou
5483TEN THE MAGIC NUMBER Ten the Magic Number
2876THREE ROBBERS, THE Three Robbers, The
2885TILT Tilt
7715TOY STORY-a* Toy Story*
7716TOY STORY-b 2* Toy Story 2*
7717TOY STORY-c: SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES* Toy Story: Supplemental Features*
3020UP IS DOWN Up Is Down
3024URBANISSIMO Urbanissimo
3080WALL Wall, The (Zid)
7766WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES* Walt Disney on the Front Lines*
3136WHAT ON EARTH?!! What on Earth?!!
5437ZIKKARON Zikkaron