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7611ADVENTURE, THE (1956-1960) Adventure, The (1956-1960)
7619AFRICAN LION, THE* African Lion, The*
7487AFTER STONEWALL: AFTER THE RIOTS TO THE MILLENNIUM* After Stonewall: After the Riots to the Millennium*
92ALL MY BABIES All My Babies
7598AMERICAN DREAM* American Dream*
7200ANTONIO GAUDI* Antonio Gaudi*
5288BATTLE OF RUSSIA Battle of Russia
266BATTLE OF SAN PIETRO Battle of San Pietro
4999BATTLE OF STALINGRAD, THE Battle of Stalingrad, The
7486BEFORE STONEWALL: THE MAKING OF A GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY* Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community*
6461BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES Berkeley in the Sixties
5739BLOOD OF THE CONDOR* Blood of the Condor*
7643BLUE END Blue End
347BOMBER Bomber
7513BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB* Buena Vista Social Club*
405BUSTER KEATON RIDES AGAIN Buster Keaton Rides Again
410CALCUTTA Calcutta
7679CANADA, A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: MAKING HISTORY* Canada, A People's History: Making History*
6653CANDID EYE?, THE* Candid Eye?, The*
416CANNIBALS ONCE Cannibals Once
437CASTLES OF CLAY Castles of Clay
450CHACHAJI: MY POOR RELATION Chachaji: My Poor Relation
7729CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 1* Chung Kuo Cina, Parte I*
7730CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 2* Chung Kuo Cina, Parte II*
7731CHUNG KUO CINA, PARTE 3 Chung Kuo Cina, Parte III*
5158CIAO FEDERICO! Ciao Federico!
7656CITIZEN KANE (COLLECTOR'S EDITION)* Citizen Kane (Collector's Edition)*
567CITY OF GOLD City of Gold
6801CITY OF GOLD* (NFBC) City of Gold* (NFBC)
5626CORRAL Corral
7512CULLODEN/THE WAR GAME Culloden/The War Game
703CUTS Cuts
731DAY AFTER TRINITY: J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER AND THE ATOMIC BOMB Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb
737DEAD BIRDS Dead Birds
6987DEADLY DECEPTION: GENERAL ELECTRIC, NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR ENVIRONMENT Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment
7609DEDICATED TO CHAOS (1940-1945) Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945)
5289DOOMED CITY--BERLIN Doomed City--Berlin
5651DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA* Down and Out in America*
7275DREAM IS ALIVE, THE* Dream Is Alive, The*
849DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Dreams and Nightmares
850DRIFTERS Drifters
7718ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP* Escape from Auschwitz: A Portrait of Friendship*
7604GIFT, THE (1917-1924) Gift, The (1917-1924)
7628GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK, THE* Good Woman of Bangkok, The*
1195GRANTON TRAWLER Granton Trawler
1217GRIERSON Grierson
7603GUMBO (BEGINNINGS TO 1917) Gumbo (Beginnings to 1917)
1233GUNS OF AUGUST, THE Guns of August, The
5296HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A.* Harlan County U.S.A.*
7396HARVEST OF SHAME Harvest of Shame
5161HEARTS AND MINDS* Hearts and Minds*
1294HIGH LONESOME SOUND High Lonesome Sound
1313HIROSHIMA--NAGASAKI, AUGUST 1945 Hiroshima--Nagasaki, August 1945
7682HOLLYWOODISM: JEWS, MOVIES AND THE AMERICAN DREAM Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream
6879HOTEL TERMINUS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF KLAUS BARBIE* Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie*
1335HOUSE OF SCIENCE House of Science
1372HUNTERS Hunters, The
1386I F STONE'S WEEKLY I. F. Stone's Weekly
7133I WAS STALIN'S BODYGUARD* I Was Stalin's Bodyguard*
7320IN THE HANDS OF THE RAVEN* In the Hands of the Raven*
1417IN THE LAND OF THE WAR CANOES In the Land of the War Canoes
7408Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal Jama Masjid Street Journal
7624JUNGLE CAT* Jungle Cat*
7743LIEBE PERLA, Liebe Perla,*
5297LIFE OF ADOLF HITLER, THE* (DAS LEBEN VON ADOLF HITLER) Life of Adolf Hitler, The* (Das Leben von Adolf Hitler)
1705LISTEN TO BRITAIN Listen to Britain
7620LIVING DESERT, THE* Living Desert, The*
5125MAN OF ARAN Man of Aran
7490MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA* (RESTORED VERSION) Man with the Movie Camera* (Restored Version)
7612MASTERPIECE BY MIDNIGHT, A (1960 TO THE PRESENT) Masterpiece by Midnight, A (1960 to the Present)
5279MEMORIAS DE UN MEXICANO Memorias de un Mexicano
7321MOMENTUM* Momentum*
7655MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA/FILMING SECRETS Mountain in the Sea/Filming Secrets
5717MOVING PICTURE BOYS IN THE GREAT WAR, THE Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, The
7663MY AMERICA (...OR HONK IF YOU LOVE BUDDHA) My America (...or honk if you love Buddha)
1968MY CHILDHOOD, PART 1: HUBERT HUMPHREY'S SOUTH DAKOTA My Childhood, Part 1: Hubert Humphrey's South Dakota
6837MY PRAGUE SPRING* My Prague Spring*
6687MYTH AND MEMORY TRANSFORMED* Myth and Memory Transformed
1983NANOOK OF THE NORTH Nanook of the North
5665NANOOK OF THE NORTH (RESTORED VERSION) Nanook of the North (Restored Version)
2027NIGHT MAIL Night Mail
7781NORMAN MC LAREN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION* Norman McLaren: The Collector's Edition*
4988OLYMPIA, PART 1: FESTIVAL OF THE PEOPLE* (OLYMPIA--FEST DER VOLKER) Olympia, Part 1: Festival of the People* (Olympia--Fest der Volker)
4989OLYMPIA, PART 2: FESTIVAL OF BEAUTY* (OLYMPIA--FEST DER SCHONHEIT) Olympia, Part 2: Festival of Beauty* (Olympia--Fest der Schonheit)
6839ORATORIO FOR PRAGUE* Oratorio for Prague*
7605OUR LANGUAGE (1924-1929) Our Language (1924-1929)
7325OVER BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA (AN AERIAL ADVENTURE)* Over Beautiful British Columbia (An Aerial Adventure)*
5240PARTISANS OF VILNA Partisans of Vilna
6472PLACE OF RAGE, A* Place of Rage, A*
2237PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS, THE Plow that Broke the Plains, The
7640POINT OF ORDER* Point of Order*
2283PRELUDE TO WAR Prelude to War
2361QUIET ONE, THE Quiet One, The
7662RABBIT IN THE MOON* Rabbit in the Moon*
7610RISK (1945-1955) Risk (1945-1955)
2451RIVER River, The
2518SCARED STRAIGHT Scared Straight
7622SECRETS OF LIFE* Secrets of Life*
2640SOLO: BEHIND THE SCENES Solo: Behind the Scenes
2648SONG OF CEYLON Song of Ceylon
7692SORROW AND THE PITY, THE* (LE CHAGRIN ET LA PITIE) Sorrow and the Pity, The* (Le chagrin et la pitie)
2711STORY OF D.D.T., THE Story of D.D.T., The
7597STREET GIRLS* (PIGERNE PA HALMTORVET) Street Girls* (Pigerne pa Halmtorvet)
7607SWING: PURE PLEASURE (1935-1937) Swing: Pure Pleasure (1935-1937)
7608SWING: THE VELOCITY OF CELEBRATION (1937-1939) Swing: The Velocity of Celebration (1937-1939)
2958TROBRIAND CRICKET: AN INGENIOUS RESPONSE TO COLONIALISM Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism
7606TRUE WELCOME, THE (1929-1934) True Welcome, The (1929-1934)
3030VALLEY TOWN Valley Town
7621VANISHING PRAIRIE, THE* Vanishing Prairie, The*
6671VOICES OF EXPERIENCE, VOICES FOR CHANGE, PART 1* Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 1*
6672VOICES OF EXPERIENCE, VOICES FOR CHANGE, PART 2; THE POETRY OF MOTION* Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 2; The Poetry of Motion*
7632WALKING WITH DINOSAURS* Walking with Dinosaurs*
3083WAR COMES TO AMERICA War Comes to America
3084WAR GAME, THE War Game, The
3098WAVERLY STEPS Waverly Steps
6675WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARY?; WAYS OF STORYTELLING* What Is a Documentary?; Ways of Storytelling*
5768WHEN THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE* When the Mountains Tremble*
7623WHITE WILDERNESS* White Wilderness*